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: Yes! {{champion:20}} 's thematics also make no sense. He doesn't feel like a "pair" or mounted character. He doesn't play like a support, but that's his listed class. How does a Yeti make your blood boil and buff you? I think he needs attention more than Galio who has been finding his niche recently. Hope Nunu is soon after.
Yeah Nunu's kit is outdated and makes for a rather awkward champ. His w gives him increased attack speed, but it doesn't really buff anything since he has no on-hit effects. At best, it buffs up an ally, which is why he is in the "support" role. His q makes him all about jungle control, which I like and think they could really make that his main theme. His e is really unhealthy imo. Full AP, it does stupid damage and can perma-slow. Without AP, it's a mediocre ability at best. His ultimate does disgusting damage with or without AP and is very unreliable.
: Rofl these guys think they did good with the Ryze rework when they don't realize he's still at 40% winrate or so
Win rate has little or nothing to do with how well a champion has been reworked. All that that 40% means is that he is difficult to play.
6Sfool (NA)
: I like the idea. Over the years, champs have been given interactions with everything on the map except towers. So far, several have interactions with minions/monsters (voli fear, nunu, morde's dragon) and some have been given interactions with terrain (gnar ult, jarvan ult, taliyah's everything). But only ziggs and trist have any interaction at all with towers, and it is superficial. I can't think of any champ that needs a new identity more than galio, and making him interact with towers seems like the perfect route. What else do gargoyles do anyway?
Bard's ult affects towers too
: well actually {{champion:268}} can use the sand warriors 2 attack turret directly.
He can't anymore–they removed this a few patches ago because his tower-pushing ability was too strong
: I have come to the conclusion that too high of a majority of the people who play ranked games at bronze-silver and I am sure, even sometimes gold elo do not actually differentiate between Ranked and Unranked games. In other words, they play ranked games with little to no care or effort, when they should leave that mindset in aarams or even unranked ques. There needs to be a better system of punishment for players who are intentionally and obviously (consistently) not putting forth effort in ranked games. I am talking about players who not only feed, but also players who have obviously given up well before a game would end. Do not neglect lower elos, because I can tell you from personal experience that the lower the elo the worse this problem is - which makes climbing a living nightmare {{champion:56}} Why should players who are trying their damndest in any elo be penalized for players who type in chat "gg" at 10 minutes after giving away 4 kills? I don't understand why I need to lose lp because of these people. Ty
The ranked placement and ranking system are absolute bullshit. Riot seems to think I belong in Bronze. I have been playing ranked since Season 3, where I was placed in S2 and quickly fell to S5. I did not belong in Silver when I began, and I admit that. However, for the following three seasons, I have consistently been placed in Bronze when I know I belong in at least Gold. For three seasons in a row, I have managed to crawl my way out of bronze into high silver. I know exactly what this guy is talking about. I have spent countless hours putting in so much effort to climb the ladder. I am too often dragged down by people who give up after losing first blood, or by people who just don't care about ranked. There is something seriously wrong with a system that gives points based almost entirely on win or loss. My MMR suffers heavily when I go on losing streaks due to trolls. I end up gaining significantly less LP for a win than I lose for a loss. This makes no sense when I get 3.0+ KDA's in most games. PLEASE introduce some new system that gives some kind of weight to KDA, CS, towers taken, inhibitors taken, etc. A loss is a loss, but I shouldn't have to lose 22 LP when I had a perfect KDA and took down half the buildings in the game myself.
wakfi (NA)
: actually Hexakill was originally on SR. It made for some interesting games, but it wasn't anything special. That said, I would still enjoy having it back one weekend
I agree, it was super awkward. People didn't know what to do with the extra person on the team, and it was very rare that people got hexakills. I think it is much better on treeline (would be cool on howling abyss too!) because it is constant action, and hexakills are more likely to occur.
: I want doom bots! i never play that game mode, it was up when i was starting league, pls riot bring Doom bots
BRING BACK DBOD! I really enjoyed DBoD because they offered unique challenges. The bots were ridiculously OP, and we knew that, but we still tried to defeat them. And when we did, it was just so satisfying. Although, I do agree with ChaosThief. It would be very laborious to update all of the bots, etc. However, I honestly think that DBoD was one of the best Featured Game Modes because it encouraged cooperation and teamwork. It was a kind of boss-level-style of game mode that we don't see much of in League. Dragon and Baron don't really count–only Xerath in Ascension, and even then, he isn't THAT hard to kill.
: Retiring Dominion
SIGN THE OFFICIAL PETITION: KEEP DOMINION IN LEAGUE OF LEGENDS https://www.change.org/p/riot-games-keep-dominion-in-league-of-legends-8df9ffbe-0ba7-4710-bbd0-f84de4f151c0?recruiter=89050054&utm_source=share_petition&utm_medium=copylink
: Retiring Dominion
You fucking disgust me, Riot.
: My wife and I play Dominion exclusively, for a few years now. We don't have the time to commit to the longer games of Summoner's Rift, and we don't have the patience to grind on minoins when, as two adults around 30 years old, we'd rather be having some fun killing things. Dominion was a great place for us to jump into a few games every night with a bunch of other friends. We've spent quite a bit on League in the three years or so we've been playing. I'm not some kid who's going to try to rage and boycott League of Legends, but here's the truth: you're going to lose us, and the family members we've pulled into this game mode with us. And we'll find another game. But that means you'll lose a couple that watches Pro games while we eat dinner (we often skip past the slow parts at the start). Which means we also won't have games on in the background while we're at work. And we won't be subscribed to the League community channels on YouTube, because we'll put our precious free-time towards other games that cater to the limited time we have for actual sit-down play. You know those "[insert company] evangelists"? That was me for League. I hyped up the games, the community, the art, the LCS, everything. You have a business to run, and I get that. But this really sucks. The sting of wasting money on a game I thought I was going to play for some time is one thing, but the whole community I'm going to end up walking away from is the most frustratng. By removing Dominion, you're removing a space for people like us who found it fit our gaming styles.
Very well said.
: When push comes to shove, riot is still a business. Getting rid of something because of lack of resources combined with incredibly small return on investment is what businesses do. This change will alienate an infinitesimally small section of their playerbase, while freeing up a much larger portion of their company as compared to the portion of the overall player base (their consumers) that the dominion only players represent. In fact, I'm surprised they took this long to get rid of it. They are not a charity organization, and when it comes down to it every action they take is for the benefit of the company.
Infinitesimally small? 0.5% of 27 million players is still 135,000. That's an entire city's worth of real people who have been affected by this. It is incredibly inconsiderate.
: Unfortunately, keeping Dominion available in Custom games still has the same cost as being a matchmade queue. :/ We have to ensure all champions work with capture points, items, etc. The art on the map is also far behind what we'd consider the 'quality bar' for League nowadays. It would be a herculean SRU level effort to bring it up to parity (when we could better spend that time/resources doing something awesome on SR instead).
0.5% of 27 million players is still 135,000 people. Good job alienating the population of an entire city.
: The "cool stuff" doesn't necessarily have to manifest as a map or map skin. I think the cool champ skins, rift herald, scuttle crab, pool party minions, etc over the years are a compelling case for why we _didn't_ choose to SRU update Dominion.
You think rift herald is COOL??? NO ONE GETS IT!!! LCS teams don't even know what to do with it. This is ridiculous!
: Unfortunately, keeping Dominion available in Custom games still has the same cost as being a matchmade queue. :/ We have to ensure all champions work with capture points, items, etc. The art on the map is also far behind what we'd consider the 'quality bar' for League nowadays. It would be a herculean SRU level effort to bring it up to parity (when we could better spend that time/resources doing something awesome on SR instead).
Your comment is disgusting and shameful, L4T3NCY. You are telling us that Riot is the kind of company that gives up on a game mode with a dedicated fan base. That Riot only cares about SR. I guess we should say goodbye to ARAM and Twisted Treeline. This sets a precedent for more deletion. What is next? Should we say goodbye to Galio and Urogt as well? This is sickening.
: Retiring Dominion
This decision literally makes me want to cry.
Mecole (NA)
: a tiny % of players asking for this feature to stay is not a good reason for it to still be here. If thats how it worked we would still have broken items like DFG, champions would never get reworked, etc. At some point or another they are going to remove/alter somthing you enjoy about the game, but thats how things progress and evolve.
No, it is not the same at all. Item removal, such as DFG, is because it poses a risk to the health of that game mode. DFG was removed because it was just too inherently powerful and easy. I think Riot has done a good job with their reworks. People beg them for reworks. Do you think old Sion players don't love the fact that the new Sion has abilities, visuals, and lore that match his badass character? Don't Darius players think it's awesome that Darius can keep dunking over and over again? And what about Bilgewater's champions' players like MF, GP? If Riot completely reworked dominion so that it had an entire visual overhaul, if they changed a lot with the game mode, I wouldn't be up in flames. I would be excited that they finally put some love into it. If Riot's policy, as evidenced by its choice to remove dominion, is "out with the old, in with the new [or whatever will make us money]," then I guess now we should say goodbye to ARAM, Twisted Treeline, Galio, Urgot, and countless others.
Kaliin (NA)
: Dear Riot, I am a fairly veteran player of this game (mid season 2). This decision is the latest and if I may say agregious, in a recent string of changes that I believe are negatively impacting the game in such a way that I personally fear will and has been driving away a core player base that made the game what it is today. In the nature of expediency I shall limit my post to my grievance with the removal of dominion. I have very fond memories of playing the Dominion game mode as soon as I discovered it as an option in my early days of league. I must admit that I have not played dominion very often lately, but that is because of a multitude of factors, that you yourselves have admitted to being responsible for. The first and foremost being you pay zero attention to the game mode. As I was growing up I was raised with the mentality that if you make a mistake you don't run away from it, you stand up, take responsibility for it and you fix it. By abandoning dominion riot not only shows a lack of integrity but a lack of will to work on its most challenging tasks. Take the champion Galio as an example, with a pick rate of .1% for support and .2% in top.(ranked platinum and above as of 6.2) by following this precident that you are setting with the removal of Dominion, would Galio be next on the chopping block? Albeit this may be a slightly extreme example, following your logic it's not out of the realm of possibility. The notion that content can be removed from the game because of the current lack of player base is a frightening notion. My next point touches on another one of your arguments for the removal of Dominion. Bot accounts are toxic and unhealthy for the state of the game, everyone can agree on this. However, instead of addressing the underlying issue, getting rid of the bots, you want to simply remove the vehicle for which the bots are accessing the game. This is not a logical solution. If you break a finger, don't drop off your own hand, you fix the finger! I can remember seeing bot accounts in Dominion and even Twisted Treeline as far back as two to three seasons ago. This is not a new issue. Just because it occurs during low server traffic times on the less popular game modes it has not even been acknowledged, to my awareness. Does this mean that the Twisted Treeline will also go the way of dominion? I would be more outraged more than I am now if you were remove treeline. I understand as with previous content that has been removed from the game e.g. heart of gold, force of nature, or blood razor, were removed because they were unhealthy for the current state of game. However dominion is its own stand alone game mode which does not impact Summoner's Rift what so ever. Sure you don't have the time or resources to dedicate to fixing dominion so just leave it alone people are currently satisfied with the way it is. I would guarantee that the player base of Dominion would have no qualms with new champions being disabled on dominion until somebody have the time to get around to it. My final point is that concerning the community created Custom mode of hide and seek. whereas Dominion and its normal mode may not have a large player base, people that play hide and seek are quite numerous. One can enter the join a custom game lobby and find a large number of people playing hide and seek. As another poster mentioned that there are at least three different chat dedicated to creating hide and seek games. I understand the the difficulty that would be required for making hide and seek a custom game mode such as perma banned champions, items, excetera. However removing Dominion as a map even from the custom game mode options, is an insult to the people who love to play the Hide and Seek mode which I count myself among. The necessity of having such games available is to provide a form of relaxation and stress relief for those individuals who take League of Legends is a game very seriously. I know what you're thinking, " this is a game it's meant to have fun, if you aren't having fun then why play at all?" For many individuals, myself included, league has become more than just a game. It is not only a lifestyle but a passion which many individuals dedicate themselves to. I'm sure that many people will agree that even normal Summoner's Rift can be an extremely stressful experience as the game has progressed into such a state that the level of competitiveness and the shrinking window of what is meta has created an environment that can cause great stress and experiences that are downright unpleasant. I would bet that every summoner has questioned why they play this game anymore at one point or another, or even taking large breaks of time from playing the game at all. Sure you have the aram mode as a laid back way to play. However, at least in my personal opinion, Aram quickly becomes repetitive and just downright not fun as often times, at least in my experience, the balance of teams due to the random selection is skewed. For example one team has three assassins that rely on stealth and the other team has the wombo combo of doom. Hide and seek is a way for me personally to have fun in a guaranteed matter I never play a game of hide and seek that I want to rip my hair out over. It's a game mode that I can relax and be sociable and just enjoy the game for the sake of the game. By removing the Dominion map you take this away from me and I find that inexcusable. I feel as if I ranted it on long enough and have stated my points and concerns. What I want to see from you, riot, of course ideally would be to leave Dominion as is. I do understand your points, though I may not fully agree with them, and at the very least if you remove the pvp que for Dominion, for the love of Teemo, please please please please leave it in custom. will we ever see the Ascension game mode again? ( I thought this was one of the most fun temporary modes you have ever made) I throughly expect this to be read and responded to, as I believe I have stated my points in a logical and concise manner. These grievances must be addressed. Riot you are seriously teetering on the edge of not giving a shit about your community. Seriously wake up and listen to us. I know I'm not alone. With deep and disturbed regards, gumsquatt, aka: chiggo, chaidaigan. TL;DR: KEEP DOMINION ALIVE FOR US PLEASE!
I completely agree. Riot's behavior of late is absolutely disgusting. I personally have always been one to play game modes and champs that are not very popular or meta. I played Viktor long before he was in LCS. I have always loved dominion. Riot is obsessed about variety and choice on SR, but based on removal of dominion, they don't give one single bloody fuck about the variety of game modes. This was a very low blow, Riot. Very, very low.
: Retiring Dominion
The most amount of fun I have ever had playing league was hide and seek on dominion. Not on SR, not in All for One, not even in URF. What perhaps is most insensitive about your decision to remove dominion is that you did not consult the players. You should have polled people beforehand so you could at least give that statistic. Instead, you told us how many people actually play dominion. Well of course many people do not currently play it because YOU DID NOT SUPPORT IT OR EVEN TRY TO REVAMP IT. It is not updated reliably, there is no ranked play, its visuals are outdated, there are no rewards systems, its unique items are lackluster, and because of all this, queue times are obscenely long. And you expect people to play it?? If given the choice between Riot giving the proper attention to dominion and never having featured game modes again, or to discontinue dominion and only have FGM's, I would choose the former. I have a lot of memories in dominion. I am incredibly sad that you are discontinuing this game mode. I love it because it is so unique compared to the other maps. SR has three lanes, TT has two, ARAM has one. In all of them, you destroy turrets, inhibitors, and nexuses. Aren't TT and ARAM really exactly the same idea as SR? Dominion is an entirely different map with an entirely different play style. I think one of the biggest rushes you can have is when both teams have less than 50 health on their nexus in Dominion. To me, it's more of a rush, and more of a motivation to play the game than anything on SR. I am not only upset about the loss of one of my favorite game modes, but I am even more disgusted by the manner in which Riot games is removing it. You better damn well establish a rotation of featured game modes which includes a dominion-based mode.
: Champion Update: Shen
I really love the new artwork and basic attack animations. I think they make him more ninja-like, which was needed. Although, tbh, I've never understood why a ninja would be tanky lol. I hope that the lore team will add stuff about the spirit blade because that seems really random. I guess it's kind of like an Orianna ball that only has one ability associated with it? Love the visuals but not sure how I feel about the spirit blade.
: Champion Reveal: Jhin, the Virtuoso
Everyone is all upset about him not being "artistic" enough, but I disagree. Although his kit isn't exactly new (skillshots, traps, having to reload like Graves, etc.), I think people are missing all the subtleties in his art and in-game movements. He seems to waltz around when moving. Look at his acrobatics in his ability animations–everything is flourished. Notice that there are little rose petals that come out when he fires his w. I think that the team at Riot did a great job with this. We will understand Jhin and his passion for killing much better when we get to hear his VO. I think the goal for this champion was not to create crazy new abilities to reflect his artistry, but to get us into the head of a deranged psychopath. I personally like the idea of him being in the far backline. I think it is much more fitting for him to be the way that he is now. Each shot is worth something, everything he does is purposeful. Everything is perfect. It makes sense for him to be a backline adc. He hides in the shadows and kills people as if everything is one big show.
: "It's the support's job to ward"
{{item:3070}} JUST WARD PLS :( {{item:3070}} Unfortunately, people in low elos don't seem to recognize the incredible power that wards grant to a team. They would much rather go back into lane with 300 gold because it gets them closer to their next item, and wards are just a "waste" of money. On the contrary, one ward could have been the thing that alerted you to that Vi who ganked you and caused you to feed the enemy laner. Vision of the enemy jungle/objectives/etc is absolutely vital for a team to secure victory. So much of pro players' time is spent warding, clearing wards, having "support wars" over wards, etc. If only people would watch LCS more and realize how important vision is. It is entirely a team effort. As I said before, a ward can save your life in lane, but after the laning phase, it is definitely a 5-person team responsibility. That was the reason why Riot changed the warding system to only 3 stealth and 1 vision per person. At most, you can only have 18 wards on the map (not including the new blue trinket wards). This significantly affects how a team efficiently spends gold, and it forces players to work together to take objectives, etc.
: man this team builder isnt full yet i better dodge
People will always be impatient, but it is also far more beneficial to keep dodging if you want to play a specific high-demand role. For instance, since everyone wants to play Ekko, mid lane will usually always be filled. ADC's and supports are usually always in high demand. If I want to play an ADC, I can keep "finding another team" until I find a team comp I like, or until I find a group that already has four people. This is because my wait time is usually under 30 seconds for the role of ADC. So actually, imo, constant dodging is good for the people who actually want to play Team Builder to try out "unwanted" roles like ADC and support. The way I see it, people usually only play Team Builder to guarantee they can play a champion that was just released, and this takes away from those who play the game mode to try new things.
: The shifting sands of Azir at MSI
{{champion:268}} SHURIMA! https://youtu.be/_cp-XKz1Dlc
: Omega Squad Teemo once lived by a code
I might buy Teemo just to get this skin
Ponishio (NA)
: SHURIMA!! {{champion:268}} {{champion:58}} {{champion:15}} {{champion:101}} {{champion:69}} {{champion:32}} {{champion:75}} {{champion:33}} {{champion:72}}
{{champion:268}} GLORY TO SHURIMA! https://youtu.be/_cp-XKz1Dlc
: 1. NOXUSSSSSS{{champion:69}} {{champion:122}} {{champion:55}} {{champion:91}} {{champion:50}} {{champion:7}} {{champion:27}} {{champion:8}} {{champion:6}}
{{champion:91}} LIVE AND DIE BY THE BLADE!! https://youtu.be/2U0kjcrvceI
: {{champion:2}} BROMACIA!!!!! {{champion:150}} DEMAGLIO!!!!
{{champion:150}} Demaglio! :D https://youtu.be/ftUZOiYrBbs
: Dark Horses - Solo Lane Assassin Jarvan IV
{{champion:59}} Fetch the rest of your team–I'll wait! https://youtu.be/jgZODRmouSg
: *In my head* "Demacia! "DEMACIAAA" "Demacia!" "DEMACIAA" "Demacia! "DEMACIAAA" "Demacia! "DEMACIAAA" "Demacia! "DEMACIAAA" "Demacia! "DEMACIAAA" "Demacia! "DEMACIAAA" "Demacia! "DEMACIAAA" "Demacia! "DEMACIAAA" "Demacia! "DEMACIAAA" "Illuminate the enemy!" "Demacia! "DEMACIAAA" "Demacia! "DEMACIAAA" "Demacia! "DEMACIAAA" "Demacia! "DEMACIAAA" "Demacia! "DEMACIAAA" "Demacia! "DEMACIAAA" "Demacia! "DEMACIAAA" "Demacia! "DEMACIAAA"
{{champion:59}} Fetch the rest of your team–I'll wait! https://youtu.be/jgZODRmouSg
Statikk (NA)
: Statikk Q&A (completed)
Dear Statikk, I would like to begin by thanking you for taking time to take the players' opinions into consideration with your champion and balance changes. As previously mentioned in other comments, spellvamp items are grossly underrepresented in competitive play. While I personally love items like {{item:3152}} , {{item:3146}} , and {{item:3124}}, they do not seem to be cost--benefit-efficient enough that professional players will consistently buy them for the spellvamp utility. The holy trinity of mage items, {{item:3174}} ,{{item:3089}} , {{item:3135}}, emphasizes raw power channeled through champions' abilities. These items are dependent on enhancing champions' existing kits, rather than providing new utility for them. I think that when one considers "counter play" in the game, one forgets that buying spellvamp is a way for a bursty champion to help sustain himself against a DPS matchup. Perhaps these items could have an aura component, which would incentivize team players to build spellvamp for the sustainability of their whole team. I personally love to buy spellvamp because it offers sustainability in duels and team fights. For this reason, I would love to see an AD-based spellvamp item. I don't understand how it is fair to offer spellvamp only to mages and hybrid-style champions (like Akali, Jax, or even Ezreal as a hybrid), while pure AD champions like Zed, Talon, and Riven are forced to rely on lifesteal. As a Talon main, I would love to see an AD spellvamp item. On a similar note, I also don't understand why it is fair that mages have the opportunity to build an invulnerability item, {{item:3157}}. Sure, an AD caster can build {{item:3157}} for the pure utility of the stasis, but it is quite expensive an item when all the AP stats are lost. This is the same problem I have with {{item:3026}}. The stats on {{item:3026}} are mediocre at best–if one wanted to get tanky, one would buy {{item:3143}} or {{item:3102}} or another tank item. Let's be honest, one only buys {{item:3026}} for that extra safety net in case one dies in a fight. On champions like Talon, I would buy {{item:3157}} simply for the stasis because I can control that invincibility every 90 seconds, whereas I have to die first for {{item:3026}} and then wait five minutes before I can use it again. On a completely different note, I would like to get your opinion on an item that is not available on SR. One of my favorite items in the game is {{item:3122}} , but there is no equivalent item on SR. The only other damage-over-time effects classified as "bleed" are Darius' Hemorrhage (passive), Talon's Noxian Diplomacy (Q), and just recently, {{item:3185}} . I love to build {{item:3122}} in dominion, especially on champions like Vayne who depend heavily on basic attacks and critical strikes. To sum things, up, please consider the following questions: 1. How can Riot improve spellvamp, and what is your opinion of a spellvamp item for AD champions? 2. Is there a possibility of having an invulnerability stasis item like Zhonya's for AD champions? 3. Can you bring Wicked Hatchet/Lightbringer onto SR? Thank you again for your time and consideration.


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