: Haha right you have just convinced me you are a jackass both in the game and outside the game, you must not be very popular. Your words don't hurt and i agree that people whine too much about the mean things people say. Just mute, report, and move on... Its not hard and honestly words from a complete stranger shouldn't even effect you, who cares what that asshole said they are a nobody anyways and just take it out on other people. What ticks me off even more is people like you that think they are justified, that being toxic is normal, its both aggravating and hilarious. You can not justify it at all, if you are an asshole in this game, chances are high you are an asshole in real life and that is not okay. So unfortunately i understand you a bit more, you are a sour, mean, and sad person. Who is the real thin-skinned one here, the person who doesn't like being called a %%%got or the person who can't handle losing in a video game and calls people %%%gots? You want to talk psychology? Well let me enlighten you, the first person is normal because its natural to not want to be insulted for any reason, not to mention the incredibly intolerant insult itself but that is a different discussion. The second person however is not normal, there is clearly more going on here. This behavior is indicative of someone who is not happy with their lives. So hopefully you find happiness somewhere so you can stop trying to bring others down, the World is sad enough. Maybe when you are an adult you will finally understand what everyone is trying to tell you, your actions are your own and you have no one but yourself to blame for the consequences.
No, unfortunately you understand very little. It's really sad though because we can't have a discussion but instead you must attack and do exactly what it is you're condemning me for. So the irony and hypocrisy is rather funny. Honestly, this forum has been more toxic than any experience I've given anybody. I knew what I was getting myself into when making this post. I really wasn't suited to the right audience and I could've done a better job presenting it but this isn't a college essay and I doubt I'd ever invest that much time trying to get a bunch of strangers on the internet to like me. I think you're reading way too deep into this though. I don't think you and most of the people are that deep, you just don't feel the need to vent when playing games. That's cool. Not everybody is like you though. You aren't the example of a perfect human being. Everyone is complex. And by the way, everyone encounters stress in their lives, even some of the richest and most successful people get depressed. I wouldn't really look as far into negative behavior in a video game though. That's usually due to stress caused by the video game and has to do with personality type and other social factors. I can't believe I'm actually trying to have an intelligent discussion with you though. "Maybe when you are an adult" Maybe when you can read, you'll realize that I am an adult and much more successful at life than you are. Yet here we are. Realize that everything isn't as black and white as you try to picture it. There's much more complexity in the world than your small mind cooks up and comprehends. I will be withdrawing myself from this discussion, so there's no use replying. Not coming back to this post. It wasn't what I intended it to be, nor is it producing any positive results, so I'm going to go enjoy my life and be done with this toxic forum. Less stress = the better. For anyone reading this and understands where I'm coming from, God bless you and I hope Riot implements this feature for you later down the road. Try as these people recommended, to control yourself and not give in to your urges to vent. If not, then perhaps this game is not for you, until they add that feature. Warm regards and happy gaming! ^.^
: Bad Game Design and why I'm leaving League of Legends for good.
I'm so glad you idiots don't run the world. Thank goodness the Tribunal is only limited to this level of power. Cause we'd all be fucked otherwise. Seriously the stupidest mother fuckers I've ever laid eyes on. Thank you Riot for banning me! On to better things.
: What prevents you from typing is *you*. You are a civilized human being, and at least a teenager. So stop acting like a 3 year old
Yes I'm quite aware. For some people it's compulsive though. The fact you are unable to understand this just means your brain is wired a little differently than others. It's nothing to be ashamed of and certainly nothing to shame others for. It's quite normal to vent your frustrations. People do that by criticizing others for their poor gameplay. Or troll. It's very common online and of course people understand that behavior is not acceptable in the real world. They aren't performing that behavior in the real world, derderdader. The online world and the real world are different for different reasons. It's kind of humorous that the League community is treating me like I'm a convicted felon or something when I'm probably a better person than all of you and more successful in my professional life. It's hilarious. I think the hypocrisy is the icing on the cake though when people act like they are Mary Poppins and shame others for letting out their frustrations on a video game. Do you ever just stop and evaluate your life? It must be a sad one. I hope you self-righteous zealots get off your high horse but if not, real life has a way of teaching you that. I hope it's not as bad as your scrutiny towards me was.
: Alright listen up kid, understanding is a joke when you only expect it one way. You want me to understand you? Well try to understand I, and most people in general, do not like to be insulted over something trivial like a video game. You are all demands and yet give nothing, you can't even understand something simple like the effects of insulting someone. I don't need to understand other people to live my life i just need to know there are things i can do and things i cannot do. I sure as hell do not need to understand someone who is toxic. Insulting someone in the manner most people like you do is one of those things you cannot do in the real world, it is also not allowed in this game. Also what is there to understand in you? All i need to know is you are toxic enough to be banned TWICE, you might be a decent person outside of the game, although i doubt it, but that has nothing to do with this game. See i am actually aware of my actions in society and their consequences, so i don't need to worry about being judged. I also have the self-control to not be banned twice nor have any sort of punishment :\ so i'd like to think i'm a pretty decent person. Enjoy Heroes, its a good game so try not to ruin it for other people.
If you're that thin skinned, to where you can't take the scrutiny of what people say to you over something--as you put it--trivial like a video game, then you're the one who has the problem. Lol. See, anybody with a functioning brain realizes that people are toxic in video games as a means of venting. If you studied psychology you would realize this. You're not a very bright person though, judging from your original comment and your response. I wish you luck in real life. Hopefully you're more successful at that than you are in trivial video games. Lmao.
: Absolutely pathetic. We won't miss you.
: I agree with a lot of what you are saying. But I disagree that they are indicators of bad design. They are indicators that you chose the wrong game to play, and it seems like you realize that. People want different things. No one is trying to pass laws here to make these global rules for everything. Its a game that wants to provide a specific experience.
Thank you for understanding the point of my post. I don't really know why I'm contributing to this discussion when it doesn't matter to me, as I won't be returning to this game. I guess I am just frustrated with the amount of ignorant players, or rather people who plague this game. They are more concerned with feeling self-righteous because they can conduct themselves on a video game with complete strangers. It really doesn't matter to me whether League ever implements this feature or not, I just thought I would recommend it in the possibility that it would make a difference. Something such a video game is pretty insignificant though, so it really doesn't matter to me. I can live LOL. I just hope my post brings some hope to people on the receiving end of this and hopefully League will implement this feature for them. Best of health and happy gaming!
: >Instead of trying to understand these players Some of the things i have seen just recently: "you are garbage, enjoy failing at everything you do" "this trash [blank], f@cking noob" "wow do us all a favor and kill yourself" "you suck anyways, quit and uninstall plz thank you" "f@ck this f@cking trashy [blank] f@cking noob needs to f@cking die" "I'll rape your mother like im raping you" "can't carry these retards" "are you autistic? cuz you are a f*cking retard" "shut up you n!gger %%%got" Yea no thanks, you guys can enjoy being banned, i don't want to try to understand you. Maybe being banned twice, possibly three times judging by this post idk i couldnt finish reading your bullshit, is your fault? I mean do you honestly lack the self control to just not type? This isn't a problem with the game, its a problem with **you**, you need to learn to control yourself like an adult. Part of growing up is learning you can't act however you want, there are way more severe consequences and not just for yourself. This game is indeed competitive but it doesn't force you to type things like the above, thats all you. Plus Riot even states in their Summoners Code that you will be punished for being toxic, thats like robbing a bank and then complaining when you go to jail... Good Bye
Dear, most of growing up has to do with understanding. If you refuse to understand others and shelter your eyes from the wrongs in the world, you will never be able to fix it. There's a reason for everything. Just remember though, you will be judged according to the same measure that you judge others. So I hope you can withstand your own scrutiny. Take care.
: Since you said that you have been perma'd twice, maybe you should consider you're the one with issues and not the game. Instead of saying that the game should not let you type, you shouldn't type at all by yourself, have some self-control. I enjoy the casually social aspect of the game (as long as there aren't dysfunctional ragers around) so I wouldn't like if the game locked up the chat just so people who can't control their rage won't be a nuisance, that's exactly why I mute, report and move on. Actually, Riot probably wants you to move to other game, seeing that you are already beeing punished in your third account with chat restrictions, we need not of your ilk polluting our matches with your ragefits.
Yes I'm aware of the problem that arises when I play League. That is why I offered a solution. Instead of criticizing me for my human behavior, try to understand the place that I am coming from. You are not a perfect human being, either. So you really have no room to judge but that is what humans do the most. It really doesn't matter what you think of me, though. I'm offering a practical solution so people like me don't have to get banned for venting in a game, without an option to turn off the chat. If you want to see behavior improve, this feature would do so. Nobody toxic wants to be. They are really just looking for a way to vent. It's what humans do to remain healthy. They vent to the nearest possible way, which in League is through the chat. That's the point I am making and it's the point I hope that I get across, no matter the amount of dislikes, or the people who misunderstand my intent. At the end of the day though, I don't care if this feature is implemented, as I won't be returning to the game. I'd rather invest my time and energy into other things, so it's a blessing in disguise. Plus the stress that League causes cannot possibly be healthy. I am happy you enjoy the game, though. Best of luck.
: Or... or, learn self control. I've been banned before for being toxic. Guess what i learned to actually control myself from typing. Now if im mad i say it at the screen or i just don't say anything at all and get over it. That simple. You have to learn to adapt and yes i agree some people re thin skinned but oh well just cause you thought X play was dumb doesn't give you the right to flame that person.
I'm happy you were able to reform your behavior. I however was not. Best of luck.
: You say two things that I want to highlight. 1 you say something about a competitive environment with a lot at stake. All that is "at stake" is imaginary points on a video game. Not sure how that is a lot. 2 you mention people having thin skin. I can't stand when people say things like this. Why should someone else spend there free time getting verbally abused by people? It's like if you played basketball with someone for fun but when you miss a shot he says " Micheal Jordan would have made that! " then kicks you on the dick. There's no reason in life you should not be kind to other human beings unless you are in a violent or hostile situation.
Ok, two brothers playing a game. One makes a mistake, they die. There is frustration. They vent. They have a bond together, so they aren't toxic. When placed in a game with complete strangers, no such bond exists. I'm not asking you to agree with me. I'm just explaining this behavior and offering a solution. An easy feature like this would prevent a lot of toxic behavior, which is why you report it in the first place. Please understand that your actions in-game effects others and that is bound to cause frustration. You will never have a perfect world, with unicorns and rainbows. You have to be realistic and get to the source of the negative behavior. Trying to understand it, not justify it, so those players can too enjoy the game. Because as long as they aren't griefing, then they aren't hindering your gaming experience. They are someone too, who just want to enjoy the game and with this feature, it would stop a lot of toxic chat and make Riot a lot of money, since they aren't having to ban these players.
: Decimate - I agree with you to some extent. I think that you are right that in competitive games, some form of "trash talk" is almost inevitable. I don't see the harm in trash talk saying things like "Haha, outplayed!". I see the toxicity issue arising being when swearing, bashing, and other hateful comments are made. I don't know whether or not "disabling chat" would rectify the issue. It would still affect communication. I wouldn't mind if Riot introduced a new game mode where communication could only exist through pings. This would make it a more even playing field. I wish you the best of luck in whatever games you play in the future, and in life.
Thank you for understanding the intent of my post. Thank you for your warm wishes, friend. Same to you.
: /mute does. It's sad you think there is a scenario where you are justified being toxic lol
Mute prevents you from hearing what your teammates have to say. That does not prevent you from typing, however. I'm not justifying toxic behavior, I'm explaining it. Not everyone is able to control themselves, they play video games to vent from real life, and League is one of the few games where it creates stress to play it and as expected, players will vent inside it. The feature I recommended is one that would prevent toxic chat, which is most of the "toxic behavior" people report for, and allow players to vent through other means.
: Bad Game Design and why I'm leaving League of Legends for good.
Lol guys. Thank you for completely missing the point of my post. I understand why I was permanently banned twice. I'm not angry, I don't even regret anything, except of course the money and time wasted on this game. My point was, in any competitive game and given the circumstances of ranked play with complete strangers, it's expected to have toxic behavior. For people like me, who are very good at games and focus on winning, it's inevitable. I can't "not" be toxic. I have tried. If there was an option to disable the chat then there would have been 0 reason to ban either of my accounts. That is the solution I'm recommending because Riot feels like there's no other way to stop toxic behavior, when 99% of the time, that behavior is due to the chatroom. They aren't griefing, they are just venting their frustration. Like humans do. Therefore, by restricting access to the chat, they will be forced to find another way to vent, or let them turn it off before entering games, as to prevent themselves from venting that way. That's my point. I'm happy you're a perfect human being able of conducting themselves IN A GAME without letting the stress or competitiveness get to you. Congratulations. I wasn't able to and as a result, my account with tons of skins and fun memories was banned. I'm aware of why I was banned. That is why I made this post, which I expected it to have the negative reception that it does because I have read other topics similar to this one and the response is generally the same. Thank you to those who read and understood the intent of my post and I hope Riot will find a better way to moderate their game. Chat is not necessary for communication. Pings works well enough. My only hope is that as a result of me being banned, Riot would implement this feature to prevent others from being banned as I was. I know the fun this game brings... and the stress... and that adds to the fun. So I would hate to know that others are being banned as I was, unable to enjoy the game because that feature doesn't exist. God bless guys, have fun.
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