: All of your suggestions are extremely broken and at no cost to her kit... What are you smoking?
Edit: I just realized that in editing down the length I accidentally cut the bullet point removing the bases and scalings on the ult. With that bullet point missing your comments are totally justified. Original comment before I realized this below: Full combo-ing at level 6 into a level 6 Orianna with entirely plausible builds (two runes + revolver for Diana at 58 ap). Taking ability stats from the wiki. Damage from Current abilities (base + scaling): * P: 50 + 46.4 = 96.4 * Q: 130 + 40.6 = 170.6 * W: 66 + 34.8 = 100.8 * R: 200 + 69.6 = 269.6 * Total = 664.4 Damage from Suggested abilites: * P: 50 + 29 = 79 * Q: 130 + 52.2 = 182.2 * W: 66 + 8.7 = 74.7 * R: 177.9 * Total = 513.8 Difference (not counting resistances, AA damage, or revolver passive) = 150.6 damage down, or 22.7% reduced damage. I get it. I'm bad at this game and attacking Diana's time to kill. But no cost to kit? I'm a little sleep deprived I suppose, but not smoking anything. Cheers, DQD
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: Small Diana Gameplay changes coming to PBE
Zhanos, I have a question (one that I think a lot of people below are wrestling with as well): why is attack speed based on spell casts bad? What's the impetus behind changing it? I know you said that you wanted to get: "her to a point where she naturally grows into a fast-attacking champion." But forgive me, I don't know enough to understand what benefits that brings. Also, an idea for a change to her W to help enhance durability without increasing burst: add a reset mechanic so that every time a champion or large/epic monster takes damage from one of the other abilities (including the Passive) it decreases the remaining cooldown. Thanks for your time. Cheers, DQD
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: Loving the new Xin Zhao lore
Oh hey! I was literally preparing a post on how Xin Zhao's story could be used to pull some of the positive literary themes out of the Demacian narrative yesterday! I was going a very different direction, but I'm glad someone else saw the same potential in Xin's character. TY to the writers for seeing the controversy in Demacia and working on it. I totally get that the angst surrounding Demacian lore is really difficult to handle, so I'm glad to see you take the challenge. Cheers, DQD
MS exceI (EUNE)
: That's an intersting read but I disagree on one point. I dont think Riven and her unit were meant to be killed off willingly. It's rather they got into trouble and when Riven called to the other unit for help Emystan decided to sacrifice them seeing the bloody engament they got into. If Noxus really disregarded Riven's strength then why did she get the runic blade that is also the one thing she can thank her life for? If anything it's Emystan alone who betrayed Riven and in return Riven betrayed the empire
To my mind its less a question of being 'destined for death', then one of being 'thrown away'. Being thrown away in an impossible war, on an impossible mission and then killed because it was easier by a Noxian high command that really didn't care (or even failed, but profited from the war anyway **cough** {{champion:50}} **cough** ). Riven holds that respecting strength means not throwing away those who serve under you (soldiers, so long as they are strong), while the Noxian Command (which sent Emystan) simply does whatever it can get away with, 'might makes right'. Which of course makes Draven a perfect opponent. At least, that's my opinion. At least, that's my opinion.
: The team read your note, DeathQuaDeath. They appreciate it. We hope one day to tell the rest of this story. (because it is written, just not animated)
Well then I eagerly await the rest of the story. Until I can read it I'll just imagine that Riven gets rescued by Xin Zhao and winds up part of the same pseudo-magical special forces as Lux/Shyvanna. Because epicness, symmetry, redemption, and Demacia!
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: The issue here is Akali isn’t actually strong. The issue is people hate the shroud *so much* that it doesn’t matter that she’s weak, nobody wants to deal with her. So let me address your concerns: The passive circle isn’t a bad idea, but you have to remember that hitting this won’t be solving the issue. People will still ban her until and unless she is so bad that she is not worth banning (or until true stealth is gone). The mana champion thing has been out of the question for a looooong time. Energy is part of her identity, and this same suggestion has come up umpteen times since she was released. Yes, I mean since her release, and not her rework. It really would just make her more obnoxious to play agaisnt as she would be better in extended fights. The Q heal removal would definitely make her less annoying. However, do remember she’s weak as heck right now. The shroud is rhe only thing actually good about her. And the energy regain, once again, is unfortunately not the issue. These ideas are all valid and great, but the problem isn’t that we’re trying to nerf a *strong* champion. We’re trying to take a weak, but hated champion and make them balanced, but not hated. What that comes down to is removing the true stealth and buffing her damage, but in that case why did you even rework akali at all? The rework is just impossible to balance and impossible to make not antifun. The issue with old akali was that she “wasn’t complex,” “lacked counterplay,” and “was antifun.” Well if you just look at akali before her pre mini rework, she was garbage early game, and only got strong mid game and stronger towards late game, but at end game fell off. As opposed to current akali who is just disproportioantely strong early then just garbage at all other times. There’s a reason why r/akalimains is asking for a revert.
I guess your first two sentences are what I was actually asking about. Is it actually that one mechanic that is universally hated, or is there a way to de-synchronize the rest of her kit such that the single ability is still unique and strong but no longer overwhelming? Perhaps it is a vain hope, but thank you for your thoughts.
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Unvictus (NA)
: I could see nautilus top having a field day with this item.
I don't know that I've ever played as or with a Naut top, so I can't claim to know how badly that would warp him, but my response is as follows: a lot of tanks 'abuse' Titanic too. Which is to say that the new power gets implemented into their playstyles. There's a number of tanks top lane that go Titanic too as part of their cores and it (to my understanding) fundamentally changes the way they play. Might not Arcane Hydra do something of the same for champions considered sub-optimal. However, I will definitely concede that there's a decent argument for either 1. capping the percent gained or 2. implementing diminishing returns/rising costs. ty for your thoughts, DQD
wolvius (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Rhai,realm=EUNE,application-id=A8FQeEA8,discussion-id=uwAhvzgg,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2018-11-04T16:16:11.759+0000) > > How do you plan to get 800 AP with "Arcane hydra"? Just curious I just chose 800ap as an excessive example, the point i was making is that as long as rabadon exist there will be problem with making ap bruiser items viable yet not op. Trying to come up with an ap bruiser build I went(without runes) ApHydra+Nashors+RoA+spellbind=355 ap, swap spellbinder with rabadon that changes to 500ish and adding luden 625ish ap, void just under 600ap. My 800 was just a number off the top of my head just due to high ap is easier to achieve than comparitive ad.
You have a good point. The idea was that by making the damage all scaling that you'd either build into hp + ap items or raw ap thus keeping away from high ap numbers or else avoid AH because you can't use the hp stacking passive. For instance, in the suggested build you might top 600 ap for the cleave, but with only 950 extra hp you'd be getting relatively little value over time from the other passive. So perhaps the better direction is to give cleave a base and lower the scaling (like Luden's proc). That would push the item more towards melee mages who can utilize both ap and tank items to keep a useful power curve and meaningful tankiness instead of just towards anyone who likes auto-attack resets (while I can't see an {{champion:245}} wanting an item with so little ap, I can see them wanting an aa-reset w/burst). Thanks for the input, DQD
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: Preseason Dev Update Number 2!
Hey MapleNectar, I think it was a couple months ago that a few rioters talked of a 'slowburn' project for ap bruiser itemization (though I can't find the thread atm). I'm curious if you know much about any of the ideas being thrown around and if the project is making any progress. ty, a {{champion:131}} loving silver noob


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