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: Every name tells a story
Those are some... interesting names.
: Laughing Fish's 175,000 lifetime upvote spectacular (Come and get your free skins!) Laughing Fish i thank you for doing these giveaways!
Wuks (NA)
: Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! (+ Elementalist Lux Giveaway?)
I can not be more thankful for the life i have been given, thanks to my friends, family and communities i have been given a great life! When i was at my lowest points in life i was able to get past it thanks to all these wonderful people, including Riot. I can't count the amount of memories i have with the league community and how many friends i have made over the years of playing. While i might not always agree with some of the changes to the game, i still enjoy it and hope to see it grow. I am really glad to see the community shine and be so kind when most people would label the league community as toxic. The people who do care and try to make the community a better place really do make a difference here and i thank everyone who tries to do so! I hope everyone enjoys their life, and remember to always keep your head up high! Number: 327
Hrd2H1t (NA)
: Your main hugs you... do you survive?
{{champion:154}} Yeah... i think i would be consumed
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Fritterz (NA)
: Want something for free? Solve this Riddle!
Wait i got it! its my name isnt it?
Fritterz (NA)
: Want something for free? Solve this Riddle!
Fritterz (NA)
: Want something for free? Solve this Riddle!
Is It a league of legends game? Sounds odd but im not sure how to explain it in detail. EDIT: It also could refer to the death timers
: And you've already tried a complete reinstall too?
> [{quoted}](name=LostFr0st,realm=NA,application-id=LqLKtMpN,discussion-id=eX8Aapqf,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-05-22T20:30:26.948+0000) > > And you've already tried a complete reinstall too? After having it take 4 days to patch, i just don't have the patience to wait again.
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: Laughing Fish's 100,000 lifetime upvote spectacular! (Come and get your free skins!)
Laughing Fish your numbers are growing so fast! :O I will try to dance through the sadness when i dont win
: 10$ RP Christmas Giveaway :D
: You're a weird kid Zelda.
> [{quoted}](name=Cpt Azrael,realm=NA,application-id=Ir7ZrJjF,discussion-id=FMRG632n,comment-id=00050000,timestamp=2015-10-27T19:17:14.506+0000) > > You're a weird kid Zelda. um thats link, not zelda. Zelda is the princcess in the game :P
: How to build your very own CLG World's 2015 Boat !
Well i guess i can't make this boat.... how am i supposed to boost it to diamond if im only bronze?
: Tahm is Extremely Balanced
i was messing around with him on pbe and found that if you build some tank ({{item:3083}} and {{item:3068}}), attack speed ({{item:3115}} {{item:3153}})and ap ({{item:3089}}) {{item:3280}} hes pretty stong. Because you add up his ult passive and nashor's passive and your auto's deal a ton of damage!
: ++The Gifting Fairy++ (NEW THREAD)
IGN: death7521 Skin Wanted: Debonair Galio Note: Thank you for being such a kind soul for this community and giving out some skins!
: Team Up Week: A legendary Mystery Gift upgrade
See my friends gift everyone but me {{item:3070}} but thanks for reminding me that im never getting a gift!
: Team Up & Pool Party
I had a issue today where there was a small flood outside and some ended leaking into my house, so i had to jump off my computer to take care of it today and i got the leaverbuster 20min queque to deal with after i got back. Am i still eligible for the rewards?
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Noraver (NA)
: Riot, all these new dinosaur skins.
Gromp is finally becoming a champion!
TheSlogs (NA)
: Home-Run Ekko
When he gets a penta it says "Home Run!" :P would be cool but i doubt rito would do it.
: oh yeah and this is the first time since i started this game (around azir release) that i actually felt excited to try the new champ.
You started around azir release? O_O you got really good at orianna jungle real fast! (I was the ap shaco top lane that you thought was going to screw us over last night.)
Xonra (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=StealWolverine,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=HeQUYxNN,comment-id=000300000001,timestamp=2015-05-08T02:49:56.184+0000) > > Riot has said they plan to introduce more levels after awhile. > The point of this wasn't to make people play a bunch of of meta stuff. It was intended to help show those on your team that you are good at that person in that position even if it is outside the box. This sadly shows how short sighted Riot is. They want to "show your teammates how good you are with a champion" but we all know what that really means is "this shows your teammates you aren't good on a champion yet" so they can bitch at you for playing it, which is more likely. They see you are good with a champ, they shrug and meh, they see you aren't, they give you shit. The sad reality of it (I've already seen it).
> [{quoted}](name=Xonra,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=HeQUYxNN,comment-id=0003000000010000,timestamp=2015-05-08T05:32:22.735+0000) > > This sadly shows how short sighted Riot is. They want to "show your teammates how good you are with a champion" but we all know what that really means is "this shows your teammates you aren't good on a champion yet" so they can bitch at you for playing it, which is more likely. They see you are good with a champ, they shrug and meh, they see you aren't, they give you shit. > > The sad reality of it (I've already seen it). Well you need to play a champion to be good with them, even though i think the current reward is just to taunt the enemy to show then your good with your champion.
: Once, when I was playing {{champion:83}}, I ulted this {{champion:80}} right before he died in a fight, and when he got reanimated, he just ran away...
: Watch out Shaco, they got a Hulk.
: The Blue Buffs "owner."
Then you have ADC with red buff.. doesn't even ask for it, just takes it. Also if they want blue so bad, they can take it from the enemy jungler... setting their jungler back and you still get your blue.
: Team up for a Party IP Weekend!
Why you do this to me riot??? im going on vacation this weekend!
: Can you even have animated desktop wallpapers? Thought the whole thing with those was that they are static images
There are programs out there that allow you to have animated desktop wallpapers, and you can also find the login screens downloadable off a youtube channel for them. I have done the animated desktop wallpaper before, but it can really lag you out.
: omg you took "X" champion into "X" lane? gg troll
So i played Trundle {{champion:48}} in the jungle today, and got called a troll. When i say troll im not talking about the joke "Trundle is a troll i get it". I mean he isnt even a bad jungler, i find him a very good one. But i mean please stop crying when you see something uncommon! why are people freaking out about uncommon picks?
: Giving away $100.00 in RP once a month. Free RP
Entry: death7521 Server: NA Comment: Nice photos :P
Zooreka (NA)
: If you had to to choose some champs to be part of you zombie survival crew
{{champion:63}} Fire! His ult on a large group will last for days! - Fire is great for killing zombies, and he can really blast away groups of them if needed. {{champion:268}} Hmm put them on a stick for brand to cook! - Keep the zombies on a spear or two to keep them immobile for a little, plus free troops of sand! {{champion:74}} Never ending turrets! - Zombies wont get anywhere where turrets are constantly being placed to shoot them down! {{champion:14}} Fight zombies with zombies! - Sion can destroy them with his big old axe, kicking zombies for miles and if he ever dies he comes back! {{champion:40}} Nothing like some flying zombies! - Can easily fling zombies out of the way. shield us, even make us run faster! The heals are also wonderful!
: Its been over a year without the tribunal...
They took it out and replaced it with teemo, fight toxic with toxic simple as that. Why else would teemo say ""Turns out, I've got a proficiency in killing." It all makes sense if you think about it.
DeusVult (NA)
: Unicorns of Love are the future of LCS
Unicorns of love? so Arcade {{champion:120}} ?
: so can we agree bard is one of the more balanced champions on release recently?
Well he does do decent damage if played right. Although i will say its not enough to 1v1 very many people, it is enough to get someone a kill. I chase their top laner till he sends his team after me, then i just use E and start a teamfight picking up a kill or two for myself and the rest for my team.
saDD3ath (NA)
: This is why people don't wanna go support
{{champion:432}} Here is a heal for later. *puts down heal* {{champion:222}} *grabs heal at full heath* WTF bard doesn't place heals! {{champion:432}} I do, you just keep grabbing them at full health. {{champion:222}} Yeah because you keep placing them. {{champion:432}} .....For later. {{champion:222}} GG Bard worst support NA!
: 16 deaths is pretty bad... I agree with the rest though. He's new and people need to try him. He is very different.
Yeah 16 deaths had to happen when our mid (kennen) was a troll who just fed kat the whole game so then she roamed destoryed everyone.
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: thornsmail does nothing to on hit magic dmg.
Yeah but its ad fizz so it still sends a good amount of damage back since its aa
: Fizz's % Missing Health damage needs a lower base with an AP ratio and a damage cap vs Monsters
Tbh i play ad fizz jungle, if they play the way i do with attack speed capped so the w can destroy people then you can just get thornsmail. Its really just understanding how to work around it.
: Champion and skin sale: 03.06 - 03.09
Wait they are giving yorick some sort of sale? This can not be happening!
We need a PROJECT: ZED skin!
: Bandwagon's are literally 75% of these boards. People never look at stats/numbers/PLAY THE CHAMPION THEMSELVES before calling them garbage. Don't worry tho, You know how Graves was called garbage last season? "He is op now no counterplay much burst". literally NO changes to him directly. The season 4 buff was still "garbage" for a "garbage" champ I cant wait for when people cry about Olaf again.
Season 4 i had an olaf in jungle carry our team, hes playable just its not going to be easy.
: Minion mode
Minions take on baron!
Ponts (NA)
: Ok. Our first iterations of the Shurima mode turned out to be mostly an arena mode with teams. We found that those games were pretty fun for about 10min and then they felt like they dragged on without clear map objectives. I'm not sure we'd do anything that got rid of teams all together. League in general is a lot more fun when you can play with your friends and make really awesome coordinated plays against the other team. It's an interesting idea though.
Well i was talking to my friends about this FFA and they had come up with an idea of having it but with a duo. So 5 teams with 2 players each. As for the objective i am still looking into having a clear objective for it. (I loved the Shurima mode btw, i didnt get bored of it at all!)
Ponts (NA)
: Can you elaborate a bit on your idea here? Do you mean an arena style mode where there are no teams or something else?
I havent really develped any details but i think it would be fun to have no real teams. What i was thinking is a map like crystal scar and have say 5 spawn points, and there are mini jungle camps. The objective could possibly be kills or points. Hoping You guys at Riot can work on it more!
: "Legend of the Poro King" Q&A with the Play team. 12/19, 11AM - 1PM PST
I love the gamemode, but i have an idea i would love to see happen! It is possible to create a FFA (Free For All)?
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