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: If you have an 80% winrate, climbing out of Bronze should be a breeeeze.
Ture most my wins have been easy wins and most the time when i don't when its a close game
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: @Assassin mains, can you guys like... Chill?
My bro is a zed main bronze 5 0lll and he's talking to me and my friends 24/7 over it and he's happy on how its looking and I got to say the same but its just a update dont need to talk all the time on it
Savoiie (EUW)
: Permanent ban appeal/opinions
Rito permanent ban you that makes me mad, im not a good player I play in normals only and team will say for me to 'kys' and that im retarded and I've looked up the players and most the time the players dont get ban but I don't like permanent bans, Unless its hacking but I know guys who are more toxic thanks for reading #unbanavoiie
Ahmi (NA)
: I'm going to tell you a secret. I'm a Shyvana main, I build her the same way the Russian challenger player Pinokew builds her. Bloodrazor > Merc Treads > Trinity Force > Titanic Hydra > tank items please don't tell anyone else.
woobeee (NA)
: When you fail the reCAPTCHA test trying to log in and realise you're a robot
Spnixx (NA)
: /remake is not good for gamers
i am ok when it comes to leaver buster you may hate getting one and we all do but if you get one its on you sorry mate

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