: Upcoming Jungle Changes for 8.10
everyone here said everything I could say, now here's the question. will you truly listen? because I feel any feedback here is just going to be considered in 8.11/8.12 because you always wanna see how it'll turn out lol. how about this, stop reworking roles that are not problematic, to be honest jungle is already in a bad spot and you're just making it worse. > **Goals: ** > > * Reduce early lane pressure from junglers > * Increase the number of jungle v. jungle interactions in the early game > * Encourage variation in optimal pathing > * Reduce mana restraints as a hard blocker for champions that want to jungle what's the point here? reducing early lane pressure isn't a problem or something you should even reduce. If anything it's laners who should be tracking junglers pathing in order to avoid ganks, this is a skill problem to laners who don't know how to use enemy jungle tracking to their advantage. Usually when I know the jungler is topside, I'll go ward or even have the enemy push the lane towards me so I can slow push back for insurance. The jungle v jungle interaction is something I can understand but you're going to make this based on RNG? Seriously? You guys can't even figure out a way to do this correctly without RNG? And variation is like the least of your problems? All I'm looking forward to is to see some AP back in the jungle, that's something to go with. Don't nerf this role. Fix it.
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Centrist (NA)
: What's happening with the fps..?
not sure either, i had to lower the video reso to improve a bit.
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: Riot, why did you continue to promote power creep toplane ?
I don't get what you mean by saying, "oriented around a unique play style" please enlighten me because when you say, "not be stronger than current champions" it seems to me like you haven't been playing this game at all. League for YEARS has been where there are play styles with champions that will definitely be stronger than any other champion with a play style, it's natural order and sometimes I can understand there's bullshit. What you're asking is to rework champion kits to match a unique play style. Sorry but balance like that can NEVER exist. Because power creep in this game has been increasing for a long time and as a top lane main, I HAVE HAD 0 power in my games when I win the lane. Whats happening to top lane is perfectly fine. Because I want to be able to carry game where my lanes lose and hopefully turn it around. Because I've had games where I'm ahead of my laner but the enemy bot lane can easily carry the game if they win. First of all top lane in general isn't just (whoever does more damage wins) it's skill regarding the match up your in and how you play the lane out in wave control, trades, cs and such. It isn't a simple role as a you think it is. I can understand those champions do MASSIVE damage, but this is only if they succeed in their lane. And honestly they take skill to play during the laning phase, and to anyone that's complaining about how in high elo those are the most played champs, just remember master + tier top laner's are have so much game knowledge that they can use their champion to the fullest extent. The thing is, Camille, Fiora and Riven can just use that potential VERY well. Us lower elo have yet to learn and practice to use the champ to the fullest extent with a playstyle.
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: Zoe's E is so frustrating to play against
champ was honestly made for money, ornn failed which impacted riot hard so, they had to make something broken so people buy her. very easy to read.
426287 (NA)
: You've played 6 games this preseason as Malz. With a whopping 50% winrate and a kda of....2...yeah, broken as hell, better nerf Rito!
: This is objectively wrong but ok.
have you read his passive or any of his abilities.
Kai Guy (NA)
: Well we seem to interpret the op differently, I clearly have/had a very negative reaction to his statements. To me I get, "We should just give enemy team wins in lobby because matches are instantly over because picks and meta." I took his "and no this is different from dodging" to mean that its not due to toxic or trolls in the lobby but the games over from champion selections, Hence why I was instantly a dick and recommend uninstallation, I absolutely hate defeatist,meta is god, obey the pros/tierlists, or Composition dictators. ( PICK CHAMPION X OR I SWEAR TO GOD WE HAVE LOSE AND IM GONNA FEED MID YOU NOOBLORDS, A common example of comp dictatorship.) At no point did I get any information from the OP that makes me think he was discussing actual gameplay, I don't view his post as some criticism of game health, you clearly did and hey that's fine. Its fair to say I'm openly antagonistic to folks who want to give up before a match is decided. I'm aware there's games that are over regardless of come back attempts. I'm happy you play things out regardless of the results, I also agree snowballing is a problem thou I may differ on my feelings as to why its happening. My experience with non-snowballed to GG games is they tend to play out to rough be the same game length as previous matches but i want to call attention to the fact that there is undeniably more games that get way out of hand and are over extremely fast. I don't find this to be every match. Theres Never going to be a moba that's even in power. Teammates skill and enemy skill will always be a massive RNG factor. Thus I feel that mobas are inherently impossibly to achieve proper balance in, I think they can be at best in a healthy state where numerous roles, positions, builds, champions, and playstyles are viable. Or they hit unhealthy where only a minority of the previous is true. Tldr separate from all the above, A /FF in lobby is a dam awful idea.
But the op isn't highlighting Comp dictators. Not at all, and don't get me wrong I hate them too. I agree nothing will ever be balanced, but there's a limit to chaos you can cause.
Kai Guy (NA)
: My attitude is very negative to the op's sentiment that games are ended in lobby. My frustration with folks who hold this view has resulted in me being more dickish then necessary but I just don't see the point in playing lol if one only wants to cherry pick games in the lobby. You don't wanna play matches unless you know your going into things with advantageous comps and match ups, and your gonna nit pick every choice teammates make? Fine, dodge or 5 man. You wanting to just give the enemy team a win because your unwilling to play out harder matches.... cool that's the same logic feeders use to justify their behavior. The suggestion to add FF to lobby is foolish, provides nothing of value to the game, would be exploited to troll, further enforces what's perceived as meta, and exemplifies a defeatist attitude that I have only distain for. The uninstall comment was excessive and unnecessary on my end but the fact remains I hate quitters who don't even give a match an effort slightly less then trolls. So my bad for instantly being a prick, I am willing apologies if it hurt the op's feelings, but I remain very opposed to folks who want to quit or give up at the expense of their teammates.
See here's the thing, the OP is not saying anything about getting people to pick meta or to be an ass to your teammates if they don't cherry pick. He's stating that games are determined before its over based on the current state of league of legends. You can look at the stats, games are short as hell these days. Furthermore things like towers and damage are so messed up, it's overall driving this whole player base insane and very doubtful about games their in. I have dodged games not because I doubt my teammates it's because I just know the enemy team's Ezreal without a doubt will snowball even after one kill (and yes I do ask for my team to ban Ezreal, some don't which is fine). And that's not healthy thing at all. I myself have been banning Missfortune because every single game I had against her is just very infuriating. And no, scaling is very hard to achieve in games now a days because the nexus blows up before even reaching that point. This is not me doubting this is just a simple fact based on the games I've played. When my bot lane loses, all power of the game will go to their ADC, that's what the game is now. I main top and even if I do very well in my lane, sometimes I can't really even do much against their ADC. I try every single game no matter the results that are produced but the point is, this game snowballs too fast and just simply destroys any means of scaling or attempting to come back. Now one more thing, if you make a point that masters/challengers are able to come back/scale earlier. Yes that's very much true because their challengers and they know how to come back since they can adapt very easily. But even some admitted like sneaky, that the game has way too much damage and it snow balls too fast. I'll admit the title is a bit dumb, I don't support adding an ff feature in lobby because I dodge if I don't like the enemy team comp. And you may say not to doubt my teammates on this point but I'll respond by, I shouldn't doubt the enemies either. Especially if they're on champs that have lots of damage, scale quickly and snowball fast. I just want games that are even in power.
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: bheh fat lot of good that means to a hecarim come charging across a field with a triforce and a warmongs to one shot you.
well thats different, hecarim is not a bruiser. and if he has both tri and warmogs he must be really ahead so thats a totally different thing. both ways you'd outscale him when you buy {{item:3036}} or {{item:3153}} in the late game lol.
: good lord are you dense or what. did I SAY I wasn't doing anything wrong? yes I messed up, that's twitch's weakness I was pointing out that you need good positioning because he has no personal defense outside of a slow! hell even varus has his ult. so thanks for downvoting because I agreed with you. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
I actually didn't down vote you lol, and twitch does have a stealth used to re position, personal defense just comes from life steal and with your flash.
: Sorc boots was mandatory on many AP mids before, and it's even mores now that it's gotten the +3 Pen buff as part of the season 8 shuffle. Part of the problem is that zhoynas is the only armor item to grab at all, as well as being ***hideously*** inefficient.
ah you're right but what i do is i buy ninja tabs then switch it after laning phase. shit on you're ad opponent and then you can get the sorc boots. this may just be me though.
: true enough, I've had games where I play twitch and the enemy bruiser just glances in my direction and deletes me. not like they do ANY less damage than the carries after one item at any rate...
then you're positioning is WAY off. you should be with you're support and/or behind one of your front liners spraying your ultimate, or just spraying a squishy while the bruiser is on another team mate.
: > [{quoted}](name=Daxanater,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=uajWcyQO,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2017-11-15T00:41:49.260+0000) > > you clearly main jungle and have never really laned against him at all. > > laning phase offers that opportunity to put fizz behind, because fizz players are human beings and they make mistakes, and laners like me take advantage of that. That and Fizz is literally the most frustrating midlaner to have on your team, Zed can do what Fizz does better and has a better escape. Fizz is all dependent on hitting his ult which most of the time hits the full HP tank.
agreed, zed by far outclasses fizz. his damage, and his mobility.
: I hate being forced to first buy zhonyas.
{{item:3047}} + {{item:3191}}
Cloud273 (NA)
: Fizz is a bullsh*t champ with no counterplay
you clearly main jungle and have never really laned against him at all. laning phase offers that opportunity to put fizz behind, because fizz players are human beings and they make mistakes, and laners like me take advantage of that.
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: Can we revert the changes to orange essence?
: TY for proving my point. The deaf never get taken seriously, just like midgets. Society likes to pretend it's progressing but it really isn't.
: i need to have a word with anyone that builds that shit on voli
{{item:3033}} or {{item:3075}} or u can just get these for early {{item:3076}} or {{item:3123}} finally a summoner spell {{summoner:14}} grievous wounds.
: Were you playing a tower?
this guy must be a master at guess who.
: You were punished for making a mistake. Instead of whining about your tower being destroyed so early, think about some ways you could have prevented that for happening. Only the best come out on top.
and the best go against the best meaning the best can even tower dive. do we play the same game? from what i can you're level 21 so you haven't even experienced any of his game experiences. them being 3 - 5 min tower dives which are NOT normal nor fair.
: Consider this Preseason the ultimate and final trial for the Balance Team
so whats the threat? if they fail we all leave? like that's gonna happen. i agree with you but this is just giving more false hope thinking they will even consider this.
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: [Poll] Do you like Ardent Censer meta?
probably the worst meta of all time to play in. boring as fuck with 0 skill involved.
Bobovich (EUW)
: Too many games one-sided stomps. My average game length over the last 13 games is 25 mins.
: I hope the balance team has learned a valuable lesson from watching worlds 2017
: Hope you don't hurt yourself friend, just stating a fact that not everyone has the same view of ranked. To those players Ranked is the only place to play. Easy concept dude.
right, you're acting like a majority view ranked the same as you do. lol please, look at the lcs stages and count how many people there are cheering for their home teams. ranked/league is not something to be taken as a "fun and relaxation game you play with friends" it's a game where people put time into it and achieve to get better. it should be obvious to you that there's more than half of league players take ranked seriously and would like to achieve. so please tell me where the "a number of players come from" mine come from pure opinions from the community of the current format of this game (reddit, boards, social media) and of course everyone who plays ranked to rank up which is usually a lot. also gonna add a majority of your games are bots, where as everyone else here plays against other players. please don't make points without experience
Cunky (NA)
: Why do promos still exist
i vote for remade, not removed. I feel if they were removed it would be too easy, I think for promotions there should be a different system.
: A number of players only play ranked, to them normals doesn't exist so they want to just have fun. You have less fun when you meta-slave because you get to play what you want instead of what you're told to.
im actually banging my head against the wall. ranked is for serious players, norms for fun. easy concept dude.
Nasuuna (NA)
: should buff ap itemization so we can murder adcs from a longer range easier. also ardent nerfs
Amarajah (NA)
: Can we make ADC hypercarries have an actual weak laning phase
: Why is Lissandra so unpopular?
{{item:3504}} + {{champion:117}} / {{champion:40}} | {{champion:29}} + {{item:3140}}
: > [{quoted}](name=Daxanater,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=VLdeRAKe,comment-id=00030000,timestamp=2017-10-19T00:51:56.222+0000) > > Darius just get's kited and destroyed by the adc's, and in season 7 it's near impossible to burst down an adc with darius unless that adc is not ahead. But late game guarantee's that darius won't be doing anything to the adc. > > Kat? Well now with buffed support items kat's damage is non existent, but I can't fully agree on my point. I'll admit kat can be a pretty good carry to the game but this is only if the rest of you're team can keep up with your engages, other wise you'll just get cced and bursted down. Did you play in season 5 and 6? Dyrus got a penta on darius in LCS. And bobkin got one on Kat also. All the resets.
: It's definitely not always been like this, but there have been many times in the past where hypercarries (usually assassins, on one occasion tanks) were pretty much the same as they are now. I've been playing since season 1 and I've seen just about all the gameplay shifts NA has had and I can safely say while the current situation is frustrating it's nothing new. It's happened before and it will happen again, and learning from the past can help you. We clearly have seen different things, but when I fail to destroy a hypercarry I have only myself to blame. My positioning could have been wrong, or I could have misjudged my/their capabilities, or I could have outpaced my team. If I have one skill in this game of note it's self reflection, and I can't think of a single time where I felt capable of stopping a hypercarry and failed that wasn't my fault. Every season has had it's dominating role, and while each season is unique it's just the same story with different characters. You can make the most of it if you know how, but with preseason right around the corner now's the time to simply work on personal mechanics, because a lot of stuff is about to change.
Agreed that assasins and some tanks or burst mages had similarities to today's meta but they could kill adc's during that time. When I fail to kill an adc I already know that there were some mistakes involved in my play but the point how the adc outplayed me is truly outrageous by point clicking 4 autos and a huge shield. Lets hope the new changes can at least make it so adc's are kill able.
: What about {{champion:122}} {{champion:55}} ? The resets must feel so nice so you can get a penta by just spamming abilities to finish ppl off. Shit my first penta was on Amumu. Then karthus, then ryze (all the ryzes), Yi and Heim.. a few times lol. But when you knowingly get it that is cool, when the champ kit like a fed yi does it, its kinda just like neat another tower.
Darius just get's kited and destroyed by the adc's, and in season 7 it's near impossible to burst down an adc with darius unless that adc is not ahead. But late game guarantee's that darius won't be doing anything to the adc. Kat? Well now with buffed support items kat's damage is non existent, but I can't fully agree on my point. I'll admit kat can be a pretty good carry to the game but this is only if the rest of you're team can keep up with your engages, other wise you'll just get cced and bursted down.
: Outside of your mention of rank you have a well thought out post. All your rank shows is your "general" skill level and your dedication to playing ranked on that particular account. Your account here has only been around for a few seasons so maybe you haven't learned this yet, but there's a big difference between game knowledge and mechanical skill, and unless you're above diamond your rank really doesn't show what you know, only what you can do with what you know. And as a side note you've barely played any normal matches on this account, at least this patch, so I don't think you should be one to talk about the differences between normal games and ranked games. Keep things about facts. Now, I know what point you're trying to make. Hypercarries always have and always will have an easy time doing tons of damage. That's just how it works. Teamwork is always the key and cannot be thrown aside to make your point. If you ignore the hypercarry your team will die. If your team get's caught doing stupid things against a hypercarry you will lose. If two hypercarries are against each other it's the team that plays better together that decides the match. In the case of Twitch his only bad matchups are not against other ADCs, but supports. A support isn't going to go out and solo a Twitch, so I consider this at least decent evidence for what I'm saying. Teamwork pretty much invalidates the point you're trying to make.
This account I mainly use for flex/solo and duo. I have an account that's I use for normal's since played on main for some reason gets me placed against high elo players adding on I like to play with my friends, so if they get the higher matchup they'll be more screwed than myself. But ranked and normals are pretty easy to differentiate. Now you're correct on the note that I haven't played for much seasons. But that doesn't mean I can't differentiate the two "game knowledge" and "mechanical skill". Both of these aspect's I'm familiar with but not as familiar with as a diamond player would be. However I'd argue that diamond players can agree on the point I'm trying to make out. A bit optimistic of me to say so but allow me to explain. This game only revolves around the adc's, but I remember when I was at least able to carry a game if my adc isn't = to the other teams adc. Meaning if I'm fed I should be able to kill the other teams hypercarry, and this was once possible and now it's not. I simply get cc'd and killed, and you might say it's my fault for getting cc'd but I never asked for a season to buff support items so hard the adc gets the best peel to withstand my damage during the late game. And then kill me by punching out 4 autos, if I remember there was a post on the boards with a youtube video. It showed a full item mage combo vs a full adc auto attacking. The adc did the most damage, the post was to also point out that mage itemization is shit (which is true). Main point? Adc's will get favored as a class as doing the most damage vs a fed mage/assassin. If you're saying that it's always been like this I strongly disagree that there was any season like season 7 that had this much unbalance in damage when it comes to adc's. And if you compare the skill it takes to play the adc role now to other seasons? This season is by far the easiest for them. But hey who's diamond here? I'm just going off my elo.
: Pentas are mostly due to luck and teamwork anyway. I really don't know why anyone makes such a big deal out of em. I think my favorite one was on Fid. Crows. And the voice instantly said PENTAKILL!!! there was no double, triple, or even quadra. Crowes. PENTAKILL!! The other team was like What in the heck? My ADC was like Man, when this support kill steals, he REALLY kill steals. We were laughing the entire rest of the game. Thing was I wasn't going for a penta. I just saw they were bunched and was going to wear them down. Poof. PENTAKILL.
: Thats sure not how it goes when I try to play twitch/kog. {{sticker:zombie-nunu-bummed}}
did u break your keys? if not you're doing it wrong.
: You make it sound easy, but as someone who mains Garen my goal is to make a Twitch penta feel earned by dunking him every chance I get. If he gets a penta it's because of teamwork, rather than it simply being easy.
when i say this i'm not saying unranked people don't have a say in balance topics. but in this case listen, I've played so many ranked games this season and comparing it to you, I see you haven't even played one this patch. So allow me say there's a huge difference between what goes down in normals vs ranked games. while i agree teamwork is needed but that's not the point i'm trying to make. i'm also stating in this post that it's so easy to do tons of damage while using these champions vs other champs. in this season you're no longer rewarded for doing good in any other lane but bot lane.
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: Season 7 Ending... How to Climb to Gold Easily!
ok so how to get to plat? answer tristana
: Nope, that's literally just 1 locket user.
: Minions can smite?
sorry that minion snowballed too hard, welcome to season 7 kid. you wont like it but just play trist for your enjoyment.
: Remember when ADCs were building lethality and supports weren't so heavily tied to enabling ADCS
: Overbearing presence? What exactly is overbearing about 1 on each team?
maybe because they rule every other role while none of the others can rule adc. meaning adc's are able to control early, mid and late game and just control the game. for anyone who plays jungle, mid or top they can agree that their role is useless to prioritize.
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