Scazie (EUW)
: Gold from boxes feels like a slap in the face
I got a total of 7 coins from the three rounds and 0 items. Guess who ended up 7th place
: Mission Objective: "With a 5-man premade..."
To finish the missions I created a custom game looking for people to do the mission (title: 5 man premade for bots) and got 4 people within 10 minutes. Then I friended them and added them to the co-op vs. ai lobby.
Lízzy (NA)
: [GAMEPLAY] Game crashes/closes every 60ish seconds
Happened to me yesterday in an ARURF game. Only two d/c's- one in the first 60 seconds and another immediately after reconnecting. But this has been happening randomly to me for months already in any game mode, and it's almost always in the first two minutes of the game.
: Petition to rename "Blessing of Blitzcrank" to "Trolling of Blitzcrank" in Nexus Blitz
I've had a fiddlesticks on my team ult into nothing, but then got pulled into the enemy team for some free kills {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}}
: Free skin for helping me pick my off-season champion! (details in post)
Between those four, {{champion:163}} seems to be the best candidate for your needs. {{champion:55}} , while being able to pick off people in the mid game as her strength, will only do so well if the team is also pulling their weight. She depends on picking off lower health targets and will not perform well if there are multiple tanks or a lot of hard cc on the enemy team. Her Shunpo has a delayed cooldown in the early game, so the enemy can react to your combo and even punish you because they can expect where you want to blink to. (Extra Cons: Melee vs. mages, squishy, has to use QWE to wave clear, bad at discovering and killing a hidden Teemo) {{champion:157}} does have great carry and outplay potential. I believe you could get to Diamond if you wanted with him, as he can take on tanks and deflect any hard cc skillshots if necessary. Multiple builds are viable on him, and a skilled player will be able to choose whichever item is needed in order to counter the enemy team while enhancing their damage to the fullest. The only reason I didn't pick Yasuo is because using an AP champion will give about a greater understanding of AP itemization, so that wrongful deaths can be avoided from underestimating the enemy's damage. Unless there is also other knockup cc on your team, it's a little harder to pull off ganks. (Okay at discovering and killing a hidden Teemo) Lastly, {{champion:245}}. He's fast, has the ability to get out of bad situations or make outplays with his ult, and can do bonus damage to enemies below 30% of their max health. He's able to dash over walls and be successfully played as a top, mid, or jungler. His W can be used to zone enemies because of you can slow and/or stun them if they walk into it, which can be useful when your team is trying to grab baron or dragon. If played as a jungler, he can use W on the objective area, dash over and smite the objective while the enemies are stunned, then use any means to escape for a free steal. His gank potential is alright, but it's hard to use your W to the fullest if there is already ward coverage. He can fall off a little bit late game however, since damage from the enemy team will get to Ekko before his passives get to proc fast enough. Also, he cannot ult under hard cc. (Decent at discovering and killing a hidden Teemo) Now {{champion:163}} is able to utilize your experience from jungling into its best use while continuing to train your eye on gank opportunities. A great ultimate from her can zone enemies, trap them, or split them up, making for easy escapes or kills. Unlike the other three, she has more range to stay safer from those enemy mages in lane. Her wave clear is superb. Unlike the other three, she has more range to stay safer from those enemy mages in lane. Or, she can go top lane to bully up there, or even jungle too if you're feeling it. While not quite like Ekko, if you time her wall correctly, you can smite steal an objective while riding off to safety. But what truly makes the pick is that she is a great team player who is able to dominate the whole map. Where it's not just you carrying, but also making it so that the other lanes win and then take those turrets faster for more gold. She can be squishy too, but it matters less when the goal is to clear fast and gank hard. She's really hard to master though (I suck completely) so if you aren't able to keep landing your combos like me, you can fall back to Yasuo or Ekko. (Great at discovering and killing a hidden Teemo) Btw I'm _REALLY_ not kidding with Teemo either, as I have a friend who has made it to Diamond and another to Master with him by stealthing and completely destroying unsuspecting enemies.
Wuks (NA)
: Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! (+ Elementalist Lux Giveaway?)
Mmmmm it's always hard to express my thanks in real life due to how my emotions are shut inside me. However, I am genuinely grateful to my friends who will stick around even if I'm not as enjoyable as everyone else. Being with you sometimes brings out some feeling that I'd never see in my introverted self. If you guys(some of my friends play League too) happen to come across this, then just know that you really helped my empty soul through the years. **479**
: 3 Very Harmful Quinn Bug
YES! I've had every single one of those things happen to me. Even the first one, except instead, I was stuck on my own team's dead turret after vaulting(on Graves or Ezreal i forgot), and I had to flash over it. But I died anyway after flashing because I took too much shots from the enemy while wondering why I couldn't move.
: Ekko's slow is TOO DAMN HIGH
I went against an Ekko top and was doing okay at best against him with Pantheon. I had Caulfield's and basic boots against his Giant's Belt(that was the only thing he had) and couldn't even get near him with his slow. He somehow had 42 ap with no ap items. Then proceeded to kill me from 100%-0% in a combo at level 6. This was yesterday... Also, I was right at my turret.. trying to escape but THE SLOW.. and I burned flash too.
Jon1174 (NA)
: Songs That Go With Your Favorite Champion
I don't play Veigar, but I found a song perfect for him
Xilann (NA)
: Things you did in your first game.
Garen mid Bought Wriggle's Lantern for Yi top. Surprisingly, I won quite a lot with this and didn't know why they were saying smurf Thought duo top>jungle... (it may still be viable) Took heal and smite to jungle for the longest time and was not good at using flash Health and mana pots were gold sinks MANY PHANTOM DANCERS (bought like 4 for Fiora this one game) Bought both AD and AP items to balance the champion
: The thing with Taric, and keep in mind I am speaking as a Taric main here (well I have more games on naut but I am a Taric main at heart) Taric is like Viktor, he just does everything. The difference here is that first of all, Vik does everything at about 70-90% efficiency, Taric on the other hand hovers from 30-60% efficiency. On top of that the role of the sup should really be clear. A mid who does everything works with most teamcomps, but a sup who does a bit of everything does nothing to help the teamcomp. Taric is just too weak and too spread out in a position in which you really want a champ that does 1 or 2 things really well. Just the 2 cents of a silver 3 player of course so take it with a grain of solo-queue players.... I mean salt
I am a Taric main and I made it from Silver 3 to gold with him. I don't think his kit is completely useless and it really does help because he is a tank. He is meant to go into the front-lines to take damage all the while weakening his enemies. THAT is what a tank is and what a good support tank should do. However, I'm worried about the new items built against tanks, so he may need a little boost.
: >PROC YOU LIKE A HURRICANE Thanks Riot. Now I have to go look up the Scorpions on Youtube. I don't even know how many people here get that joke, and that's upsetting.
This is why I love reading the patch notes. {{summoner:6}} {{champion:157}}
Well when he goes in, he doesn't knock the enemies back too far.. that's where he dies because the enemy has no problem catching up or throwing skills at him. (snares/pulls/stuns)
Jhecht (NA)
: Just to be sure, is affiliated with LoL or Riot at all?
I checked it out through "inspect element" by right clicking the area where when people click, it will add a point. I changed that number to greater than 15 and clicked "Redeem". What popped up was a survey just in case we were automated bots. I did not click anything beyond that, but the sound of a survey was enough for me to be suspicious. [**Screenshot**](


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