: Yuumi just needs some buffs and ability tweaks
I don't know if she's 'weak' per se, but her kit has an unbelievably terrible power balance. The Ap/ad sharing of her W works 'too' well with some champs and the untargetability/mobility of her kit basically makes her guaranteed to be the last to die in a fight (exceptions obviously). Because of that, the rest of her kit 'has' to be weak. If they nerf her W by making it A. maybe not give HER ap/ad based on her teammates stats and B. somehow adding a window of weakness. Seriously, her power balance is so out of wack. Her fantasy is some champion jumping enchanter character, who bops people and is mobile etc., but she just doesn't live up to this. I think this is in part because of the design of her ult as well, though I don't know how to really fix or redesign that.
: Everyone prepare for the furry hentai
*gets lotion and the Kleenex*
: All this lore and hype about teleportation and there's NO teleportation in her kit?! HELLO??
Yeah, I JUST made a post complaining about that :P. I think it handles how they couldve worked portals into her kit in a decent way ;k
: Yuumi Abilities
My new favorite champion to abuse toplane with ;3. 10/10 in most areas, 11/10 in others. Her E and passive feels kind of uninspired tho and she doesn't really have any 'portal' creating abilities like the lore kinda suggests (though since my understanding of the lore is that she doesn't 'create' portals, she just sort of takes portal/door ish things to set points on the world, maybe that isn't fair criticism). I think it'd have been cooler if her E was like 10% or 30% (idk the current numbers) of its current power and just put on her W or P and she gained a new E that creates a portal that just slurps up projectiles from an oncoming direction for a second or so (like braum E, but better in some ways, but smaller hit box) and sends them to somewhere on runeterra XD. PS Riot, I expect a 'yuumis got zoomies' emote on live server on release{{summoner:52}} {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-rainbows}}
hant (NA)
: [MAC CLIENT/LOADING IN] Gray screen (can't see a thing) but game loads in just fine.
I think archmage is right. So far, I haven't had any grey screens (though one time, my screen was like grey along the bar at the top, which spooked me :P). Anyone else found it fixed? Edit: oh wait lol someone else did :P. I think thats it then?!{{sticker:draven-pose}}
hant (NA)
: [MAC CLIENT/LOADING IN] Gray screen (can't see a thing) but game loads in just fine.
: Finally, Karthus can have a taste of his own medicine
pssh, knowing karthus players, they wont even leave fountain once Sylas unlocks his ult. 'IM STILL HELPING'{{summoner:3}}
karruck (NA)
: ever see a {{item:3116}} {{item:3124}} and{{item:3285}} ......on hit builds work well on him
> [{quoted}](name=karruck,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=B2J0iY4i,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2019-01-25T15:05:18.360+0000) > > ever see a {{item:3116}} {{item:3124}} and{{item:3285}} ......on hit builds work well on him yeah lol I've tried it all. I'm not saying he's bad, his kit could just use a new coat o' paint. As a teemo main, hitting his ult and just getting your blind up to block damage is really rewarding and always gets a hearty evil laugh that deters people from using league voice with me anymore.
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