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: Disconnection?
i'm getting the same thing. I think its going on for a random group of people as well. i got Dced froma ranked tft match, hopefully this doesn't affect my LP....
: Crashing
i just got dced from my ranked tft match.....
: Evelyn with Rapid Firecanon
i'm thinking this is gonna happen with any melee champ, but i've also seen that it happens for Aatrox as well. kinda sucks tbh cuz i had a really great game going on.
: Unsure if Bug
can't determine if troll or mistake.....
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: Year in Review not loading at all
postin this must've fixed it cuz now it's showing for both client and website. I just refreshed it abit ago and it's there now.
: What browser are you using and how long has it been since you updated it? If you're using Internet Explorer then you're just asking for the website not to work.
Chrome, and it's been updated to latest, still nothing. I'm not dumb enough to even do Edge for this shit :P
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: To ADC mains: No one likes your class
> [{quoted}](name=LesVitesses,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=3vNNMl4a,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2018-01-18T02:45:48.310+0000) > > They probably enjoy the freelo by being the ADC's bitch. I actually take this as more of an insult than anything. Supports are supports for the entire team, not just the ADC. We're more like the ADC's babysitter until the ADC has grown to be self-sufficient enough to do things with the team without having their hand held. As a support main, I go around the map when I can to help out any lane that needs a heal or some additional CC, especially if the ADC isn't hugely in need of it. The main problem I have with ADCs however is when they are super cocky either cuz they have been fed or they "know" how to play their champ (which isn't always the case). Then they go on blaming their support when they get caught out and fucked up. I'm here for the whole team, not just the ADC, and I am definitely noone's bitch.
: Probably his skins were the core source of where the bug was present, and disabling Zed altogether might be the best choice.
They did disable him all together at one point last night, but it seemed to just have been in Normal Blind Pick from what the status said.
: People shouldn't be allowed to have a "bad day" without getting a punishment. Or at least a warning.
After reading this thread, I believe that I have lost a few IQ points from pretty much reading your side of things here. 1) Your main point is that you would like the system to look over some of the players that get toxic over things that "aren't against the rules." I'm sorry, but in your describing of this, you are pretty much saying that something needs to be done just because you got your feelings hurt. People have a "bad day" all the time, hell, even you possibly do. Though why punish someone just because they tilted once? Have you ever stopped to think that they are tilted not just because of your off-meta pick but because of you are doing horrible with that off-meta pick? Have you ever stopped to realize that people are maybe harassing you because they've had off-meta picks like yours in the past and had a bad time with them? The post you gave sounds abit selfish in saying "hey, this guy or this guy needs to be punished because they hurt my feelings." Most people who play ranked play it to get higher tier, and they don't want to be hindered by picks that usually don't work. 2)We get it, you're a one trick pony, but for god sake man, it's not THAT hard to train in another champ and use it to your advantage after you've practiced with it. I main Leona. I play here ALOT. HOWEVER, I'm not afraid to go into something else like Braum, or Soraka, or even an adc pick l iike Trist or Ashe just because they are a different style from my usual support tank pick. That's why normals and bots are there man, to learn champs so you can use them later in ranked. If you can play a champ that and use it to at least break Gold tier status, then keep at it for pete's sake. It takes a while to get used to ANY champ in this game. 3) I'm really surprised that you even got to Plat with your kind of mentality. That mentality you have of being a "one-trick pony" and "wanting to punish others because they had ONE bad day" is that of a Bronze player. Hell, I'm a Silver player going up the ladder myself to get to where you are, but there is no way I would have the mentality that you do. It's no wonder why people in this thread think you're just trolling. I've read this thread enough to see how serious you are about the issue, and in my opinion, with this mentality you have, I'm NOT gonna be surprised if you lose that rank. Break lose of your chains, man, because you're just gonna keep on sinking lower and lower if you don't get more variety and start realizing what you're saying.
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: 6.9 Friends List is Glitched
Mine is being the same way. I have had people go offline, but the list keeps them in the same spot they were in regardless if i have the "Show Offline Friends" feature disabled. I also couldn't move people into new groups. Sometimes it's able to be temporarily fixed with a relog, but as of this moment, my chat won't reconnect at all, even if I try to reconnect manually. It seems like this bug is getting worse as time goes on. Riot! Please fix this!


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