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: I wouldn't necessarily say "no hope", no. But I also wouldn't put any money on the odds, either. You've got until November 12th to reach Honor Level 2. If you can't do that, then I'm afraid you won't get end-of-season rewards. My advice? If you want hope, _make your hope_. Can't get anywhere if you just give up, so, put your best foot forward, and do your damnedest to show you're reformed. You lose 100% of the battles you don't fight, so if you want those rewards, fight for them.
I probably will get 5 honors a day, im not gettn honor 2
Kei143 (NA)
: Neutral behavior is a slow progress to honors. If you want to progress honors quickly, be positive in chat.
I'll try my best
: Riot's been wholly transparent about Ranked rewards being tied to Honor since the end of last season. They alerted people four separate times now that players have to be Honor Level 2+ to get end-of-season rewards - and it's not like they didn't update their [Support Page]( information. You've had since last year's season rewards updates to learn/know that they've tied the rewards to Honor, and you've had plenty of resources for finding that information within spitting distance. I'm sorry, but if you didn't look for that info, or pay attention to it when Riot brought it up, then your lack of information is primarily on you.
so we have no hope now? nothing we can do to even get the rewards late
: HUH WHAT my honor is locked but it dosent say anything about ranked rewards when i scroll over it only says about loot and hexteck rewards no ranking and if you concider that litle flag that they added literally 3 days ago that MENTIONS that your honor level isnt high enough for ranked rewards then thank you very much riot you got me good i spend my hole year on ranked to get plat and this is what i get nicou
^_^ rel depressing
: No. You have to be Honor Level 2 by the Season's end to be eligible for the rewards. If you're not Honor Level 2 by then, you don't get the rewards.
Can't even get rewards later on the season after awhile because I rarely even type in chat anymore,been stuck on honor 1
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