xCr4zY (NA)
: I hate the fact that us support mains are forced to buy eye of the (_) (Now called remnant of (_)). I never bought those items because I prefer the active abilities that the other items gave (FotM, talisman, spooky ghosts :) ) What was the thought process of removing those items?
Probably because solo laners were abusing them so heavily. They are considering bringing them back as different items though.
: Or I could pick the non meta champs myself?
Then you get rolled by the OP shit the enemy team will almost certainly pick
: Patch 7.22 notes
This is gonna be one hell of a trip
: Learn More: Worlds 2017 Missions and Loot
The team icons also count as worlds icons for missions right?
: I also find it pretty crazy how much the points dropped off after those two, 92 points for Bjerg, 22 points for Huhi. Means there's really only the two of them that deserve the spot.
It's kind of a shame, Huhi actually had an amazing split for himself too. He's just being overshadowed by how good Bjerg and Jensen did.
: 2017 NA LCS Summer Split Award Winners
Olleh achieving over 100 points is insane, well deserved on his part. The voting was incredibly close between Bjergsen and Jensen too, a difference of 2 points jeez. Really want to see just how close the MVP voting is going to be this year, after looking at this we might be in for a game of inches.
: Patch 7.16 notes
Given how you max shield last on orianna and max w second, those ori nerfs don't seem so bad at first but are actually pretty substantial when you think about it.
: How can I watch Rift Rivals 2017?
Where's my boy CaptainFlowers? :c
: Patch 7.13 notes
"Taliyah's W - Seismic Shove is no longer missing VO lines" Thanks, because she clearly wasn't chatty enough already...
: 2017 NA LCS Summer Finals tickets
Might actually be the first LCS event i'll be able to go to, super hyped!
: Patch 7.11 notes
Riot is killing so many memes lately I'm starting to think Dragon Master {{champion:50}} is no longer a matter of if, but when now. please...
: Patch 7.10 notes
"Muting Pings" Thank god that's finally a thing
Prynce (NA)
: Technically speaking, it is possible but your longtime friend will *definitely* experience some latency issues when trying to connect to our NA server. Because of this, I can't personally recommend doing so. Tell your friend good luck with his education!
  Rioter Comments
: Patch 7.7 Notes
That Zelda reference on Bard though, are you going to make us find 900 chimes as well? Or should I run to the enemy base expecting to find ganon?
: Patch 7.6 notes
Doublelift dies to Red buff in LCS, next patch Red buff gets nerfed. Coincidence? I think NOT!
: Patch 7.5 notes
Leblanc nerfs are always welcome in patch notes {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Retrauk (NA)
: Nah. A Riot dev said in the boards they're aiming for 7.3 currently, but no guarantee. My guess is 7.4 at latest. We'll get it in February.
It's only accessible in the new client though i think, so we need to wait until they force everyone onto that first.
: Funny this got voted down, guess when you speak the truth, the kids on the internet cant handle it.
nah, the way it was worded just made you seem sodium filled. We get enough of that as it is, after all we play league.
Can I please just call this skin Dankplank? Because c'mon, that looks awesome
Jäx (NA)
: Bans for TSM vs C9: {{champion:268}} {{champion:238}} {{champion:7}} {{champion:134}} {{champion:103}} {{champion:4}} {{champion:112}} {{champion:61}} {{champion:69}} {{champion:101}}
banning azir/zed in 2017 lul
  Rioter Comments
: Road to Pre-Season: Practice Tool in the Works
This is something I've been hoping would come for a while, good job and thank you Riot!
Rioter Comments
: You Yasuo mains will literally do anything to play your champ.
I'm more surprised you got a game where that little shit wasn't banned
: Worlds Top 20: Honorable Mentions
I figured Impact would at least be ranked in the 11-20 area, guess not.
: Jax vs Irelia mid game
If they have the same items i'd probably give it to jax since he can dodge some of the true damage autos and ramps up his strength the longer he lasts in the fight.
: Losing all the time.
Well obviously I can't see your decisions in game so I can't tell you what you're doing wrong, but if you get far ahead in the early game you should look to press your advantage through split pushing and applying pressure. Make the enemy come to you so your team can engage a 4v3 or so you can pick off a stray member if they come alone. Doing well in the laning phase is only one part of the game, you need to learn the macro-aspect as well. A good Macro-game will net you advantages in even games where you are behind. When it comes to tilt, sometimes you just need to take a small break, (go grab some food, take a jog, etc.). Just get your mind off the game so you can have a fresh mindset going into the next one, because the previous games are over and you can't change them, so focus entirely on the game you're about to play.
: Hard Carry Meta is Not Healthy
So you're saying that a team trying to shut down the most powerful enemy on the enemy team is unfair. Dude if you play a carry you have a huge target on your back, especially if you're fed because if they leave you alone they lose pretty much every fight. That's how the game works, kill the enemy, take objectives.
: Rusty's Guide to Group B
It's not out of the question for C9 to get 1st in the group, I was expecting for SKT and C9 to go 1-1 vs each other and a tiebreaker decide the 1st seed, but an upset could change that and I know better than to underestimate the Flash Wolves. NA is actually one of the stronger regions at Worlds this year (all 0-10 memes aside), I remember even EDG breathing a sigh of relief in the group draw after C9 got drafted into Group B. I do expect SKT to end the group in first, but there's definitely a chance for C9 to grab that first Seed, which would be key in avoiding a quarterfinal with (Most likely) EDG, ROX or TSM.
: Patch 6.19 notes
So all the Kog rework did long-term was gut AP Kog'Maw, Right? Honestly I'd love to see that brought back in some way, I used to like playing him in the Mid Lane.
: Sion in a nutshell.
"COWAAAAAAAAAAAAAARDS" - Sion as he ults away from a fight
Rioter Comments
adidas (NA)
: If yasuo is hard to play or master, Why does he have the highest play rate with a 54% win rate
Simply put, Yasuo has depth in his kit. But you don't need to tap far into that potential to be successful, and the current tanky build is making him difficult to fight against, since his scaling is so dang good with just Phantom Dancer + Frozen Mallet
: Group Draw Show Results
These groups are gonna be all-out slugfests, especially group D. This should be an entertaining world championship
: Late Game Pink Wards
I'm hoping we get some kind of perk where after about 40 minutes we get another item slot that can only carry pink wards, that way there's no excuse for everyone to not get one after they are full build
: Upcoming Kog'Maw Changes
So looking at the update come full circle, all this rework did was kill AP Kog'Maw
: Why do people in bronze/silver have this mentality?
It's not just low elo, I've seen multiple players in Diamond and up that say "Open Mid" after their team is down a few kills early game. There are people with the shitty mentality everywhere and if a game isn't going their way they just give up. Plus it doesn't help that the game is so snowbally now with first turret gold.
Rebonack (NA)
: Kog has been silly since Riot moved his IAS from Q to W
They could turn his Q into a giant sludge ball (About Corki Q size and range), that gives a debuff to targets hit for about 4 seconds where Kog's basic attacks deal the percent health damage, but only deal normal (Plus the on hit) damage to targets not hit by the Q. Just an idea off the top of my head, probably needs something a bit bigger than that. I do believe some power needs to be shifted from the W to his Q though.
: What’s your story?
Friends told me about it back in Season 3, picked it up then and been playing since. Yeah that's it
: Why do easy to play champions get awarded more than difficult champions?
So mobility countering immobility is bad? That's basically what i've seen from your argument and champions mentioned. Ekko has a gap closer and Vel'Koz wants to stay at range, so if anyone like Ekko gets in the face of Vel then of course he's going to be at a disadvantage. But Vel has more overall damage (plus true damage) if he gets his combo off, but that's why Vel is countered by mobility and wants to stay in the back of teamfights and why ekko wants to get to the backline. It's not easy dealing with gap closers as an immobile champ. Honestly it's all up to which champs you pick in a certain scenario, you basically determine how hard the game will be for yourself in champ select by the matchup you pick, and if you pick blind then you have the opportunity to get countered.
: why does gnar have percent health magic damage when jax doesn't
Because they are supposed to fill different roles, Jax is mostly a split pusher while Gnar is meant to transform and have large teamfight impact. Jax isn't much of a teamfighter, he likes to 1v1 and pressure side lanes, while Gnar doesn't split push quite as fast and has more CC and AOE damage (Mega Gnar). Jax doesn't have percent health damage so champions can build health and survive against him, while Gnar's percent health damage means he can build tankier for fights and still have meaningful damage to stave off other fighters when in mini form.
: > [{quoted}](name=DeltaRaven,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=0JerWXJ7,comment-id=000200000000,timestamp=2016-09-01T22:11:00.437+0000) > > Which is why I said you can build Gunblade OR BOTRK second, Gunblade lets you burst squishes easier while BOTRK allows for more DPS and better kiting/Dueling vs tanky targets. you stated and i quote " Trinity is godlike on him, but Rageblade is more expensive than something like Gunblade or BOTRK. I'd recommend one of the other 2 instead of rageblade." therefore saying cuz of the 200 gold difference you recommend {{item:3153}} {{item:3146}} over {{item:3124}} due to cost
It's mostly preference, cost is just another reason, these 2 items also give you life steal and helps with Jax's lack of sustain. After Rageblade got changed the New trinity Force basically took it's place in Jax's build path. Typically he builds 2 offensive items and then goes for defense, so you go for a Damage item (Trinity or Rageblade) and then another one that gives you life steal (BOTRK or Gunblade). After that you get defense so you can't easily be 100-0'd by a burst mage or assassin, and the active on Gunblade or BOTRK makes you harder to Kite for ADC's. The fact that the items are cheaper than rageblade is just an Added bonus.
: gunblade cant kill tanks
Which is why I said you can build Gunblade OR BOTRK second, Gunblade lets you burst squishes easier while BOTRK allows for more DPS and better kiting/Dueling vs tanky targets.
: Why hasn't Black Market Brawlers come back yet? It was my favorite mode, I loved the custom minions :(
Black Market Brawlers most likely needs to be rebuilt from the ground up, along with maybe a new item or 2. It's like Doombots, Riot needs to rewrite the coding so that the modes function at the level we expect them to.
: how is rageblade and trinity on jax
Trinity is godlike on him, but Rageblade is more expensive than something like Gunblade or BOTRK. I'd recommend one of the other 2 instead of rageblade.
: That Champion Zed Splash makes me want to become a Zed main
Wow, that's Badass looking. Really looking forward to getting this when it comes out.
: Tips to kill gnar?
It's about champions who can close the gap in his mini form, such as Irelia, Yasuo, Renekton and other champions who can keep up with him. The thing about Gnar is that if you don't kill him relatively quickly his hyper %HP damage (which i feel is the most BS thing about him) will eventually turn the tide of the fight unless you have some form of sustain in your kit or items. If you play an immobile tank you basically will not kill a decent Gnar in any stage of the game. If he's in mega form just try not to fight him, his burst can be deceptively strong.
: "jax is hard to itemize against"
If you're trying to 1v1 a late game Jax you are playing into exactly what he wants, the point of late game jax is that he's supposed to be hard to take on by yourself. Granted those items help, but what you want is to force him to teamfight so you have people who can focus him down if need be.
: http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/gameplay-balance/H3dUlFEl-make-yasuos-ult-armor-pen-apply-only-to-critical-strikes Feelsgoodman riot listened
You know, I'm liking this whole "Riot is listening to the community" thing. Let's hope the trend continues.
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