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: Looking for duo
Willing to duo, i main top and support with a bit of adc.
: need support for new team
ign Jacobdeathhorn timezone EST rank B4 champs Leo Karma Nami Sona Liss age 16 cs? Not important on support but i guess late game 50 on ap champs? 10 on tanks? time u are on after school (4 pm EST) till 10 pm EST
: (LFM) Bronze-Gold need top and supp
: Looking for Bronze-gold ranked team!
IGN: JacobDeathHorn Do you have teamspeak: YES Current solo queue rank: Bronze IV Out of 1-10 what is you map awareness: 8 Out of 1-10 What is your teamwork: 7 Are you ok with the Team Name Eternally Cursed: Yeah
: NA Server Roadmap Update: Addressing the Q's in Quality Connections
Lyte (NA)
: Rewards for positive play
Sure, por qué no? Btw, {{champion:98}} and {{champion:43}} and {{champion:122}} and {{champion:84}} are my baes


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