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: Anyone do any Eden runs yet?
> Anyone do any Eden runs yet? I broke Judas out of Sheol with one. > I just got it lives... Guess I gotta go for the D6 with ??? now huh? No, you have to beat Cathedral 6 times to unlock Polaroid first. It's kind of a pain
: Azazel OP
Meh. Judas is still better. Book of Belial forces a devil room on each floor now, so you can just build your own flight and stuff. Don't get me wrong. Azazel is incredible early. But his hard range cap really gives him trouble with the late game bosses. IMO the new order is like Isaac+Dice > Judas > Azazel > Lazarus > Isaac-Dice/Maggie > Eve/Cain/Samson > ???, with Eden floating around in the order depending on your starting gear.
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Tamat (NA)
: Boards Q&A - September 24th @ 12pm PST [Recap Available]
Though I understand the concerns about the color scheme, one of the visual features of this board really bothers me. There's this big awkward sidebar up at the top of the screen. It squeezes everything off to the right, making it all smaller and harder to read, and contains no content whatsoever this far down the page. Is there any way we could move, or preferably hide, this sidebar? It really detracts from the overall thread reading experience.


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