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: [CCOS] September CCOS Entry Time! (And April CCOS Results!) First time participating, good luck to me!
Echoing (NA)
: [CCOS] April CCOS Entry Time! Enter Here! First time participating, good luck to me!
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: (Champion Concept) Orus; The Spirit Chaser
I like the idea of his passive but I think you should add cool down to it cause 7% target max health damage is quite Op i guess. About his W, the way how he generates fire ball is cool, only problem is that 30 base damage plus 100% Bonus AD is slightly too much. Your ideas about his abilities are nice but they are a little bit similar to some abilities that have been designed in league, for example, his R is pretty much like Lissandra's Ult. I can see that his abilities are made for making his own combo and dealing huge amount of damage base on Target max health, for me they're not creative enough to show the unique part of this champion. Anyways, great job dude :)
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