: Rotating Game Mode queue update
i am honestly starting to feel as if riot just does not care about there community any longer. i feel like they used to respond to player comments and concerns especially when it was a mass majority wanting something that they already have. i mean 2 years ago the community wanted URF to stay at least an extra 2 weeks and they gave us a full month. now everyone is saying to make permanent and they act like they really don't give a shit. i am sorry, i love league but the direction they're heading with there gm's does not show us they care to much at all. i just hope they actually read all of our comments and take all of this into consideration instead of just ignoring everything on the boards otherwise what use are the boards actually? sorry not sorry.
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i am getting the exact same thing. i cannot play game currently
: Dynamic Ranked & new champ select: What’s wrong, and what’s next
how much fucking longer... dnt you think that the testing you should have done in the first place as programmers would have figured this out... instead of launching a brand new system (while you already had something decent) then taking it away and not replacing it with the very thing you took away at least temporarily is really stupid. get new people who know what there doing with your programming and servers then actually release something after extensive testing and trial and error instead of acting like freeza and finding a new form and still getting your ass whooped.. test more so complications do not arise as often. who knows maybe you will have a successful launch of something for once.
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: Lag and frame skips after 4.19


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