: Small Diana Gameplay changes coming to PBE
Let's talk the good and the bad about these proposed changes. Base Mana: 372 (+20) => 335 (+45) Attack Speed: 0.625 => 0.725 Attack Speed per level: 2.25 => 2.30 P Cleave Ap Ratio: 0.8>0.6 NEW: Grants 20% Movement Speed on proc REMOVED: 30-90% Attack Speed after casting a spell REMOVED: 15% of AP as mana on proc Q Still has all of the previous changes to it in testing. QoL: Reveals FoW on missile tip E Cooldown: 26>18 => 20>12 R Reset time: 0.5 => 1 base attack speed change is fine. I would say .700 attack speed base would be best, if, and only if, you put the flat 20% attack speed back into her passive. This would get her back inline with fighting other bruisers and such like say top lane matchups, as well as jungling. This would also open her up to hail of blades keystone more. Diana doesn't really have a keystone, she just works well with a bunch of them. The goal here would be getting her in other lanes other than mostly mid. By upping her attack speed base stats, better synergy with gnashor's tooth and attackspeed builds. stuff like dagger and 4 pots would become more common again. With these changes, if, she starts breaking out the longswords frequently you will know you done fucked up, every once in awhile is ok and should be encouraged though. Also, early laning against many of the reworked champs should be much improved like say the irelia and aatrox matchups newer champs like camille. Also, less feels bad moments. You want less feels bad moments and more I feel competitive moments. By keeping the attack speed lower she will scale lower on attack speed builds, and also, not be overbearing on tank matchups, which tanks are struggling as well. Several other melee versus Diana matchups as well, she can be quite good into them, just the spell weaving has a lot of feels bad moments. This would be closer in line with how she reacted pre runes reforged and pre rework that left a bad taste in a lot of Diana mouths. At this time I would not change the passive cleave ratio. Simply put, Diana has few items. This has been a problem for awhile now. She doesn't have steraks gage. She doesn't have titanic hydra, l might also add her third hit passive cleave doesn't apply on hit effects, just it is amplified with sheen. She scales really well with hp items, the problem Is those are few and far between, and many of her items she could look into often got abused by mages. She cant really do the gnashor's tooth and tank item builds that she used to do, those have become obsolete over the years. Until you guys at riot make her items like an ap trinity force, an ap titanic and sterak's that won't be abused by mages, leave it alone. the 20% movement speed bonus, you can stick that on her w and should work. Now, there is a case to be made, that you could change her w to allow for more scaling in later stages of the game with and additional bonus tacked on with a ratio based upon her max hit points, it's not really the damage you want, but, a stronger shield later in the game. that should let her move around inside once she does go in, which is usually a one way trip, either she kills everyone or gets blownup before she can kill everyone. the cooldown reduction on the e should be fine, Diana uses it to cuck a lot of abilities and champions, it can be expensive early. An example of feels bad man moments is when at 50 percent mana at level 4 and you cuck irelia during her q dash and generally leave her helpless, but, oh wait, now you can't kill her because you have no mana. Mana regen has been an issue on Diana since the mage nerfs, which oddly hit Diana, and when double Doran's Ring got nerfed by courage of colossus tank meta. While Diana did the double doran's for years, it wasn't problematic, as she had the second lowest mana pool in the game, combined with hp scaling seals helped her along the early bruiser path. R reset timer increase, umm.... no. Diana has a catch combo she does, one that doesn't involve her instant deleting her opponent. Typically, when she performs a catch combo, she will flank, use her q into the minions or whatever is available, r into the minion or whatever target is available, r over onto the target and mash her e to pull them. That will take most of her burst damage out, doing that combo, then, she and her team mates will beat the person she catches to death with whatever is available, her auto attacks and their abilities. Sometimes just Diana by herself. They have time to react, but, you do want a window where they can escape, as well as her be fairly sudden about it, adding another half second will lead to more feels bad man moments. the mana change seems terrible, she will get more with levels, but, first, less. She already has the 2nd lowest mana pool in the game. This seems like she would have to opt into rod of ages first more often than not, rather than stuff like gnashors or lichbane or protobelt first. And you do want her to have some early kill pressure potential to keep people honest. The changes proposed seems more like lets kick a champion that has been neglected for several years that does have workable qualities in her kit, so, lets kick her while she's down abit more. She's not as binary as it may seem.
: Maokai’s q buff is a perfect example of Riot’s horrible approach to balancing tanks
last time I tried Maokai top, his lane issues were more on mana regen via the mage nerfs last year. The early lane phase of around levels 1-5 were particularly bad. Once I scaled to the mid game era, I was fine. Just the early lane phase left much to be desired as compared to previous seasons. Would only jungle him in his current state despite buffing his q damage. Fixing his early mana regen would do several things, allow maokai players to lane and do stuff like cloth armor starts, dorans shield start instead of tieing them to corrupting pots and generally playing like a pansy early.
: Camille prioritizing Minions over champs
some time ago they changed champions that dashed to hitting minions after their dash. I forget which patch but it was around march of last year. On Camille, you gotta immediately right click after hitting your e, or attack click works on the enemy champ. Even when it isn't intuitive when that she should hit minions. Say you are 400 units away from minions with the enemy champ by themselves, you will attack the enemy champ, but ,if you use your q, Camille, will literally walk over to the enemy minions to attack them. So, ya, get used to it, right click or attack click after dashes, it isn't just her that does this.
: How would a "Towers of Doom" map work in League?
This wouldn't work very well with league champions. Towers of Doom is a medium variance map in a low variance game. heroes of the storm champions are balanced to team fight at level 1. League champs are not, items and scaling abilities, actual last hit farming and such. Sure, you can do it at level one. Poke champs are overrated. Sion in particular at level 2 or level 3 would be fantastic for this map, Camille as well. Typically in Towers of Doom is you wanna select 2 tanks, 2 assassins and one support. Top lane is the safest to soak, 2nd in priority to roam and take because of the proximity to boss and top sapper camp. Mid lane is kinda whatever. Bot lane is the highest priority to take because of the proximity of the sapper camps. By taking bot lane tower and making it yours, when the sappers are capped, they do extra damage to the nexus and get you ahead. Soaking experience is the primary focus, getting the overall level above the enemy team for talent advantages. What makes this map higher in variance is how and when players prioritize objectives, for example 2 altar spawns to do nexus damage, I like to call one the weak side, the one closest to your base which is the easiest to take, and the strong side, which is the one farthest to your base. People screwup this simple concept regularly which is why you get such high variance to the map. The strong side is the one you wanna contest with your team, which means where you will be fighting at. An example of this, I was taking the weak side altar while my team should have been attacking the strong side, then I join in with the assassin I was playing, assassin goes in last and mops up, who knew that was a concept. Rather than attacking the strong side, my team comes to weak side. Thus our weak side gets contested. So, we give them their weakside and get blownup at our weakside. It is a tradeoff, you can give them an altar, and take an altar, that is ok. When you start giving them two at a time is when you start losing though. So, more often than not, you lose not because the enemy team is better than you, but, the way people prioritize objectives. You pretty much lose to your own team's collective stupidity more often than not. You can win every fight on this map, and still lose to your own prioritization. Push this over to league, where people regularly run it down mid and Aram summoner's rift at the 15 minute mark while ignoring side lanes and such. Meaning they have terrible macro, and you are going to have some major issues popup on a map like this. Especially, when you throw in leagues medium variance gameplay, farming, items and item spikes and such.
: I know this is such an unpopular opinion but im tired of high elo players in normal low elo games
I suppose this is a subjective subject, where your perspective on things dictates how you view this issue. I don't mind myself getting matched up with players in higher elos or against in higher elos. I have played against 2 pro players, 1 pro player on my team from league of legends, just in Heroes of the Storm. Diamonds I can't even count at this point how many I have played with or against. I look upon it as a challenge, something where I can look back at and say here are things I am doing that I need to correct, sometimes, I don't need to do that, matched up just fine against them. An example I matched up against a pro top lane in his offrole, I wont mention names. I was spamming Camille at the time top side in case the Irelia rework didn't go so hot. Didn't want to get caught flat footed this time around and have to learn multiple champions because of multiple champion reworks hit my champ pool, it had set me back before. Anyways, I first blooded him. He made a good show, tried to level 2 spike me, I walked away ignited, then chugged potion, popped him with a w on Camille to health backup. Got some solid trades back, then, I unexpectedly dove him and killed him. With lane frozen near my tower, game was just about over for him before 4 minutes. He swapped in tp and out of ignite. Since, that player get ganks just because of who he is, they brought three, jungler and mid to break the freeze and they got me down, gave the kill back over to him and with the cs they put into tower we were back even. They bring three again a few minutes later, to put him ahead. I realize at this point, I won't be doing much this game, so, on a gank bot side, I sneakily port down off a minion they couldn't see coming in counter their gank, swap the kills to my bot lane instead of taking them for myself. See strategy, give the kills to those that will do something with it, I just manage side farm and soak damage for them. Pretty much how I beat a pro player as a low elo player. Other times you can see diamonds playing some off roles, playing new champs, playing with a new skin they got that they might not be able to play in ranked for whatever reason or what not, and that is fine. A lot of times, you can get an adc practicing jungle, a top laner playing adc. Sometimes they are quite good at it, other times they can be worse than lower elo players because they have little experience playing top. Like a diamond adc player went Top Lucian(because Huni did it) against me, but, didn't manage sidefarm very well, so, while that particular player beat me in lane, I won later in the game, and the game, just because I knew how to do that. Then other times they can show you for example, things I do in lane against low elo players, that I can't do against high elo players. One thing I noticed lacking from my play for example is I needed to loop slightly when I push to roam to help my jungler fight the other jungler. Had I looped, I would have been able to get there to help my jungle, since I didn't loop and went the direct route, I got slapped in cc and couldn't help. Simple things like that. Got many many more examples, but, I look forward to that challenge, and I surprise them sometimes by being able to do things like hit 10 cs a minute and such, so sometimes, I challenge them. Good things all around, they beat me, I beat them, all good.
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PhRoXz0n (NA)
: Speaking to the AP fighter itemisation, Solcrushed and I are looking at something as a slow burn project to address this itemisation hole.
I played Diana a lot, these days not so much anymore, I tend to favor the ad bruisers like irelia and Camille these days when I play, which is more Aram on occasion the last few months. That's more of a complaint about this season though, just don't really want to play, and I am pretty sure you know why about this season by now. Used to play morde quite often back in the day, some ekko and so forth. Havent felt particularly bruisery since strength of ages was a keystone mastery, abyssal scepter existed. Unless, playing on twisted treeline with moonflair spellblade, then, I start to feel bruisery again. I rarely build zhonya on Diana anymore. What I would like since my only real option on summoners rift to be a bruiser, is just to do what the ad bruisers do, trinity, titanic, steraks. it isn't bad on Diana, just she is a weaker version of irelia, jax, Camille at that point, kinda just does damage like corki, mostly magic. While you wanna hear I am that if I build that as a dev, you don't wanna hear about building like that often..... see Tank Ekko of days past. You guys could do a ap trinity item, pretty much lacking a phage item for ap. I could see around 40-45 ap on trinity force ap version instead of the attack damage. Also, with Rylai's and stuff being abused by mages in days past, you may have to use some melee only stuff like on the hydra items on the ad versions. I could see some Ap hydra items like titanic hydra, some variations of black cleaver for the ap counterparts. That should get Diana, and others, back to where they should be, rather than an almost pure one shotting split pushing menace, left alone in the backline for to long, less than 2 seconds just annhilates the team in that time frame.
Destaice (NA)
: Why would you pick Janna in one for all?
to the original poster. Matchups depends on it. I did janna versus vayne. I wasn't happy to be playing Janna, but, we did destroy Vayne. Vice versa, I haven't seen very many Vayne's win a game. Vayne just doesn't have the waveclear, is extremely squishy. Seen some Lulu mentions, Lulu has a lot of cc, got destroyed by her on Galio, probably would have went better had the Galio's helped each other instead of talking about helping each other. That's the main thing, you got to help each other in this mode. Then sometimes you got to realize, certain matchups like Vayne into Brand, means Vayne has to splitpush it out, because grouping up against Brand is inviting multiple vayne's getting r clicked and exploded at once. Same with Zoe into a lot of matchups where people are on divers, she cant really handle that, especially with people playing her that lollygag it out lost and not sure what to do. Again, most of these problems are fairly matchup dependant.
: Nautilus lore - what's most important to you?
As per your email request on Nautilus lore, from a long time Nautilus player. I never paid attention to his lore. I only cared about his gameplay, particularly early season 7 with courage of the colossus, my overall win percentage dropped down to 44% on him that season, where for quite awhile it was around 56%. What can I say but, learn to lane guys and quit blowing 15k gold leads cause you think you can three versus one, or wait the 5 seconds for naut to finish waddling his fat ass over and engage on the enemy team. Only played him top, jungle, and support, exclusively for his crowd control and tanking abilities. I haven't played him much this season, just a 14-7-14 jungle victory with a retarded tristana adc who just absolutely wouldn't finish the game off earlier like an asshat and save about 4 deaths from fuckery. Ya, I Never read his lore nor do I care about it, sorry I wasn't helpful.
Xcion (NA)
: Could New irelia be good in the JG?
She shouldn't be very good in the jungle on the revamped version. The Old Irelia can jungle, just her clear is slow, she stays really healthy on her w though. pretty much same as aatrox. Just because you can doesn't mean you should, more of a pocket pick if you know how to do it. The revamped version lacks the healing, as it is tied to her q now, but, she does have waveclear with her retooled e. I am expecting Riot to make the jungle really painful to slow down junglers soon, so, that should push out Camille, a couple other fringe junglers, and stop the revamped Irelia before she got started.
: Can Irelia mid with her new kit now?
she can mid now on occasion, she is particularly good against lissandra and syndra. She also can jungle, just her clear is slow, but, she stays healthy with her w, no, she is more of a I can work against xx stuff, fairly niche. doesn't look like she can jungle with the updated kit.
: Didn't she get buffed a couple patches back don't be greedy
they took her base flat 20% attack speed and shoved some attack speed buffs for her late game. It feels clunky as hell doing a mini game with her in the jungle, whereas before she could kill her jungle and the enemy jungle with little problem. Then, with runes reforged they essentially robbed her of the ability to take attack speed runes, essentially she could have 37% flat attack speed at level 1, pre rework or whatever you wanna call it, which would allow her with her low base damage be quite viable against other melees at level 1. Then, she also had the ability to build defensively with her runes for whatever the case maybe per game, scaling health to help give her the "bruiser" feel to her, magic resist glyphs, armor quints. Strength of Ages really helped as well before they took it away where she got an additional 300 health from farming her jungle. With Runes reforged, they mostly took all her stuff away from her, yet, tanks before as an example typically took attack speed reds, so they let them keep it by buffing their base attack speed. They didn't do the same thing with Diana, just a slight here have 5 extra base armor, and 5-6 more to her base health scaling per level and called it a day. She also had several itemization issues crop up on the bruiser side of things, lack of items or items getting nerfed overall over several years time. As an example, against a primary ap team, she would typically build abyssal scepter, gnashor's tooth, Bond of Stone when it had 200 health and 60 ability power, then, the aegis effect for her team, like 15 magic resist to her team that is near, which would give her the effect of a bruiser. But, they took away the stats on bond of stone, changed abyssal scepter to abyssal mask, which either tanks or people like ryze or casseopeia only use, I really only do it against ap heavy teams with a gnashor's as an example. Banshee's veil is more of a mage item, where Diana needs to go with an early negatron cloak to be really effective against mages, ekko, fizz, morde, and some outliers. While with this last patch, they gave some of her attack speed back in precision tree, a you have to work for this with legend of alacrity, her defensive options are pretty sad. She can do aftershock, but, it is tied to her e, which first rank is a 27 second cooldown, feels bad man. Basically, you have to embrace her as a split pushing assassin now, an assassin that scales very late, gnashor's, lichbane, is squishy as hell, others doing rod/protobelt and gnashors. So, the reason people are whining about her now, is they took her early game, which she can still do, just she can get bullied out more easily, and she wasn't known for having the greatest early game before, just a once I hit six, the game changes. With the introduction of lethality to the game in season 6, ironically, most Diana's stopped building Zhonya's as it got nerfed into the ground, they really embraced the assassin aspect of her. The irony, she took off her armor as it were and went without it. Nowadays, Zhonya's is so incredibly cluttered on build paths, that it is pretty much save your 1200 gold then buy seekers armguard, or if you have to welfare it, enjoy the clutter of 3-4 items and no room for pink wards. But, then again, Diana wasn't exactly abusing the stopwatch meta. One thing Diana did that was absolute thing of beauty, grace and precision, was her catch combo flank. She would find 1-3 guys out, she would close on them, throw her q into the backline minions, r into the backline minions to get her reset, allittle farm as well, then r over to them and pull with her e. Keep in mind her range she could hit this with without flash shenagins was around 1700 range and she does this in less than a second. With that flat 37% attack speed when she started wailing on them felt really good, as opposed to now, with her 50% attack speed buff for three autos before she goes back to her base attack speed, feels bad man. I hope this clarifies many of the issues with Diana and the complaints from people that enjoy her, but, are really struggling with her, as she like mordekaiser and others have been hit with so many direct and indirect nerfs, see top laners complaints like Jax, irelia. issues with the jungle, supports, and the over enabling of attack damage carries.
Riot Jag (NA)
: What Do I Build On Kai’Sa?
hint.... she's the Quinn replacement. she is a top laner... with a minor in jungling.
: Patch Chat with the Playtest Team - 8.4
I don't like a number of things with this patch. For starters, the removal of tracker's knife, I don't even know what the red and blue smite do anymore, think the lst time I used either of them was in twisted treeline awhile ago. Just disable it from competitive play or pro play if it such an issue. I get it, the pro games suck this season and little to no action happens. I don't like supports in the lower elo's that insist on making the game a survival horror game rather than an objective oriented strategy game. Put it back, or stick sightstone back, we got out of using sightstone builds for several reasons, trackers being one of them, the introduction of lethality and making tanky targets more squishy in general sometime in season 6. Or do the alternative and go 4v4 summoners rift. Stick the 5 damage back onto minions and monsters, this effects the jungle more, you end up taking more damage on the intial clears, expect a lot of executes. Haven't tested it yet with say orianna and going precision yet, she has low attack damage because of her passive, so with less ap, that could be a problem, or not. I used to take magic resist and armor runes back in the day or before runes reforged, this needs to happen again. I don't like the move of second wind to the resist tree. I like the blast cone changes, that is about time and should reduce the amount of early where did x come from. the precision change I think should be welcome just on stats alone, for example, with Diana's old flat 20 percent attack speed passive, when I used attack speed runes, I would have around 37% attack speed, good for early trading in melee vs melee matchups, easier farming, quicker healthier jungle clears and stuff. I never liked her passive change, nor did I like the precision tree first on her, as most of her other stuff did very little with 0 ap. So, that should be welcome.
PhRoXz0n (NA)
: AP Items Request for Balance Thoughts
As per your request for item feedback. Looks fine for a lot of items on mages. However, note the key MAGES. Pretty much you have neglected itemization for the melee variety of ability power for several years now. Notably on champions such as Mordekaiser, Diana who love to get up close and personal because they like snuggling. Pretty much, you could use several lines of items specific to the meleers, similar vein to say black cleaver(although this one does get abused by ranged champs sometimes), titanic hydra/ravenous hydra, to say ranged equivalents of Runnaan's Hurricane. For example, Rylai's was nerfed a year or so ago mainly for the abuse by the ranged champs, Casseopeia rings a bell, Ryze, Azir, Viktor, and such while Mordekaiser used it for sticking power once he got on someone, which he is immobile as hell, so he sorta needed it and the extra health. Note, to be clear, this is from a player who should, if he wanted to climb ranked enough, a player who played Diana a 152 games last year who won 68.2 percent of his games on Diana, 66% with 50 games in ranked, should one trick or two trick to a higher ranking, just is being to stubborn trying to be overall good, rather than be good at his few champs he is "good" at. You could really benefit from such itemization, afterall, Diana has been claimed she is an ap bruiser for far to long, yet, most of the time she just goes around one shotting people. Part of her problems stem from this as a lot of the rod of ages and stuff to make you tankier and do abit of damage oftentimes benefit ranged mages as well, so, what ends up happening she builds squishier than she should even though her kit suggests she is more of a sustained fighter, which she is, if left untouched, but, with around 500 plus ap later in the game, well, lets just say she annihilates everyone, again in general terms. Bond of Stone, once had 60 ability power, 200 health, and the aegis effect as it was, something like 15-20 magic resist for the team, then changed to what it is now. I would often build that non support champions of the ability power variety, just for the tanky stats. The fact I did some tricks with that item for some slow pushes on a cannon minion, eventually crashing into a tower, you get the idea I did from there, basically split pushing a lane while not actually being there, something one could do by cutting a few minions off a wave. I am not really concerned with that active though. What I would like is some of those stats back Hit points, magic resist, and allittle ap to go with it, so I don't feel like with the other items, spirit visage, abyssal mask, where it is straight mr and health. It is akin to building Titanic hydra as it were, on a melee champion. I would like something like that to show up stat wise. I am not a fan of Banshee's veil. that feels more of a mage item and on top of it, not something I want too badly when I am in the middle of 5 people, it just doesn't feel bruiser enough for melee ap champs. I would like something abit different using a build path with a negatron cloak, similar to how abyssal scepter was, an item I would build first item a lot of times with. I never feel like gee I really need banshee's veil right away, Zhonya's hourglass, for far to long have I not build this item on Diana, in fact more often than not ninja tabi worked instead. Some of the reason is didn't feel like I needed it. I learned to play without it. More often than not I only build it when there are 3 or more ad champs on the same team. One reason I bring it up, the sheer amount of clutter that item has become, even moreso not with stopwatch. Particularly, building the seeker's portion. I have considered the possibility, but have yet to do all the math involved, because that is a lot of items that build out of cloth armor, it maybe better to up cloth armor to 15 armor and bump up the cost to cloth armor to 350 gold. Again, that is more of a hunch, a hunch that would reduce the clutter in my inventory should I have to build seeker's one item at a time. inventory, I could use for a first item, boots, pots, control wards, you get the idea. I like MoonFlair Spellblade, a lot(apparently typing as well), from Twisted Treeline. That covers a lot of what I want for summoner's rift. yes, you need Magic resist and ability power on items, quite abit more, things like Athene's Unholy grail, abyssal scepter, Bond of stone have slowly left with nothing to really replace. A couple more with armor would help as well. and please distinguish the items like Hydra, Hurricane to melee and ranged as that has been the biggest screw the meleers to nerf the ranged mages abusing the items. On last thing on the Tracker's Knife replacement. I like part of the idea. I like removing the other items. I like that you can get more wards from cleaning the enemy jungle, which helps on successful pushes, counterjungling and such, to push up vision, leave exit wards and such. I don't like the reward, a control ward. I get it, zombie ward mastery on a jungler with trackers knife can leave a disgusting amount of vision. Just because I haven't abused it to much, doesn't mean other have as well. While, I haven't been doing sightstone builds since season 6 I believe, about the same time as the introduction to lethality made that non viable for survival, not possible now with the removal of sightstone, assuming I do not build the support item while jungling. I like part of the idea, behind that item just I would rather you leave the yellow trinket alone in regards to zombie wards, just it would be better to change the type of ward delivered from the new Tracker's knife item, so, that it doesn't trigger zombie ward, just a similar ward to green ward or yellow trinket ward, just with a different type and you can carry the same amount as with tracker's knife. If I am not mistaken, it has been since season 6, there might have been a bug from doing sightstone and ruby sightstone where if you delivered the sightstone wards then backed with a full tracker's knife you would get 2 more wards on the trackers knife and hold up to 4 while at the same time recharging your sightstone, so, with yellow trinket, tracker's knife and ruby sightstone you could hold 11 wards at once, sure made pushing vision forwards a breeze though. I would rather carry my control wards and leave them where I think I need to leave them, like next to Baron, for a split pusher to see or something, not just collect another control ward. I think I am out. sorry for the wall of text.
Vhozek (NA)
: So I decided I wanted to main Diana...
they changed her kit slightly several months ago, they can't mess with her kit too much or she will be either overbalanced or she wont be played. Which she has like a less than 2% played rate last time I knew, for a champ banned about 1% of the time, that has the 8th best win rate middle lane last I knew. She isn't terrible. She is more late game built with those changes, basically late game Diana goes in second or third when most of the cc and early damage abilities have been blown, she will shred the entire enemy team in just a few seconds. So, you may just be feeling the early game woes she has. Diana isn't the skirmish style champion that you seem to want, Ekko would be better for that. Diana can skirmish though. One of the items a lot of high end Diana players have been building recently is the Hextech Protobelt, helps give her some extra ability to take fights, or exit them, and some tankiness.
: RIOT if you're gonna buff Yasuo, can we remove his turret safety?
that link highlight shows nasus and doesn't show yasuo ulting someone from outside turret range for me, I do know he does it though. There is some precedence for that though. Old Fiora on her Bladewaltz would trigger 5 times the tower but the shots would never hit. Pantheon can block a tower shot. Maokai can twisted advance a tower shot. Elise in spider form can rappel out a tower shot. Kled does funny things demounting and remounting during tower shots. Mordekaiser's dragon doesn't trigger tower shots on Morde last time I knew, the Ghost of a champion would trigger on Morde though when attacking someone with it under tower, you can toggle between them. Kayle, Kindred, Tryndamere, and Taric with their ults are pretty different though it triggers just the damage doesn't go through, minus Kindred or someone else until they hit 10%, Going behind the tier 2 towers with the gap on red side and blue side doesn't trigger tower shots until you get deeper inside the range, unless something changed. Attacks/spells from outside tower range don't trigger, however annoying it is, especially farming under tower in a melee versus ranged matchup. All those for starters, think there were more.
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: Would you play an MMORPG based around Runeterra's lore?
I disagree to an MMO of Runeterra. What would be more interesting would be if they did a single or multiplayer open world game. Mischief and destruction Jinx. Diana the heretic attempting to stop the Void assault on Runeterra, while learning more of the Lunari. Camille, the assassin of Piltover. Gragas and Yasuo drunk time adventures. Ashe, Sejuani, and Lissandra battle of Frejyord or however it is spelled. Caitlyn and Vi crime fighters. Maokai and the cleansing of the twisted treeline or shadow isles. Mordekaiser and whatever mysterious quest he never did or what not, possibly fulfilling his all time ambition of punting Teemo in the Pentakill video, could be solved. Irelia and the fight against the Noxian invasion. Garen and Katarina, the odd lovers. stuff like that.
: Need advice : how do you counter champions like Maokai, Galio and Tahm Kench in top lane?
You can pick a tank yourself, Nautilus is ok into them, eventually losing to Maokai, but, he can lane quite well against him and the other two. Poppy should be fine, Olaf is fine Shyvana is rough early but, she scales out of it, Vi believe it or not is good into Maokai top. Renekton usually just gets cucked by Maokai, but given the opportunity he can burst out Mao early in the game, usually Mao wont take the chance and just focus cucking out renekton. Diana does well against them, haven't done the top Diana into Maokai, or Top Mao into Diana in ages though, so, her new passive may not be very good against Maokai, as opposed to her old flat 20% attack speed passive. Eventually Trundle or Olaf towards late game, just won't care what Mao does and will literally walk up to a tower that Mao is defending the proceeed to take the tower...... with Maokai beating on them to no avail.
Yenn (NA)
: Just got 4-manned and lost our turret at level 4. Can someone on the balance team justify this?
The trend the original poster does not see that many of the others have pointed out in varying ways, you got outplayed. Earlier in the season they put in effect fortifications to towers to slow down the lane swap meta of the pro scene. Notice, slowdown, not stop altogether. The other team should be able to gain a positive effect from pulling that off, as they earned it on the macro level and shouldn't have to wait till the seven minute mark to be able to take towers. have your top laner and jungler, if necessary push two waves topside, then, drop your top laner botside. Stick your botlane topside. Look to make a 5 man topside play around your top laners teleport. Plat and above should be able to do that. Gold, silver, and bronze are lost generally, with some exceptions to things like that.
: Ashe Q - What's the point?
it's an attack speed steroid mainly. the second arrow you shoot from it should hit pantheon after he blocks.
: Patch Chat with the Playtest Team - Patch 7.16
I know this is the least troublesome of a patch. 7.16 now shows all my champs at mastery 0, whether I played them or not, shows zero points in collection. a champ in my top three on profile shows correctly though.
: Patch Chat with the Playtest Team - Patch 7.14
Well, tried before the patch that went out 7.14 regarding the Diana changes. After playing with her for a few days, her early game took quite the hit. particularly jungle and top lane as I feared. In jungle, she doesn't stay as healthy. Keep in mind I don't do the Penetration runes very much anymore, mainly attack speed. her kit at level 2 is underwhelming as you would often throw your q and w in rapid succession, so, trying to play the mini game to keep her new passive going is annoying. Net loss to her jungling ability, which as you may know, she tends to power farm till 6. Her pre 6 trading and dueling took hits as well in lane phase, most notably in the top lane. I would go back to static 20% attack speed, leave the mana gain on third hit cleave, as you did nerf the Doran's rings she fairly famously used in multiples, as it is better for penetration builds as well as attack speed builds. The extra attack speed off her other abilities on e hasn't really come into play much yet that I have seen. Again, on spellblade champions, Jax, Irelia, Diana, Fizz, Ezreal, etc, quite often you can't quite maximize their spellblade procs as much as one would like. It is generally better to throw what you have when you can, her new passive feels really bad when I do a catch combo on her as I thought it would. But, those rare times where you get to hit the rift scuttle 2 times then, dive into the enemy team and feel quite glorious at the instant triple kill, or more. Also the odd attack damage runes which I have been experimenting more of lately, that was a rarity I did with her as well as full tank Diana on occasion, may become the norm with her the old Titanic Trinity Force builds work well on her as an ad bruiser, since her ap bruiser is basically nerfed down horribly. She really misses the early Negatron Cloak for the Old Abyssal Scepter for early tankiness and survivability mid lane in particular. Twisted Treeline, she is oddly ok with MoonFlair spellblade servicing both her armor and magic resist needs, but, generally you are more concerned with the Rift rather than anywhere else.
Rioter Comments
: Why in gods name is a sliver 1 in the same match with a plat 5?
If I am not mistaken, it will pair you generally a full division up and down. For example, when I was Bronze 1, I would play against low gold with frequency, early in the season those low golds I end up playing are usually low platinum people once they climb off the soft reset. At bronze 2 I would see low gold rarely, lots of silver. Bronze three has been awhile, primarily bronze and silver people up to silver 1-2. In silver, I see more golds than I do silver or bronze, or seems that way. Then, again when the que was borked, I ended up against a prominent mid laner that plays in the LCS. That was kinda neat actually, as I kept up well in lane, traded well, only down like 6-8 cs at 10 minutes, I had 80 ish, him close to 90. past the 20 minute mark though was when things went downhill quick when the incremental picks and such come through on team mates, team members ignoring farm and such that happens from bronze to gold frequently, for the kill festival of clowns. So, when the que was goofed and everyone went against everyone regardless of logic and mmr, could still be some remnants of that in the system. Or he could just be doing well in silver, but, the system throws him into a higher than normal bracket to check and see how he does a few times to calculate his Mmr, then happened to have either a bad game or silvered it up, lost lane as an example got lost going to the wrong places and such. Keep in mind, sometimes, you can do things in low elos that you can't in higher elos.
: "Gnar no longer instantly kills champions when E - Hopping from one corner of Camille’s R"
after wrecking a Gnar all game with Camille, it happened to me. Had like 4k hp and courage shield on from 5 people on the intiation. Feels bad man.
don't like yasuo.... play Olaf, he just doesn't care. Play Irelia, once level 4 all in him. Play Fiora. Jax. Play Darius, also doesn't care. Play Diana, she doesn't care much after level 3. Ekko. Play Trundle. Play Poppy. Renekton doesn't care. Play Camille and rofl stomp him. Play Kayle, windwall lol, that's cute eat my e, fervor of battle and rageblade back reasonablly. Play Syndra. Look, tons do very well against Yasuo, not Gnar though.
: What Rework Would You Want Worked On Right Now?
Well, for starters, since they absolutely destroyed Mordekaiser over the years with many indirect nerfs to him. See patch 6.24 as an example, Rylai's nerf. while meant to hurt every mage that buys it, pretty much everyone, but, say Diana where it is more rare and often more for the bruiser aspect rather than the slow. Not to mention the ill fated Juggernaut rework of him. I say him. Heck Ryze got like 2 reworks, fairly recently. Warwick, just too mindnumbingly dumb of a kit. Pretty much headbutt r, or headbutt his group attack speed buff. Jungles way to slow, doesn't gank often enough. Heck Jungle Diana at least tries to gank pre 6, running into fog of war tricks and her e. He is pretty much a toplaner that cant really compete even there well. Xin Zhao, just an all in diver is all he does. Other divers offer more than he does generally. Little more than a fringe jungler. Speaking of one dimensional champions, Amumu. decent engage tools, beyond that mainly just tears and not much else, better off looking to maokai, gragas, or sejauni, as an example as they can do all that and more better. Minus the tears. Fiora, I just don't like her kit. To clunky feeling, Lunge range feels to short, Once I stick a target, I stick them though with lunge and the short cooldown. I despise the ult, would prefer bladwewaltz back as a more solid tool to kill and intiate. I used to jungle the old Fiora on a fringe basis, I kinda want that back. But, you made Camille, who looks just to obsolete Fiora anyways. Honorable mentions, Akali, sometimes usefull as a murdermachine, beyond that she doesn't add much. Kayle, another mindnumbiing champion that just farms, then you figure out Kayle is finally up when she kills everyone all at once. Teemo, just take his q and turn it into a slim skillshot with a lot of range, 1200 should work, fast moving projectile, beyond that, I don't know what to do with him for a new kit. Garen and Aatrox.
: Counter New Shyvanna?
Well, I know the Shyvana matchup vs hecarim. I don't know the Hecarim side so much as I know the Shyvana side. I use tankier runes and masteries than this Shyvana did. I tend to build tankier as well. I also go for Tracker's Knife as well. You going e first on Hecarim could be a mistake right off the bat... q seems better to me with the short cooldown for clear speed, but again, I don't Hecarim very often so I could be mistaken on that. Shyvana didn't change much. Just some tweaks to her passive and e as well as dragon form, while in dragon form. She mostly does the same as before just prioritizes dragon more. Looks like to me.... as soon as you guys cleared half jungle you both went mid at level 3. Guessing you went first she happened to show. Shyvana will typically, on intial clears if you show up first, she will either be there already, or nearby to pounce. If she isn't nearby like say you are ganking top at three on the red side jungle, she will clear your blue side, gank bot or mid or just straight farm it out. So, if your gank is successful you might want to clear her blue side up to 2 camps be careful though she may just straight clear her side jungle, then meet you at your jungle, or just pick up your red side jungle respawns and drop a ward..... the third camp she will show and a laner may show. You can as a general rule flip this if you blue side and gank bot. She will clear your jungle if you gank at three..... so if you fail.... she will get ahead. If you are successful, but, leave her jungle alone at least drop a ward in her jungle, so you can keep tabs on her on her blue side. Don't know whether you are Bronze, Silver or what not which would be helpful. Generally against Shyvana, YOU DO NOT want to do anything but farm your entire jungle first clear, then do your ganks. You want to scout out every entry point to your jungle. I do this all the time, I catch an area no one is at, and start counterjungling your side right away. If my team is at least somewhat competent, they will check basic entry points for an invade. By scouting out, or your team not scouting out, you can almost safely assume if no one showed in an area, it will be gone by the time you get there. You can use this to split jungle, essentially you start blue. if, I am not taking a rift scuttler at three chances are I am straight farming jungle and started your red if no one showed. Thus you can clear my red side. But, if camps are missing on my red side..... better go do your red side. By doing a full clear right away though, with proper scouting, makes it far more difficult for a Shyvana to gain the counterjungle advantage, it makes her really work at it, trying to track you down to keep my laners safe- ish. I cant stress this enough, if you come out for a three gank..... Shyvana's are known to punish this by taking your jungle or isolating you to only one side of the jungle, you have to make her work for it. Once Shyvana gets ahead she stays that way. If she is able to start splittling in a 3-1-1 well, chances are you lost, she will have way to much farm to deal with, be 3-4 levels above your team, tanky as hell and will be more than happy to three v one your team by herself.
: Why I'm on the edge of my seat for the Camille release
cause it looks like I and everyone else will never play Fiora again? short of riot sticking bladewaltz back on fiora.
: Your main champ is now your roommate. How screwed are you?
well, I guess Diana is my main, and we both night owls, so gratz me finding a woman who likes to sleep in the day as much as I do?
SnowFall (NA)
: S+ for a Carry is largely biased
can confirm had decent games on multiple carry champions doing a lot of splitting, not so much murder death and dismemberments. For example, splitting on Fiora going 6-4 some low number of assists 300 farm at 30 minutes and 7 towers destroyed earns you an s rating. Can also confirm how the hell do I get an s- rating on Jinx.... all I ever get is a+ despite the other metrics, towers destroyed, farm, kills and assists with low death counts. Is she that popular that a 20 kill performance with 250+ farm, a death, and 5 towers downed like ehh.... that is good, but, not quite s tier on Jinx for 30 minutes. Seems like every other adc I do something like that on is like well that's just s+ tier baby.
Hrd2H1t (NA)
: What mistakes did you make when you first started playing?
Well, mine would be a list a mile long. Saving my ip for those expensive 6300 ip champions. Instead of saving for runes. -I used to play Ashe everywhere. Didn't know there was an established meta of sorts. Still there were a lot of no jungler games back then. So, I often 2v1 matchupped often. And won the lane 2v1. -Didn't have a support champion for awhile, or considered support champion. So, I used Darius as he had a hook and hooks were all the rage. As long as I didn't dunk often when someone could take the kill, no one minded much. Even forgiven for the passive bleeds to death. Always had the sightstone though. -had no idea what a jungle leash was.... thought I was supposed to just hang around and make sure there wasn't a late invade. -chased SInged several times, didn't know his mechanics. Still have a hard time against him with certain matchups cause I see it so rarely. -killing renekton over and over with Old Fiora..... didn't know I wasn't supposed to be doing that often in lane. I would literally see renekton picked, take fiora into him to much complaints. Didn't know why...... thought it was because people hated old Fiora ruining games with her 5v1 abilities...... and winning. -on adc heavy teams, I would take Old Fiora/irelia/mordekaiser/whatever bruiser down bot lane. Screw the 3-4 adc composition someones gotta take some hits somewhere, besides..... they just going to bring in Fiora and Irelia against those comps anyways. -This one is fairly recent as in 2 seasons ago, thought all the Riven mains got banned for toxicity. Didn't realize it was for the cinderhulk top tank meta. Bonus, I did the cinderhulk top tank meta, still didn't figure it out.
: Aatrox's true issue
In my opinion from playing Aatrox and eventually giving up on him, or playing him on occasion. He tries to do many things, sustain fighting is what he is supposed to do. He is a late game monster at the expense of his early game. He suffers greatly in the early jungle, due to lack of waveclear. He is simply to slow at it, thus fast clearing junglers can abuse that. But, he can hop into the Dragon Pit and sneak an early dragon. Top lane he is ok, not great. He is ddecent split pusher mid game. Ok Intiating, escaping, and peeling tools on his q, his aoe slow is ok and he can stick targets decently. He can do insane damage on his w flipped over to damage while ulting. His main problem is he needs items badly. He needs attack speed. He needs a lot of hit points and defensive stats to survive to make it a sustain fight or to burn them down with w flipped over. Kinda hard to build all of that all at once. One of the main appeals to playing a lot of champions in the current meta is having a decent early game. Ashe with her volley for waveclear and poke tools. Viktor and his safe farming abilities. Darius not really having many bad lane matchups. Shyvana with her excellent waveclear in the jungle and ability to translate that into stolen jungle camps on the other jungler...... you get the picture. Aatrox does not really have that. He is almost a pure late game champion, takes to long to ramp up that high thus other champions are better for that.
: Shyvana QoL Buffs, Bug fixes and Visual Changes (List)
I play Shyvana fairly often. I do not really see a reason to buff or nerf her, she is kinda like how syndra is right now, just sitting there just fine, then, the meta gods determine that she is a meta pick, then, sees play everywhere. If anything, I would say the over itemization of armor penetration hurts her more. Visual update seems fine. I would rather have them work on Warwick, Mordekaiser, revert to Fiora with bladewaltz, or something else. She is still decent toplane, not many obvious problematic matchups, beyond needing scaling. She is a excellent splitpusher, decent dueler. She can do some mid stuff depending on the matchups. Her jungling is still stellar, one of the fastest clears in the game. Her ganks are not great per say mostly dodge into fog of war, press w run really fast, and whack on them until they get to tower, flash, die and such. May the league gods have mercy on your soul is she pulls 3-4 kills on her first clear, as when she gets ahead she stays that way. Her team fighting is pretty straight forward, try to soak as much damage as possible while doing a lot of damage. Just her play patterns of kill jungle, kill their jungle, do stuff for team.... gank, objectives and such. Makes pretty much every enemy jungler miserable. She lacks little utility which can be fine or not fine at times, peel for a guy or what not. Usually needs a frozen mallet to peel. Her ult is an ok engage and disengage tool, just the hit box on it is allittle wonky. She can be stopped in midair during her ult, gragas bodyslam, thresh hook and flay, things like that. She takes time to scale up allittle which is fine.
: How hard is it to leash for your jungler?
True story.... I rarely get leashes when I jungle. I tend to play champs that need little help in that regard. Sometimes, it is cause I am starting in their jungle. Other times not, generally I do not want to give up where I started, so if my bot lanes shows up allittle late to lane without experience as well as full health, chances are the jungler started there. I do get angry when my team will not scout out potential invades, in case I get spotted out in "their" jungle and I happen to blunder into the enemy team when I go for a standard jungle start instead. Most people on my team just go to lane and sit there oblivous the game has started. Mid laners I am looking at you when I catch, or another team member, someone out too far on a jungler, ashe, braum, alistar, or whatever people be playing that game. Even more funny when a blitzcrank yanks them from under our tower and kill them right away without them even knowing they died. Or show up 30 seconds or so after the fountain unlocks.
: ADCs can go mid like jhin or varus, but midlaners can't go APC?
Mordekaiser. People lost their stuff over that. Completely and totally were not into it. That wasn't even the broken parts of his kit at the time. Basically, when the ADC revamp hit, and everyone was playing ADC's everywhere, top, mid, jungle, bot. That was ok to them for some reason. But, the minute someone took Mordekaiser, Diana, Maokai, Gragas or some AP bruiser/tank or what not to assist in the 3 adc lineup, to the bottom lane, people just went full on nuts. Supports refused to support basically because YOU WERE NOT AN ADC. No sightstones, no can do attitude, gee I can leave this Diana to farm 2v1 on occasion and do something constructive like assist the jungler in a gank mid or something. Excuse us for not wanting to go full bore on the ADC's in every lane meta and wanted to play a diver/intiator cause it would go good with our lineup outside of lane phase. On occasion it is good to swap up the lanes abit, so long as people are ok with it and don't lose their minds when something different is done. For example, I am interested in seeing the current bottom lane meta of adc and support go midlane. With your two bruisers and tanks in the sidelanes as an example. It makes sense, shorter lane mid, easier to cover wards for top and bottom lanes as well as mid. Jungler and support could do the gank party together. To do this in current mentality though, means the bottom lane person would have to be able to farm well from a distance, say like Gnar, Jayce, Kayle, as examples until it catches on. And that takes awhile, to get people to unlearn what they learned, so expect a lot of whining and screaming about it.
: When a Yasuo main sees Mal and Ori on his team.
Ya, and listen to him talk how awesome his ult will be all game. Then, command protect on Malphite, Malphite ult into five people with Yasuo in range. Then, Orianna shockwave into 5 people. Meanwhile, Yasuo is still talking about his ult, and has yet to use it. Team starts to die... Yasuo still talking about his ult. Team dies, Yasuo throws up windwall and sweeping blades away, or tries to 1v5 and dies. Then, he talks more about how awesome his ult is going to be. Happens everytime.
: > [{quoted}](name=CerealBoxOfDoom,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=3g1fIz9L,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-07-27T18:31:41.934+0000) > > ahri main > > I like it just fine, especially with my new build i guess because you can actually auto his passive as a ranged champ and have 3 dashes if he gets close. Champs like orianna are never seen again because champs like zed yasuo and fizz exist
Orianna's main thing right now is her mana regeneration, pretty much pure item woes at the moment. Athene's works better for support than it does with her for example. If you are looking for small skirmishes, rather than protracted affairs she was doing, she can get the job done. Sidenote, I did lane against a zed in a normal checking out some different build paths that might help her viability now. Well, to say I wrecked him was an understatement, very sad the team had no idea what to do come midgame with a 12k gold advantage. Usually against zed you wanna bring exhaust with you, generally speaking for most assassin champs, particularly the ad variety. You aren't typically afraid of zed in lane phase, he doesn't do much, as you can generally chunk him out easily enough for him to at least respect you. Only past 6 is when you will have a hard time against him with his all ins, hence the exhaust, gives kiting room, keeps his damage down and such. Yasuo's windwall is the only problem with yasuo, besides Yasuo that overestimates their strength which gets them frequently killed Keep the ball just off to the side, or slightly behind minions can really mess with his windwall placements, like the sidestep two over protect on myself, then attack/dissonance/shockwave, like when he expects a command attack movement. Fizz is just annoying mainly, usually you can keep him back with your waveclear.
Mhija (NA)
: Leona VS Diana: WHO WOULD WIN?
Generally speaking, both have kits that mirror the other in a lot of ways. I feel Diana on Summoners Rift would win if she does the following. JUNGLE! Diana's natural waveclear and general tankiness with her pale cascade, or w, can mean she can move around the map, waveclear and gain a huge cs advantage, I think when I practice jungling techniques, I end up with around 350 cs at 20 minutes, or I have done so just goofing off in custom games checking new items and such on Diana. It maybe much harder for Leona to match that, unless I am mistaken, and she uses similar tactics to get the fight she wants. By doing this it is much harder to figure out what builds Diana would be using as I assume, Leona will be laning most of the time, and her build paths would be far more exposed. Both can do the wet noodle tank fight, Diana should win that on base stats of her abilities, and her kit is better suited to long fights off her passive alone. I do think if Leona goes ad and isn't revealing her build paths, she can get the edge on Diana, just stun her and beat her to death. Although, lichbane Leona could be ok, in certain builds. Straight Snowdown showdown though, I would assume a general baseline of around 60 percent in favor of Diana, amongst a large variety of player samples. Like pitting someone that is able to understand and execute and ad Leona vs ap Diana, have some knowledge of one versus one mechanics and so forth.
: Champion Update and the Flawed Fencer
Well, this just opened an old wound. Where shall I start, I don't mind champ updates and reworks. Sion was excellent as a rework. Really captured the pissed off juggernaut, kit felt threatening, the passive really annoying, especially for the close 1v1 in lane fight. Where before he would have the chin jutting out, just throw the stun and farm stacks for w. Really only problem was the stun during a gank, was just a joke to play against. Ashe was another good rework, as she was she was played at near the 3-5th best adc in the game at that time, just on her utility features. Still near the same, just some refinements, turn her q into passive, and ya, her build 5 stacks for rangers by frost volleying into minions was allittle broken at first, I did like bursting towers down though, not quite Tristana level, but, nice regardless. Pretty goo rework of her just giving her stuff on her rangers focus that other adcs had to be more competitive, not just the adc that is also a support for the team. Fiora though came out of nowhere. Why is this needed? I like the idea of a champion that did was she did. A lot of times, contrary to popular belief, she had to be fed to really succeed. This was not the case. Just the threat level of a Fiora in the game was enough to tighten up gameplay. Often, when not fed, I would be just off split pushing or something. The bring one to show face against Fio was not enough, better bring two, or three, and often, that would not be enough. This would help create mismatches for my team to take advantage of on the map, even if I failed. If they did nothing, well I would happily take two or three towers and an inhib. It was abit of a dare, I dare you to do something about it, bring the wrong guys, I take you on with a double or triple kill popping on screen for all to see, then take your stuff anyways. Playing Fiora, felt fun, she was more mobile than credit was given with her double lunge whether I needed an escape through jungle, or get the adc from across the map via the ladder method, q some random person, the q over to the adc or carry. I loved when my opponent realized I am actively stalking them, just waiting in lane, do the wrong thing at the wrong time, and it will be over in less than 3 seconds. One last thing on old Fiora, besides her multi dueling potential I enjoyed so much, I really did just enjoy playing her in varying capacity. I loved her jungle gameplay. I miss that aspect so much, these days she really struggles at it so, I just don't bother. She was always abit of a fringe jungler, often like say Xin, who is allittle more accepted as a mainstream jungler nowadays. She could do it and do it well. You never knew where she would be pop out at playing against her. On one very memorable game, my teammates failed to select any tankiness, so I hulked her, while people were aquainted with Hydra and Bloodthirster Fiora not dying while 4v1 against them and winning. The hilarity of a 6k hp Fiora not dying and peeling with frozen mallet was quite the sight to see. I think I headbutted r once that game. Her passive healing was quite nice sustain in jungle. One note, with the jungle items nowadays, I would only build stalkers or skirmisher's sabre. Then, it was Hydra Time. The warrior enchant as it was did little, just allittle attack no lifesteal or anything that would help me to clear jungle and get to ganking people and taking objectives. Devourer scaled better, but, I didn't need attack speed and I wasn't exactly looking to stack it with her. My team mates often enjoyed the 20-25 minute game sessions rather than the 40 minute farm fest that it was at the time. Onto the reworked fiora. I did not like it. While she became somewhat popular for a time, at least. Recently, I see very little of her in the mage, tank, and rageblade meta. She feels clunky and awkward. Not precise. She will bounce away on her animations when I want her to continue the play. I don't feel comfortable multi dueling people. I see two people I would normally have taken on, I just scoot. She lacks a certain lethality, partly do to the riposte lacking the 15 attack that it once had on rank one. I would like her q to have more range on it, as her old q had a longer range on it for a gap closer. Often times when using her new lunge for an escape, just doesn't get it done. Particularly, if I am sandwiched, one over top one under. I also hate headbutting terrain as much as I do with it now. Her Challenge, the ult, leaves little to be desired, it really turns into just do it before they die, seems to need at least one vital hit from Fiora to fire, or needs to be on for at least one second. I know I have fired it and not hit my opponent with it on and had it go off when they died. But honestly, trying to hit all 4 is just so timeconsuming not to mention on moving targets. Try doing that to Shyvana sometime, who actively runs around with her w going, good freaking luck. All in all, besides the horrid splash art, I never feel like Fiora would be a good pickup for my team when I would before even when my opponents are very squishy. Just feels like, it is now, where I play Diana a lot, I like Diana. But, I end up playing Diana more than I would because of changes to Mordekaiser, Darius being perma banned at the moment, that are lackluster when I am apt to play a bruiser and something like Irelia just will not get it done. I feel like this chokes me into playing a champion that while I enjoy just I want something else. Mordekaiser, since I want to keep this part short, in my already long post. I would be happy if you gave him his old kit back and let him keep the dragon. As it is now, I NEVER play him now, as before I would, like say against Diana. Partly because while his intial rework was not so great in the solo lane department, people could not adjust to having a melee champ carry in bot lane. Which is weird because they would on occasion, minus the two retards every once in awhile, clamoring for we need ADC, when you have a Teemo/Quinn top, Varus or Ezreal mid, so you can play a guy in a non traditional lane and get away with it. I really don't mind like Kayle or Kindred in the jungle, a mage middle and a melee bottom. But then, I am probably not the problem in that regard and understand you can do things like that. For example I could see taking the Traditional Bot lane of Support and ADC and sticking them mid, really make use of a roaming support to ward up and assist the jungler even more. Since the games are slightly faster now, Dragonstacking is less important, one and you are good, so Morde's objective taking after drag is less important. So, he went from little play, to virtually none, that I see, and I used to play Morde regularly. Well, I hope you guys at Riot read this and take some notes, working to make league an enjoyable experience with champ reworks and new champions, what players like and do not like and so forth.


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