: Victorious Aatrox
did you notice that victorious attrox is the same as justicar attrox now i have 2 skins that look the same worst season to be gold in for this crap skin
Cräfty (EUW)
: Solo lane EXP is too strong, making solo laners 3 lvls ahead of junglers/bot laners.
the jg xp got a huge nerf. i was 2/1/4 as ekko with 105 cs while teemo was 0/5/0 in my top lane and teemo is 2 levels ahead. If you play well in the jg now you just dont get any reward for it you have to hope you win the coinflip bot lane and mid doesnt int and even then it wont matter cuz some one gets elder and they instantly win the game
: Jungle Nerfed a bit too hard, needs xp back
they gutted us man 0/5/0 teemo with 65 cs had 2 levels up on me when i was 2/1/4 with 104cs how can i carry an inting teemo when im 2 levels down but playing 10 times better than him. theres no reward for playing jg anymore duo top will get you the same xp and probably win you games alot more easily.
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