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: I lost my promos due to this bug. I feel like i should be compensated for this. I get stuck at the reconnecting screen and some crash client error dump memory file comes up.
Good luck with that unless they take away every rank game during this period nothing will happen
: Im stuck in a game too. ive been stuck for over an hour now. Can't reconnect or anything.
yep riot noticed the problem now they're working on a fix
Caerliss (NA)
: Same issue for 2 hours now.
may not fix till tomorrow or late tonight
: Is there any fix to this?
nope riot has to fix it i even tried the repair tool so ill just wait lol
Kaytrix (NA)
: Hmm, just happened to my team and the enemey in a ranked game as well, still stuck as well. From the looks of it, i wont be able to play for the rest of the night :\
still stuck in my game almost 3 hours in have to wait for them to repatch or something ripper bois
: Minute 66 -- I'm getting hungry. Riot has banished my account to the shadow realm. Simply staring at a "reconnect" button while a never-ending game of LoL is played out. This is the worst Black Mirror season yet.
: I've got the same problem, game keeps disconnecting mid-game and can't reconnect
: +1 same here man, both my friends as well as the enemy team dced and my client is now stuck on reconnect.
ya mine has been like that for almost a hour so i think even if the game ends your still stuck
: Yes Im having the same problem. I was playing with a friend and we had a big lag while trying to leash our jung. We can access the game because we "are still in a game" and we cant reconnect to the game.
ya idk how they're going to fix this because everyone's kinda stuck unless they turned the servers off and back on or made us re patch
Domzori (NA)
: All 10 people in my normal draft game are stuck frozen in game with reconnecting bar. Every once in awhile there's a sort of hiccup where we move and any chat we've typed while DC'd appears but mostly we're just stuck in place with the reconnecting bar.
: This just happened to me with a Aram as well im still on laoding screen and it gets stuck at 10% and sitting there for 5 minutes so far
i cant even get to a loading screen it just tells me its my internet lol
: Same, for the past 30 mins
stuck four almost a hour dont want to switch accounts just for it to happen again so just going to check in the morning
Envy2331 (NA)
: I am noticing a lot of people reporting the same as it just happened to me as well. Most i can think of is the server crashed (prolly overloaded from the number of people on for the new champ). I don`t think you will be penalised, given that this is suddenly happening to everyone. {{champion:350}}
ok cool tried a full repair still nothing so ill just check tomorrow
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