D3m37r1 (NA)
: Better than an endless cycle of Lotpk and Ascension.
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Bultz (NA)
: When you had this idea a month ago and no one liked it....lol
Brascus (NA)
: Rotating game mode where you spend gold on your minions
Or bring back Black Market Brawlers for this exact effect?
Pinkaj (NA)
: Yup, it's terrible seeing a xerath support + vayne adc doing super well bot lane, but the whole team flames the annie support if she never lands her stuns for her mf, meanwhile the enemy lulu has facerolled her 20hp adc to safety from a lee sin gank.
They either need to normalize bot so you can effectively have ANYONE be your duo partner, or normalize it so that only supportive champions can actually be in the role.
: What kind of rework would you suggest?
The full kind. She's not unique enough that her few mains would even have much of a voice to object or ask for specific abilities to be kept. At most, she'd keep slows as a theme.
: I mean sort of? Really with his passive effectively allowing him to go without Relic as he already has the passive, you can happily take any Support item.
Since he has that passive shield, adding more onto it would be most beneficial because he has low defensive stats. But he isn't good at poking, so he's not going to stack Spellthief's well and he's so mobile that he doesn't even need its reward when he finally gets it. None of his abilities have much of an impact from just one level, so Coin isn't great either. He's effectively locked out of the best option for his playstyle because he's ranged-- despite having 100 lower range than the next runner-up, and 200 less than the next-next.
RO538UD (NA)
: Name one champion that you like when fed..
Raiyza (NA)
: She's anti-fizz/yasuo/ahri/lucian/mobility. Main the fuck out of that bitch.
You can pick Annie or Malzahar for a more effective, more reliable counter to mobility.
Voluug13 (NA)
: The real question is ''is maining worthy of doing'', to what the answer is generally no.
It's the only way to climb reliably.
: Is Lissandra worth maining?
She's pretty bad. 100 mana for a single-target stun that deals meh damage, vs. Annie who can deal a ton of damage in an area stun. Or Kennen. Even against champions that she might counter, Malzahar is still a better pick. Her kit's just so generic that it doesn't provide any strength that isn't bettered by someone else. Want the same duration stun on a much shorter cooldown and with more damage? Annie. Want better ability to lock down and kill one target? Malzahar. Want the safety of her self-target ult but with better lane sustain and damage? Vladimir. Want much better range and more damage? Ziggs, Lux, Xerath. And if you want more mobility than her E on a more effective champion, then any assassin will do. She needs a rework to her abilities, not her passive.
: Honestly i don't care if my support is a full ap brand who's having kills
That's the issue, though. A mage should not be as effective in a role with an income deficit as a champion designed to be a support. And of course, when they aren't it's just a burden on the team. When they are, it's because they counter actual support kits.
SatomiKun (EUW)
: Shens passive (which is a shield just like Rakans passive) and E both scale with bonus health. Rakan scales way better with AP than Shen does. For example, Ekko has a shield which scales off of AP just like Rakan. He is designed to be an assassin and his tank playstyle was considered unhealthy like every other tank assassin (another example: Fizz). It is pretty frustrating if a champ has strong built in escapes in his kit and additionally builds tank so he is extremely hard to kill. It's the same case for Rakan in my opinion. He has 3 forms of mobility in his kit (W, E and R). He has pretty high AP scalings to encourage building AP instead of tank (remember Ekko? They lowered his base damages and increased AP scalings for the same purpose) and in my opinion, denying him the ability to use Relic Shield with full efficiency was an intended design decision. Hence why they said that experienced Rakans should use Spellthief.
You can't just go comparing a support with an assassin, because he is not an assassin. The weakness he has is one that only works well on assassins since they can actually accomplish something alone when they dive in and escape. On a support, it only serves to add risk to a decision that hinges entirely on your allies' followup in the first place. And obviously denying him relic shield was intended. That something was intended doesn't mean it should be in the game. Blitz's ultimate passive works exactly as intended, that doesn't mean it's supposed to steal farm when your relic is down. And of course there are plenty of other abilities and items that worked exactly as intended but were still mistakes. He's a diving support, so his defenses shouldn't be limited to his crowd control and the 60 AP he gets from building the one AP item he can afford, seeing as how he still needs locket and Redemption like most non-damage supports. Hell, even guides say you need to bring tank masteries and runes just to be effective. The defense that his AP scalings are to encourage AP builds just doesn't add up, due to a lack of efficient AP support items.
: To be fair Rakan's passive does stack with Relic Shield's passive if he really wanted it that badly. But Rakan's passive allows him to forgo Relic and get Spell Thiefs. He's effectively allowed 2 Support item bonuses for the price of one. On top of that Spell Thiefs gives an okay amount of AP too boost his passive.
That's the point. He synergizes well with Relic because he has a shield already, but is forced into Coin because his poke is unreliable and he doesn't need the movement speed at all.
: PSA to all the people saying SKT should let other teams win. this is a COMPETITION.
It's entertainment first and foremost. That's why game balance is sacrificed so that certain, more-entertaining-for-new-players-to-watch champions are intentionally left strong enough for professional play, while certain totally-boring-but-global-presence champions get nerfed.
: Melee range is 250. Rakan's is 300. Like if it's gonna be that low why not just drop it down another 50 points and just make him melee so he can get the execute off relic.
Because people downvoted my thread where I said this before his release, so clearly it's a bad idea and the community disagrees. Not like it was going to be completely obvious or anything.
: It's even more frustrating now that FotM allows most supports to execute minions at 275 range Hell, some melee champions can execute minions from beyond Rakan's attack range, like Tahm.
It also gives them Rakan's passive.
SatomiKun (EUW)
: That he dies quickly is intended... He is the assassin version of a support. You go in at the right moment (for example, if their CC is down), do fancy stuff (classic assassin: kill a carry, Rakan: CC the hell outta them) and then escape from the middle of the enemy team with your mobility (ally targeted dash and/or ult). He is actually not intended to be played as a tank. Hence why he has all these AP ratios. If he would be intended to be played tank, his passive would scale with health instead of AP. It seems quite difficult to learn, since we don't really have other supports with an assassin playstyle. It is all about timing.
Shen tends to disagree with your notion that a tank would have Health scaling instead of AP scaling.
: Can Rakan fucking be melee
I was sayin' this before his release, my friend.
: A look at the scoreboard? I never said we were ahead. You've missed the point of the post as well.
You wanna just go around harassing anyone who disagrees with your post, go on ahead. We'll see how many reports that it's in fact on the wrong board it takes to get it moved.
: I'm going to destroy the ENTIRE board with a single thread
On the subject of bad players, The very first game I played the day Yasuo was released, I didn't pay attention to the fact his Q's cooldown ties in with attack speed, so I built like Riven. Side note: A bruiser is what we have with Yasuo's current build path. He doesn't had to keep stacking damage on top of his crit because the base damage of his Q supplements the loss from his passive until around 260 AD.
: ***
While he may be a jerk, he does have a point. If your Darius is doing well enough that he can roam mid, your team cis gonna win as a whole most of the time.
: I was 1/2/0 in the mid lane, losing in CS, extremely tilted
Obviously your team was doing well. A look at the scoreboard could've told you that, and would've boosted your mood without the fed-enough-to-roam-to-mid Darius typing in the chat.
: > [{quoted}](name=DeceasedL0ved0ne,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=OT2iooHn,comment-id=0005,timestamp=2017-05-22T05:04:40.046+0000) > > Everyone shuts down Sol' entire kit. His design is shit, centered solely around group play and damage, rather than fun or viability for most players. > > PS: Your complaint is pointless anyway. He already blinks where your stars can't hit him. Sol isnt shit, he can face counters that are not overblown obviously pretty well, as i said earlier i handled kass very well (i first blood him) and i didnt felt that it was that hard, on the other hand champions like fizz and akali after 6 are impossible to face.. Sol has clear weaknesses but he has also great advantages, like the best roaming in map for a gank, one of the best chase mechanism W + Rylais etc. Just because you dont find his kit interesting doesnt mean he is shit.
Then why whine about an obviously correct interaction. Are you gonna cry that stuns work on him too?
Rebonack (NA)
: People are probably going to be banning the lane-counter they least want to play against.
As I said, that tends to fall to one of the ~10 champions at any given point who counter many champs. Who's your worst lane-counter as Syndra? Fizz. As Katarina? Fizz. As Leblanc? Fizz. As anyone with a skillshot? Fizz. (Maybe Yasuo) Your choice means very little when one champ is the hardest counter to it and most other options as well.
: @Riot, why does Kassadin Q cancels my Sol`s passive (im not talking about W), is that normal?
Everyone shuts down Sol' entire kit. His design is shit, centered solely around group play and damage, rather than fun or viability for most players. PS: Your complaint is pointless anyway. He already blinks where your stars can't hit him.
: I have a ban the enemy team doesn't have a vayne.
And she's the only ADC who deals %HP true damage on top of bork and armor penetration. That's a strength that can't be replicated and outclasses the rest of the class; it puts her high up in ban priority regardless of changes to other champions.
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Swegmec (NA)
: I think it's a great system and I'm in Bronze 4. I'm tired of a) me not getting a say in banning due to RNG and then losing because the champion I was going to ban got picked. b) The same exact 6 champions banned every goddamn time (combination of {{champion:64}} {{champion:157}} {{champion:103}} {{champion:92}} {{champion:104}} {{champion:105}} {{champion:238}} {{champion:67}} {{champion:17}} ) when there are many other bans that would help the entire team (e.g. {{champion:33}} when we have a full-AD team). c) The complete lack of strategy in banning; right now it's just "ban the most OP champions and screw team comp".
The strategy is to ban the most OP champions because they're a threat to _every_ team comp. Whereas any specific bans you do against your team can most likely be replaced anyway. If you waste a ban on Rammus, there's still a bunch of tanks that can stack armor to beat you. Some are even bigger threats, like Malphite. _Especially_ with the current Rammus. Champions that are overpowered get banned because the strengths they have make them far outclass other relatively similar champions. That's why the bans aren't 6 Fighters-- just Lee Sin. That's why banning anyone _not_ overpowered because they counter your team comp is a waste. If they're not overpowered, it means there's a champion similar enough to them to play in their place.
: A Message to the Boards. A Bigger Issue than 10 Bans.
But there are far more low-level players who also agree that the proposed 10-ban system is bad. It's actually pretty amazing that there's so few misinformed players who think it's good.
: If there is a problem with the neww 10 ban system, it's not due to 'wasted bans'
The issue with your logic is that the ban phase has never been about who counters your specific team. The top-banned champions are in that spot because they counter every team that doesn't include them.
abdul569 (EUW)
: When I'm facing renekton and he Es, Ws, Qs, Es out without me even landing an auto on him
All the strengths of a juggernaut without their one supposed weakness.
: Community reaction to literally any and all changes Riot makes
That's usually what happens when a baby is expecting milk and you give it soap instead.
: The fact that people are complaining about My Shop is sad
That's not the case at all. A majority of the sales are >50%, and they specifically locked out legendary and ultimate skins, so there's a 0% chance of a sale for those better than what's seen in the shop.
: If you don't have ANY champion on your team that can kite, then TBH you deserve to be wrecked by a juggernaught
And yet you claim kiting them is possible as every champion, which is a lie. They're not the skuttlecrab.
: If there is any overlap in banning at all, it's going to mean less than 10 champs were banned. Now look at the banrates of some of the top tier champs in the game. Now realize that this means it will rare to see a game where there AREN'T overlapping bans. Now realize that the 10 bans thing was a dirty lie. Hell, it might even lead to some permaban champs getting banned LESS often, as both teams play chicken and assume the other team will ban them, then use their ban on someone else.
Exactly. It's a way to keep flashy unfair champions in the game where they can pretend they tried to appease the players.
: > > Downvote this comment. It really doesn't matter. It's obvious the main audience for this clickbait thread is people who don't know which champions are actually juggernauts, and fans of juggernauts. The thread's a joke, and it's only people who cry when they're rightfully counterpicked as a juggernaut who think they're fair-- since that's the only way to counter them. ? > ** the only way to counter them.** KITE THEM
You have no idea what kiting means, huh.
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It's because there are some that are extremely high priority, and others people just end up dealing with. It makes no sense to make it ten bans when there's a decent chance it'll actually only be 5.
: Riot, thank you for 5 bans.
The issue is that the ban phase is still just for the best picks, regardless. It's just that for the last three years there have been more than 6 champions unfair to play against.
: lol.. so two teams ban yasuo, since yasuo got double banned nw both teams can pick yasuo? lol stay bronze
You didn't understand that at all... Maybe try learning English before you comment on the boards.
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: I Dont Give A Shit If This Is A Normal Game
The summoner's code doesn't even say the word ranked in it. Don't see why so many new players think the rules only apply in ranked.
: > [{quoted}](name=DeceasedL0ved0ne,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=No7T1QuJ,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2017-05-19T02:53:13.272+0000) > > _Oh look, someone doesn't understand that that doesn't justify a 60% winrate at any point in the game_ You are skewing it to a specific timeframe. It doesn't mean anything. Draven should be winning most of his game sby gaining a high early advantage, so ofc if you check winrates within the first 25 minutes of games, he is gonna role high. It's like trying to claim Talon needs nerfs just because he got the highest First Blood count in the game, despite it not even helpign him win games. Its an incredibly bias and shortsighted logic you are applying and it reeks of looking for reasons to justify nerfs however small and obtuse the justification may be.
Except that what you used to compare doesn't work at all as comparison. SINCE the first blood count doesn't help him win games, it doesn't make a difference. Fact is, too many games are ending while Draven still has his advantage.
: You'd need to be absolutely crazy or a god tier Ascension player to consider pulling this off. Let me guess, you're going to pick the Sona comp every game.
He's mainly betting on the fact the Rioters who do so little work that they have time to post on the boards are things like Audio Designer or Eye Candy Artist, and Silver 3 at best.
: And Veigar has 63% win rate in 50 minute games. What of it?
A very small portion of games reach 50 minutes. A very large portion of games end before 30.
: _Oh look the early game bully snowball champion's winrate is high in games that end fast! Who'd have thought!_
_Oh look, someone doesn't understand that that doesn't justify a 60% winrate at any point in the game_
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4ntongC (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=DeceasedL0ved0ne,realm=NA,application-id=cIfEodbz,discussion-id=Ej72A4ZL,comment-id=00000001,timestamp=2017-05-17T03:47:48.702+0000) > > Randomize it. > Or specifically prevent it from being for champions you already own 2+ skins on. Last thing I need is Nottingham Ezreal when I own Pulsefire and Arcade. First thing I want is slayer Jinx when I also own SG Jinx and Firecracker Jinx : / Hope it doesn't work this way.
Well I got Debonair Ezreal in my sale. Happy now? lol
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