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: This actually sounds like a great solution for feeder teams. Honestly though I disagree with "Your personal points have nothing to do with your own personal play.". It is entirely possible to solo carry a game, even though difficult.
I have no doubt in that. This post is more for the people that solo carry and yet the team still loses.
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: It doesn't matter if you're behind in levels or gold, it just matters how long you're gone for, basically. I'd be pretty upset if I was supporting as Nami or Soraka, lagged out, then got back in to find I was banned for my gold/level being behind. Especially since with Nami it's easy to get behind in levels. And no offense, some people take over 2 minutes to be able to restart their computer, put in their computer password (if one is there), open League and log in, and get back into game. So they still have a chance to get banned.
You guys are both right. But here's my problem... This is all coming off from a huge problem that RIOT had with their servers recently. There were hundreds if not thousands of people that had problems where (uniformly) they would reach a randomly high spike in lag, dc, and be forced to manaually reconnect in order to continue the game. Otherwise they would just sit there DC'D and doing nothing. I was one of the people that was stuck in this mess, and I can tell you, sometimes it would take me up to 8 times to reconnect, and the reloading of my computer didn't do anything. In fact, taking my computer back to factory setting with nothing else on it did nothing. Because it had nothing to do with my internet provider, it had nothing to do with my computer or anything with the ram. IT WAS RIOT. I live on the East Coast NA and for several years they have been talking about fixing the servers out here. But it never happens. It even got to a point where there was someone from RIOT saying that it was noticeably unfair to be playing on the East Coast servers. For crying out loud, when ESPORTS went into the collegiate bracket, they started moving all of the East Coast schools to compete on the West Side. NOW they are saying that should this problem arise, its your fucking fault that our servers are shit and you know it and yet you still played, because you are ruining someone elses day and I don't care. Fuck off, You DC'D. Am I the only one that feels thoroughly disrespected here?
: Attempting to Reconnect......... for days........
One person has responded, and quite frankly, in a way that seems pissed at us. I mean, I understand that so many people are rushing them and saying WE HAVE THIS PROBLEM. And on their end I would be like JESUS GIVE ME A SECOND. But as you can see, this person said there was no problem to begin with so... Yeah.
: The issue you're having doesn't sound like the majority problem that other players are having. On the surface they may sound somewhat similar, but an issue that seems to be related to your account should be more thoroughly investigated with a support specialist. Quite frankly, yeah, there's a lot of problems that you guys have that you shouldn't have. But unfortunately we don't live in a perfect world and in order for problems to be solved it requires a little give and a little take. For your particular issues, you should create a support ticket and try to troubleshoot this issue with us. I've heard of it before and it can be a bitch to fix, but I don't think you're having the same problems as everyone else in this thread. Just my two cents.
Your two cents has still not fixed this game. Shall I go back into the 30+ forum posts that say they have the same problem as well? Or perhaps the one that responded to my post in one of those 30+ forum posts saying he had the same problem. You pick. This problem is now being posted on Riot as well as Reddit. 2 patches, 2 sites, no progress. Line the facts up.
: Can a red poster tell me why you let your employees lie about this stuff? Please read this.
What I think is so funny about this is that people (and by people, I mean people all over atleast 12 thread's that i can see) stating all of the same things. I, for one, can say that my service with this game was abysmal for several months, and then miraculously got better. Frame rates went up to atleast 30fps, which is great being that they used to drop to atleast 12 when in team fights. I was so freaking happy with this game. I watch LCS and follow NA teams, yatta yatta yatta. It was only until recently that I started putting money into buying skins for my champs. Why? Because I thought that I would be playing this game for a long time coming. And then, here comes this shitty problem. Let me elaborate why I think it's shitty. For one thing, I am the only person that is hit by this problem IN MY HOUSE. Its not my computer, I'm running windows 8, and I can play games with a much bigger file (Borderlands 2, Skyrim, Portal) and not have the slightest problem with them. It's not my internet, because everything was working fine. But here, my friends, is the shittiest part. My brother was sitting right next to me while this DC shit started happening... AND NOTHING WAS HAPPENING TO HIM. I got on his profile, and nothing was happening to his profile, but on his PC it happened when he logged into my profile. Meanwhile, we are running on the same wifi we have been for months where (if you read back there) everything was working fine. Nothing has changed. I read another entry were something like this was happening with another player, the problem where he would dc, but on the same network, someone else wouldn't have this problem, and when he logged into his friends account, nothing happened at all. Sorry if I don't feel the need to post a tracer, Riot. There are hundreds of people with my problem that have wasted their time. And there is only ONE person who has answered. And sorry if I don't feel that your bullshit animatronic response that so many people have tried and gotten zero results from is not a response. I'm pissed, Riot. We are not your family, we are not your kids. We are your consumers, and you just don't give a shit. You have a board filled with the same problems, a board that has been filled with just ONE problem for weeks now. Where the fuck have you been? Because I'm DAMN sure you aren't ALL In Korea.
: Disconnects/Ping spikes, Read and Sign if you are having these issues.
I've been having this problem for almost a week and a half now. I DC and there is no way to reconnect other than manually disconnecting from the match and reconnection through the load screen, and sometimes this takes atleast 5-6 tries.
I have had this problem for something slightly short of a week now. And I have done several things to try and troubleshoot, such as reinstalling, repairing the launcher, and scanning for viruses. At the same time, there is nothing else on my computer that is being affected (i.e games on steam, skype, internet connection.) At the same time, this problem plagued me all weekend, while I was sitting right next to my brother who was playing in the same matches as me. And yet, mysteriously, he was not affected at all. In fact, we had began making a joke out of all the times that after my ping would spike, and then I would have to manually leave the match and try to reconnect, my ping on the loading screen would be somewhere at like... 80-90. And you would hear during the loading from his laptop "A summoner has reconnected." I would load to 95% and you would hear "A summoner has disconnected" and at 100% it would say the game has crashed. Again, with no dc happening for him. I don't know if this has anything to do with a sort of glitch with Kog'Maw's name? Perhaps that is something different but that shows up wrong. Sometimes with asterisk, and in bot matches something entirely different. I agree with someone below who said that it might have to do with the Mac Hotfix, because about 3-4 days after that had started was when I started getting these DC's. I have faith in Riot, though I have to say that it is a bit frustrating for this to have happened for about a week now, and to see that there are at least two forum posts with several responses from other clients but not one from Riot. I have put time and money into this game. And its something that me and my brother hold as a sort of similar hobby. Its disappointing that when he is visiting for the weekend, it seems the game is screwing up and we can't enjoy it. Just saying.
: Recent Issues with "Attempting to Reconnect" on NA
I've had this exact same problem, and I have been going around like a monkey to fix it. The first thing I did was reboot the client the first time. Nothing happened. And sometimes you aren't able to reconnect for up to 10 minutes. Meanwhile, I had no ping problem whatsoever before hand, and it all just comes out random. To be completely honest, I thought it was some "Drophack" Because it seemed to only be happening when I was having a good game, and when I wasn't nothing seemed to happen. Until it happened randomly on a bad game I was having. So I looked something up and it said to repair client. I did so. And it didn't work. Meanwhile, I am DC'ing in the middle of a ranked match. This time I look on the forums. NO ONE is saying anything, so the first thing that comes to mind is that maybe its just my computer. So I uninstall and re-install. Nothing. I do it again. This time, I run some virus catcher. No viruses. Still DC'ing. At this point, I go fuck it. I have a bunch of stuff on this laptop that I should have thrown out a long time ago. So I just restart it from Factory. I download Chrome, seemingly just to download LoL. I just got done with my second match. The same thing happened. The extremely weird thing is that most of the time I'm playing with my brother right next to me, and this same problem isn't happening to his laptop at all. I even played in matches with him, figuring it was just something weird with servers. I would disconnect and he wouldn't. Meanwhile, I would be playing games like Skyrim or Borderlands 2 or Portal on steam and nary a problem. RIOT. FIX YOUR SHIT.


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