: And there we go, another patch without Vayne or Riven nerfs
All comments are about riven, but I see Vayne as a much bigger problem. She can get absolutely whooped on, but once she has guinsoo, she can 1v3 if she just knows how to kite. Paired with any cc she's pretty much instant death. The vaynes I've seen lose have just been bad at ADC in general. Even riven has more counterplay, and I agree that she's OP, but Vayne's true damage is bad for the game. I don't know why they're so attached to the shadow hits of rageblade.
: I really miss League of Legends
I will say that the game is in a much better state than it was at the end of season 8. They at least added some counterplay to conqueror. I think they know they've gone too far in the damage direction, but just don't know what to do about it. They obviously invested a lot in rolling out the new system, and scrapping it all would be a nightmare for them. That said, I agree with you wholeheartedly on the fact that it's a different game. I started playing in season 4, and there was so much more adjustment available during the game. Dying once or twice didn't mean you could no longer compete. Especially with how much bounties are worth now. 1000g?? The idea is that behind teams can get back in it, but what if you're doing well on the losing team? All of a sudden the Jax that's ahead gets a full sheen from your bounty alone. I think one of the main problems, besides damage and easier access to gold, is CDR. I remember when there were "CDR Builds." Now, going anything that isn't 30-40% CDR is a huge sacrifice for almost all champs. Most champs have their ult up every teamfight, which in turn reduces strategic decisions and leads to more head-on brawls, determined usually by pure damage output. I like a lot of the changes they've made over time, but the excessive damage and CDR have really harmed the diversity and creativity available. I think ghost poro giving adaptive force is the most extreme example of them feeling the need to overpower everything in order to keep up with everything else, rather than understanding that it's ok for the game to be more difficult based on player choice, if they prefer a different payoff. Carries don't need to be able to carry from lvl 2. They should be patient and cautious until they build up. Yeah, lot to say here. They've created a mess to balance for themselves, as so many champion changes have been made to compensate for items and runes overpowering them. I'm having fun again with current season, but as a jungle it's frustrating for the snowball effect to steamroll lanes before minute 10. Playing safe and catching up is so much harder when an assassin can pop in, 1-shot the adc and support, and be back to lane before even losing a wave.


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