: Patch 7.24 notes
I don't like the new health bars. While I do like the increased transparency regarding status effects (which should definitely stay), the black background to overhead health bars seems extremely out of place, to the point where I have been distracted from what's going on in the game. Please find a way to address and make the new health bars less distracting.
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: How to rank up in the 2017 season
Please do not get rid of normal draft. For someone that doesn't have a lot of time to play the game (and is therefore not interested in ranked), it's the best thing to happen to league. The toxic experience alone of going through blind pick almost made me quit playing.
: Ask Riot: Easter eggs and books
I love the amount of effort you guys put into the lore, don't let anyone tell you otherwise
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: A Long Way from Alpha: Letter from the Co-Founders
League of Legends is very fun, and in a lot of ways, it fills the role of "I want to get online and hit other people will spells 'n stuff." That said, it is also very, very complex. It can attract anyone, be it the person that just wants to get online and a have a little fun, or the person that wants to feel like they are playing a very well-balanced, high skill game. But most importantly, the biggest reason I enjoy playing League of Legends, is that the Riot actually seems to care about their players. They listen to feedback and strive to make sure the players like they're not at the mercy of the company. Many companies lose sight of what really matters and only want to make as much money as possible, at the expense of the players. My only problem with LoL is the recent updates of different champions lores. I personally really enjoy reading about the different champions, why they have come to the Institute of War, why they do the things they do. It makes the in-game quotes and champion spells interesting. Basically, it makes me feel like I'm actually a summoner cooperating with a champion, cooperating with a person, with someone that is there for a reason. With the recent lore updates (Yorick, Kalista, Xerath, Thresh, Renekton, Nasus, Rammus, Mordekaiser, Karthus, Sivir, Elise and Azir just to name a few), that feeling is lost. No longer does it feel like I'm playing a person with ambitions, emotions and a purpose for being there. Now, it feels like I'm playing a champion that I know nothing about, with only a few vague sentences to guide me as to who and what they are. There's no meaning in what they say, because I don't know why they're saying it. It feels empty. When Azir and the Shurima lore was released, I thought that maybe the Shurima-related champions were updated as a kind of "holding lore" until the real lore was finalized. But now, with the release of Kalista and they update of all the Shadow Isles champion's lores, I realize that that's not the case. I look at the current 2 to 3 sentence lore pages and then I look at the pre-updated ones, with multiple paragraphs of insight into these different champions. It just feels wrong. Maybe the new cinematics are meant to provide all the background necessary for champions, but when I first started playing, I never knew that Riot made cinematics. The only thing I had to teach me about the champions were the lore pages. And I read every single one. The majority of the reason I bought champions like Shyvana, Diana, Maokai, Yorick, Swain, Xerath, etc, was because I enjoyed their backstory. I sympathized with them and wanted to know more about them. So I bought them and played them and I heard the things they said. And it resonated with me, because I knew why they were acting that way. With the new lore updates, I feel like I don't even know my favorite champions anymore. And if I can't connect with the champions I love the most, if it simply devolves into "this champion points and clicks in a way that's different than this champion's," what incentive is there to continue playing?
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: Rewards for positive play
I think it'd be really interesting to see if and when I lost my temper. We all think we're justified in how we act towards others, seeing yourself in such an objective way might be very sobering for a lot of people.
: Patch 4.16 notes
What is with these "updated" lores only being three sentences long? Do they no longer care about their champions having interesting backgrounds?


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