: Illaoi's 50+ bugs (updated list)
I'm pretty sure a lot of these are intended behavior (and a lot are actually bugs), but can't comment much on them. I can, however, say that I'm pretty sure this one is intended: > Illaoi is supposed to be undisplaceable during her ult, but so is Sion. Sion can get teleport by Ryze during his ult, Illaoi can't. Illaoi is immune to displacements during her ultimate, which stops Ryze from teleporting her. Sion is not immune to displacements specifically, he's immune to CC during his ult. An ally teleporting you is not CC, thus Sion is able to Surprise Ryze party.
: I don't think Lethality needs to interact with the mastery.
Yeah, Duskblade+Stormlord's Talon sounds scurry. He doesn't need any movespeed if you die instantly.
: Yeah, I will retract my previous statement after thinking about it for a bit longer. However, that long cooldown will be absolutely brutal early on. But it should be okay once used to it. I was thinking about Ryze, who always loved Stormraider's and that many mages would love to be able to use it, as it is essentially as good as running Flash Ghost used to be but without having to sacrifice a summoner spell for it
Yeah, moving mages probably want Spellslinger, since it would give them a ton of mobility. But mages like Karthus or Xerath don't really want that, they want more burst.
: Masteries will ALSO be reworked? Explain like I was 5 Basically, there will only be new Runes system which encompasses both masteries and old runes? :o (kinda makes sense)
Runes that you buy: Gone Masteries as they exist now: Gone Runes Reforged gives you a total of 6 runes; 4 from one path (Keystone, greater, 1 and 2), and 2 from another (greater/1/2). There will be 5 paths and they're aiming for 3 choices for every thing (3 keystones/path, 3 greater/path, etc).
: > [{quoted}](name=Jhinfamy,realm=NA,application-id=A7LBtoKc,discussion-id=Ejyoz66h,comment-id=0014,timestamp=2017-04-11T03:50:58.661+0000) > > Remove on hit from Runaan's Hurricane... correct me if I'm wrong, but this makes Cait passive no longer super-stackable with the item. If that's right, she'll be put in the dirt for good, only to be replaced by jinx. The item is losing it's base 15 physical damage on hit not the ability to proc Caitlyn passive. If they did make it work like that it would also not be the best for jinx seeing how her rockets would most likely not proc as a result but no need to worry on that seeing how the item still procs stuff like that. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
They're saying to remove the on-hit, so cait's passive wouldn't *stack* from hitting people with Runaan's (so it only stacks from her main target). I don't know if they're correct, but the idea is neat.
: GA and Stoneplate I agree with, but the rest don't quite add up. Banshee's being stagnant in mid is something Riot is already balancing to fix, and I assure you it won't be more stagnant than Abyssal Scepter and arguably will be less snowbally. Void Staff won't be as demanding of an item unless the tank has to itemize against mages heavily. Even then, it's already a common item and has few trade-offs save for defensive utility, so it's not that bad. Adaptive Helm only blocks damage from the same spell, so most mages won't be affected. Unless you're a Cass or Ryze main, you have little to worry about. Even if you are, be glad Riot made an item instead of nerfing your champion for being so ridiculous. I'm not the most optimistic person, so this is genuinely what I see happening.
Swain will be negatively affected by Adaptive helm, but he should be tankier with Stoneplate and Abyssal.
Xaviour (EUW)
: What do you think about qss on mages/ap champs? Is one of the intentions of the new banshee's to reduce it's need ? Or if not, shouldn't it have a 'valid' build path for ap users aswell, since it's a must buy in certain match ups. Also do you think it's fair that a relatively cheap item can completely make a champ useless? (malz supp)
They've said recently that they feel Zhonya's fills a similar niche to QSS, and that their internal playtests found that an AP QSS felt oppressive (since they'd get both and be as slippery as Fizz).
KryloRen (NA)
: I agree with this plant idea. My favorite support is {{champion:432}} and the best thing about him is that you have to decide when to stick with your adc when to get chimes.
The correct answer is Always go get chimes, and only stick to your AD Carry when there are no OH WAIT THERE ARE NEW CHIMES, gotta go!
: Be so easy on many champs. Sona speed boost the entire team and anyone kills anyone to get ace. PENTASSIST! ez pz
Every Sivir-team Ace Ever.
: "build the same three items before you can start buying situational items." This is one of the main drawbacks for me. I don't even feel like im really doing anything interesting until i get my fourth item.
Just do what I do. Tank support; Start control ward, potion, and relic shield. First back buy Targon's and boots, and another control if yours is dead (which is almost guaranteed if you're pressuring and their jungler knows how to gank). Rush {{item:2303}} . On some things like Braum you honestly don't need Face of the Mountain, Eye gives you the full spoils and the full warding. From there, build whatever you need, you have enough warding power to keep your lane safe if you can track the enemy jungler at all- even better if you rely on Control wards for control and keep your trinket until the laning phase ends, then you can keep anything you want warded 100% uptime. If you run movespeed quints, you don't need mobi's early unless you _really_ want to roam a lot ( {{champion:432}} ), since you're faster than most everyone if you're running movement quints and t1 boots before anyone else bothers.
: I'm not sure you are getting what he means, it would not be hackable, the server is deciding everything, the only thing the client is doing is displaying what the server is processing. What the client should see is only the result of that, you cannot obtain more information about the game from this, likely even with heavy, and very detectable client side modification. TLDR; can't hack this server brah
> I would also do visibility on the client side so you** do not have to be selective in what info you send to clients** They're not saying to calculate the visibility on the server and send that down- they're saying to send everything to the client and let the client decide what to show. That can be hacked.
: Does this mean other trail effects( Ekkos ult and deadmans) Sometimes showing up misleadingly will also be fixed?
Did you read? It only affects when there are >12 clients (players, spectators) and NONE or ALL of the top 12 would be able to see it. It wouldn't have a fix for normal games at all, since there is no way to have more than 12 players (spectators don't count since they're different anyways). Additionally, they didn't push though a fix for it, they found a workaround.
Ruffybad (NA)
: Do you use secondary sync to hide Sol's information from players lest they use it to maphack or for what reason? The most straightforward implementaion of his W behaviour I could think of is a unit with skin X that has its position updated before any collision checks and then you run collision on all units registered in the game engine, filtered for "is enemy", running a function if there is collision. I would also do visibility on the client side so you do not have to be selective in what info you send to clients, League is not bandwidth capped at all so I do not see the problem with it.
NO! Don't do visibility client-side. That means you're sending the CLIENT all the data on where everything is- which means it can be hacked.
: Why are you guys hard-coding everything in your game?
Because calculating one more number every tick takes resources. When that number hasn't come up until S6 Worlds, it is a non-issue. Some things need to be hard coded for performance, some need to be hard coded for consistency, and some should be hard coded because it isn't worth it to be dynamic. This one fits in 1 and 3.
: Because the enemy jungler and/or mid-laner would camp you to oblivion.
With our abundance of combat summoners, he's dooooomed!
Thaurron (NA)
: Vayne can tumble over player-created terrain (Anivia, J4, Tali, etc.) because the collision for those objects is coded as a minion. Spaghetti code is real, ya'll.
Can people stop calling objects being coded as minions spaghetti code? It's actually good coding practice- you don't have to write and re-write creation, destruction, collision, et al. for everything, so when you change it or optimize it you don't have to go searching through tons of code to find every mention of collision detection and apply a change to it. Instead, you've got your "minions" (which is probably an abstract class anyways) and you optimize the collision detection there and everything gets the newer code. Similarly, why would you re-write the whole process of spawning a "thing" and putting it in the Field of Justice every time you need something to appear? It makes way more sense to write it once and 'tweak' the instructions if there's something that needs to do a very specific part of it differently (like doing it after x seconds, or doing it then setting of the despawn, et al.) For those who want terminology, it's using object inheritance to avoid repeating yourself in compliance with DRY coding (and being computer scientists, DRY literally means Don't Repeat Yourself.)
: > [{quoted}](name=BLACK HALO V10,realm=NA,application-id=A7LBtoKc,discussion-id=B2y4p4vE,comment-id=000400030000,timestamp=2016-07-20T21:47:39.971+0000) > > The only thing I'm worried that this will affect is making bot lane much more significant than top lane in general. Top lane carries will probably fall out of meta due to teams not wanting to put any resources into them and instead all of their resources into bot lane for the easier tower take. It's a really good idea to stop lane swapping and I'm happy for it, but I guess we'll see. In the pro scene? Absolutely. Tanks are generally better for initiating anyway. Top lane carries have a hard time actually getting to the back line unless the enemy team misplays in pro scenes. I admit I don't watch as much as I used to, but I think Irelia is the only actual threatening top lane carry these days, right? In the solo player level, the difference in gold is low enough that it probably just doesn't matter in the long run.
A couple people have brought out Illaoi, Trundle's pretty popular (he's kinda in between tank-carry though)
: You mean... eternal UN-life. Because Sion's dead.
: > [{quoted}](name=Delioth,realm=NA,application-id=Ag8jgd8Q,discussion-id=kqxnT5KO,comment-id=00e2000100000000,timestamp=2016-06-24T12:58:58.792+0000) > > Warframe is also significantly younger that League- on the order of 4 years. It could be that they will bring them back eventually, but they seriously haven't had enough time for their word to be tested. Actually, no. They can't bring back Excalibur Prime back because of legal reasons. If they were to bring it back, they can actually be sued for false advertising.
That... isn't how false advertising cases work. False advertising has to be deliberate advertising with the intent to profit off of making false claims. If a company promises something without a legally binding contract, and means it at the time, they can't be sued since it wasn't malicious intent. They might serve to profit from re-releasing something, but it is wholly their product to give, their product to take, et al.
: coding says other wise, everything that moves is a modified minions, hell some walls like base gates are minions also.
This is mostly because polymorphism and subclassing in code is more efficient and also saves significant code space, rather than copying code here and there and there. If it has collision detection, why would we write and rewrite the collision detection code a million places (and thus have that many places to have to change it, leading to easily-preventable bugs) when we could instead have a base that offers it, and just modify factors that read into it? Plus it means any patches and the game become more compact (you don't have 14 copies of collision detection which must all be changed when we make one little change- for every single attribute of minions et al.).
: Well, I really am considering all options here. Got three months of "vacations", seeing that University doesn't start again before september. So I could work 8 hours a day for 23 bucks an hour for three months Or see how much money I could get from being a really bad LoL player who just messes around with Mordekaiser. The latter's more fun but the former's got a steady income, buuuut streaming/making videos could be more fortuitous in the long run.
I'd watch Malicious Metal fuck around on Mordekaiser. I might not be able to donate right now (have to make sure we've got funds for vacation, and also need to buy an engagement ring sometime) but I would eventually.
: **ADC:** Go blitz! **Me: ** _ hovers Bard_ **ADC:** BLITZ BLITZ BLITZ BLITZ BLITZ BLITZ **Me:** I need to be free to roam, like a gazelle _Locks Bard_ _moments later..._ **Queue has been disbanded**
People need to learn that Blitz is shit late unless he gets a lead. And support mains can do SO MUCH MORE with any support other than Blitz. That Thresh main will hit his hooks, which is a longer CC than blitz Q+E, jump in for another 1/2 second knockup, pull your toplaner in and stop the enemy with the box. On blitz, he'll hit a hook+knockup and stand around for the rest of the fight.
: > [{quoted}](name=jjackson5150,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=jH3pptAJ,comment-id=000300000000000000000000,timestamp=2016-06-28T01:39:43.553+0000) > > Like I said......Caitlyn has been reworked.......not as much as Taric but she has been. But even with that said.....No one said you have to be good....you are completely missing the point. Even if its been a few years since you last played....UNLESS the champ has been reworked.......i know you are not going to be sitting at the fountain or in the middle of the lane dieing because you are reading descriptions of your champs abilities. Or instead of the team discussing a plan they are having to tell you how to play your champ the whole game. > > If i have not explained it in a way that you can understand by now then i guess you never will. i dont know any other way to explain it. > > And as far as trading champions its simple. You can not trade a champ you do not have. And the way the system should work is if you do not have the minimum games played then that champ doesnt even show up as one you could pick.......just like it wouldnt if you didnt even have the champ. So I have to have 16 different champions with 5 games played before I can even touch ranked? That is the point where I stop even considering playing league. I'm not going to play fucking 80 games to be able to play a single champion in ranked.
: It's probably a result of riot doing just that for the first few years of the game. People don't repeatedly ask for things they've never gotten before.
Other than all of Hextech crafting? (i.e. the incessant complaints that they can't get things fast enough)
: > [{quoted}](name=Spoonicorn,realm=NA,application-id=Ag8jgd8Q,discussion-id=kqxnT5KO,comment-id=00e20001,timestamp=2016-06-24T07:01:31.178+0000) > > The point is the skin was advertised as a limited offer to those who attended worlds for free, and to celebrate the week of worlds by having it offered for 975 RP. It was again stated it would never return. As someone who received the skin from the event, its ridiculous that someone so exclusive is just given out because people want it. Go to events or be around the events for your reward. For example, the people that received King Rammus for being in beta have every right to be angry at the fact that the Brazilian kids got it well after beta ended. Its the same concept, and it shouldn't even be considered to be a possibility. This is why I've considered Digital Extremes better than Riot. As Digital Extremes promised their founders (people that were around very early in Warframe's existence) that Excalibur Prime, Skana Prime, and Lato Prime would never be available ever again. And, you know what? They kept their word, even after their game was released for console. You'd never see an Excalibur Prime, Skana Prime, and/or Lato Prime on the Xone or PS4 versions of Warframe.
Warframe is also significantly younger that League- on the order of 4 years. It could be that they will bring them back eventually, but they seriously haven't had enough time for their word to be tested.
RedFyst (NA)
: {{item:3065}} {{item:3102}} {{item:3083}} {{item:3190}} {{item:3139}} {{item:3111}} I found my deffence against the dark arts of magic!
Magic seems averse to green.
: Quit being a salty sailor for several seconds and then take a step back. Zed is pretty much as healthy an assassin as you're going to get. He has rather telegraphed abilities and gameplay patterns, it's rather easy to outplay his damage in fights since he is typically very skillshot dependent, and he can't really do anything except kill a single person. There's a reason why pretty much every Zed wants to splitpush. He's a tremendous 1v1 champion, but suffers big time in team fights for a variety of reasons. CC, exhaust, peel on his target and being forced to use cooldowns such as his Shadow or Ghostblade in order to close the gap as opposed to for DPS ruin him. He's fair, and he's not just a binary ball of stats like someone such as Talon or Akali. He is a good example of what an Assassin should be from a kit perspective. Whether or not you feel he's balanced has no relevance whatsoever.
I believe the issue Zed has is that he has too much waveclear/poke- the thing that assassins are typically supposed to lack- while having the same assassination potential as the rest. Yeah, Talon has his W to waveclear and arguably poke (depends on enemy range), but it costs him a bunch of mana so he can't constantly use it (or he has no all-in potential).
Xolotyl (NA)
: Can you give an actual argument instead of just saying it's that way because you say so?
: so?
The time at which they said it should unlock.
Seenan (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=CastawayTomHanks,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=2l32N0ww,comment-id=0012,timestamp=2016-06-10T15:49:25.310+0000) > > You said he ran out of mana, so he at least has a weakness compared to Ekko. You know, Mao is designed as a tank, he is one of the best in the game thanks to his damage reduction on his ult and good sustain, but shouldn't be compared to a utility assassin building straight tank with just as much cc and the ability to outtank and outsustain him. Yeah, but keep in mind that he has a 7% max hp heal (or something) on his passive...All of the heal I got was from passive regen and grasp. AND he also had Grasp.
You were fighting Mao, who gets his heal from spellcasts... as a spellcaster assassin/tank. You probably used Q+E so much he didn't even need his own spells to proc his heal.
: You want a real sustain battle? Before AP Xin Zhao got nerfed to oblivion, I had a literal three-minute, twenty four second battle with Warwick.
Ancient Sion vs Ancient Sion. The +100% lifesteal on ult means there is no hp lost... ever.
: > [{quoted}](name=AbyssionKnight,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=rXlE1Ru4,comment-id=000a,timestamp=2016-06-09T00:38:28.807+0000) >you have to rely on others, rather than just your individual skill. so...dynamic queue?
Palaven (NA)
: I think the problem with their average queue time chart is that it includes supports who pop their queue within 10 seconds, which substantially brings down the average.
20% of players can only lower an average by 20%; average 2 minutes, 25 seconds : 2.4+2.4+2.4+2.4+2.4 / 5; average 2 minutes 2.4+2.4+2.4+2.4+0 / 5.
: The problem is that myself and two other quality support players I know do not play nor want to play other roles...so I am just not bothering with ranked which equates to missing a support person in queue 4-5 times a day. Not sure of the math but bet there is ONE 'I prefer support' player for every 8 or 10 midlaner/adc's... I will stick around in non ranked. The easy response for most of you is 'good, you can't be good if you can't play two or three roles' - how many LCS games have you seen where Doublelift and Aphromoo decided to swap match for the roles since they are all the same... I play well and understand the macro - I just HATE doing anything but healing/tanking/supporting others. It is what I do in every game I play... We are not the larger percentage of players that want the 'role selection' to have priority over the other two parts of the triangle - but we are, more often than not by my experience, the people filling the less popular roles of Support and/or jungle...lol
If you're a quality support player, look at those stats; you'll get your role 95% of the time. That's 1 in 20 games that you won't get support- you can climb at that rate. And it isn't bad to spice things up 1/20 games.
: Like the old warding system. Now that ward capacity scales only with level, the team that falls behind stays behind.
And yet with 10 games representing the last 18 days of your ranked play, you didn't buy a single pink ward. 75 gp, long-lasting vision as long as you're smart enough to put it somewhere defensible.
: To be fair, what was he before? Even more gimmicky, almost to the point where the only optimal way to play him was to stack crit on top of crit and Q people for days.
Don't forget Shiv + Hydra so your Q went from "CSing tool and mild harassment" to "AoE Mixed damage Nuke".
: Had to downvote a huge post just to say a single thing and not even giving a short version, I didn't read all of it.
Read it, there are at least three major points, one or two of which are relatively complex (depending on your definition of complex- recursion vs. loops)
KoKoboto (NA)
: Idk most marksmen get rekted by Annie Any platinum playing a different champion would do better if you ask me but that has nothing to do with the topic meh I guess it does if I was typing this out I would not overlook something like the champion chosen Imagine if you were Talon or Veigar or even a tank like Galio or Nautilus
The point wasn't that he was getting rekt by fed annie bot, the point was that he had to play 1v5 with 4 bots. Against 5 bots because Coop vs AI. That's a bad experience for a newbie, since they wouldn't be able to carry that game, and they'd have to have the shame of losing to bots horribly. And bots are generally pretty bad at closing games, so it could potentially be a slow, painful, frustrating loss.
Rivini (NA)
: I've encountered the same influx of bots recently on SR, and I also knew right away it was because of Dominion being no more. It really is such a bother. I would think there could be some kind of "human check" before getting into a queue. Some sites do this with their logins, such as having the person check a certain box to prove they are human, or selecting the correct answer to a random question given, etc. Captcha is the most common and probably the most effective, but is often the most annoying. I don't know how botting actually works in games (never done it myself), but if it got rid of the bot problem, I would accept entering a Captcha before every match. I think Riot would be capable of making it visually appealing and fun enough, or at least not a chore, by giving it hextech flair with the inclusion of the new client, just so it's not something plain and boring like everywhere else. Just thinking out loud here. **I strongly encourage everyone who encounters bots to report them on the end-game screen.** I use the "cheating" option and mention in the comment box the player is botting. It's the least we can do to help minimize the problem until Riot actively does something about it.
The engineering blog even says something about the client being implemented in HTML now; it shouldn't be a huge work for them to implement a captcha somewhere in there. Maybe snoop around for the clickable captcha and implement something along those lines in the accept-match button that everyone has to click anyways.
: Is unbelievable that Riot's system can't identify these bots... Seriously
I mean, it'd be one of the worst PR things if a few just bad newbies got their accounts banhammered for "Being Bots" if the system misses once. It's not like leaverbuster where it'll only proc when you leave or are afk for a while- it has to analyze every game (costing system resources) AND it doesn't have the "we can invariably and irrevocably prove that you weren't in game for 10 minutes." that leaverbuster has.
: > [{quoted}](name=SolidPooh,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=QAhwmGWy,comment-id=0007,timestamp=2016-05-27T00:50:57.359+0000) > > My friend this is a subject that i took action against 3 years ago. > > I persisted very much, making friends and gathering username data from all of them on bot accounts that plague the servers. > > Every day i would send a list of accounts to support and in my entire time doing so; no resolution. > > Its something i guarantee you they know about, its is almost impossible to avoid with their system though. > > Remain vigilant, but dont get your hopes up > > Its better today than it was 2 or 3 years ago though i promise you that When I was lvling up my main back in season 3 I didnt found a single bot, when I tried to lvl up my alt last season every 6 games was a bot game... I cant imagine how much of a shithole is coop vs ai now pre lvl 30
Even at level 30 it's pretty sad. Gotta get them IP so people who buy the account can buy all their main champs.
: We Reddit now, boys.
Shit, I must've taken a wrong turn. For a bit, I actually thought I was on Reddit.
: i dont have a single page with stormraiders or deathfire ='(
Well you can have 20 pages... and you can edit them on-the-fly. Morde probably works well with a Thunderlords page, with Stormraider's switched in.
: I mean tbh I haven't seen a lot of fizz's recently but since my main adc is sivir I've never really had much trouble against fizz's when I do see them.
Honestly, Sivir is less prone to dramatic casters since she can spell shield something. Most casters, that means 1/3 of their damage just poofs.
: if you're concern is damage, zed has the least loaded all at once damage, but the highest potential between autos, bonus damage, and scaling (so much so that it is absurd, and using poke is quite damaging against enemies) zed rarely needs his full kit to kill someone, usually **his ultimate ability is routinely used to gap close onto the squishy, not as a direct or necessary source of damage** ((what champion doesn't need their ultimate ability to pick someone off?)) (((but he is still technically using it to gap close, so sure, fine he does have to use his ultimate, but just think of how much damage zed has))) the question always remains what is ok for zed to have and what isn't. what zed has is poke, ez handed to him farming, wave clear, escapes, gap closers, (mobility) in lane bulk, huge build path variety and counterbuild access while maintaining kill potential, (sustain pending build path) and of course damage. so whats zed lacking in? team fighting, damage variety (hes all ad), utility (just a slow). now you tell me is this justified?
If Zed walks in and assassinates two carries, the teamfight's won; he doesn't even lack in teamfighting.
: It's still great. Just saying that you may encounter people that have gotten high with money instead of real skill.
1. Galatine 2. Damage upgrades 3. ??? 4. Profit!!! Honestly though, using a Galatine is hella fun. And it hits like a fucking freight train loaded with several hundred tons of... anything really. A freight train with a few hundred tons isn't stopping anytime soon. I suggest an Atlas or something, high armor + health and you can mow down almost anything that comes your way before it can kill you.
: Their official answer is "we arent stopping at lv7 so mumble mumble DRAAAAAAVEN"
That's my solution to league of Legends. Don't stop, then Draven. You just Draven down their throats and win the game.
: Oh, getting close to beating my 502K^^
Malicious Metal only has 502K on Mordekaiser? You're only halfway where I expected.
Knalxz (NA)
: Has flash backs of the games where people argue about the PBE not being a shit fest of trolls and AFKs* Umm...no, you're wrong man, just flat out wrong. People have a "When in Rome" logic about the PBE but still play just as if not harder then on line because they don't want to get kicked off.
And add in that there are few enough players / main acct MMR don't take effect- Bronzie PBE players can easily get matched with Diamonds and Challengers.
: Champion mastery 6 & 7 make no sense.
What crafting them from components you *will* accrue from crafting does is limits your ability to just arbitrarily master all champions. You can't just play a champion for a week and have full mastery, you have to both get S ranks with them - showing your skill; *and also* invest crafting components in them - showing your dedication.
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