: In combat MS
: Why doesn't Riot release books?
Literally printing money is illegal
: It's easy to stall out, it's not easy to turn things around.
I feel like stalling is easy because most people don't actively try to finish the game. Teams rarely group to push towers(whether or not they are ahead). A lot of people never seem to hit towers at all. Often I see situations where 1 or 2 champions are dead on the enemy team, so my team heads into their jungle to take all the camps or search for kills instead of just hitting towers.
Spoo (NA)
: ARAM Discussion) - Can We Do Something Warmog's or Snowball
I think snowball is fine. Warmog's shouldn't be in ARAM though.
: So....what do you do against Lethality Jarvan as an ADC?
That's what supports are for. Jarvan can't do much against a full team. So...don't 1v1 him.
TS Media (NA)
: Is it really fine that a full build malphite can 1v1 a full build riven come late game?
: If you aren't drowsy, why would you sleep?
I don't even understand why taking damage doesn't end drowsiness. If taking damage wakes you up when sleeping...wouldn't it also prevent you from being drowsy and falling asleep?
Dat Q plz (EUW)
: What if you forgot to change runes in clinet and have a time to re-chnage it in a game?
Eh. There is probably some concern for some choices being better IF you know what the other team is doing.
Ralanr (NA)
: So, how are you all doing with Swain so far?
I find him best bot lane, with extra cc. So easy to get soul fragments
Zidaryn (NA)
: A Quests PSA
Agreed, everybody should play Morde
Anatera (NA)
: So how'd this get through testing? Or even concept?
: Janna is currently not in the top 5 supports... Perhaps it is time to give her a small love tap?
I agree, all champions should be in the top 5 of a role. Then, all 25 champions will see equal play time.
: Riot is going to officially kill Lee Sin with this pink smite
: Reminder that AD get grievous wounds for 800g tanks for 1000g and Mages have to pay 3000 gold
Of course, once all champions get access to a cheap item that applies grievous wounds, you might wonder why it even exists. They could just halve all heals
: About that liandries change and the Morde Ult
But Morde is still Morde, with Morde problems. Maybe this can help him. And anyway, magic resist exists.
: When the new Swain Ults my FPS drops EVERY SINGLE TIME
Because your computer is trying to calculate 5 steps ahead and can't keep up...
: Optimize for windows
You can make any program open on startup in Windows. Just involves sticking a shortcut in...some folder. Google it.
: The Essence of Support
Okay, but most of that stuff applies to anyone playing the game.
: Stopwatch as an Inspiration keystone
: I would like if Gnar by default applied Frozen Mallet's effect
That sounds horrifying. Might as well just give every ranged champion a slow on autos then.
NeedFly (EUW)
: Class: the combat operator.
Supports can do quite a lot, with plenty of impact already..
QQrikOu (EUNE)
: bug item shop
It would probably help if you actually described the bug(in detail), rather than complain about it...
: Suspend bad players
But every game HAS to have at least one player with more deaths than kills..
: Its funny how AD champs can pick from 8 keystones while mages only have 4.
: Why do I feel so Lonely/Miserable ?
Sometimes you can't really DO anything to fix it. Doesn't mean things can't change.
Enselus (NA)
: I switched to Chrome for a bit because I needed it for class. Went back to firefox and...
Both browsers can be customized plenty. I use both, mostly due to those odd times where some random site won't work properly in one or the other.
: So can someone explain to me how Alistar escaped the nerf hammer?
: Ultimate Survival Thread
Trees for shelter? You have a car. And liquid to drink. You can survive two weeks without food, barely. All good.
Sr0 (NA)
: Why do I feel like Riot's punishment system is like a dictatorship?
For one, it mostly is a dictatorship. Riot can choose who they allow to play on their servers, obviously. Not sure why you mentioned money - it definitely shouldn't matter whether or not someone has spent money on the game. And your argument that all online games have trash talk and therefore they all MUST have it, and thus it is fine is silly. For one, trash talk does not equal toxicity. Generally people are banned for going beyond simple trash talk. "It is the fundamental nature of online games to include trash talk." It's pretty much the fundamental nature of humanity to go to war, but that doesn't mean war is good and shouldn't be avoided.
: Riot Needs Change in Report Policy
Riot does seem to take such things seriously. The fact that they didn't tell YOU about the punishment is a completely different concern.
: Cellular Mitosis, it only occurs in eukaryotic cells. Keep that in mind.
: Permanently banned for this
You didn't get permanently banned for that. You got banned for everything you did before, plus this.
: Yasuo Nerf
Yasuo isn't overpowered, he is annoying. Not the same thing.
LilKat (NA)
: People Who Don't Vote
People that don't vote don't want to surrender, obviously. Or else they would vote yes.
: I mean "moron" isn't at least racist......it isn't even that bad of a cuss like honestly do you think it's that bad for when you're angry at the other guy for doing something ridiculous?
It's possible to be an asshole regardless of the specific words you use.. Being racist or swearing is not the only way to get banned.
: Is this really worth 14 days ban?No sarcasm
You call people morons a lot. Threaten to report them repeatedly. Stuff like that. So...yes?
: Make Kleptomancy only proc on AA
They could also make kleptomancy work more like Spelltheif's (not work for x seconds after last hitting, since it SEEMS like it was meant to be a support keystone. Then they would be able to perhaps buff it in ways so that some champions might want to take it.
Skorch (NA)
: This needs to be said every once in a while.
To add to this: If you've been playing for years and just "don't find League fun anymore" take a break. Maybe a long break. I have taken a break for about a year a few times, and often for months. Helps to come back to the game fresh. Maybe people shouldn't expect one game to be fun forever.
Proxy345 (NA)
: Do you know how easy it would be for aliens to eliminate all human life?
And? Humans could eliminate human life just as easily. Aliens could just drop nukes all over or whatever else, and we couldn't do all that much about it.
Itankyou (NA)
: The defensive masteries blow.
What defensive masteries?
: Can we stop pretending that “Runes Reforged” isn’t great?!
I dislike keystones. I disliked them before, and now they are even more powerful, so I dislike them more. Getting runes and keeping only masteries made sense, but it is still in a state where your keystone is the only thing that REALLY matters, and the rest of your choices barely matter.
: @ Riot games! How to stop trolls, AFK's, and toxic players permanaitly!
: How can i talk nice to people?
"Jesus would want you to do this..."
: What is the point of playing late game champions in the current meta ?
Because late game starts at about 20 minutes these days. Easy
: I realize I deserved the chat restriction, but should this game really have counted towards it?
: Just dropped about $300 on a new fishtank
I hope it was bills, because that much in coins probably would have broken it.
: THE MOST BROKEN TANK JUNGLE???!!! (Rammus Jungle)
Wish I could have a Draven top when I play Rammus. And a Lee jungle. And melee mid. What a dream.
: Fix everything wrong with zoe.
That isn't a yes/no question. sigh.
koshkyra (NA)
: Its so fun getting rightclicked by rengar for 1000+ the moment he finishes duskblade
If he finished those 4 items before 25 minutes, perhaps the problem is something else.
: Don't criticize RIOT games. An employee will sabotage your account!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Wow no way this is random? Crazy. And they are even controlling what champions the enemy team is playing? That's actually impressive if they managed that.
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