: Omnipotent Prodigies needs new players! (silver team)
What role are you applying for: Mid What is your rank: Silver 1 How long have you been playing: 3-4 years What are you top 4 champs: Orianna, Cassiopeia, Corki, and Ahri Can you shot call a team to victory effectively: Yes Have you ever been banned: No How old are you: 28 When are you available: After 6pm CST
: Tired of Getting Matched With People Far Below Your Skill Level in Ranked?
IGN: Delicious recog Rank/Level: G4 Preferred roles: mid/adc Large champion pool. Looking for some friendly people to play with and play with a team.
Kelyx (NA)
: Dawn eSports TryOuts. Sign Ups here!
Team applying for: Dawn Trinity IGN: Delicious recog Rank last season: G5 Rank this season: G4 Role applying for: Mid/ADC Availability: 5pm - 11pm CST
: TNT Academy Looking for a Bronze-Gold 1 Jungler for LCS Style Tournament
IGN: RCGN Timezone: CST Rank: Gold 5 Top 3 Junglers: Lee Sin, Rek'sai, Kindred Full Jungle Pool: Vi, Gragas, Zac, Hecarim, Amumu, Evelynn, Graves, Jax, Kha'zix, Rammus, WW and the junglers listed above Microphone? Yes/No: Yes Availability During the Week: Anytime after 7:30pm CST until about 1am
HT Helix (NA)
: LFM 5's team [Bronze-Gold]
Position (Main/Second): Mid/ADC Top 3 champs: Ahri, Cait, Lucian Rank: G5 Age: 27 Time Zone: CST
: B/S Competeleague team looking for players
: Bronze/Silver team looking for ADC and Supp
: B/S Competeleague team looking for players
IGN: RCGN Rank: S4 Role: JG/ADC Top Champions: Cait, Jinx, Lucian - ADC .... Lee, Rek'sai, Graves Strengths: Team play, communication, laning phase, shot caller % of Champions Owned: ~50% Time Zone: CST Availability: Weekday evenings after 7pm CST, some weekends
: Aram team clan club
: Apox Gaming is LF a starting JUNGLER
IGN: RCGN RANK: G4 TOP 3 CHAMPS: Rek'Sai, Hecarim, Gragas AGE: 26 AVAILABILITY: 4-10pm CST during the week, weekends are flexible PROS: Good team player, good communication, & shot calling CONS: Not the best at tracking the enemy jungler
: Starting A TEAM!!
: Starting A TEAM!!
: Starting A TEAM!!
: Starting A TEAM!!
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: Dimension7 is recruiting players! (Starters & Subs)
IGN: RCGN Age: 26 Role Jungle Rank: Gold 4 Time Zone: CST ELO Goal: Plat 4 Strengths: great team player, shot caller, good anticipation Weaknesses: Not the best at tracking jungler & if I fall behind early, I have a hard time catching back up What do you feel like you can bring to a team: positive energy & fun environment
: Apox Gaming is LF a STARTING JUNGLER! For low elo organized league!
Rank: Gold 4 Top 5 Champs: Rek'sai, Lee Sin, Kindred, Gragas, Vi Availability: 4-9pm CST M-F Pros: Great Communication & team play, shot calling, good anticipation Cons: Not always in the right area at the right time, not the best at tracking enemy jungler.
: Support main looking to start a serious team for possible tournaments. Silver or above only.
Age: 26 Elo: Gold 4 Time Zone: CST Position: Jungle Form of Verbal: Everything Top 3 Champs: Rek'sai, Lee Sin, Kindred
: Recruiting Active Serious [Silver/Gold] Ranked 5's Team 18+
IGN: RCGN Curse with mic: yes Timezone: CST Desired Role: JG/ADC are my main but can play top/supp Champion Pool: ADC - Graves, Lucian, Jinx, Vayne, JG - Lee Sin, Jarvan, Gragas, Fizz, Rengar
: Looking for adc and support for Wicked Black
Rank: Gold 4 Role: ADC/Support Are you friendly? Yes Why are you looking for a team? Bored of solo que Champs you play well: Lucian, Jinx, Sivir, Leona, Thresh Champs you want to learn: Kalista, Ekko, Zyra Will you be toxic? Negative
: Creating 5's and 3's Team! Team WILL NOT DISBAND due to bad placement. Goal is Gold or higher!
IGN: RCGN Rank: Gold 4 Preferred Lane: JG/ADC/SUPP Preferred Champs: Lee Sin, Jarvan, Jinx, Leona, Thresh Why you want to join: Sick of solo que Are you ready for some fun?: YESSSIR Clever Team Name is: LoL u play WoW
Venomzz (NA)
: Ranked 5's team LF: jungle
hey i can jungle.... rcgn in game name

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