: Excuse me for perhaps sounding like an apologist. Imagine ordering a pizza from your favorite joint. Their pizza takes a while to make but it's a burden for you to wait so long, so you want them to make it express. So they do; but now it tastes like crap. You can't have your cake and eat it too, y'know? Eventually, when trying to make things "better" or "more convenient" for players, you're gonna end up having to cut corners. The perfect system doesn't exist.
Would it be outside the realm of reason to assume people playing ranked actually care about their MMR and would therefore prefer a longer queue time to have a higher chance of tighter skill grouping between players? And to that end if people wanted to "get into a game and play as fast as possible" could play normals? This could easily appease both groups of players and negate the "have your cake and eat it to" scenario as you put it by offering players the choice. This seems especially reasonable since normals and ranked already have different MMR pools as it is.


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