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: are there even mission passes this time? seems like u just have to buy orbs/bundles
It's possible to get all golden chromas, just gotta spend gemstones.
: They did.
Yup, that's the one I was talking about.
: Learn More: Lunar Revel 2018 Event
Didn't they say it would have been possible to get all the golden chromas/borders so that it wasn't locked behind a paywall? Edit: I mean it's not like I don't support them at all, just a bit annoyed that it's locked behind needing to buy mission passes and what not.
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: Boards Moderation Discord Verification
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: What the heck you talking about? Dominion is definitely not coming back dude.
It's coming back as a RGM.
Lyte (NA)
: New Champ Select: Feedback and Investigation Thread on Queue Times
Even more recently I've been getting hit with the long queue times of 15 minutes to even 20 minutes. 1) 12-2pm, 7pm-11pm 2)Current queue time is 16 minutes or so 3)ArcanePegasus 4)Bot/Mid (I swapped around earlier to see if I would be put into a game quicker Support/Mid but still long queue times) 5)Bronze 2 6)Solo
: Between Two Turrets - Come chat with Bioluminescence! [COMPLETED]
{{champion:37}} "This one doesn't speak. She's a mute." said the caretaker. "Oh? Interesting. How about her parents?" asked the hooded woman. "None." "And where is this instrument you spoke of? You said it keeps coming back?" said the hooded woman. The caretaker stood up and unveiled the Ehtwahl, the strings shimmered with brilliance and the golden frame sung of harmony. The hooded woman stayed silent. She immediately walked about and stopped outside of Sona's room. "Your legacy. The fate of the world is in your hands. Death may undo itself and Time may shatter. Music is the essence of the soul, the notes to a perfect harmony." muttered the hooded woman. The hooded woman walked back to the caretaker. "Your place seems rundown." said the hooded woman. The caretaker nodded. "I can remedy that. I will adopt Sona. Call this number and ask for Lestara Buvelle's secretary. I will donate a huge lum sum of gold to the Orphanage." said the hooded woman. "Sona. Play the piece once more." said Lestara. Sona graciously willed the Ehtwahl over and started playing a melody. Lestara listened intently as the sounds washed over her. The music was soothing yet somewhat hollow. Lestara clapped once Sona had finished. "Brilliant." said Lestara. Sona smiled and bowed. The Ehtwahl's strings resonated. As Lestara left the room, Sona went to play the same melody once more. However she missed one note and played a completely different one. The objects in the room were sliced with precision. The Ehtwahl was in confusion and disarray. Sona tried to will it to stop but it wouldn't. She then felt a deadly intent emitting from the Ehtwahl. Sona with all her might plucked one string forcing the Ehtwahl to a halt. The tension in the air cleared. "What exactly is this Ehtwahl?" thought Sona. Give this a read :3 something I've been doing in my spare time, reading lore and seeing how I can make it more compelling. 1) Maybe we can play some games together? :# 2) I'm taking AP Java right now, any suggestions besides branching out to different languages? 3) I really like your name Bioluminescence, it has a nice ring to it
: So, Bioluminescence, I has questions for you Will Ao Shin ever be released? I don't remember reading anywhere that Riot was scrapping the project, just that it'd be released later on When is Azir getting another skin? Love the champ but I don't like Galactic. Matter of fact, why do some champs only have 1-2 skins? I understand champs like Zac, but Zed and Azir? Come on
I'm sure somewhere they said they put Ao Shin on hold. Making the character + hit box + animation + whonoeswat + coding = hard to implement atm?
: I've got a few. 1) Do we have a definite release date at the moment? 2) What specifically do you feel is going to attract people to play Kindred over other junglers? 3) If you are doing a pack including the Shadowflame Kindred, will it also include the summoner icons?
It's been noted that Kindred comes out next week. > [{quoted}](name=Riot Stellari,realm=NA,application-id=cIfEodbz,discussion-id=H8socwE1,comment-id=000b0001,timestamp=2015-09-29T18:19:44.153+0000) > > Next week, hopefully! =)
: Okay, now I'm curious. What will happen if the masks are removed?
: > [{quoted}](name=RevenantBacon,realm=NA,application-id=cIfEodbz,discussion-id=H8socwE1,comment-id=003d00000001,timestamp=2015-09-29T18:38:05.724+0000) > > Lol, skimmed that response, and misread comparison of Kindred to a tornado as comparison to a tomato. Need to get my eyes checked {{item:3348}} {{item:3187}} Skin plz. Force of Tomato.
Why skin when you can have an item called Force of Tomato? {{champion:103}}
: Celebrating the end of this year's Snowdown
{{champion:32}} I guess I was toxic somehow q.q
: Katarina Creed
Copyrights sadly :/
Myst (NA)
: Her kit is FAR too overloaded to be practical. I like the concept of a pantheon-like fighter gal, but this kit is not going to work out, especially if most of the moves are borrowed from other champions.
Or we possibly played too much league and we are too paranoid? Totally don't see a Q with Vayne Tumble + Leona's Stun + Braum's Shield E with a Alistar's Headbutt R with a Pantheon's Mandive
: What abilities were stolen and from what champions? I never even looked at any champions while I was thinking Lorana up, I actually went through about 5 different version of her before I posted it. All of her abilities actually had atleast three different versions or entirely different abilities at some point. I at one point wanted her passive to also increase her attack damage by 20%, but thought that was too much. I had also at one point wanted her to switch between a spear and sword as a toggled ability that would knock enemies up in front of her when she did it, but decided to make it part of her ult instead as a passive. and I don't know a single champion that leaps straight up, is still visible to everyone around them because they don't dissapear, and then lauch a spear at 1500 distance to an enemy dealing area damage. So no, I didn't steal any abilities from any champions. However I will work on improving her lore if you give me any hints on what parts need work on please.
Tarvon's Strike. Lorana launches her spear to damage an enemy. When Tarvon's Strike is used, Lorana will leap into the air and become untargetable, but remain visable. She will then launch her spear at the targeted location to deal damage in an area equal to the damage area of Leona's Ult. The damage zone of Lorana's Ult is the same as pantheon's, meaning it will deal full damage to anyone in the center but only half damage to anyone in the outer damage zone. Upon aquiring Tarvon's Strike Lorana will switch from her sword to using a spear, passively increasing her attack range by 100. Upon using Tarvon's Strike Lorana will use her sword again until she either picks up her spear again or her Ult cools down. Pantheon initial ult and you gave her his damage zone along with a modified damage. Sorry for being so criticizing, but it really has a lot of common abilities....
Timmers (NA)
: Thank you for the comment! You've mentioned things I never considered initially. I'll do what I can to change his abilities so he'd be more viable.
Work on some scenarios first, think about where he fits and what his motif is. Play with it. Visualize him playing against other champions. But be sure to give him some sort of weakness.
Timmers (NA)
: [Champion Concept] Helion, The Bounty Hunter.
1) Payday seems a gold sink for late game 2) Bounty should get reworked to something along the lines of "While Helion is on a killing spree he gains these bonus effects: (3 Kills in a row:....), (4 Kills in a row.....), and etc...". 3) His Q has resets? 5 Q's = Penta? 4) Concentrate Fire sounds like a mix of Vayne's Silver Bolts and Braum's Stun but a bit nerfed. 5) No Escape reminds me of Trist's Jump and the 3 second delay can be used to K.O him. Comments: He seems like a Jayce but with only range. He sounds like a Marksman. Payday can be easily countered by Zilean's Ult or Kayle's Intervention or a Hourglass.
: Champion concept, Lorana the War Maiden
Should be completely original not a champion with stolen abilities from every other champion. I liked part of the lore, but it's a bit cliche...
: Ceil, the Moonlight Blossom
Good idea but, a bit overwhelming with no motif besides flowers which is Zyra's already. The abilities are broken, imagine a tank and Ceil teaming up. {{champion:143}}
Aeon123 (NA)
: Performance Issues on the updated Summoner's Rift
I have yet to replay the new SR with the new patch, I was getting 500 ping and 50-60 fps. Moving felt choppy and loading screen goes black sometimes, alt-tab and even without alt-tab. Muting the sound seems to help. I'll go rerun some updates to ensure that I have everything updated. Thanks, ArcanePegasus
Lyte (NA)
: 1) This is just a first gesture, and not every reward is going to mean something to all players. The next reward we give might mean more to you, but less to a brand new player. 2) If trolls/toxic players want to threaten you or ask for reports without fear of any consequences, let them. Report them, mute them and move on. You've seen lots of players complain about their bans online--we're pretty aggressive with that stuff now compared to 3-4 years ago. Not every reward has to be SUPER EPIC VALUABLE to every player to mean something. Every player responds differently to different rewards, and different things matter to different people. We'll explore a wide range of stuff over time.
> 2) If trolls/toxic players want to threaten you or ask for reports without fear of any consequences, let them. Report them, mute them and move on. You've seen lots of players complain about their bans online--we're pretty aggressive with that stuff now compared to 3-4 years ago. > > Not every reward has to be SUPER EPIC VALUABLE to every player to mean something. Every player responds differently to different rewards, and different things matter to different people. We'll explore a wide range of stuff over time. "reward has to be SUPER EPIC VALUABLE" QAQ Reward must be super epic valuable, might as well be made of alu foil ^^. JK, I'm still waiting on that Ao Shin and happily waiting for the new stuff to come out of Riot's Magical Room of Stuff.
Lyte (NA)
: Rewards for positive play
I'm pretty sure Riot will find something on me, like the time where I got frustrated and stuff happened.... Anyways I try to be a good sport about it, the honor system is pretty much underused and I think by adding some sort of pop-up like they did in Dawngate would help a lot as well as giving out small rewards such as (1 Riot Point, Influence Points, and so forth), would help and sort of drive the community to honor people. For me I try to honor people I felt made a big impact on winning the game, and sometimes I forget to because I like to play the game and not focus on that 1 tiny square button next to people's names. Although having to deal with that popup can be annoying, but I'd like to see this idea implemented in pbe or at least tested? Thank you Riot for being Riot (except during URF), ArcanePegasus {{champion:103}}
: Life, always finds a way.
Ohhhhh, so that's why there's roses in the desert. {{champion:143}}
: I too would be particularly intersted in seasonal alterations to the rift. Maybe not a complete terraform for each, but surely something to denote the time of year on the map.
Can someone on Riot Staff please take notes? If we had some sort of seasonal alterations, I would be staring at the snow and leaves and rain and the sun and get excited on how awesome the map is. RIOT PLS QAQ

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