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: Same thing with gunslingers ({{champion:18}} {{champion:104}} {{champion:41}} {{champion:236}} {{champion:21}} ) and brawlers ({{champion:19}} {{champion:421}} {{champion:53}} {{champion:31}} {{champion:106}} ). It is probably for an upcomming feature (they have stated they want to add champions from a new origin) though why implement it now?
Probably just a way of teasing the new characters. Get people to speculate who's going to be added.
: Show queue position for TFT games
There is no queue, it's a time based delay on actually starting the search implemented by riot. Click on the exclamation point on the client to see the current delay. Rn, not worth it.
: Regarding skins for tft
Your Little Legend will also be following you on ARAM, so it's not a complete waste.
r j o (NA)
: TFT released too early, a list of UI improvements.
> [{quoted}](name=r j o,realm=NA,application-id=RaE1aOE7,discussion-id=eGTrKqZA,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-06-27T03:07:57.034+0000) > > TFT should have been released much later, they can throw the excuse of "Just a beta" but that is just a marketing excuse so that they can release alongside Underlords. No, the game is a beta. Of course if you ignore this fact then it's going to seem like it's going to be underdone, but that's why it's in BETA. Sure they could have just not released the game until it was more done, but then riot wouldn't have any information on improvements their player base wants too see wouldn't have. That's the point. > TFT doesn't show you the alliance you have from the champion you have on the board/bench. Unless you memorize the class of every champion then you're shit out of luck and you'll be wasting time trying to build a proper time. Underlords has this feature, I'm never wondering "Does this champion fit into my X team?" because I know "Oh if I pick Viegar he'll complete my mage team". This is just false. Right click the unit on your bench and it'll show stats like max health, max mana, Origin and Class ETC. Also you're told this when purchasing units which is arguably more important so you know if they're worth purchasing or not. > TFT doesn't effectively show you how much units you can have on the board. Just have it overlayed over the map during the setup phase rather than it being a TINY number near the top of the screen, somewhere you would NEVER BE LOOKING AT. Your level is how many units you can have out. So you can also see how many units you can have out if you look at the lvl near your Little Legend, or on the purchase XP button. > How much damage am I taking if I lose a battle? I don't know TFT doesn't tell me. I once lost a battle and the opponent had three 2star champions so why did I lose 14 health? Who knows. Honestly, this would be nice. As far as I can tell you take dmg based off of the rank, amount, and HP of surviving units, but that's just a guess. > Why is the amount of items that drop fro minions random? Now we're adding more RNG on top of an already RNG filled game. Not a bad idea. Personally I'd rather just see a guaranteed drop from the first minion in any AI wave so you get SOMETHING, but I agree the item drops needs some work. > The carousel. I understand that it is a "catch-up" feature but it feels so dumb and stupid. There are better ways of implementing such as the bottom half of the players will only face the losers or that there is a higher chance of being able to pick champions they already own. I feel that the carousel is going to be a divisive thing. Personally I like it. There's actually some strategy to if you take a unit you need, or deny a high tier unit that someone else needs. Do you need another unit to get towards 3 stars, or should you grab someone for an item. But I do get why some people might not like it > Not being able to see my opponents gold or alliance. I have to individually look at their champions to know what alliance they have and how I should build around it during late game. Did they just use all their gold? That means that they just refreshed their champion shop and I should maybe do the same so I can improve my team. You're right on alliance, but you can tell someone's gold to an extent. On either side of the board there's going to be a row of gaps which hold golden orbs, representing the interest you have on the gold you're sitting on. For every 10 gold you/your opponent has, they'll be 1 of those orbs, up to 5 orbs. > How much damage does X champion do? Whats their DPS/Attack speed/armor? I only know their skill, the items they hold, and their health. > Why isn't there some sort of visual effect on the 3rd champion? If I'm not careful or if I'm in the last few seconds of setup I can easily miss a champion I need to level it up. Yeah these would be some nice features. > If you get a 3rd copy of a unit that you have at least one copy of on the battlefield in combat, they disappear from your "storage" units on the bottom, transforming into 2/3 after the fight is over, but while the fight is going on you can buy other units to their now freed up spot What even is your point here? I normally finish all my purchases before a fight start, so does this not happen and you think it should? Do you somehow think this is a bad thing? I honestly don't understand what you want changed here. The only problem with the auto-upgrads IMO is when you get a character from the carousel. Sometimes you want to pick up a character for the item they have to put on someone else, but they auto upgrade and now it's not worth selling them anymore.
: It's funny people are crying about the TFT loot boxes lol, Riot been doing this before TFT
Personally I don't get the big deal. Like I'd get it if the loot boxes were the ONLY way to get a character, but you can also purchase one version of every type outright. If you want a specific character, then you can get it without any RNG element at all.
TankyHanky (EUNE)
: Playing TFT woth friends ?
Unless it changes from how PBE is, you'll be able to party up with as many people as you like. Personally I'm looking forward to getting a full server of friends and having some friendly matches.
Galiö (NA)
: I agree with morgana to get a small nudge. As for noble and blade master both of their 6 units is very potent, so its high/moderate risk and high reward. Not too bad, also for blademaster you alternatively can get a spatula to make someone a blademaster. I agree also with 2-3 of your item issues. Both dont really feel great even with warmog giving you a ton of health to heal. As for rageblade, I dont think it's so bad as long as people arent allows to stack 3 items on a unit. Its obnoxious when you are facing like a 3 item draven/vayne/lucian/kayle/a sol.
My problem isn't the strength of the units, it's more how long it takes for them actually to get going. Although I agree that it's definitely a problem that affects noble more, I still say that it takes so long to get the bonus that I rarely see anyone going for either comp pull it off successfully. If you don't get the kayle on the carousel the first time gold's are available, there's just so many other comps that are going to have 1-2 buffs completed that will beat you. As for rageblade, I agree that if stacking items wasn't allowed it wouldn't be a problem. However, I feel that item stacking itself isn't a huge problem, getting 1 unit super strong is a valid strategy. The problem is that rage blade works so well with so many items that I feel nerfing it will fix that problem while still allowing item stacking.
: Goddamn Assassins
I would recommend putting some of your frontline in the back for the enemy to jump on. Also, if you have 1 singular character carrying your team, you can out them in one of the corner slots, and surround them with the rest of your units. The assassins will still jump at them, but for some reason often won't actually target whoever's in that corner slot. If you're looking for comps that work well against assassins, I'd say something with high CC/high health, so glacial brawlers or knights.
Rioter Comments
: The best skins
Overall best skin has to be Moo Cow {{champion:12}} for cowbell spam and cowbell spam alone.
: How do you define Trolling?
In my opinion a troll is someone who is intentionally trying to ruin the game for other people. Although I get where you're going coming from with refusing reasonable communication, that too me is more being toxic than trolling. They are still (At least in your definition) trying to play the game properly, they just aren't being sportsmanlike players. **(NOTE, The following is my opinion in normal's. I only play ranked for my promo's, ,aside from an occasional game, so my opinion doesn't apply to that game mode)** I also don't include people who play off-meta in my definition of trolling. There's a big difference between someone who picks Darius support because he wanted top and got auto-filled, and someone who's playing support, but is just playing a character that normally isn't a support. As many of my friends will tell you, I love playing some really off-meta builds (All hail Darkk-Mane). Normally I'll only do this in 5 man's, since I've gotten tired of every loss being blamed on me regardless of how well I'm actually doing that game, but I still enjoy doing it.
Azeranth (NA)
: You're trolling me, right? Like seriously? "These characters aren't strippers, they shouldn't have these unreasonable expectations". Right, cause there are no male characters that play strongly into exaggerated masculine stereotypes, and capitalize upon societal pressure and expectation about what defines ideal or superior males. I mean, seriously. To start with, lets start with explicitly gorgeous males, to the point where it is a defining trait of their character. * Ezreal * Jayce * Rakan * Taric Do you know how many female characters are explicitly defined by their beauty first and foremost? Evelynn. Thats it. Sort of Leblanc, maybe, I guess, but the implication there is that she uses her magic to trick and mislead the people she manipulates. Now lets continue, let mention male characters who are some representative of physique or fitness. * Darius * Draven * Garen * Xin Zhao * Lee Sin * Shen * Jayce again * Ezreal again Then lets look at male champions who embody something along the line of "Big strong protector" or "Who sacrifices for others" * Galio * Garen * Jarvan * Nautilus * Shen * Special note!! Yorrick is literally "The SHEPHERD Of Lost Souls" who has condemned himself to eternal suffering under a blood curse upon his home, simply to lead others to the beyond, so they may be spared his same horrendous fate. Then lets look at male champions who are defined by being the biggest baddest strongest conqueror. By being the peak predator. * Darius * Draven * Swain * Aatrox * Jax * Lee Sin * Graves * Tahm Kench and Twisted Fate, even though muscle isn't the way through which they take and conqueror in their bloody line of work * Jayce * Khazix * Master Yi * Ornn * Shen * Taric * Udyr * Yasuo I think you would be exceedingly hard pressed to find any champions, of either sex, which do not make extensive use of stereotypes about the sexes, and use these to form familiar narrative characters which are familiar, and draw from a plethora of cultural sources. If you look at Miss Fortune and say "Her titties are big, and that is obviously the most definitive thing about her character." You're not only exceptionally stupid, perhaps even willfully and intentionally dumb in this case, you have to be an incredibly conceited and disrespectful prick to honestly believe that anyone else would hold such a significant weight upon someone's sexuality as to treat it like a defining characteristic of a participant in a grand tournament to the death. If you think "The cougar joke Nidalee has for a dance" is demeans her, because of its sexual nature, then that mean 1. You think that Nidalee is defined in large part by her sexuality 2. You're incapable of separating a character, who they are, what they do, and what they embody, and a cheeky joke left over from small indie company Riot Games, back when Nidalee also passively gave 5xp to lower level champions near her. Maybe you don't understand the cougar joke, but thats your ignorance.
Although I agree that Riot is a bit unrealistic with male character, there is a valid reason for most of the men's design. Many of these people are master warriors, and as a result should be at the peak of physical fitness. Of course people you describe as protectors and peak protectors are going to be strong, burly people. That's kind of the point.
mzicio (EUW)
: No, it's not, Zyra doesn't have delayed damage and her ultimate is ranged.
I'd say it's closer to a larger version of Nunu's E. She can move around during it, and when it ends it does dmg and roots. Just doesn't throw snowballs.
: Uh the video? She LITERALLY copies a champ- their visual, their abilities, everything. This champ does not need to be in this game. AT ALL.
Except that's not necessarily true. Unless we're watching different video's, never does Neeko actually cast an ability of the character she's disguised as, it could be a strictly visual change. The problem is that until she hits PBE and we can PLAY her, we can't actually tell how good she'll be.
: Nexus Blitz patch notes
Love the mode so far. Hope it becomes permanent. Only suggestion I would have is that I feel that events which reward the players for winning shouldn't also buff the winning team (IE: Pushing a cart gives you a free 1 shot on an enemy tower, plus then makes their minions have 1 HP for an easier push)
: Stop watch is 600 Boots is 300 By taking the insperation tree 2nd you are guaranteed to save 900 Gold. 900 Gold, that means just for clicking a rune you started the game with 900 gold on your opponent while they have to struggle to build items.
Technically stopwatch rune is only 300 since a commencing stopwatch has an increased combine cost.
: Riot, sneaky again....(new missions)
So wait, let me make sure I understand you. A company is giving you some free stuff, in a free game, for completing missions in the game. And you're complaint is that you can get more stuff, in this free game, for paying money? It's almost as if Riot made a free game, and having there players pay for more cosmetic items is there main way of making money...
Rioter Comments
Rioter Comments
Oto (EUNE)
: [REWORK IDEA] Kindred, the Eternal Hunters
Honestly, I like your idea, my tweaks are as follows: 1. I would like Kindred's passive to work more like a Quinn ult than a kayn passive. It would be cool, and really thematic for lamb to go into a teamfight, use her abilities to kite the enemy and help her team survive, and then once the enemy starts falling back being able to switch into wolf and chase down enemies, then sqitch back into kindred for the next fight, rather than form switching ahead of time and hoping your in the right form for which situation you're in. 1. I don't get Wolf's ult. I get that it's the opposite to Lamb', and that's a really cool idea, but it seems really hard to pull off usefully. No one is going to stay in it to have their health insta-chunked after it's duration. The second it's been popped any non CC'd enemy is going to just leave it, rather than stay and fight on it. I would suggest having it mark the units it hits immediately, taking away their shielding and healing until the mark explodes, bringing them to 60%/50%/40% health. Besides that it's a really good idea. You clearly put a lot of work into this, and it revitalizes one of my favorite thematic champions.
: For the love of god can we REMOVE THE AMBIENT NOISE FROM LOBBY?
How about a button to mute the lobby sounds like their is for the log in music. That way people who like to hear it still can, while those who don't can get rid of it without affecting their game volume.
Rainfall (EUNE)
: Yasuo Needs More Ban Quotes.
How about giving him a quote for when he DOESN'T get banned. That one wouldn't come up nearly as much,
: Why was that place selling both Pepsi and Coke products? Unless you mean cocaine, then I have to ask why that place was selling cocaine so freely to random people who walk in?
> [{quoted}](name=TurquoiseYoshi,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=pEwe6jsO,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-08-17T17:26:20.016+0000) > > Why was that place selling both Pepsi and Coke products? Unless you mean cocaine, then I have to ask why that place was selling cocaine so freely to random people who walk in? What do you mean to random people? Look at his name, he's part of CLG.
: Idk man alotta people can't see sarcasm too well in text
Drynin (NA)
: Yeah, no. We had a brief window where Ziggs was played bot, and a couple other mages were tried, but that barely lasted, and now Ziggs is the only one who occasionally goes there. Otherwise it's almost always be ADC's. Name me one other role where a single class dominates the meta of the position on the map. I think that's the issue in general. Fine, we can have Marksmen be viable in mid lane, top lane, jungle, whatever. I'm okay with that, as long as it goes in reverse and we can see like a juggernaut carry bot, or more mages bot, that aren't there as supports, but that doesn't happen. ADC's have an entire role to themselves, AND they get to flex into other places on the map, and part of that is because of the insance diversity in their item options compared to APC's.
Honestly this is why I am looking forward to Ornn coming out. Hopefully his stun duration increase makes it viable to do things like Ornn Leona bot lane.
: Can Darius get his full reset at lvl 11 now?
Personally, I would rather see his reset for LVL 2 be buffed to 40 seconds rather than 20. That way you still have the roaming potential to get an ult off in that situation you described, but it still isn't constantly up.
: No worries! You didn't offend no-y-ne
: ***
{{champion:266}} {{champion:26}} {{champion:34}} {{champion:154}}.
: D5 0 LP player who has 35 kills 115 deaths over his last 15 games ends up on my team
I went 30/70 in 10 games a little bit ago, Does that make me boosted? No, I was B1 at the time and I was just going through a losing streak. Yes that isn't as bad as your person, but still, I've since then gotten up to S4 (S3 depending on my next game), since I stopped playing the same champions over and over, and began switching it up a little. Just because someone is going through a bad set of games doesn't necessarily make them boosted. Furthermore, yes I am silver, no I have never played with someone who has supposed to be diamond but isn't playing at that level, but that doesn't mean that my opinion is immediately invalid. I can still read damage and kills as well as you can, and form my own opinion of what they mean.
: Apparently, you missed the obvious joke. Also, there's no point in a prison if the prison never helps fix what got the person into prison.
You say that like the current prison system of "throw them in a building and hope for the best" reforms people.
GGLineaR (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Solemdeath,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=soFsPWh3,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-08-03T15:33:13.626+0000) > get x vision score Stopped reading to type this post after that. Vision is not just the support's job. It's everyone's job. I'm saying this as a Mid and Top player. That is all. I will now return to finish reading your post.
Yes it's everyone's job to be support, but since support's (should) buy a sightstone, people are MORE likely to go support to complete the quest since they have the most wards available.
: ***
why are you just going around calling everyone a hacker?
jasonkik (NA)
: Nasus deserves to have a farmer skin.
Isn't that his base skin?
: They prevent you of gaining extra free stuff, that would either have you grinding a few dozen hours or spending about 10 dolars. Removing a free reward is hardly extreme.
You kids have it so easy these days. Back in my day, we didn't have these newfangled "Free loot boxes". Our idea of riot giving us stuff was the occasional "My shop" where you got 50%+ discounts on skins so you only lost HALF a paycheck to videogames. Now you just get skins handed to you on a silver platter, and complain when you can't keep a respectful attitude to keep those free stuff.
: Don't play jhin mid in ranked you are not faker and you fall off because of full ad. No.
: > [{quoted}](name=Corsair Sion,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=E3Jqmtmq,comment-id=00030000000000010000,timestamp=2017-08-01T00:14:49.189+0000) > > my comment was removed for "rank shaming". Thanks laughing fish I didn't realize it until recently, but moderation has become unbelievably draconian. Be careful what you say.
Draconian law is where the punishment is way excessive compared to what the crime was, like if his account was banned for rank shaming. It is not a strict enforcement of the laws, like what happened here, since removing a post which violates the boards rules is exactly what should happen. [](
: Giving the movement speed and slow cleanse Garen gets from Q, maybe? The MS would help clean up the fight, as well.
Personally I like this, since it's the exact opposite from what {{champion:122}}/{{champion:6}} do. They slow and fear things near him, he speeds them up and makes it so they can't be slowed. On a side note, nearby {{champion:222}}. Just think about that speed.
aussew (NA)
: How will {{champion:55}} {{champion:6}} {{champion:50}} yell "Demacia"? _They're his rivals btw**_
Make them say it really annoyed and sarcastic like, kind of as if someone forced them to.
Meep Man (NA)
: "Because I don't want elo, I want fun."
: Translation issues stopped that
Yes, because brolaf, pug'maw and renektoy translates so well.
: What bugs me is that every diver has the _exact same gameplay pattern_. {{champion:5}} {{champion:254}} {{champion:56}} {{champion:131}} {{champion:164}} {{champion:59}} and probably some I'm missing. * You use your point and click ability to get on top of the target. (Because every diver has one, usually their ult.) * You CC them for a little bit. Usually around 1-2 seconds with your basic skill. * You prod them until they die and/or pop your one defensive ability to get out. Pretty much the only thing separating these characters is "Do they have an AS modifier/3-hit ability?". I like divers but I never get a great, unique feel from playing any of them besides some kinda hilarious damage if you go full DPS. Oh well. Here's hoping the Xin rework is good.
Although, to be fair that can be said for almost every role. Almost every ADC has 3 of these: a defensive ability (usually in the form of a dash), an AA buff (usually giving them increased DMG per auto/increased attack speed, sometimes both), a damaging ability, and a long range ability to catch out low health people (usually on their ult). Basically every mage has a farming ability, a poking ability, and an ult which combos with the rest of their kit to burst people. Almost every tank has a form of CC, a damaging ability, and a defensive ability (usually a shield or a heal). Now, this isn't saying that every champion in league is basically the same, I'm just saying that generalizing kits to their most basic components makes people seem a lot different.
GinkoG (NA)
: I'm sure they arnt necessities to the game.
tell that to jungle kench. Those small things you could spit at the camp was pretty necessary.
: Cho is not hard to kill if you build right.
: The origin of the words don't matter half as much as context. Gay use to mean happy. Context changed that term to mean homosexual. F-aggot use to be used to refer to a bundle of sticks. Context changed that to mean homosexual (also informal form of speech). F-ag, the shortened version, is a term that refers to a task being tiring. Context, yet again, changed that to mean homosexual (and also a more slang form of f-aggot). If we trace back the origins of the word n-igger, then you'd realize it was a NEUTRAL term that derived from the Spanish word Negro. It was used to describe the skin color of a black person BEFORE the term "African Americans" became an ethnicity. It was NEVER an insult. But guess what made it an insult? Fucking context. If you wanna sit here and argue origins and then talk about decency -- then further say "I'd rather stick to my standards then lower them to the scum of the earth", you should do some fact checks. Because you know what truly is a shame? Fucking ignorance. The herpa derpa my feelings are hurt because you made up a term to describe my skin color shenanigans need to stop. People sit down and blindly follow the ignorant notions that the "great" people of America preach without ever questioning any of it. But, I won't delve too far into politics/regulations and laws.
Except your post demonstrates one of the major problems with these kind of words. F***** was originally a bundle of sticks, yes, but it was more than that. It was a bundle of sticks which was considered to have no other use than to be burned as fire wood. By applying it to a person you are saying they aren't good enough to be with normal people, and should be destroyed. Now, naturally you aren't really trying to say that (I sincerely hope), but that is what the word means, and by using it when you don't know its denotation is wrong, because its much more hurtful to the people who do know.
Drugoth (NA)
: Maybe your attitude is what is causing negativity in your games?
The best example of this is a game I was in a while ago. The enemy team just kept flaming this soraka in all chat, and eventually just told her "You're so bad, you would be a bigger help if you just stayed in base and ulted." (Or something to that effect, probably with a lot more swearing.) Anyway, after that she sat in base and did nothing but ulted. The enemy team couldn't figure out why she decided not to help them.
: it's, not itss (also not its for this case)
No, he's correct. Enloct in the ancient and dead language of Mesmes means snake, therefore adding the extra S works since the guy named snake needs more SSSSSS. Trust me, I'm on the internet, I have to be telling the truth.
: We need Unmask Skins/Any Skins removing the mask of some champs even if 520rp
I agree, to some level. Some champions would make a good unmasked skin, like {{champion:127}} or {{champion:80}}. However, some champions like {{champion:202}} and {{champion:35}}, the mystery of their identity is important to their character, so they shouldn't get one.
: "THIS IS NOT A BUG" rip braum.
Riot has come out and said that next patch their going to fix it so that braum only gets killed if below 25%. Edit: > [{quoted}](name=Beluga Whale,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=GNl34YPL,comment-id=0023,timestamp=2017-07-27T18:49:02.557+0000) > > Hey, just wanted to chime in here. Am the designer on Urgot. > > This is currently working as intended, but **will ** be changed next patch to only pull Braum in if he is also below the HP threshold.
: jesus people need to learn what sarcasm is. they think jokes only belong to memes and games wtf
Sarcasm... That's that thing that I'm supposed to downvote right?
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