: Look the ability takes about a second to reach destination as well, there is plenty of time for someone to dodge.
I just explained. With his two CC abilities he has a full 2.25 seconds of crowd control, along with the damage that the E deals. Just because an ability is a skillshot doesn't mean it's impossible to land. H's not just going to blindly fire it while your dash is up. And even if he does, as I pointed out it only has a 4 second cooldown. It's back up three times as fast as most dashes. In the specific example gave, the champion doesn't even have means to dash away from the ability. It also passes through units and has an extremely large area of effect for a skillshot. This is the single strongest skillshot of any basic ability.
: it wasnt a buff till he got his numbers changes. On the initial release it was a huge nerf Further more, the only reason it appears to be a buff is most people play shaco as AP now because AD is very difficult to pull off 1 shots like old shaco. Your analysis is shit
As AD, you still have a controllable minion that can use on-hit effects, in addition to 75% of your base damage. "Illusion"
: It's not broken, it almost never deals all the damage. They have to not only not dodge, but then stand in the tornado.
Since it's only 1.5 seconds, what they need is to not be hit by either one of his other abilities. Just 'cause I calculated the damage without adding on the damage his other abilities do, doesn't mean you should look at how often it hits while disregarding his CC.
: That's literally what Morello and Athene's always did, though. The only difference is that now there's only one infinite mana sustain item with CDR.
Now that Athene's old passive is a mastery, you can have all the goodness of new Morello and old Athene's for half the price and an extra item slot.
: Friend is a Shaco main, he averages roughly 5.5 to 1 KDR and just ruins people. He even started playing support for me and as support Shaco with ignite still goes 21/1 because he just out plays people all day. It's cheese as hell but it is working. He's on a razors edge for balance and thankfully it was said he I gonna get a full VGU eventually because his current kit is too much of everything. Tank build, DPS, Ad, Ap, Bruiser on hit bullshit or something, he even talks about the Korean Shaco player that goes on hit. His defense system that if they remove say his AP his top lane is over since he relies on boxes to be safe and it would destroy his top lane, but as I told him a champ shouldn't be able to do literally everything. Do I hate Shaco, as an adc main yeah. But as of right now, he's cancer but at least he's on my team every game.
"Outplays" with a champ who has a cloaked blink in a game where there is now no item to make stealthed units targetable. lol Since you ADC, you definitely know how frustrating that is. Especially when someone sweeps and you still can't target him.
Lyseth (NA)
: Why the hell do people want Shaco buffed?
Because Shaco mains consist of the kind of people who would mod Skyrim to make sneaking easier and deal more damage. They want to feel sneaky without having to work for it, and then also have a companion to soak up and deal extra damage.
Tworie (NA)
: *rolls Ashe 6 times in a row*
It doesn't matter which shards you get. 3 of any will give you the reroll into a permanent you don't own.
: Uh, no. The reason they removed it was that it gave burst mages an extra spell and they were required to be balanced around it; without the active there was literally no reason to build the item at the time.
Thank you for pointing that out. Fixed it. And Morello is doing the same thing via a different route. Now that a huge amount of CDR and mana is available in a single item, every mage who can buy it has to be nerfed around the thought that they'll be able to sling their whole rotation around more often with less resource management.
Rioter Comments
Enlegacy (NA)
: My friends and I are currently teaching another person how to play league who inexplicably thinks ADC is the most fun role in the game despite facing multiple talons, rengars, and graves. He basically only plays ADC. We think he is insane.
Hold on. The most important question here is whether or not one of your friends supports this person every match.
Rioter Comments
: Yasuo got a Nerf to his E base damage meant to tone down his power early game. People expected this to gut Yasuo however he still remains as popular as ever much to non Yasuo players discontent .
Probably because he's fun. And the massive buff to Morello during the mage update removed much of the ability to complain about him.
Rioter Comments
Knalxz (NA)
: They have every right to complain because they weren't aware it was a bug. In that context of it not being known people only think that their most powerful ability is suddenly stopped by something it should ignore. The logic you're using is flawed. What they basically did was complain about a bug, but they we're unaware of it. You're saying they're wrong for complaining about something they thought was just down right bullshit. Guess what, it was bullshit and that's why it's a bug looking to be fixed. Rather then just admit like those people that you we're wrong you'd rather just insult everyone. Again just take the L and move on, no need to dump ass in front of the door on your way out.
Now it's been fixed, and Sion bot is as wrong as he ever was. Lulu's W can not intentionally stop Sion's ultimate. People do not have the right to complain about a bug under the impression that it is working as intended. There was no point before now that she could do that. Anyone with half a brain would've noticed that it was a bug. So you can stop harassing me. They fixed it, so you're more wrong than you've been the entire time.
: This post is original and clever
Man I love when someone spams the boards of a specific video game with a completely unrelated post.
: I've tested the thing, lulu's w _does_ force sion out of his ult. I can understand why the original proof isn't too clear, but this is very easy to replicate, not sure why OP didn't bother with that. Not sure why this thread is getting upvoted either.
It requires another person and it was very late at night. That's why I didn't test it myself. Like those who blindly upvoted his thread despite how the evidence pans out, I simply used the single video Sion Bot provided.
: > [{quoted}](name=DeceasedL0ved0ne,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=5ndLUEnf,comment-id=0006000000000000,timestamp=2017-03-22T23:20:15.604+0000) > > If what you're saying is true, then the original angry rant that Lulu is OP because of this should have just been reported as a bug. How could lulu be op over this if it only affects a handful of champions? especially since this handful isn't that popular to begin with. I don't think this affects anyone outside of fiora/morgana/sion. > No need to complain about a bug as if it's an intended strength. It's a bug, and it's not an intended strength.
That was the point. Sion Bot's original thread was just crying about Lulu being too good at support--and having this "strength" on top of it. He was acting as if it weren't a bug, and people who are whining about a support being good at support upvoted his thread under the same ignorance.
Knalxz (NA)
: Wait OP that isn't exactly fair. If it is a bug then just admit that people we're wrong and that something is fucked up about a Champion having the ability to do such a thing. Look at the comments on this post people were chewing each other out about this. You perpetuated hatred on a lack of knowledge and now skirt back in an attempt to justify it when proven wrong. I was very much on the middle with this Lulu thing just waiting to see evidence for either side. Coming to this thread was just seeing you try to cover up a bullshit bug then insult the people who discovered the bug and thought it was bullshit. The people run aware it was a bug and assumed it was game design had every right to be upset about this issue, insulting them does nothing besides make you look like a sore loser for simply being wrong. Take the L op, no need to be an ass.
I took the evidence provided in a claim that Lulu "is bullshit" and evaluated it. The video provided happens to line up in such a way that does not support Sion Bot's claim. The people unaware it was a bug have no right to complain, since they should have been well aware that this didn't happen until recently.
: That's How You Buff Bard
Those are Meep Man's meeps.
: > [{quoted}](name=PaladinNO,realm=EUNE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=5ndLUEnf,comment-id=00060000,timestamp=2017-03-22T21:04:47.810+0000) > > What's the definition of Morgana's Black Shield? I don't have the specs on it in front of me right now, but doesn't it say "block [X number of] magic damage"? > Details like this gets lost on me, but doesn't (example) Taric's stun deal damage? And as such, the whole damage/stun effect gets neutralized by the Black Shield, right? > > However, Lulu's W...doesn't deal any damage. Nothing. And it's not a stun, snare, root, fear or suppress. It's a _disable_. > > Now I'm not arguing what type of lockdown does what and is coded in what way to interact with anything else, but sticking to the Black Shield and Lulu's Polymorph, it does make technical sense that Morgana IS affected by the Polymorph. The "definition of morgana's black shield" is that until the shield drops you are immune to any cc(exhaust may be excluded, cause it's a summoner spell and has non-trivial interactions with a whole bunch of stuff), so you're not supposed to be affected by lulu's w. Also, this is something new, morgana's spellshield _used_ to block lulu's w.
If what you're saying is true, then the original angry rant that Lulu is OP because of this should have just been reported as a bug. No need to complain about a bug as if it's an intended strength.
: How are the boards this stupid?
Just goes to show the value of a Gold V 0LP rank.
: I have tested this in customs and it does make Sion slam no matter where at the ultimate he is. The video looks like they are lying, but if you test it for yourself you can see that it does somewhat cancel it. I thought nearly the same thing before I tested it. Kinda funny most of the people liking this post haven't even tested the interaction.
Wait, are you saying it does force him to end? 'Cause the video can be explained how I explained it-- but you may also be correct. Please post a replay of what you're experiencing in your tests.
: This is Jinx's kit that's getting crit added, not Jhin's
Yes. The top-tier ADCs are abusing assassin items instead of building what their kits intend. So they're picking one that can't abuse lethality as well because one of her abilities is an AA boost, and ramping her ability damage up with crit.
: What the fuck is that Jinx buff
It's so people -- Draven, Varus, MF, and Jhin players-- stop abusing the lethality items intended for assassins. They're creating incentive to build crit. They already did so with MF's Q change, and this is simply another step in that direction. Maybe if players would build Jhin with crit chance as his entire kit is intended to, they wouldn't have to do this. Or if Riot changed the lethality formula to the exact middle ground they completely skipped over when they changed the base from .4 to .6 and didn't even think to change it to .5.
Rioter Comments
Rioter Comments
: Riven really needs a skin, Arcade Riven came out august 2015 and some champs have already gotten 2 skins before Riven got one.
Every champion released before and after Yorick has received at least one skin. Yorick only has the two skins he had on his release, even after his update. No one needs a skin more than Yorick.
Arakadia (NA)
: Can't you get champion shards for champions you own?
Yes, you can get champion shards of champions you own. However, you cannot get champion permanents of champions you already own. So rerolling is guaranteed to be a champion you don't own. But if you're missing anyone <4800, it's a gamble that you might lose >300IP on. Same goes for skin shards. You can get skin shards you already own, but the reroll into a permanent will be one you don't own-- though it is possible to get permanent skin shards for champions you don't yet own. I actually got Void Fizz before I bought Fizz, that way.
: Why is Lux getting buffed in such a ridiculous manner?
Because tanks are soon all about to have %damage reduction in their kits.
Rioter Comments
: > [{quoted}](name=DeceasedL0ved0ne,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=iQBhwNJM,comment-id=00420001,timestamp=2017-03-20T20:45:30.831+0000) > > 1. The jungler is strong currently because they can provide pressure to the lanes early. Intentionally picking the jungler who bar-none has the worst ganking power does not add the strength of an additional jungler to the team. > It may have made sense to have a Nunu in the jungle in addition to a jungler back in preseason 5 when the dragon buff decided the outcome of a game, but not any more. > > 2. His one voice does not have more weight than their four. Just because he incorrectly feels that what he&#x27;s doing will help the team doesn&#x27;t mean he can shove that misconception onto his allies. Maybe when he rigs up 4 more computers and plays them all on his own, then he can make the decision for the entire team. > > By picking Support in any Draft queue, he is agreeing to play a Support in the Support role. If he wants to be a secondary jungler, there are blind and custom modes. Ugh, I wanted to dip out of this conversation already, but must respond to this point as it has been brought up several times. Support is a role designed to assist his team in winning the game through vision, protection, pressure of enemy resources or objectives, or effectively creating a situation in which the team can win. He is playing support, albeit in an unorthodox manner, he is supporting the team effectively, builds vision items, denies enemy vision, contests objectives, provides support for others in his matches and not just the bot laner. In short, he is doing what he signed up for, just not in the manner that other players are attempting to demand of him, a nonmeta accepted manner.
He's not. The role is for bottom lane. Ivern in the jungle is a supportive jungler. He is not queued as support. Picking Support and then leaving your partner in bot alone is not playing support. Doesn't matter how supportive you're attempting to be while doing nothing but hurting your own jungler.
: I'd rather him have a unique weakness than another cookie-cutter engage ability.
I like to give up generic good flavor for a unique disgusting taste too.
Rioter Comments
: Lulu is strong after being buffed 10 times in a row who would have fcking thought
Which came after an equal line of even worse nerfs.
: Because Galio is a defensive tank who's not supposed to be engaging fights Sejuani is meant to initiate, and being able to flank is a part of that and Galio's dash works the same as Sejuani's otherwise; it knocks up all non-champs and stop at the first champion hit.
No, it does not. Galio's specifically will not knock up more than one target. Sejuani's can. Even with that aside, there is no other tank in the game who shares this weakness on a movement ability.
: > [{quoted}](name=Craft Zeppelin,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=iQBhwNJM,comment-id=00420000,timestamp=2017-03-20T10:57:08.570+0000) > > WIth such a analytic mind, you sure are clueless of what is actually going to happen. > That is just a far-fetched theory and is just hoping. > > All the enemy will do is zone and dive the lone adc. Get 1st tower. The sup will ward the jungle entrance, find nunu- kill him the instant he invades. GG Except that is not what actually happens at all, I have watched much of the gameplay and further played in 1v2 lanes frequently. I get little farm, and have little to no chance of holding the tower forever. This "theory" of mine is not just that, it is experience. A duo lane is a waste of resources really, but nothing I say will likely change the mentality of the masses and until more people are roaming or counterjungling it will largely be a highly debated subject.
If you were a professional player, or if the professional players who analyze the game way more than you were to start successfully picking roamer Nunu with smite instead of a support, then you might have some ground to stand on. But a duo lane is not a waste of resources when virtually 100% of teams you play against will have one. It simply evens the palying field. The "waste of resources" you claim is far more true if the fifth player were to go anywhere but bottom lane with an ally. They will have far less in the way of their ability to gain income, the bottom laner they left behind will receive less gold and experience, and plans the actual jungler may have would be ruined. He queued as Support in a draft game, he's implicitly agreeing that he will play Support. There's no "second jungle" option in draft. In Blind, there's an excuse-- but that does not extend to modes with fixed roles.
: Just going to chime in here, that Take the Draw's strategy makes a lot of sense right now, the jungler is by far the most important role at the moment because their job is to snowball all the lanes they can AND secure objectives. Disrupting the enemy jungler in that plan is more important than babysitting a marksman who will eventually get their farm and transition into power in the game, besides once bot tower outer is taken the inner tower is harder to siege with the enemy 1v2 situation as it exposes them to being past the river. This means they may move to a different lane to be more safe and thus the marksman or bot laner is now free to farm safely, made more so by the fact that the enemy bot lane now has to contend with chasing around a counterjungler constantly or watch their jungler lose all objectives. Once again, jungle objectives > a weak bot tower and some farm for ONE player. The strategy is intelligently designed to defeat the usual meta, and asks only one thing of his teammates, and that is to not give up. This is because the jungle objectives scale better than the spatial gains or small cs lead (even large lead of 30cs or more even) that would be gained by the enemy team bot lane. I am not a fan boy, but an analyst of strategy. Now, here is an argument for why he should be allowed to play this regardless of whether his teammates want him to or not: Everyone talks about how he is forcing them to play to his strategy, but are ignoring the simple fact that others are trying to force him to play to their strategy. It is not fair to try to make him do something that he feels will increase his chances to lose, and it really is not fair that he is doing that to others, but at some point we have to adapt to his strategy and learn how to make the best what of seems like a bad situation.
1. The jungler is strong currently because they can provide pressure to the lanes early. Intentionally picking the jungler who bar-none has the worst ganking power does not add the strength of an additional jungler to the team. It may have made sense to have a Nunu in the jungle in addition to a jungler back in preseason 5 when the dragon buff decided the outcome of a game, but not any more. 2. His one voice does not have more weight than their four. Just because he incorrectly feels that what he's doing will help the team doesn't mean he can shove that misconception onto his allies. Maybe when he rigs up 4 more computers and plays them all on his own, then he can make the decision for the entire team. By picking Support in any Draft queue, he is agreeing to play a Support in the Support role. If he wants to be a secondary jungler, there are blind and custom modes.
: I just played as AD to the Smite Support Nunu.
There's no argument that bozo could legitimately make to claim that having a second jungler-- especially the one with the worst ganks of any jungler-- is better than having a good support champion in the support position. The game's evolved past Nunu's jungling capability and he just refuses to learn something as simple as a new champion. The characters in this game aren't incredibly diverse. It's 4 freakin' abilities to learn. Maybe since he played Nunu he's only used to 3 you can actually use on champions, but that's no excuse. He's just putting down his team every game.
Rioter Comments
: What about we make all junglers lee sin then everyone is viable and can be picked :D
That's it. We make every jungler an Energy champion. That way they can't possible be hurt by giving up blue and can't go Oom. Like Lee Sin.
: **earn some chests?** Buying something isn't earning it, brah.
Well it's not like he's spending money on skins or other champions. Don't know why someone who won't spend money is also asking for more free content.
: Is there a possibility that there could be more ways for one-tricks to earn some chests?
The answer's going to be no. They don't even want to give more chests to people who _do_ play multiple champions. Why would they reward a player with free content for playing in such a way that they already pay the company less money than someone who would be earning more chests? That's bonkers. "Hey I know I already don't like to pay for your content, but could I get more of it for free?"
: aiding and abetting. its also illegal to RECEIVE fake currency.
But per the terms agreement, once currency becomes Riot points it no longer has any monetary value. If he were the one who purchased the points, then it would stand to reason that the RP and any subsequent purchases would be removed from the account. However, since he received a gift instead of paying for it directly they don't have the right to take that from him, regardless of what how his friend acquired the RP.
: Lee is brokenly overpowered and faceroll easy to play. Only Yasuo is easier.
That's the thing a lot of people who play this game don't understand about champion mechanics. The champions are not difficult by design. It's like everyone who plays this game suddenly forgets they've ever played a video game where mechanical skill actually was the deciding factor. Compared to the easiest characters in such games, not even the hardest characters in LoL match up in difficulty.
: Remember When Tankiness meant Tankiness
Why are you making a thread to complain about tanks right before a tank class update?
: League's system in a nutshell
Yorick still hasn't received a skin since his release. I was hoping they'd at least release one for the rework, but all they did was update the existing two.
: > [{quoted}](name=Big Lincoln,realm=NA,application-id=Ir7ZrJjF,discussion-id=NgAXQZsh,comment-id=001a,timestamp=2017-03-20T12:28:33.079+0000) > > but lee sin isn&#x27;t why the jungle is stale lee sin might not be the only reason, but lee sin has been THE reason jungle has been stale since his release.
The real solution is to make another Lee Sin. Then both junglers can be cool.
Avienal (NA)
: This thread pretty much says what i say is currently going on with LoL, They need to give Lethality more nerfs because just dropping it by 5 on Ghost blade and a few small numbers on masteries aren't going to resolve the early snowball power it still has from Runes and {{item:3134}} that first lead the charge and follow it up with a healthy dose of {{item:3071}} 'NERFs ONLY!' (Which really should once again should of been them making the up'front value super weak in early game and force it to be a proper stat for mid-late game to counter natural armor or curve mid-high armor builds to a degree), aka a proper {{item:3020}} & {{item:3151}} for AD 'Assassins' in a sense then being effectively a cheaper {{item:3031}} that has much more snowball abuse early on). Because the {{champion:21}} and {{champion:236}} builds capitalize on the passive, CDR more then the raw stats, which could easily of been resolved if they just made it into like a hydra and make it melee only just like they did with the hydras to prevent B.S. scummy range cleave builds that used to happen, since we all know what that shit was like with {{champion:29}}. Hell them reducing the Attack damage and upping the health just let the pair become even tankier ADCs where its Blue Build {{item:3025}} +{{item:3004}} build {{champion:81}} but also extremely broken with barely a proper counter all over again since the snowball from it lets Lethality build ADCs get too much shred early on to grant the enemy team much of a chance to counter build. Not to mention it made alot of {{item:3071}} 'norm using top/jungler/mid lane whore users get indirect buffs out of it too. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
-5 on Ghostblade makes the flat penetration it gets prior to level 10 worse than it was before the formula was changed to buff lethality. Granted, there's no real reason they went from (.4 + .6xlevel) to (.6 + .4xlevel) and didn't even consider going to (.5 + .5xlevel).
: Your main's ult now is global with 0 travel or channel time.
: wtf is wrong with shako mains
Well hey, being able to control the equivalent of one fed champion and one underfed champion whose death doesn't grant kill gold isn't enough for Shaco. We should buff the clone's damage up to 100% from 75%, double its on-hit effects because it uses two shivs, double its HP, and make it last until killed-- controllable even in death.
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