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: Old system definitely cookie cutter people argue that there had like 10 pages for one champ ... Ok but only one of those pages was actually competitively viable with resistances swapped depending on lane matchup.
People can say whatever they want but the fact remains that the old Rune and Mastery system allowed for people to switch up how they play. Now though you're 100% reliant on the meta Runes just to function as a champion in this game.
: Alright it was funny for a while, now revert it.
It just needs straight up removing, this rune 100% feels like old Warlord's Bloodlust levels of uninteractive stat checking. You don't have to do anything, it's just there waiting to proc any time someone is below 50% HP.
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: I'm surprised no one has been talking about the pace of games.
Oh a blind mod, what a shocker. People are all saying the exact same thing: That the game has gotten even more snowball than before and that games are pretty much decided at minute 14 once turret plating falls off and they become wet toilet-paper stands.
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: Guys... GUYS. Neeko has no knock ups
You know what this means, next champ is going to be ALL knock-ups.


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