: Want a high elo Junglers opinion
Tear just isn't a practical item on Yi, because A. He doesn't have any spammable skills and doesn't have mana problems. And B. Because this makes his already underwhelming early game much much slower, you either get tear before devourer, and delay sated that much more, or get it after and delay {{item:3042}} powerspike. And honestly, Yi doesn't require that much more dmg. Sated rageblade is more than enough to melt anything, staying alive is your only problem at that point. I hope I've shed some light onto this subject :) P.S. I'm in my Plat 2 promos with a decent amount of games on Yi, I don't know if that's "high elo" enough for you. :)
Seijua (NA)
: Looking for Chill People to Play With
I would love to play with you! I am always looking for people to play with as well :) I'm Plat 5, so you might just get carried by my awesome :p (That's sarcasm, I do that a lot)
: Laughing Fish's 40k lifetime upvote spectacular! (Come and get your free skins!)
itachy0 (NA)
: so what if i wanna main adc? how would that work?
In the lobby(where you pick your champs) You would say: "ADC pref" if you wanted to play ADC. I recommend at least learning two roles that you are extremely comfortable on, just in case someone else decides to take ADC. Some times you will be first pick(the top spot in the lobby, first pick is the one that gets to ban champions and pick who they want to play first.) and play what you want, and sometimes you will be last pick, and have to pick after all your other teammates, so it's nice to know more than one role. I hope this helps :)
: Thorough Wukong guides or tips?
I'm a Wukong main with level 5 mastery on him, with a 73% win rate in ranked, so I hope I can help :) Have you looked for youtube guides? One of the best Wukongs NA(according to Lolskill.com) just uploaded a video guide of Wukong in ranked, and that may help: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kp9rNMwGsDc As far as general tips go, I may be able to help you out: In the Jungle, your early clear is pretty bad until trailblazer, you should probably focus on farming until six unless you see some really good opportunities. Start E and get W second, and max E > Q > W. Your build is usually: Trailblazer with Warrior enchant > Black Cleaver > Mobi boots early or Merc Treads > Last Whisper > Randuins > Banshees. Some of your defensive items can beswitched around, they're mostly situational. I'm not that experienced as far as Top Lane, but you have the potential to win a lot of matchups, and even if you don't you will always be a factor in teamfights. In teamfights, you have to remember that you are not the initiator, you are an assassin. don't start the fights, wait for someone else to, then jump in and blow up their carries. Sometimes, if you're behind or your carries are fed, your job will be mainly peel, so in that case wait for your opponents divers to engage and try to keep them away from your priority targets. Edit: If you want to learn the matchups, I recommend either one of the guides on [Lolking](http://Lolking.net), or looking at this matchup list on [Champion.gg](http://champion.gg/champion/MonkeyKing) {{champion:62}} I hope this helped, good luck on mastering the Monkey King!{{champion:62}}
: Huge bug with Kalista and Malzahar
It's not a bug, it's one of the features with her passive. She can't cancel her auto's. And neither can you. If she right clicks something, she's gonna hit it.
Fasmodey (EUW)
: ADCs are useless and need buffs
I'm not on either side of this argument, but the LCS finals are played 2 patches behind, and most of the arguments that ADC's are weak are coming from this patch, the Juggernaut patch.
: I assumed it was while his ult was active.
I have played this skin on the PBE and can confirm, when his ult is active he switches to his second voice over. bonus tip: Make sure to dance with your ult on, laying down the ultimate disrespect :)
: > [{quoted}](name=Darkshade24,realm=NA,application-id=cIfEodbz,discussion-id=jQ8eXer2,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2015-08-22T23:00:58.992+0000) > > Every role can carry. If you are good at a particular role, you can carry on it. Some are harder than others, but if you were to give up jungle, relearning a role is more work than it's worth. I also main Jungle and found it the best for me specifically to climb, with 70% upwards win rates on my main junglers. Perhaps you have hit your limit so to speak, and need to learn more before you can advance. My advice if this is the case, would be to watch streams(Nightblue3 and Trick2g are who I watch, both are great teachers, and really help you improve.), youtube videos, and read high level guides(none of that Mobafire stuff). I hope this helped you, stick in there :) I mean, I definitely haven't hit a limit. Yeah, I'm still learning, but literally the only reason I lose is because my team fucks up the lead I give them (gotta 2v5 contest scuttle bruh). Like should I just start taking kills and assuming my team will fuck up?
If you feel like you always get ahead, and your team throws those leads away, then you have a problem with translating leads insoto winning games. If you get a double kill bot, take the tower and then get Dragon. Always, always push the lane after a successful gank. Keep trying to force objectives if it's safe, and focus on the order of importance: inhibitor > Baron > Inner + Outer Towers > Dragon. If your team never helps with objectives, then maybe you need to play an objective heavy champion that can secure them by himself, so champions like Udyr or YI. If you aren't really a split pusher, then maybe you need to play more teamfight focused champs, like Wukong or Amumu. I don't really know your playstyle, so I can't offer more than general tips, but I hope this will help.
: Hardest role?
Every role can carry. If you are good at a particular role, you can carry on it. Some are harder than others, but if you were to give up jungle, relearning a role is more work than it's worth. I also main Jungle and found it the best for me specifically to climb, with 70% upwards win rates on my main junglers. Perhaps you have hit your limit so to speak, and need to learn more before you can advance. My advice if this is the case, would be to watch streams(Nightblue3 and Trick2g are who I watch, both are great teachers, and really help you improve.), youtube videos, and read high level guides(none of that Mobafire stuff). I hope this helped you, stick in there :)
: Evolution Gaming Presents - Summoners Rift 5v5 Tournament Draft Check In @ 7:00 - 7:30 EST
How long do these tournaments usually last? I see that the standard tournaments start at 7:30 EST, so I'm assuming that they last often past midnight? I'm interested in playing in one, but I have a limited schedule.
ScorpionSYR (EUNE)
: Wukong tips and help
Alright, as far as maxing order goes: Always max E, always. It gives the most damage, and maxing it gives great waveclear, whether in the top lane or the jungle. In the jungle, you won't really be able to gank early, as you get very low from your first clear, so you should just farm till 6 unless an amazing opportunity presents itself. In the top lane, you can be a lane bully against the right matchups, the standard trade is E > auto > Q as an auto reset > W away. This trade is almost impossible to out-trade, and is a great harass tool. Your build can go two ways, either as a tanky bruiser: Black Cleaver > full tank, or assassin(my preferred build): Black Cleaver > Last Whisper > Mobi boots > tanky. If you're in the Jungle, just add a Warrior enchant on a Trailblazer to the beginning of the build. In teamfights, your role will change based on your build, if you went tanky, you should try and be a frontline for your team, and peel for your damage carries. If you chose assassin, you should wait on the outside of the fight, and when you see an opening, W in and combo + ult the enemy carries. This usually wins the teamfight if you can get at least 2 people of the enemy team in your ult. If you want more Wukong tips, you can check out C00l Story Joe, he's the best Wukong NA acording to lolskill, and is very informative. I hope this helps you out! Wukong is a lot of fun, I'm sure you'll find success with him{{champion:62}}
: [FINISHED!] Let's duel and see who's the real Captain of the Bridge!
Tomorrows my birthday! It would be great to be able to celebrate it with some Rioter games :)
Catsnake (NA)
: Positive-minded, Talented, Sexy, Hilarious, and Humble Gold Jungle Main LF Duo, or pals for norms
Hello! I would love to play with you, whether it being duo or normals. I am a Jungle/ADC main, with not too shabby skills at mid and top, I am very positive, almost never surrender,(It's not LCS, throws happen) and never rage, ever. I'm currently Silver 4, but climbing extremely fast, and I have only played about 4-5 ranked games a week for the last few months, but now I am looking to jumpstart my ranked climb! IGN: Darkshade24
: Diamond 3 ADC/Jungler Main. AMA about League of Legends
I play Wukong a lot, he's my main, and I wonder when I should be ganking. One youtuber, C00l story joe, a Master player and #1 best Wukong NA often goes for level 2 ganks bot, but that's a little difficult to pull off in Silver where I am, since it's hard to communicate when to use cc, etc. So should I stay away from level 2 ganks? Or when the situation is right for it(Please explain when that is!) should I go for it? Thank you for your time :)
iLuma (NA)
: Make me laugh. Win a Champion or Skin.
Why didn't Sivir{{champion:15}} win the spelling bee? Because she could only spell shield. __________ When is a door not a door? When it's a Jarvan{{champion:59}}. ______ What's Vayne's{{champion:67}} favorite website? Tumblr.
: Riot, you're making me hate this game.
I know what you're feeling, I play against Plats every game, and diamond every other game or so, once I even played a Master, And I'm only Silver IV. But when higher ranked players play a new role, they matchmaking adjustment places them with lower ranked players. Honestly, it's not that much of a difference, the higher ranked players are often new to their champ or role, and that makes it more of a skill thing, rather than just getting stomped every game.
iLuma (NA)
: Make me laugh. Win a Champion or Skin.
What is it called when Malphite{{champion:54}} gets a double kill on Azir{{champion:268}} and Aniva{{champion:34}}? Killing two birds with one stone. _____________________________ Lee Sin{{champion:64}} walks into a bar. And a table. And a chair.
: anybody else realize that when you have a duo bot
The reason this is, Is first: People remember bad things more than good things/confirmation bias. And second: When you duo, your MMR is raised in that your opponents will be better then everyone on your team, as a balance against the communication element.
: Twisted Treeline Ranked
hey Sliced, I would love to play with you! I don't have much experience in Ranked 3v3, but I play normal 3's pretty often. IGN: Darkshade24
: ++The Gifting Fairy++ (NEW THREAD)
IGN: Darkshade24 Skin: Jade Dragon Wukong Thank you very much :)
: Is there any reason to use Statikk Shiv instead of Phantom Dancer, now?
Lucian can make good use of it, because of his passive and dashes, and when used in combination with Blade of The Ruined King, it shreds tanks. But other then that one instance, I can't really think of another use, maybe Sivir if you're going for that wombo combo AoE?
: When You're Fed and an Enemy Tries to 1v1
Woook3r (NA)
: What type of adc is draven
He's an AA type ADC, just think of his axes as a special steroid, like Ashe Q. Your build would be the standard ADC build, IE>Zerkers>PD>BT>LW>insert random defensive item here.
Xinotine (EUW)
: Recommend top laner and/or ADC
Hey Xinotine, So You're looking for some new champs to try out. I don't know how experienced you are, but here are some suggestions for everyone. **Top Lane**: {{champion:86}}. He isn't very difficult, wins most lane matchups, and is pretty tanky to help out his team in teamfights. Overall a well rounded champion, perfect for someone that doesn't "main" toplane, but plays there occasionally. {{champion:69}}. Now she is not very popular top lane, and isn't what you might think of as a top laner, but she is incredibly strong. I noticed that you said you find mechanically intensive champions rewarding, well, you won't get much more rewarded than this. Quite possibly the most mechanic intensive mage, perhaps even more than Azir, she has a gigantic skill ceiling. **ADC**: {{champion:429}}. Kalista is extremely similar to Vayne, having the characteristic short range, auto-ing being the main damage source, and a similar build path. She's pretty hard to master, and requires you to be alert for good ulting oppertunities. Unlike Vayne, she has a pretty good laning phase, and with a support that understands Kalista's W passive(If she and her support attack the same target, a huge 12% max health proc triggers), then you won't have many bad matchups. Also unlike Vayne, her late game isn't the best, as her short range and susceptibility to CC has you having to constantly reevaluate your positioning. Over all, a good champion, and the one that I play most currently. I hope this has helped you out! - Darkshade24 :)
Snoneper (NA)
: Draven
Watch Geranimo. He is a challenger level ADC main, who mains Draven. If you want to be sure you're getting good advice, look at the pro players.
: Who is the best adc in the game?
Jinx is the best ADC currently, because of all the peel she gets in this "league if tanks." But you shouldn't worry about what's op, instead focus on what you like to play. You'll climb much faster that way. I hope this helped :)
: tips on Twisted fate?
I would recommend checking out this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1klKGlgrCYw It was made by a Diamond mid laner, he knows a lot about our favorite card player. If you have more questions on build after checking out this video, there are a myriad of websites that will help. You can check out [Lolskill.net](http://lolskill.net/top) just select a champion, it will bring up the best players with that champion, and you can click on their profiles and look at match history, that will have their recent games and the builds that they use. If you still want more info, select a summoner from Lolskill.net, and enter the name into [Lolking.net](http://Lolking.net) they have a bigger match history to choose from. I hope this helps! :)
: Lee Sin or Jarvan IV?
J4 is far better in general, don't listen to the whiners who complain that Lee is op, at least in solo queue. The reason J4 is better is his cc, and this makes him not fall off later. He has good single target lockdown, and his ult is great in combination with an aoe mage. Lee has a pretty good early game, and slowly gets weaker in strength. He has ok cc, but it's really only useful if you can insec someone, which is much harder then the pros make it seem. Overall it's up to you, play the one that you have more fun with, but from an objective standpoint, J4 is far better for solo queue. I hope this helped!
: When to get a bling blade?
I would not get Avarice(or bling blade as you called it) before you were finishing the item. It has virtually no combat stats, only 10% crit chance, for 800 g. If you would have gotten a Vampiric scepter for the same price to go into bork, you have a lot more combat stats. As a jungler, everything you do has to be efficient, or you fall behind. If you get something else for the same price, like a Vamp scepter, you can clear faster, and for longer, resulting in more gold overall, better damage in skirmishes and ganks, and more exp, because you don't have to go back as soon. I hope this helps!
: But what if the baron could translate into a won teamfight and then game? because in some situations such as if its 30 minutes in and you can end game off next fight, is it still better to get inhib?
Very rarely do the bonus stats from Baron, which are not very big, translate into the outcome of a teamfight. Much more likely, since you have a wave auto-pushing from super-minions, the enemy team sends one member to defend, your team engages on the enemy team, and then you win the teamfight from it being a 4v5, and from that the game. And if the enemy team don't allow themselves to get caught, you have free reign of the map, allowing towers through rotations, free dragons, and a virtually uncontestable Baron, for the above reason.
: > [{quoted}](name=djjomon,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=Fdgf5pA0,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2015-04-08T19:59:10.344+0000) > > Forgive me for being rude, but your build is really inefficient. You have the right idea, but it's too attack speed focused. ADCs generally benefit from more AD than AS. > > This probably won't feel right to you at first, but go with. {{item:3031}} {{item:3006}} {{item:3087}} {{item:3072}} OR {{item:3035}}. Don't bother with Hurricane, it doesn't benefit Sivir as much as you'd think. what would the 6th item be?
6th items on ADC's are generally defensive, and it really depends on the game. You can build a {{item:3026}} to counter those annoying assassins blowing you up, a {{item:3140}} so you can escape those sticky situations where you always seem to get caught out, or a {{item:3102}} if there's a long range poke champ, like freakin' {{champion:76}}. I'm safe, that spear isn't even close.... "You have been slain" :p
: The most frustrating thing for me is when team doesn't stay together in a teamfight. As someone who mains adc there are games where my team dive bombs the enemies carries, and their bruisers dive bomb me and i have to outplay them or die. Another thing is when the enemy team composition is better because then it feels like there is nothing you can do. The number one thing that probably loses my games is the baron calls or inhib calls. I never know which is the right thing to do.
Inhib is always, always better then Baron. Taking an inhib(and the tower with it I assume) gives your team global gold, it turns a lane into an auto push lane with lots of pressure, essentially making any teamfights that happen while that inhib is down a 4v5, and opens up an avenue into the enemy base. When in doubt, always pick inhib.
: LF 3v3 Players
Hello! I would love to be a part of your team. I don't have much experience with ranked 3's, but i do play them quite often for fun. You can look at my match history to see my stats if you wish. I hope we can work something out :)
Vrashk (NA)
: I would like to make a case for BotRK on Varus as a situational item based on whether the enemy team has anyone that would scale up to a certain level of health, or if you just go back with 1400 gold. Considering the way Blighted Quiver stacks, and how much of his damage it is, if you don't need to poke the enemy laners out with Q, it's quite the option.
Yes, it is an option to go that Attack Speed Varus, It's just not optimal compared to the traditional route, but, like you said, it's extremely viable if the enemy team is tanky. The combined Blighted Quiver stacks plus Bork will do insane %health damage.
: Can you explain what this means? I'll see people post numbers like this, but don't really know what they mean.
That is the Mastery format. The first number is how many points you put into the Offensive tree, the second for Defensive, the third for Utility. For example, the above poster says he uses 0/21/9 for Tanky Supports. This would mean he puts no points into the Offensive tree, he puts 21 points into the Defensive tree, and he puts 9 points into the Utility tree. I hope this clears things up.
: Cool. Thanks for the information. Any tips for the Mastery page? Right now I'm mainly filling the Utility section.
I don't have very much information on Masteries, I'm not a Support main. :) But, I would recommend looking at some [Lolking](http://Lolking.net) guides, they have lots more information, and specific mastery pages.
: Support Item builds
OK, so you get {{item:3302}} on tanky supports, so champs like: {{champion:201}} or {{champion:89}} you get {{item:3303}} on AP supports, or poke heavy supports, like: {{champion:25}} or {{champion:37}} you get {{item:3301}} on champs that synergize with the movespeed, like: {{champion:40}} or {{champion:53}} or if you're unsure on what to get, this is the jack-of-all-trades income item. As far as Soraka or Lulu, I would recommend {{item:3303}}. Do not start any other item, or you will be behind on gold. As soon as possible, you want to upgrade your support item({{item:3302}} {{item:3303}} {{item:3301}} ) and get this wonderful item: {{item:2049}}. This item is basically the best one in the game for supports. What this item does, is it carries 4 wards in itself, and refreshes when you go back to base. As a support, one of your main jobs is to ward. I cannot stress this enough, warding is the single most important skill in this game. Since I see that you are level 16, and probably still learning the game(I know I was at level 16) I will tell you some warding tips. First, the main places you should ward as support, are: the Tribush(that bush that has 3 sides right underneath Dragon.) the river bush(the long bush directly across from the Tribush) and the Dragon pit itself. There are 2 types of wards, the green one({{item:2044}}) this one is invisible to the enemy team, and is the type of ward that {{item:2049}} places, and the pink one({{item:2043}}) this one is visible to the enemy team, so try to place it in a bush. Even though it's visible to the enemy team, it more than makes up for it with its special power, it reveals the enemies wards in an area around it. This is super useful, always try to have a pink down at all times. I hope this has helped you! Feel free to ask me any other questions. :)
: {{item:3074}} is without a doubt the only item you need on ant adc in the game
Oh definitely, I actually get six of these, it's too OP. :)
: You should note that Kalista is best off building a {{item:3085}} rather than a phantom dancer.
Yes, she does get {{item:3085}}, but no other ADC does, so I didn't put it into the normal build, so people didn't think I was suggesting to get it on all "Auto" ADC's. But thank you for bringing this up! :)
: I've heard the argument that it is situational. Get {{item:3087}} if you are split pushing or if you are in an extended laning phase and {{item:3046}} if you are going to be team fighting a lot mid game. What is your opinion on this and are there situations where you would build shiv on other ADC's?
There is some truth to this. But when split pushing, I would only consider {{item:3087}} if my ADC had no waveclear, as {{item:3046}} is more useful for actually hitting the tower, with the increased Attack Speed. {{item:3046}} just has more stats for a similar price. As another poster said, you should get {{item:3087}} if either your team has limited magic damage, or the enemy team is stacking armor. Also, {{champion:15}} can do quite well with it, but it's really a preference thing on whether you get it or not. An argument can also be made for {{champion:236}} to get {{item:3087}}, with all his dashing around, and double auto's stacking it rather quickly. But it's really a preference choice like {{champion:15}}. I hope I've helped!
: So, basically, nerf Berserker's Greaves, because everyone takes it.
These are the boots that most ADC's get, but there are a few exceptions. For example, {{champion:42}} builds {{item:3020}}, because of his high magic damage. And {{champion:81}} can get {{item:3158}} if he's going blue build.
: I prefer Yomumu's for the "auto" class. I also enjoy building Black Cleaver and Wit's End on Miss Fortune, but generally those are really bad items on ADCs.
{{item:3142}} is an interesting item. It's very different from the usual ADC items, as i gives more burst damage. The best ADC's to get this item on would be {{champion:104}} or {{champion:236}}, but only when ahead. Also, as you stated, the "Auto" class of ADC's do benefit from this item, it's really up to you on whether you get it on them or not. It definitely helps when assassinating someone, like with {{champion:29}}, but in building it, your sacrificing sustained damage output, as the only real item you can replace is your {{item:3046}}. As far as building Black Cleaver and Wits End on {{champion:21}} goes, there are better options. Black Cleaver used to be situational for her a few Seasons ago, but now it's just outclassed. Wits End isn't that great on ADC's in general. I understand where you are coming from, but it's just not as strong as other ADC items. Most ADC items provide more damage then Wits End.
: When is a good time to build {{item:3085}} ? I usually build it as my last item, when i'm ahead, and the game hasn't ended yet for some reason, and I'm at the point where I'm just trolling until the game finally ends (which seems to be the only acceptable time to build that item for ADCs, because otherwise I see ADCs get flamed for building it). I think it's a hilarious item, especially when paired with {{item:3087}} . Also, when do you choose {{item:3087}} over {{item:3046}} ?
Runaans is generally not a good item on ADC's, because it doesnt have a good place in the build order. If you want extra damage for your 6th item, instead of getting a defensive one, (Which I highly discourage, unless your hugely fed, and no one on the enemy team can kill you) getting a second {{item:3046}} is much more slot efficient, and provides lots of extra damage. Basically the only ADC that builds runaans is {{champion:429}}. Because it synergizes extremely well with her E. As far as the {{item:3087}} vs {{item:3046}} conflict, {{item:3046}} is far superior to {{item:3087}} on most ADC's. The only exception being {{champion:15}}, because it works well with her aoe damage. But even on Sivir, you can still choose {{item:3046}} if you prefer that playstyle. I hope this helps!
Rioter Comments
: Too many smurfs out there
I'm not sure that these players were smurfs, just better than your team. In lower Elo, especially in normals, one team often gets ahead, and stays ahead, due to the fact that there are so many players in low Elo, and they all do not share the same skill level, and because not many people know how to play from behind, resulting in more deaths. The main reason Why I don't believe these were smurfs, is their builds. What high Elo Lee gets berserkers? Also, look at Cait's build. She rushed a Stattik Shiv. That's a terrible idea because 1. You need IE for that early damage, and 2. Phantom Dancer is literally a better version of Shiv right now. And what about Lissandra? She got Catalyst, and then didn't upgrade it to Roa, instead getting Rabadons and Mejais. That is not a very good choice. So I don't believe these players were smurfs, and if they were, pretty low ranking smurfs.
: Anyone down for 3v3?
I would love to join a ranked 3's team! I was Silver 3 last season in Yolo queue if that's at all relevant to you. add me and we can play some normal 3's to see how we play together. IGN: Darkshade24
: Graves help and thoughts
Ok, so I see why your struggling with this build, back in season 3 (Before they nerfed BT) this build may have worked, but now it's outclassed pretty heavily. On most ADCs, Graves included, the build is this: {{item:3031}} ={{item:3006}} ={{item:3046}} ={{item:3035}} ={{item:3072}} = {{item:3102}}(get this item if the enemy mages become a problem, or they have a lot of poke. e.g. {{champion:76}} {{champion:101}} ) or {{item:3026}}(for when the enemy team has assassins, this helps because once the assassins blow all their spells, they have to wait and kill you again, giving your team time to help you out.) or {{item:3139}}(If they have lots of cc, or suppression ultis. e.g. {{champion:19}} {{champion:6}} {{champion:90}} {{champion:72}} ) or, like another poster has commented, getting an additional {{item:3046}} will maximize your dps, but I would recommend against it, as this leaves you without any defensive items, and as a squishy ADC, you really need some defensive stats. I hope this helps you out!
: I don't think it seem as satisfying as Shiv is an early game item on an ADC and helps more with with waveclear than anything where as Luden's is more of a small extra burst to your late game damage as I don't see many champions rushing it like Shiv. It does give a high movespeed boost though, so I think its geared to suit kitey longrange casters like Xerath or Velkoz. The problem is that I don't see them giving up anything in their build to pick up this item unless they weren't going to build a defensive item like Banshee's or GA.
Who in their right minds would rush a shiv? 0_0 Also, I believe that there are many champions that this item will be great on, like Kat and TF.(The two I've personally played) along with maybe annie or ahri.
: i-Edge Or BT first on jinx
Ok, from one {{champion:222}} main to another, It's generally better to start {{item:3031}}, in fact i start it basically every time, but, there are some times when {{item:3072}} might be necessary. For example, you're losing lane, the enemy bot lane has lots of poke, and your support has no heals, shields, etc. Then it would prob be a good idea to get {{item:3072}}. Also, once you've gotten your {{item:3031}} or {{item:3072}}, you should get {{item:3006}}, {{item:3046}}(It's much, much better than shiv now after the buffs, and probably was before them too) Here, you have to make a choice on your next item. If you started {{item:3072}}, then you basically have to get {{item:3031}} now. But if you started {{item:3031}},(Like you should probably start in 90% of your games) then you have to choose between {{item:3035}} and {{item:3072}}. If the enemy team has lots of armor, or tankyness, then I would go {{item:3035}}, if the enemey team has poke, or you constantly have to go stop a split pusher(that's not tanky) I would probably go {{item:3072}}. I usually choose {{item:3035}}, because the effective damage is amazing. Right now your build should look like this: {{item:3031}} {{item:3006}} {{item:3046}} {{item:3035}} {{item:3072}} for your last item, it's pretty situational. Do they have a fed {{champion:76}} chucking spears at you? {{item:3102}} is your best friend. Do they have a {{champion:238}}, {{champion:90}}, or {{champion:19}} ulting you with no chance for escape? Then get a {{item:3139}} Do they have a {{champion:91}} or {{champion:55}}, who you just cant get away from? then {{item:3026}} is your best bet. I hope this helps you out!
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