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: Junglers are buying Knight's Vow, Toplaners are back to being a living bait for enemy ADC
Odd to see a complaint with two examples of champions who weren't effected by the recent tank item nerfs and didn't even build them in those games. Just looks like bad games on strong champs.
: Lmfao THIS Patch? Ever since they have been given tank stats via items effects that should be only on Bruisers ({{item:3046}} {{item:3812}} ) Coped with disgusting amounts of mobility (which i belive to be the worst afront), and throw in supports now making someone nigh unkillable via {{item:3109}} {{item:3190}} {{item:3107}} and riot decided that wasent enough so they reworked {{item:3026}} to give em an extra life. Everything is out of control. Its fucking retarded and honestly ive just downloaded HOTS and moved there until riot decides to unfuck their game.
And now on top of those changes all tank items were nerfed. Especially both Tabi and Randuin's.
: ADCs are needlessly strong this patch
Crit item costs were reduced, Death's Dance was buffed, Sunfire and Randuin's were drastically nerfed. This development is to be expected.
GIaceon (EUNE)
: If you take video games this seriously and get so upset then you should grow up too.
But if you don't take a PvP team game as serious as needed, there are plenty of Player vs AI games you can try. Ya don't sign up to play a baseball game if all you wanted to do was run around the bases.
: Just had a darius AFK at 3 minutes because he died to a gank.
If you have a Darius stupid enough to die in lane, you're better off with him afk than with him 0-10.
:,100):origin()/pre01/23b5/th/pre/i/2017/152/7/a/dawnbringer_riven_by_thats_lewdacris-dbb8das.png Here you go buddy!
Ralanr (NA)
: Then basically every time Yasuo ults into a team it's a death sentence.
{{item:3812}} {{item:3153}} {{item:3072}} Yeah, a death sentence. Other champions who are more susceptible to CC have to time their engages so as to not get focused down and die instantly. The same should be true of Yasuo especially since he can easily buy lifesteal.
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: Yasuo is not evil, Riven is. Evil refers to the loser, Justice refers to the victor. The method doesn't matter, the loser is the evil one.
Neither is evil. They're both just confused.
: Order is gunna win and here's why
but srsly can we get the link to the thumbnail
Rainfall (EUNE)
: all tanks scale with something,otherwise playing a tank would not be rewarding when youre winning lane.
My point is that it's not rewarding. She scales a stat she doesn't build, so as she's winning lane her abilities aren't getting any stronger aside from the base from leveling. Since she doesn't buy AD, and they only scale _bonus_ AD, she's not getting anything for winning lane. I'm asking for a buff.
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Slythion (NA)
: the threat of cc would be nice but b/c mobility is becoming so rampant in the game it's easier to just ignore tanks than it was in previous seasons
Exactly. And the few who can lock down opponents with AoE abilities need to be able to stand the lane phase without a massive gold deficit, since the efficiency of their items is around 580g less efficient than the bruiser start with only a 200g difference in cost. That's why we see Galio and Gragas dominating top as the only viable tanks. they're the only ones with the kits to do both their job as tanks and farm against higher-damage opponents.
Slythion (NA)
: then why would you not giving tanks the stat that make them tanks? Making a tank do damage is literally against the definition of a tank
Because that's the direction they're going with all changes. Thanks to the fact that any champion who can easily clear/poke or 1v1 has a far superior lane phase compared to a champion who shines during teamfights, tanks needed the damage from sunfire to have any kind of chance in lane. Perhaps increasing the damage of Bami's Cinder could also help, but again it's a damage change. They've already shown they do not want champions to actually be tanky, with the switch up from health to gold-equivalent defensive stats on tank items. I did say giving back durability was an option, but it doesn't look like that's the option they'll go for. And knowing their position on reverts in general, they'll intentionally change something besides the stat they messed up.
Slythion (NA)
: A tank's purpose is to provide CC to either disrupt the enemy backline (and provide an opening for allies to kill people) or to protect the ally backline from a similar situation What *you're* thinking of are Juggernauts and/or Divers. While they are durable, they are definitely not Tanks
And the tank update removed the ability for tanks to survive lane phase with the gold to do so. Damage buffs are the only solution short of giving back durability.
: I've had it with people belittling the amount of effort it takes to play tanks
You've simply listed things every player has to think about regardless of their pick. . .
Slythion (NA)
: A tank's purpose is to provide CC to either disrupt the enemy backline (and provide an opening for allies to kill people) or to protect the ally backline from a similar situation What *you're* thinking of are Juggernauts and/or Divers. While they are durable, they are definitely not Tanks
The builds could fool anyone aside from the catered item designed specifically to remove any counter building a tank might have against them.
Slythion (NA)
: you want have more damage? do you know what a tank's purpose _is _ in this game?
CC. That's it. Unfortunately, a tank in this game cannot do the traditional job of a tank in soaking damage, since very few actually force the enemy to attack them.
: ok but only if you give juggs some hard cc
LOL You're always the first to come in with the nonsense. {{champion:122}} Totally doesn't have hard CC, right?
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: I don't even get the joke but it made me laugh anyways because I was so sure it'd be citrine
: Where are you getting 44% from? Majority of sites are listing her close to 46%. And considering everything she's always been a champion to be below 50% win rate.
Just because she's always been at 49 doesn't make it okay for her to be so far from the average, and the rate drops as low as 38% against her hardest counter-- which shouldn't be the case for ANY matchup on ANY champion. And the "buff" is just a change to make her as effective as before against tanks, since now that tanks have less HP her Q does less damage against its intended targets.
: On what champ. Different champs have different recomended builds. Even the map matters. Ludens is recomended on rumble in tt but not sr despite being availible on both.
Any champ that suggests Trinity.
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: literally any ranged top says hello. kayle lissandra teemo (yorick) (xin zhao) this is a terrible case of L2P panth can't spam because he can only use Q uhh, 10 times before running completely oom? seriously kid
He's just complaining since Panth is specifically a lane bully counter.
Ollerus (NA)
: I just laugh at all these people having trouble with Pantheon.. Renekton, Kled, Gragas, Galio, Sejuani and he's just destroyed start to finish.
The people complaining are the ones who are used to having the advantage. He specifically counters early lane bullies who rely on AA's in their trades. And many of the strongest top laners do so.
: luckily this game isn't actually a 1v1 pvp isn't it.
If the only solution to a matchup is to have a 2v1 advantage, that's the issue. Don't know how you'd miss that.
: My thought process whenever I lane against a pantheon.
Darius is the one you should be complaining about. Pantheon can be countered by the new Doran shield, and unless you're Pantheon yourself, he poses more of a threat to anyone than Pantheon does, even without the range. As you complain that Pantheon falls of late game, Darius actually doesn't. His passive AD steroid gets almost seven times stronger, his ultimate loses both its cooldown and mana cost, and his armor shred increases to negate the mid-game strength of any armor. And then there's the fact anyone else strong can buy Hydra to cover their farm, and will get rewarded by a stronger late game than the Pantheon they didn't feed.
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: To be fair Poppy is not struggling that much though. 1% is actually 2% and it's Max health damage on top of that. You can't buff her durability anymore as she'll just reach the stage she was in before, and she's not lacking in any other area. Not too mention her Q reaches a 5 second base cooldown at max rank.
Poppy's down to 44% winrate, with the loss rate against counters being drastically higher than the win rate against champions she counters, and has been struggling ever since they wrongfully nerfed her due to CoC, when they then nerfed CoC anyway. So I don't know where your evaluation is coming from. That exact problem is why Sejuani was shit, because she was too good with Cinderhulk and they ignored her until now. Any champion who can buy bork can do that on a 1 second cooldown. The issue is that every tank needs back the durability they had before, or the damage. They hit both the durability AND damage of sunfire on the same patch, leaving it only an option on those champions who can poke from range.
Mhihnj (EUW)
: Yasuo when chaos wins...
The trick here is that both sides are evil.
: I'm going to be honest if it's ranked I encourage the enemy to do it. I will report you if I remember to do so, but I will encourage it.
OP is kind of misinformed, since he thinks it makes a difference when more than one person reports.
: Context is important. Like if I feel that the enemy is doing his best and I smash him in lane and go 4/0 and him 0/4 and the enemy says "report for feeding", than I'll just be like nope.
All that really does is feed into your ego though. You won't report them because you want to believe you're so much better that they can't possibly be losing on purpose.
: If you see a Int feeder on the enemy side REPORT HIM not encourage him to keep on feeding.
You have no idea how the report system works if you think this makes a difference. It doesn't take into account multiples of the same report type. If someone gets reported for inting by one player, it's registered as they were reported for inting in that game. Doesn't matter how many people in that game report, it still only registers as the one game. So you should encourage feeding while the game is active, for the free win.
: "X Rioter made a bad gameplay design in my opinion and therefore should lose their job!"
Well, you've over-exaggerated the comparison. It's more like yelling at management for an employee spitting in your food _at the table_ when you're a regular customer and it's only that employee who does this. If they're consistently making such mistakes despite constant feedback from thousands of people and then blatantly ignoring the fact they've made a mistake, they need to be fired.
: The main reason I hated team builder was the whole idea of one person deciding what champion they want on the team and if you didn't pick champions they deemed to be meta. One tricks and out of meta mains got isolated and neglected.
Well, most people who played it didn't know or care what's meta. Just what looked like a reasonable pick. We didn't kick out the Nunu jungles, we kicked the Teemo supports. And unfortunately a lot of jackasses flooded the Support pool with Teemo.
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Ah, the buffs to Gnar and Poppy are extremely slight. 1% increase to hammer shock damage doesn't come close to matching the nerf to sunfire vs. opponents. If they wanted to make it so tanks fight the minions instead of champions, they should've brought back Strength of the Ages.
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Mig89 (NA)
: Darius isn't a tank
Which is kinda funny, since now his first item which already hard-countered sunfire matches it for defensive stats. Darius got a massive buff when the tank items were changed since he builds cleaver for no downside, and lower health on tank items means his ultimate is even more effective.
: Darius needs to take some actual skill. Change him too. His heal attack should be a cone infront of him not a goddamn circle "hurr hurr here I come, spin heal attack" and his point - click ult. Braindead champion.
What Darius needs is some actual thought put into a rework, instead of the creation of a new class that never existed to begin with. They claimed that Nasus was the inspiration for the class, but the main weakness he has is nonexistent on the others. That is, he is weak early game Darius is the biggest offender, as there is no champion who can reasonably fight against him in lane unless he's brand new to the champion. The raw stats he gets simply overpower anyone who makes an attempt. He forces you to play safe as if you'd already been feeding even though no one has died yet.
: It's a legendary, those get special animation changes
It's not an animation change, it's a particle effect. And the other two do in fact have particle effects on the Q. What I'm asking is for them to put those same effects on the auto attacks.
: Legendary skin are known to have brand new animations, that includes AA, taunts, etc.
The others have special particles on the Q as well. It wouldn't be too much to ask that they add that trail to the autos.
: Top lane tanks got screwed over, for the most part, because they finally nerfed the laning crutch that was Sunfire Cape. Now that the item is mainly a waveclear tool instead of giving you more power in champ-to-champ combat, the ability of tanks to lane got turned down. I even made a threat on it back when the tank update hit: Since then, quite a few tanks got buffs: {{champion:33}} got a minor rework, and looks fairly decent in the jungle - which was always more of his home than top lane. {{champion:36}} , while not being a true tank, got buffed, as he was affected by the Sunfire nerfs. {{champion:54}} 's E got buffed with an increased Armor ratio. He is back at a winrate of about 51% on top lane. {{champion:14}} 's W got buffed to have a lower CD and a better HP ratio. On PBE, there are also some more beneficial changes: {{champion:150}} is buffed. {{champion:78}} is buffed. {{item:3001}} is changed to build out of Catalyst, giving lane tanks a really nice build path for that item. You'd think that tanks really ought to like Catalyst's passive - mana sustain through the damage they take, and health sustain based on their high mana costs. {{item:3751}} is cheaper and accessible after a full jungle clear. ---- Also, I'd like to contest your assertion that tank items, overall, took heavy nerfs in the tank update: {{item:3742}} got a goldneutral stat change and a positive passive change. {{item:3143}} got a hefty nerf, I agree. {{item:3001}} got improved for tanks (and gets even better on PBE). {{item:3194}} and {{item:3193}} were added - and while the former is somewhat underwhelming, the latter is a massive powerhouse. {{item:3065}} got first buffed, but then nerfed as it was too strong. {{item:3068}} got a goldneutral stat change, but the nerf that harshly affects its champ-to-champ prowess (and now awaits a cost reduction). {{item:3083}} was buffed. However, what really signifies the changes to be a buff to defensive itemization were the changes to Black Cleaver and the Last Whispers: While the combined HP/Resistance items were changed to have higher emphasis on the Resistance part, the ArPen of these items went down significantly (by roughly 20%).
I don't remember seeing any Gnar or Poppy buffs, and your lack of an explanation for what theirs were makes me suspicious. The others were superficial, and haven't done anything to improve their performance.
Ishmael (EUNE)
: I find it hilarious that Gragas is a veeeeery popular pick in LCS and has over 10% pick rate in solo Q with 50% win rate yet no one ever mentions him in any Tank discussions (unless in a hate thread which is rare as well).
Because he has a lot of range on his abilities. Generally it's the low range tanks that get screwed when Sunfire gets huge nerfs like it did. He and Galio are in good spots because they have that strength. And like Ekko/Fizz, he's not intended to be building full tank. The strange thing is that he and Galio aren't building RoA like intended.
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