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: The number of people who would buy a skin is irrelevant since they make Victorious skins.
That argument only works for the single champion each year, and we don't yet know which champion it's going to be. Even older Victorious skins have no impact on the purchase choices of players who don't have the skin.
: People are just trying to be clever and get 5s of interwebs fame. It's all been done. Nothing much new here. On a side note, If EZ didn't look effeminate before, he does now.
: At least the saving grace here is that Ornns mana cost are massive. But knowing Rito that will change and suddenly Ornn is a better poppy. Just without the hard to kill nature that is poppy.
He can buy items from the lane, saving TP or even bringing something else. Poppy generally has to stick under tower and farm against all top laners besides other tanks, and use TP to get back to lane when she's been poked down or ran out of mana. He can also give teammates item upgrades, and though we don't know what they are yet, if the gold cost is equal to the stats provided, they're going to be pretty strong. And he an increase the effect of CC on enemies. He's already going to be a better Poppy, though it's also fair to say he'd have synergy with Poppy in a tank meta.
Suitaro (NA)
: Roppy's q still do good hp% dmg
Actually, it doesn't. Which is why they had to buff it and even still her win and pick rates didn't increase.
: But the real question is.... would YOU actually buy Star Guardian Urgot? I'm not defending SG skins, I don't like them even though I'm a girl. But people who asking SG Urgot would really buy it? :O
Well yes. That's like asking if someone would buy Armor of the Fifth Age Taric. If a joke skin is good enough, people will buy it. I like a few of them, but only because I think they're the ones the skin team put the most effort into for Poppy, Jinx, and Syndra. I got the Lux one back when it was the only SG skin, because it was the highest quality skin she had available. But now she's got the best skin in the entire fuckin' game that makes the other three ultimates, especially PF Ezreal, look like fuckin' jokes. People still buy winter, summer, and halloween skins despite their general lack of quality. Sometimes it's just the fact that the champion doesn't have any better options. I'm sure lots of people bought Snow Day or Pool Party Ziggs and then were disappointed when Arcane was better and more fitting. People would buy SG Urgot for the joke because it's a great joke. Granted, it would definitely be fewer people than would have before the rework since Crabgot is cheap and looks great now.
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: What a terrible metaphor. The card deck is more analogous to the tools (in this case, champion pool) one has available to him, but you start talking about skill level. A novice with a shuriken can still be beaten by an expert with a stone.
That's exactly what I said in regards to champions with higher skillcaps. Please finish reading posts before you comment. And as I said with the comment about some guy in Destiny winning somethin' with the starter gun, this is not a game where your mechanical skill is the deciding factor. You can't right-click any harder with Tryndamere no matter how much better you are than the opponent at street fighter 2. In your analogy, the shuriken novice wins every single time because ranged auto attacks are targeted. No ifs, ands, or buts about it. You do an AA fight Kennen vs Taliyah, Kennen will win every single time because every 4th attack has bonus damage.
: As for not playing ranked until you're ready, only part of playing ranked is to climb. The other part of the purpose of playing ranked is to be matched against like players. You don't have to want to climb to challenger to play ranked. Some people don't care if they're bronze. They just don't want to play against Diamonds if they're bronze. Riot isn't going to tell anyone sorry, you suck so badly we're not going to let you even play. And it would be a Bronze V level business decision if they did.
Then players should click an option telling the game whether they're trying to climb or not, so they don't get matched with those you claim don't mind being in bronze--- or trolls, as they're normally called since they take the game as seriously as drunk players in norms. There's an MMR in norms as well. Your argument assumes that isn't the case, but it is.
: > [{quoted}](name=DeceasedL0ved0ne,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=ZL2PdzL8,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2017-08-03T14:54:35.845+0000) > > I only said the first ADC who came to mind. Caitlin is only easy _right now_ because the items have been changed so heavily in her favor. But Vayne's E makes her strong regardless of the state of items, so she's the first to come to mind. I'm a Cait main, so I just sign Cait at the end of all my messages. I was not trying to say Cait was easy. I only said Vayne isn't easy. Largely because her passive makes it very easy to overextend when you're new to playing her, and landing Condemn for a stun isn't as easy as the pros make it look. :) Oh, and no fucking waveclear. :D {{champion:51}}
Her passive doesn't make it easy to overextend unless you're new to playing the game, not just Vayne. Only a new player hits minions 3 times thinking they need their three-hit passive to proc.
Limmie (NA)
: >Riot's tutorials are completely inadequate Wait, what? You mean to tell me that {{item:3075}} isn't the proper rush item on {{champion:22}} ?
Well they just buffed it. And you normally fight AD champions at bot, so why not? Clearly the best choice. :^)
: If bronze is removed, silver will effectively become the new bronze, albeit slightly shinier. I feel like any competitive sports/games can be designed as free-to-enter, as in the case for League. The tiers are in place to place similar skill levels together. So what if they're less skilled than higher tier players? They're (theoretically) playing with others who are similar in skill level, for whatever reason. They may not be as competitive, they may need more time to learn the ropes, they may be unlucky. I see no reason to bar someone's ability to enter the competition, since every participant will simply have to deal with the tier they're placed in based on their individual skills anyway.
That's not true, with the replacement I've suggested. I want a much stricter screening process to prove readiness for ranked in the first place. Yes, it will be the lowest, but it will also prove without a doubt that you had the skill to be ranked at all.
AirJoker (NA)
: I agree to an extent. However, no matter how good you are, you cannot carry 2-3 feeders and trolls during your matches. Which means you get stuck in the hell-hole known as bronze, where you win a few games, lose 10... Finally move up a division, then get bumped right back down because you received a streak of unskilled or troll players in your matches. I had this conversation not long ago with friend that agrees, there are too many people that hit lvl 30 and think they are pro. The problem is, they have no idea what they are doing unless they are a smurf, and they drag the other 4 people down with them when they feed their lane to the point of unkillable. There should be a requirement when you are attempting to play ranked to have 50-100 regular matches played as a lvl 30 before you can queue into your promos. Not I bought the Digital Collectors pack when I hit 30 so I am good to go. Just my 2 cents on a broken and crappy placement system. I get it that this is a team event, but it is garbage that you get stuck in Bronze 5 as a player that plays very well just because a troll or new player sank your game.
That is exactly why I think Bronze should not exist. There should be a longer placement period, and if you don't make the cut, you don't get into Ranked. That way there isn't just one rank where all newbies get stuck because they know nothing about the game, horrible players get stuck because they won't bother learning, and some unlucky bastards get dragged down with them.
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: "As of 11/13/2014, 95% of active players in 2014 have never received a punishment of any kind. The vast majority of you have not received chat restrictions, ranked restrictions, game bans or permanent bans this year!" "We've recently been focused on addressing extreme cases of verbal toxicity, and will soon be testing additional systems that address gameplay toxicity like leavers, AFKs, and intentional feeders. However, it's important to keep in mind that players engaging in these behaviors really are not welcome in our community. Fewer than 1% of players have been escalated to a 14-day ban or permanent ban or even received a chat restriction."
2014. WERE. Back in 2014, they had obscure data showing that players who are arbitrarily toxic lose more, and have since removed that tip from the loadscreen because it isn't true.
: @ Toxic players: YOU are the minority.
Provide PROOF of your claim. From experience, the number is far higher than 5%. So unless you have the proof, your point is a lie.
Dr Mercy (NA)
: Heheh, I mean, some guy scored first in Iron Banner (Destiny) using the Starter gun, soooooo.
That's not analogous. In a game where mechanical skill actually makes the most difference, that's possible. But no matter how good you are at FPS and fighting games, you can't right-click any harder as yi.
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: Telling 40% of the community that they're not good enough to play ranked and removing bronze altogether sounds like a very elitist and overall douche thing to say...
The fact simply is they aren't ready. There's no season reward for bronze due to that. There's nothing douchie about it. In fact, it'd save 40% of the ranked players from the grief of being in bronze for a long time. They are not good enough for a reward by Riot's standards. The bottom rung should not just be a shit pile. If you think it's elitist to want an actual barrier to competitive, then that's just you. What I want is for there not to be a rank where others have quantifiable proof to tell you you're a shit player.
: Vayne is _not_ easy. {{champion:51}}
I only said the first ADC who came to mind. Caitlin is only easy _right now_ because the items have been changed so heavily in her favor. But Vayne's W makes her strong regardless of the state of items, so she's the first to come to mind.
: This is not necessarily true, there are players of all skill levels in any competitive online game. Same goes for improvement. Some people improve more and faster than others. Still some players don't improve at all no matter how much they play. Saying that bronze shouldn't exist at all is pretty harsh. Sure there are players that may start at a bronze skill level, but many of them learn and climb out. Also, whether a player believes they're ready or not for ranked is entirely subjective. 1 player could hit level 30 and unlock the prerequisite number of champs and feel they are ready while another could play for years before he decides he is ready while another still may never play ranked at all.
The fact some players don't improve at all no matter how much they play fits into my point. I'm saying that playing a ton of games at the bronze level doesn't teach you anything. You need to actively search for tips because the game doesn't provide them. Which is why we should not have a bronze level, it's just the place where people who didn't bother to put in that little effort or intentionally lose the game end up. Whether someone is ready for ranked or not, I think, is akin to whether or not they'll be put in bronze. If you're assigned to a T-ball team when you try out for baseball, you aren't ready. We should have a more in-depth test for placement, but also set it up so that bronze-level players simply don't get a rank since they've proven they aren't qualified.
: > [{quoted}](name=DeceasedL0ved0ne,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=ZL2PdzL8,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2017-08-03T13:58:55.433+0000) > > We have low divisions because there are people who think they're ready when they're not. Bronze should not exist, but only does because so many bad players think Ranked is the mode for them. > They aren't true competitors, but we need a place for them so decent players don't have to deal with their crap. > > There is nothing you can learn from bronze matches that you couldn't learn just as well in normals. Orrrrr... They are just bad players. Not everyone can be in the olympics.
That's extremely different. Most, if not all, players should rightfully be able to reach Gold if they're serious. The problem we have is that players who don't even know basics of their event are trying to do it competitively.
archerno1 (EUNE)
: No. Ranked should be measurement of your current skill. Thats why we have divisions.
We have low divisions because there are people who think they're ready when they're not. Bronze should not exist, but only does because so many bad players think Ranked is the mode for them. They aren't true competitors, but we need a place for them so decent players don't have to deal with their crap. There is nothing you can learn from bronze matches that you couldn't learn just as well in normals.
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: Stop Confusing "Playing Badly" with "Trolling"
First, you're delusional if you think it's an uncommon thing for people to intentionally feed. Second, it's up to the players to do diligent work to improve themselves if they think they're good enough to play ranked. That includes looking up basic tips that the game itself doesn't provide. If a player has died 6 times because they keep on trying to 1v1 someone that has 2 levels and an entire item over them, then they are trolling. It may not be intentional, but the very fact they entered ranked without the knowledge that they shouldn't do that _is_ the trolling.
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: upvoted also would be cool if they make it with the farmer braum skin i know about the racism thing or whatever , i just thought that riot always changes fan skins abit to fit their own way so i thought they'd make farmer braum feel more runeterran than just copy paste from real life mexicans ( I am not trying to sounds racists here too )
culture =/= racism
Xonra (NA)
: I think a lot of this mindset here (not yours, the person you responded to) comes from previous seasons where being down 5k gold in solo queue DIDN'T mean you auto lost. The game was more favorable for poke and waveclear champs that could stall a game. It didn't have the "minions are stronger and push harder if you are already winning, making them win harder", and the multiple levels of "win harder, snowball harder" mechanics added. The majority of the player base still hasn't caught up to the game mindset wise, so they still go with "just stall, farm up, and catch up", when that isn't what they game is anymore, or at least no where near that same extent, and most certainly not in solo queue.
You're completely right, and it all started around the same time: Season 4's jungle changes. The swap of dragon's reward to a stacking buff made it near impossible to accomplish a turnaround if the enemy had most dragons. The elemental dragons are just as powerful if it happens to spawn infernals and mountains. Following those lines, the rest of the game has been changed to make it harder and harder to turn games around, and reward ending games earlier.
: When neither team wants to make the first move in a teamfight
: Or they could also have a troll. Or you could so grossly outclass them that they have no chance even with you having a troll.
If you outclass them enough that a 4v5 isn't a hinderance, then you shouldn't have been matched with them in the first place.
: "Not every match can be won, but every match *can* be lost" At some point there's very little you can do outright in a match. Sometimes you don't have many options to win, but what's important is that your team aren't the only players in the match. Comebacks are made possible by teams staying vigilant and capitalizing on the mistakes of their opponents. The reason why I personally don't surrender very often is because of this. With careful play you can find opportunities to get back on the board. The match isn't over until the nexus falls, until that, there's opportunity, no matter how scarce it seems to appear.
Surrender is fine by me. A 20/0 hypercarry is a clear sign that the match can't be won. But what I never, ever do is prematurely say gg. There is no surer way to lose than to say gg before the nexus has died. Even inting isn't as effective.
: Every game is winnable, but my line when I want to surrender is "I'd rather not play a 50 minute game for a 10% chance of winning."
Whoever said every game is winnable just plain lied. If your team is far enough behind, then your only chance to win is if it gets to the point where your items are up to par with the enemies'. And even then, you only stand a chance if your champions scale harder AND the enemies make a massive mistake that they, up until that point, haven't made.
: The point is that people in league love to use excuses to justify why they lose. The problem is not to lose when you have this Morgana on your team. The problem is the top laner dying 5 times in 10 minutes and saying he lost because of Morgana. Is the mid laner losing a trade level 1 and getting outfarmed just to blame morgana for the lost. People love to hide on the evident bad to put a shadow on their personal worst.
Even with either of those situations, the Morgana is the biggest contributor to the loss. The troll is always at fault because that's the fact. Losing lane phase can be played around in the team fights. But a 4v5 can't.
Xonra (NA)
: "Every Game Is Winnable"
Whoever told you every game is winnable is flat out wrong. Think of it like poker. The skill involved is knowing when to do what and bluff well, but all of the good calls and blank expressions amount to nothing if the hand is terrible. Same thing here. There is nothing a lone player can do to overcome a bad ally situation, assuming they're not smurfing for their self esteem.
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: Just to be clear here, it's not a bug, and I've not been downvoting your thread, I have been upvoting them so they will get seen. The problem is you are spamming the thread, which is not helping things at all. Still thought, it IS intended for the Mistwalkers to take 50% AoE damage, and the text DOES need to be included, OR they should change it and make the Mistwalkers have actual health so they can take more than a single auto to kill and heal based on damage that Yorick does.
You already saw the proof that it is NOT intended. What proof do you have that it is?
mecharri (EUW)
: "But listen, if he misses his W he really..."
"But if his E is down, you can kite him."
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: Fair point - - he does kind of look like Ezreal. But his projectile is more like an arrow. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
He's throwing back a spear.
: Was expecting the Fairy Tail one where Gray legit Ashe ulted that guy from the Oracion Seis. Lol
Yeah I was hoping for something that actually related to Ashe in any way too. Ezreal would be a more fitting comparison for these gifs.
Meddler (NA)
: That's intentional yeah. We wanted to give the ghouls some resilience to AOE damage late game (increased health) while still allowing champions without AD to meaningfully auto attack them.
You need to address a bug with this intention. I tested it myself and Poppy's Q deals exactly half damage at all levels to mistwalkers, when they should die at early levels. Rightfully, they wouldn't die _late_ game to one Poppy Q because part of it is %hp and ghouls can have more HP than the rest of the damage Poppy Q would normally do. Early game, they don't have that much HP. But the code is such that they somehow have 50% damage reduction against it.
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meowwow7 (NA)
: well you also have to factor in the dot magic champs or the ones that have multi hit spells such as {{champion:134}} {{champion:42}} {{champion:27}} {{champion:34}} {{champion:90}} {{champion:63}} {{champion:161}} {{champion:55}} and etc
Ah, I forgot about those.
: > [{quoted}](name=Murdercap,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=E3Jqmtmq,comment-id=001d,timestamp=2017-08-01T03:11:01.235+0000) > > this is like the eighth time ive seen a post like this. shut up kid Learn to respect. I'd imagine you'd be respectful in real life... So why not show the same towards the online community. Quit bullying people; it is not right.
There's no respect to be had for someone who posts a joke in Gameplay, trying to give bad advice to new players.
: Just because I am in bronze does not mean I cannot give good advice.
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: This skin is amazing but they need to update her basic attack animation just like aether wing. Base basic attack animation is what bother me the most on Kayle....But nice skin so far.
They need to update her default animations in general, not just certain skins.
Kàyle (NA)
: I'm SO Excited for this new PentaKayle skin...
They need to update her animations. They're still season 1 crap.
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