: Some advice for Soraka?
Three points in E, then max w. Easy lane into any matchup.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: August 22
Any though on current mages bot lane with the current two health pots buff to mages and enchanters?
: Team PRIDE looking ffor SERIOUS players plat<
Summoner name: Debilitated AGE: 20 RANK: plat 3 ROLE: supp
: Anyone have a memorable game with a rioter they would like to share?
Met phreaks in a ranked game couple years ago, he got me killed while he was greedying for enemy’s blue...
: Anyone else getting crazy fps drops since the patch?
I have been getting FPS drop since two patches ago and it makes the game unplayable.
Malak (NA)
: ADCs Need To Adapt
Adaptation is not easy, especially for ADC mains who’s already specialized in ranged champions and one day the game tells you to play a whole different “role”, melee champions. Not only they have to completely changes their play style and forced to learn a set of new knowledge about bruisers, they have to do this in a short amount of time inorder to play/adapt to the game changes. It’s just not fair.
: Higher ping and random spikes since last week
My ping went from 70 to 86 - 120 after the new patch and this is seriously really annoying. I can barely play a game without the spiking to hider my character movement.
: Not Playing Ranked/Normals Until Matchmaking Is Fixed
More like no more games until they fix their server connection that are costing players ranked games.
: Thank you Riot so much for making me lose my promos
Yea league server has been acting up after the new patch.
Craig (NA)
: Anyone on Windstream experiencing higher pings?
Me and couple of my friends are having this ping issue too
Azadethe (NA)
: You're saying Janna's weak? Omfg.... you're playing her wrong. She didn't used to gain auto attack damage based on move speed. That's new. Anyone who builds {{item:3100}} {{item:3504}} {{item:3285}} on her right now is a monster (I know 2 of these are not support items, but they boost everything about her kit, so why not? If you have these items + shield yourself..... you can 1v1 any adc in the game as Janna now. She no longer suffers from "I do no damage syndrome." These three items give her +54 mag damage on hit, + lich bane proc + about +68 AD on her barrier, and she has about 530 move speed. She can practically 1 hit an adc. At level 3 she can definitely 1v1 an adc. I know they nerfed her base move speed, but it doesn't even come close to what she GAINED. Furthermore, Spellbinder is going to give her temporary 30% more move speed, so get ready for even stronger Jannas.
First of all I am going to get reported if I build like that in ranked lol. Second I am playing with last season high diamonds and there is no constant free pokes and with a support budget I can’t afford all those item before the game ends. I am talking about if Janna’s kit was changed because she was a shield bot, but now they nerfed her into a shield bot with little to no pokes due to this tank meta. Why not just reverts all changes. It sounds stupid, but it’s worth a try.
Rioter Comments
: AT 69 LP I thought I was going to climb to promo...
I am on the same boat. Every time when I am in either in series or promo, I always lose with trolls and feeders then back to 0 lp.
Kikkujo (NA)
: plat lf duo p3+
Add decorate
: LF high plat or low diamond support smurf.
Last season D3 supp Add noctilucents or decorate both plat 1 smurfs
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ItsLowbo (NA)
: Changes to Sightstone/Support Items coming to PBE
I get to high diamond using early ward control to provide vision for my jungle to invade and counter gank. This change will completely screw up my playstyle since I am heavily depended on wards/early vision. Not only that this change will only lean towards auto fill supports not support mains. Since it’s a quest now that means the bot lane that falls behind can’t get enough vision down to prevent further ganks is going to turn bot lane and the game way more snowbally. If this change made though, riot you are just forcing support main to quit.
: Patch 7.19 notes
Back to ad tank janna build i guess
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: Discord exists for this.
> [{quoted}](name=MagicFlyingLlama,realm=NA,application-id=K6EGEal2,discussion-id=xewpWKXU,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-04-18T01:35:34.261+0000) > > Discord exists for this. I don't use it, I am just a veteran coming back and having some few games for fun.
Rioter Comments
: "Games are too long!" - "Games snowball too easily!"
Snowballing games is why adc became so useless. I rather have a balance well fought long game than a one shot game.
: Make Sightstone recharge wards
It's really easy to abuse this change for high elo support and jg
: Does the game seem less strategic to you?
Too snowballing, make the game unfun
Anidan (NA)
: Must be why they're trying to nerf Caitlyn. The Boards, as a general entity (not every single person involved) has a major hate-boner for anything related to ADCs so it wouldn't be very surprising if there was only 1 strong ADC and they petitioned until that was nerfed to be crap too so that they're all crap. Y'know, until they remember: ranged top laners, any and all tank nerfs from the last 3 seasons that could potentially be reverted in their eyes, burst damage as a whole, mobile bruisers, lane bullies as a generalization, and so on. Then they'll go on about those instead. Feels like some people literally just come to the forums to indirectly say the game is crap (or close to it) but _their_ suggestions would totally save it from that shame. Not that it'll stop people who don't play MOBAs (or some people who play other MOBAs) from saying it is anyway.
Their suggestion of nerf champions is just the one who just shit on then on their last ranked game. This board is just full of silvers and its not worth visiting now.
: She needs an overhaul. She is too effective for a 0-risk champion; not even gonna mention the new items on her. Soraka atleast "has" to go in and land her Q so she can sustain, but Janna can just sit back and spam E on her teammate before they take damage, rather than afterwards. A free 1300g+ in stats on top of that pushes her far far over the edge.
Frager (EUNE)
: Can we for gods sake nerf redemption?
It's healthy, but a little powerful item.
: @Riot 52% winrate, 30% pickrate
There's a reason why I don't visit this board anymore. It's because she stands out all other adcs. It's not like she is strong, but it's because other adcs are weak.
: Daily reminder Janna is at a 54% win rate with 15% play rate
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Irigmez (NA)
: Mid Main Looking To Join/SUB for team. Plat!
: Masters league on SMURF looking for flex need SUPPORT
Rioter Comments
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: D2 ADC on smurf lf flex
Rioter Comments
: Diamonds for flex
: Best champion to climb with if you suck
: GG Nerf the Chinese
Made me look like a crazy person laughing in class
Elfezen (NA)
: When there are 2 ADCs Bot instead of ADC & Support
Lvl 3 gank kha with red Enemy team: Double Kill!
: 99 LP feels really shitty to have
Next game's extra lp should be divided to half and put it in your next division.
: 1 free ranked queue dodge a week
In someway, this is encouraging players to dodge games.
: ONE FOR ALL challenge: Rioters VS Players. Friday 16/9 @6PM PST.
: PSA: Being Platinum or Diamond doesn't make you a god among norm match trash.
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: the very definition of anti fun
Ill get a screen shot of my game later
: The secret P2W method to significantly increase your win rate
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