: Dumb ass riot ruining my day again
You all act like Riot wants you to be locked out. "they couldve made sure your team could lock in". what, do you think they just.....didn't do that? said "eh it will probably work". you all talk like they throw this together without working on it at all. its so incredibly naive. it was a BETA. we were TESTING. i swear you people can never be pleased. once again, BETA. TEST. it was a TEST. its amazing this even needs to be said. but now that ive said this, you all will think im some Riot fanboy or shill or some bullshit. its so absurd. i was locked out too the first time by the way. I'm just not an idiot.
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: > [{quoted}](name=Sebrr,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=I3sescPT,comment-id=000400000001,timestamp=2018-03-27T01:31:48.258+0000) > > There are NOT millions of bits playing games. That is the most RETARDED thing I have ever heard. If you think there are 2 million bots, that is 7% of their 27 million player base. You think that in 100 games, 7 will be filled entirely with bots??? What are you smoking? 1) - 2 months ago GJ on resurrecting. 2) Yes, there is literally games with 100% Bots, guess you never played Co-op Vs AI, where there's a huge chance for you to play with 9 bots instead of 5 3) if you believe bots dont exist, then you're the one on crack.
How much time do you spend on these boards arguing with everyone? Do you have a life at all?
: Exept this time they appear to have a point: After over half a decade of playing this game religiously I dropped out for several months, and all I have seen since coming back some days ago make me feel even more disgusted than when I left back then. People alway comlained, but never before was the death of the game considered that much of a "fact". If this game was thriving so well, I wonder why Riot is no longer publishing any numbers on the player count...
"never was the death of the game considered that much of a fact" well, that still isnt considered a fact, because......it's not a fact. people use the word dying in gaming way too liberally. i've been playing WoW since 2004. the forums were crying about its death since BEFORE the first expansion. if you were to read only the opinions of everyone complaining (which is the vast majority of the forums, thats why they get there on the first place), you would think no one plays the game. when in fact WoW still has a massive active playerbase, enormous community with millions of players. but everyone thinks it's "dead" because that's what you here, and some streamers and pros quit. its an extremely skewed point of view. and league undoubtedly is destroying WoW with numbers right now, of course even something like super smash brothers has a very active playerbase with big tournaments ffs if people want to call a game like that "dead", i don't think they know what that word even means. and yeah, they no longer publish the numbers because they dropped. no shit. that doesn't mean it's dead.....give me a break
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: Yep, ive been in B4 , 4 times this season , in promo's for B3 2xs and i cant stay there, because no matter what I do i get 1) Full DPS tanks, who then get melted 2) DPS supports who refuse to ward. 3) Vayne mids 4) just had 3 Fiora's in a row feed teemo, 3 games in a row...its like groundhogs day. 5) full DPS teams, that get melted. can't carry 4 people. Do i have some bad games, yeah, but if i got a bad score its because 90% someone else fed their lane to something you cant kill.
i dont even play ranked, but you sound like my roomate. my 4 other friends i play with are all gold - plat, but my roomate is bronze. they are all pretty equal mechanically. difference is, my roomate blames his team constantly and always finds a reason its their problem and not his that he cant climb. my other friends dont tilt, move on and find ways to climb. like i said im not ranked so ill gladly shove this comment up my ass
: i think there is something really wrong with u IMO, you remind me of someone in flat out denial
i really hope Yasuo Main is a kid. there's nothing you can say to people like this. the guy above completely destroyed his statement and all he can say is "LUL u wrote a novel cuz ur defending rito" I mean how are you supposed to talk to people like that. you can't really.


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