: Tell me an unpopular League opinion that will trigger everyone.
CertainlyT should be head of the balance team.
: I am actually surprised that non-ADC in bot managed to be viable ONE WHOLE month
Reverting the crit item rework while letting ADCs keep their compinsation buffs at the same time didn't help.
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Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: August 17
How are those Annie buffs coming along? Still pushing to increase her AA range? Any other plans?
: I just watched an episode of Pokemon where...
Iris is just thst good of a dragon master. https://pre00.deviantart.net/3995/th/pre/i/2016/006/0/9/collab__iris_pokemon_by_ether_core-d9n09i2.png
: I despise the nexus blitz
Alot of people on gameplay will defend it but if you look into other forums and threads it's actually getting quite a lit f negative feedback. So trust me, it's not just you.
Cloud273 (NA)
: Small problem with Nexus Blitz
That event needs to be removed plain and simple, there are so many things wrong with ut, out of all the events that happen THAT one is the one that just cannot be fixed and i can see them removing it in a hotfix.
: Nexus Blitz - Week 1 Feedback and Patch Notes
My experience has been bad, I made a topic about it but i'll just put it here as well. First of all, I won't be touching this mode again, here is why. **Ring of fire event. Just remove it** The ring of fire is the most problematic event here. It doesn't enter any place fair and sometimes forces you into the enemy base if you don't want to get hit by it. This event cannot be balanced at all unless it is always going to be at the center of the map every time. As of right now, it's not, it forces teams into enemy jungle and bases and completely turns the tide of a match. **It needs to be removed.** **Events in general favour one side and are so punishing** Depending on where they spawn like loot the teemo. Where Teemo spawned on the enemy side and got wrecked before it even made it to the blue side. Pushing the carts is another example that is so punishing where you lose an objective instantly for losing a team fight. The game time for this mode is what, 8 mins? that's not a good sign that the mode is healthy and alot of it can be contributed to the events. **Chaos through fun is one thing but its only fun if all sides have an equal chance at winning it.** **5man premades are a problem, the matchmaking is not good.** Almost every game I played both on this one and a few smurfs I went up against 5man premade while my team was full of randoms. This is not okay, it needs to stop immediately. the matchmaking is also creating an unfair playing environment that will surely chase off those who just want to enjoy the mode. There needs to be some restriction that matches premade with premades. Right now the mode is more frustrating then it is fun and if changes aren't made its just going to be the next URF that chases away players who play it. people complain about RNG ruining games well this is a prime example of what league should never be.
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: Nunu & Willump VGU: WIP Thread
Will there be an AMA at some point or did that already happen? If so will it be here or on reddit?
regaline (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Decahexatris1,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=lT4OE4LF,comment-id=0006,timestamp=2018-08-14T15:38:21.644+0000) > > There are uneducated potatoes on this forum that believe a parent bathing their child in a bathtub is sexualizing them. > > What more do I need to say. i actually read on some feminist publishing that fathers shouldn't be allowed to bathe their infant daughters a few years ago. it's fuckin wild
Okay so. Right after i made this post i checked out Reddit. There is a thread there about Nunu interactions and one of his interactions in game is that he calls Annie pretty. The comments fucking exploded with "Riot sexualizing kids again" comments. Like.. really? So he has a crush and called her pretty. Thats not sexualization. Holy fuck. My faith in humanity is hurtin boys.
: Nunu Bot Special interactions
Nunu has a crush on Annie lol. Dat cute puppy love.
: I hope Nunu and Annie have some interaction both in lore and in game.
Welp. The Nunu bot skin does have an interaction with her. Upon first encounter Nunu comments that she is "to pretty" so it looks like maybe he does have s crush on her.
regaline (NA)
: if you think pool party zoe is sexualizing children, i hope you don't go near any public pools
There are uneducated potatoes on this forum that believe a parent bathing their child in a bathtub is sexualizing them. What more do I need to say.
: I just want Annie to have a friend =(
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: I was planning on applying to Riot for a job. What do you think of my Resume?
I called that number on the Resume and asked if "this was Akali is so HOT!" but all i got was a very confused and eventually angry old lady. disappointed/10
: > You: YOU SAID ON AVERAGE SO THAT MEANS BURST DAMAGE IS NOT TO HIGH I also didn't say this. You need to read carefully. Again you read what you want to read > How delusional Oh the irony....
http://www.surrenderat20.net/2018/08/red-post-collection-gameplay-changes.html?m=1 > Our immediate focus > **Damage and burst are too high** > In 2018, damage in League is up relative to defenses in the game. This is especially true in the early game. We’re looking for the best ways to make some small improvements in an upcoming patch and do a comprehensive pass this preseason without overly stifling the action or opportunity for kills. > Specifically we agree there’s too much burst coming from systemic sources and many of these effects can stack. It’s not uncommon to see Scorch, Electrocute, Duskblade, and Stormrazor used together in a way that breaks our historical rules for how much reliable burst we allow without giving opponents much chance to respond. Get. Fucking. Wrecked. Lul.
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: > Burst damage is on average too high. They didn't say that damage is too high. The didn't even say that all burst damage is too high. They said Burst damage **on average** is too high. What does on "average" mean? It means that there are some extreme cases but there is also burst damage that is perfectly fine and I am sure you agree that they are mostly talking about stuff like Duskblade, Electrocute, Dark Harvest, Stormrazor, especially when combined. -> "stackability" It has nothing to do with Yasuo, he doesn't use any of these and Riot also said: > Damage from champion kits hasn't changed much over time I suggest you learn to read properly and stop throwing everything together, especially since you tell me to do my research. I mean that's kinda ironic, right? **Again "damage is too high" is way too generalized and Riot never said it.** You need to learn to differentiate. Riot is already very careful with such statements and they choose their wording very carefully and you still get it wrong, because **you only read what you want to read.** This needs to stop.
If someone tells you right to your face that damage is to high and you just cant accept that then theres no helping you. Riot: burst damage on average is to high. You: YOU SAID ON AVERAGE SO THAT MEANS BURST DAMAGE IS NOT TO HIGH How delusional do you have to be.
: Riot didn't say that damage is too high. That's just what some players spammed the boards with without ever proving it. Riot said they would look into it, because you guys go so overboard with your negativity that they couldn't ignore it any more. They also said, data shows **no increase in overall damage**, just more front loaded damage + the meta. Yasuo's win rate is shitty and Riot doesn't care that you have this irrational hatred for this particular champion. so yea they might be testing ways to buff him. I don't see the problem.
> [{quoted}](name=FixHealsRemoveGW,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=zqEVteXz,comment-id=0016,timestamp=2018-08-08T14:22:27.699+0000) > > Riot didn't say that damage is too high. yeah they did, please do your research next time. https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/developer-corner/yTorNEcE-quick-gameplay-thoughts-august-3 >As mentioned in previous posts we've been looking at damage output, including what sources are contributing what amount of damage. Here's where our heads are at: > >Burst damage is on average too high Damage from champion kits hasn't changed much over time Non kit sources have increased in damage however and more of that damage is being frontloaded (first AA and/or spell, rather than spread out over a champion's longer combat pattern) A meaningful part of that is that damage from pre-game (Runes) has increased meaningfully for many builds Some items have also skewed towards higher burst damage. Stackability's an issue there in some cases We've likely got scaling wrong on some Runes at least, with many values scaling both with level and ratio. That makes output particularly sensitive to snowball, rewarding leads all the more and making it harder to fight from behind. In terms of what we're planning to do, that's split up into two parts: > >In the near future we'll be nerfing the worst offenders and tackling things that are easily addressed by balance adjustments (8.16 or 8.17, depending on when the work's ready) For preseason we'll be doing a larger pass on non kit damage, with rune damage a likely core part of that, and looking at defenses, both base stats and those you opt into Initial changes likely changes for that 8.16 or 8.17 work below, possible a bit more gets added: > >Nerfs to runes like Electrocute, Scorch and Cheap Shot Nerfing Duskblade's damage proc Making Duskblade and Stormrazor share a unique passive
: Riot: "Teleport is being nerfed because it's crowding out other options..."
{{summoner:4}} Crowding out other options since Alpha testing.
: At least he can't one shot with a true damage AOE spell and her Q that can be shot through walls. Oh, where does Yas need to be? Basically in your face, and he cant one shot. We removed the bug that let him get a free auto in ult that could basically one shot you. And you all think he's this "Unkillable God" when all you have to bloody do is stun lock him after he ults. Heaven sake this champ gets lynched hard like Ghostcrawler.
> [{quoted}](name=Balterein,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=t5Ex6zFm,comment-id=000300010001,timestamp=2018-08-08T01:22:34.841+0000) > > At least he can't one shot with a true damage AOE spell and her Q that can be shot through walls. Oh, where does Yas need to be? Basically in your face, and he cant one shot. Do you even fucking play League of Legends?
: Is................ Is that a fucking 100% increase.........? Edit: I understand the 66% increase. I meant the literal 100% bonus AD increase versus the 66% increase to the ratio. Sorry for any confusion.
It's completely Ludacris. I've never seen a balance team completely throw all sense out the fucking window like this. I feel like I'm watching someone hit a self-destruct button and then exploding.
: Anyone remember when you could pick Annie into yasuo and just kind of win?
Yah Annie used to hard counter Yasuo but Yasuo got so many buffs its actually the other way around now. Annie was supposed to get buffs of her own but they seemed to have backtracked on that as well. Yasuo will win vs anyone at this point, i'd say your best bets vs him are {{champion:91}} and {{champion:238}} since their early and mid game 1v1 is better.
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Neimmen (EUNE)
: About the zoe nerfs coming in 8.16
I wish Yasuo would get the Zoe treatment, i remember when he was the hot topic. Yes, I play Zoe and yes she is strong but shes also very risky to play. She's what I like to call an investment champion whereas your team has to invest resources into making her strong in lane or she's not going to snowball. The truth of the matter is people complain about Zoe because they don't like being one shot by her combo. But there are other champions who do the exact same thing she does but with fewer risk. Let's compare, shall we? {{champion:142}} damage gimmick comes from her Sleepy bubble trouble if you get hit by it your going to take extra damage from her follow up paddle star. **If you get hit by it.** Sleepy bubble trouble can be blocked by minions, monsters, pets, clones, even things like shaco's boxes. If you do get hit by the bubble you do have a little time to prepare by using your minions or even jungle monsters to block the incoming paddle star. {{champion:91}} Has no gimmick to his damage. he hits level two and all-ins you and your dead. You cannot stop this unless you are under turret and even then his tower diving is fairly safe because of his wall leaping ability. If you do somehow survive and return to base to heal he punishes you by roaming to another lane. You cannot out push him in lane, you cannot out farm him in the lane, there is no risk to his damage, he does it, his rotation costs little to no mana and he will always out trade you no matter the item or level advantage. {{champion:238}} Another good example. W-Q combo means your going to be out poked hard. Even on Champions like Xereth or Ziggs, Zed is going to be able to trade with you very easily, and once he does widdle you down to nothing he can gap close and win the lane very easily. the same defensive items that work against zed can also work against Zoe. {{item:3157}} a very popular item vs zed, also good vs Zoe, you hourglass a zed ult yes, you can also hourglass a Zoe bubble, the difference here is that Zoe cannot follow up on you once the hourglass is over, Zed can, he just needs to swap with his shadow an he's right there to finish the job, Zoe on the other hand only has 1 second to recast her paddle star and hourglass effect lasts 2.5, if she doesn't it vanishes and goes on cooldown. Not to mention Zoe ult forces her back to her location where Zed has full control where he wants to be when you come out of hourglass. {{champion:157}} once he gets {{item:3046}} your laning phase is done, Yasuo is huge right now in the meta especially with the crit item revert. he got to keep his compensation buff and he's dishing out massive damage with amazing mobility and even more defensive options open to him. when it comes {{champion:157}} vs {{champion:142}} Yasuo is going to obliterate Zoe everytime. He need only block the bubble with Windwall and then dash in on her. he gets a massive, MASSIVE power spike with a single crit item, can wave clear very well with Q, gets free defensive stats from passive and windwall and has the mobility that is second only two Talon I'd say when it comes to mid champions. I honestly feel right now Yasuo has the more annoying kit, Zoe can be punished in lane, you can get some free damage off on her when she tried to pick up a spell shard, a good reaction time means you can hit her while she's in her ult The weaknesses are there. None of these things can be done to Yasuo He does everything and scales into a champion so powerful in the late game I'd honestly say he is THE strongest late game champion in the game just because of how much free stats he gets from his kit. That's just some example, I'm not going to get into other champions like {{champion:105}} {{champion:133}} or {{champion:62}} The other thing I want to address thats pissing people off is yes, Zoe's W spell theif. Even I think this move is stupid but not for the same reasons everyone else does. The idea behind it is cool but I think CertainlyToxic just went too far with his ambition this time around. Here is my take on Spell thief and why it shouldn't have ever been created. - Summoner spells are powerful. VERY powerful, Especially {{summoner:14}} and {{summoner:4}} right now. In the laning phase summoner spells can make or break it, A lvl 3 ignite can force an opponent out of lane and allow you to push the wave under their turret and back, ignite is so strong right now its not even being used to secure kills its literally being used to force the opponent back to base when you go back as well. Both you and your lane opponent have half HP and you want to back while punishing them? pop ignite on them, while they run back to turret burning you can hyper push the wave to their turret and back, they are either going to have to back as well, or stay and risk being killed by the jungler or you, either way, you win. So imagine Zoe getting 2 or even 3 ignites from her W? its very strong, on top of that it does grant even more damage with the 3 bubbles she gets as well. - The RNG to is so unhealthy for anyone, it either screws you or it screws Zoe. Zoe puts a point into W at lvl 2 and gets a redemption or proto belt or that uhh, other ice shooting item? Well, your fucked. Becuase not only does the skill itself offer damage but so does the activate she just got. On the other hand you could put a point into W and never ever get a bubble minion to appears until like 7 minutes in, in which case laning phase is over, leaving Zoe without her W damage to fight. There is no in-between for this RNG, its either really good or really bad. You Either win lane with It or lose lane with it. - A healthy skill either rewards you, or punishes a player. **Never both**. this is just my personal opinion and Zoe's not the only one guilty for this but I find if a skill does both reward and punish at the same time, then there is something wrong. Engaging on enemies with Zoe's W will always be in your favour. Flash into your opponent and force them to flash away, You get another Flash and some easy damage, they lose their flash, you get rewarded, they get punished, is the same if shes running away, she can flash away and you can flash to follow her but you'll take damage while she gets a speed boost, you get punished, she gets rewarded. That to me creates a balance slope so steep that the skill itself is worth the entire net of a champion. I have tried the W build on Zoe where you max W and go hextech flash and just rely on the W for your damage. Its fucking disgusting, and I say that AS a Zoe main. **The skill just does too much, it rewards you and punishes your opponent when it should really just do one or the other, not both.** Now, as I said Zoe is not the only champion guilty of doing this but i think in her case she is one that takes it to the extreme. With that said, I think if the core problems Zoe has were to be fixed, it would have to be the removal of her W for a new skill. I had this idea for a W rework. W - Sparklefly Fun! Range: 550 Cooldown: 0.25 Passive - Colorful Sparkle flies will periodically spawn around the map when Zoe is in the game, Zoe can collect these Sparkle flies to gain a stack of Sparkle Fly Fun. Occasionally, A Sparkle Fly will fly to her automatically every 50/40/30 (6/11/16) seconds granting her a stack (Max 1 stack per skill lvl for a max of 5) Active: Zoe consumes a stack of Sparkle Fly Fun, granting Zoe 30 / 40 / 50 / 60 / 70% bonus movement speed as well as summoning three Sparkle Flies that orbit her for 2 / 2.25 / 2.5 / 2.75 / 3 seconds. The Sparkle Flies autonomously hurl themselves at the nearest enemy, prioritizing her attack target, dealing 75 / 105 / 135 / 165 / 195 (+40% of ability power) magic damage per 3 Sparkle Flies. This move is smilier to spell theif but less powerful, there is no RNG and it doesn't reward Zoe and Punish the enemy at the same time. This is just the idea off the top of my head though. In conclusion yes Zoe is strong but there are other worse offenders out there, however the community is right to say that Zoe's W is an issue and needs to be changed.
: Tristana Jump interaction with Veigar wall
This is intended. The only thing that gets through are abilities that make you untargetable (vlad pool, xayah ult.) Unstoppable (malph and sion ult) or blinks (Flash. Ezreal E. Leblanc w recast) everything else is stopped.
Lakitu (NA)
: Suggestion: Change Annie's q to untargeted skill shot
This would actually make her weaker, and shes already in a weak state, If you want to give her better farming lane just increase the range of her Q.
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: If on-release chromas are going to become a regular thing, can we change the pricing structure?
: Top 10 most powerfull mages in-lore
Lore wise i believe {{champion:1}} has a lot of untapped and hidden potentiol to be destructive and powerful.
: Pool party event
It starts tomorrow.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: August 1
Hey Meddler. Can i ask what happened to the planned Annie buffs?
: Purple flash.
I've actually noticed this to but i also recently installed Discord and it only started happening when I did that so maaaybe it has to do with the Discord app
If it's to successful Riot will remove it. They don't want anything taking away from SR and game modes that have done so before were promptly removed. There was a time Riot even spoke about removing ARAM. Community backlash stopped that tough sooo.. who knows.
: Where's the Annie buff?
That's what I've been asking but I cant get Meddler or anyone from the patch notes to even acknowledge Annie exists!
: 5man vrs a duo and three randoms
It's not okay for this to happen. No other MOBA allows this to happen ever and when it does happen it's just the absolute worst experience league has to offer.
: AFK is handled by LeaverBuster, not IFS. LeaverBuster is the strictest punishment system. Here's how LeaverBuster works: Are they idle or AFK for more than 3 minutes? If yes, pop up a warning in-game. Are they idle or AFK for more than 5 minutes? If yes, give them a strike. Do they have any strikes this season? If no, give them a warning in-client and force them to type "I Agree." Do they have exactly one strike this season? If yes, give them a 5-minute timer added on top of five queues. After 5, the timer goes to 10. After 10, the timer goes to 20. Then the timer never goes down until next season when the strikes are reset. Note that, to avoid LeaverBuster, you must kill units or interact with champions. You can't walk in circles in base. Well, you can, but you'll still get a strike. Riot stopped handing out bans for AFK years ago.
> [{quoted}](name=SugeMinPikk,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=N3QKVVyj,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2018-07-31T21:10:03.392+0000) > > Then the timer never goes down until next season when the strikes are reset. I've never heard of this happening but the rest you say is true.
: With names that are CLEAR trolls
The name you posted, i played with this person to a week or so ago, he picked Heimer bot lane and just inted all game, he grabbed his starting items and by the end of it he was 0/24/0 at 15 minutes. He didn't buy a single itema side from his starters. Sad to see the report system failing if he's still playing games till this day.
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: Which Skins do you want to get Chromas?
Wonderland and red riding annie.
Zafflar (EUW)
: Aurelion Sol mains want to cry
This skin looks fuckin awesome. I dont play ASol but i might learn him a bit just to use this skin. His stars are freakin little space ships. I think the color of the skin and effects are very rich as well.
: Riot Direct AMA!
Who do you main in LoL?
: Patch 8.15 Notes
What happened to the planned Annie buffs?
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1uNo (NA)
: Was Rune's Reforged, Successfull?
This game was already going to shit before the new rune system, however, the new rune system wasn't that straw that broke the camel's back, it was the first boulder to rain down on the poor camel from the landslide that soon followed.
: new to the game and got a 10 min game restriction
Being toxic doesn't just mean flaming, it means having a negative attitude and lowering the overall morale of your team with that attitude. You seemed to really bitch out your team for every bad play they did and reacted to threats of trolling or griefing. What you say to your team can really affect how they play, though you didn't say anything really "Bad" your attitude is horribly negative and when you project that negative attitude onto your teammates it makes them feel worse and then they play worse. My advice is to really just not type so much. I will admit your chat logs are some of the largest logs i've ever seen which means you spent a good majority of your matches being negative to your team rather than focusing on the game at hand. Next time, if you have a problem with the way your team is playing then tell the after game or try to be a little more positive like with your gameplay suggestions.
: A very reasonable buff for Poppy that everyone will agree on...
I do like the idea but 6 seconds might be a little to short, it would mean late game she can have a perma dash blocker up. 18/16/14/12/10 might be a little better.
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