: Specify Damage components: Magic, Physical & True.
Mártir (EUW)
: League of Legends is not 'worth it', honestly.
Can you actually name card mobas you mentioned? I'm genuinely curious, because this is a first time i hear about this at all, and only thing i was able to google is skytear.
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Sukishoo (NA)
: Dunk master Ivern...
Hilarious. Can i get d3mon ivern or candy rush ivern? I guess galactic gunner iwern would do too.
: Add a minigame during matches
You might wanna play Prime World then. They have Zuma.
: If I met that skin I didn't noticed because it was horribe probably
No it wasn't. Last time i met silver kayle somewhere around 2010, or 2011, and since then i wanted this skin as one of the coolest looking in game.
: Everyone suddenly "loves" the old Kayle, meanwhile she is one of the top 4 least played champions.
People didn't like kayle for gameplay reasons, not because she was an armored angel.
: Patiently waiting for Mordekaiser Reworked Armor
Damn, i messed up hiding a preview. Sad times of read-only members.
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You cant imagine how pissed off i was seeing only IE / first item IE builds when i played nexus blitz. AND THAT WAS SIX MONTHS AFTER CRIT REWORK. I was extra tilted after those games for sure
: Autochess in League of Legends?
I really want to try auto-chess, it reminds me of legion td map in wc3, which i love playing. But i can only run minimum graphic settings, and its ugly as hell. Sad its not another wc3 map. As for lol auto-chess, they would never do such thing. I lost all hope in riot developing new modes with dominion removal. Odyssey was their best creation with all those upgrades and fun stuff, but still didn't quite deliever for me. Also, modes like Ascension and Dominion were offering pretty different playstyle which i found fun. Aside from that, any mode they made doesn't really differ much from standart SR experience. Even TT got more like SR over the time. Therefore i dont think there is a single creative person on their team currently capable of designing something new, refreshing ang engaging gameplay-wise.
: And once Corki gets the VGU... Corgi Corki legendary skin, babeh!
Corki of Wisdom would be easier to implement, and also a great meme reference!
: Alright folks, this is going to be a big one; Let's talk ALL the current Tier 1 VGU priority champs
Want to especially mention champions that i think need some mechanics on them removed: {{champion:72}} needs either a way to create zones himself, or just strait up remove them and replace with something new or base stats. {{champion:42}} Corki has really weird kit, which was alright in early seasons, but didn't age well. But specific thing i want to go from his kit is static cooldown on rockets, not reducable by CDR. Thats just a lazy and not fun for player solution. {{champion:102}} Needs a heavy rework for rage system, its either should be more implemented into her kit or just strait up removed. For other champions, i think they definitely need a vgu, but their gameplay should still include their core aspects, like fiddle can't go without fear. You just can't remove it, you can only rework it to be more balanced.
Moody P (NA)
: Nunus counter jungle and objective control are shells of what they used to be and he has almost no focus on his original value of being a buff/debuff tank. Nunu has value in generic means of offering so so engage and modest CC while being the only tank with a jungle clear that doesn't make you cry
True that. His current clear is mediocre at best, and for me saddest parts are replacing base stats with a giant ass heal and loss of on-hit damage. Him being a constant damage threat and annoying asshole is gone. He engaes now and does no fucking damage at all, unless you build oneshot ap. Small burst of q w e and for a next few seconds you are giant pile of poo instead of a champion.
King Lego (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=DemoGuide,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=pvxuF0eY,comment-id=000c,timestamp=2019-01-22T13:01:32.202+0000) > > Video is great, but you know what would make it better in my opinion? > If instead Of karma shield, it was Shen ult shield. Just imagine, Music stops, Sion lands his axe, but shield appears, and after a second there is also super dope animation of Shen forming from shadows. There are also Akali and Kennen, it would be super cool to see orignal Ninjas together. I just want it so bad! Yeah would have been cool. The full ninja order with Shen coming by. Does Zed count too?
I dunno, i dont even know their current lore relations. For me, these three are original Ninjas, i remember them being released really close to each other. They also were only Energy champs for a pretty long time.
King Lego (EUNE)
: While the video gave me chills
Video is great, but you know what would make it better in my opinion? If instead Of karma shield, it was Shen ult shield. Just imagine, Music stops, Sion lands his axe, but shield appears, and after a second there is also super dope animation of Shen forming from shadows. There are also Akali and Kennen, it would be super cool to see orignal Ninjas together. I just want it so bad!
: The problem with this is none of this is the actual real problem. The REAL problem is Riot has been steadily nerfing defensive options for carry classes, making them do more damage in the process. All defensive purchases for carry roles are generally shit, and the ones that are good, are damage items with defensive side effects on top of offensive stats. and sometimes have offensive abilities as well. We need to go back to GA not having damage on it, Banshee's being a tank item, Abyssal Scepter needs to come back, etc etc. THIS was when damage wasn't so crazy.
What i hated the most is Banshee rework. It was great defensive tools not only against mages, but even against ad assasins it helped a lot.
: Everyone wants to see damage nerfed but no one's willing to have their class nerfed.
Yeah, and that's why class reworks were total bullshit. You need to look at game at complex scale, not just "We should rework crit items for ADC" and boom suddenly ADCs are balanced no shit they aren't. Delaying ADC spike and reducing their burst damage is GREATES IDEA i could imagine, its been talked about for YEARS on boards. But when riot decided to do that? 3 season later that they should have been. But they did it anyway, and BOOM nothing is fixed because who the hell needs 4 item carries when game is decided 10 minutes from the start. So, they put a bandaid burst item to help ADCs, therefor completely nullifying point of the rework! B R I L L I A N T i would say.
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: DO NOT Blame the balance team for this sorry state of the game
Yes, i blame those guys who told them to make games shorter. I guess it's Tencent or someone related to them. But you know, official guy in charge over the whole game balance is Ghostcrawler. So i blame him and anyone above him, who doesn't understand that their changes are killing the will and joy to play the game.
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: PETITION: Bring back Morello, someone who ACTUALLY knew what he was doing
Also, i think that bringing one person back hardly cnahge anything. We need a game overhaul with the amount of changes more than anytime in the past.
: PETITION: Bring back Morello, someone who ACTUALLY knew what he was doing
I would also like a guy who had successfully designed 2 mobas back. You know, Guinsoo, who made original dota and who made original league. I think this guy knows something about fun and engaging gameplay.
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: If Pyke Ult didn't bypass shields it would have to do a LOT more damage to compensate. Remember, he's designed to be fighting enchanters who will stack shields on any low HP target he's eyeballing. It sucks to fight against, but like Urgot the counterplay is not falling below the threshold in the first place, or dodging the ult itself. I'd rather not go back to Pyke ult dealing 1200+ True damage just to make a few shield champs feel better.
Why would you compensate ultimate in the first place exactly? Again, fighting against sheld stacking sucks, but having your shields strait up ignored sucks even more. I hope when they nerf enchanter shields duration they can also remove this frustraiting thing from pyke.
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: TO the balance team, and for upcoming pre season
Does that mean another jungle rework? Riot reworked jungle almost every preseason, and last time they did it, they totally failed. I'm not talking about plants, plants are fine, but the bunch of changes that came with plants killed jungle diversity for a long time. Funny enough this patch went out when jungle was finally seem to be balanced for like patch or two, but changes were planned already, so it went terrible.
: Don't you think the Lore is actaully kinda wasted?
What i really dislike about lore is in-game implementation. Stories a great, but when they are making a voiceover for character, they base it too much off the stories rather than actual lore. Take Taric for example, he speaks about his mountain so freaking much like he has nothing else to tell.
: Which champ has the WORST passive in the game???
{{champion:126}} I can't understand why his passive is not a part of his R.
: Riots balance team has been rather questionable for me since mid s7
Probably preseason 7. It was the time, when they made fairly balanced jungle... and fucked everythingh up with preseason update. And i'm not talking plants, no. All plants whine kinda distacted everyone from the actual problem: jungle changes killed that divercity that started to grow at the end of season 6. And i remember me thinking "why the fuck would you do that rito, things finally seems working and you are breaking everything?" And after that whole season was a fucking balance mess. There were always questionable decisions, but man, how much of them were in season7, i'm not even gonna count.
: "Removing the unstoppable on ornn is one of the WORST things you can do" - Scarra
I don't understand why the fuck they decided to change his W damage from Current Health to Max health. That was the thing that broke him in first place. He was fairly balanced before, but no, lets add more max% hp damage into his kit, what could go wrong, amirite boys?
: It's still a thing. You almost never see it outside pre-mades though since most people don't know how to run it.
That's just sad. Was there any effective strat discovered to counter them? Or just good picks? I always ban taric because he seems like the most broken support of all that presented, but that's just it.
: Support Comp ruined 3v3
Is this thing still around? That's so fucked up to play against.
Eedat (NA)
: Nobody plays TT because matchmaking is ten times worse (which is saying something) and you just pay against bots in norms. I played a ranked game of TT this weekend just for shits and giggles and got matched against bronze and unranked players. The game was such a joke that at one point I literally 1v3'd their team and killed them all. Let's be real. People play TT to get to gold practically for free if they can't do it in SoloQ for ranked rewards
Welp, it's not that free. I always can't gather enough friends to play TT. Those who like it either play rarely or not play that good, making things harder. But that's fine, if we only could play it more than 50 games a season. Sometimes months go without us playing TT. That's just sad. And i tried flex last season, it felt horribly unbalanced. Not really fun.
Lakega (NA)
: The reason not many people play TT is because of 2 reasons. 1) Riot massively fked up the game mode when they re made the TT map. The original TT map was far more balanced for all types of gameplay. The new TT map was "supposed" to balance everything better, but all it did was heavily favor snowballing champs, and bruisers, while sticking the biggest dicke ver in the asses of everything else. 2) RIot ignores TT like a plague. Especially with these missions being a thing now, so not only do patches/balances, and everything else gets ignored, but now missions are ignoring TT. 3) I think Riot is trying to assassinate TT, just like they did with Dominion, Dominion was just easier to kill off because it was new and not well established yet.
And they seem to encourage snowball even better. Losing early on TT is like sitting on grapefruit diet for 30 minutes until you have a chance to come back or just give up and lose one fight to face quicker lose. And what's killing me, they did nothing to fix snowballing last patch, they actually made it worse, lowering offencive and defencive power of turrets. It just sucks.
: Scared for the future of gangplank due to klepto being broken
I really want to play Grasp Plank. I have such a hard-on for endless stacking mechanics, i always want more of them. And i had moderate sucess with TankPlank in season 6 on Twisted Treeline... Sadly, Klepto is strait up better keystone for him.
AhmCha (NA)
: Dissatisfied/disgruntled veterans, what stops you from quitting?
1. Playing with my friends, it's still fun, but it's fun of spending time together, not really fun of the game. 2. Riot had A LOT of prizing actiivities recently on my server (Russian), so i participated. 3. Have no other games to play. I do HS from time to time, but ladder in HS is shit, and i do brawls/arenas for fun. Waiting for Gvint/Artifact to come on Android so i can try it, don't want to install more games on my desktop. But even I feel lost in this game. Seasons 4-6 i always felt like a support/mid main. Nowadays... i just don't feel like i'm performing on any role better than other. Maybe it's that feel of "no impact" that was talked about on the boards. I really wish i could quit this game, honestly. But IRL i have little to no ways to hang out with my friends (I met them over League years ago, and they are from the city 1000 km away from me). And league is still the best and easiest way to spend time with them.
: You should try hots. Every support has some kind of cc, disruption, heal or shield. Depending on what you need you choose talents. If your team has natural sustain but enemy is burst you talent into cc, disruption. If they lack burst you amplify sustain. Countering supports is actually easier compared to lol. In lol support just builds retarded heal shield.power items and with one ability shield adc for another full hp bar and shields have armor mr. In hots there are talents and heroes who lower healing or give you more damage to shields. In hots soon the new mmr system will be reintroduced. It will take into account your personal performance so you climb to where you belong faster imstead of punishing you for having braindead teammates. Games are shorter but packed with action every single second and you can actually comeback if your team works well even if it seems like you have only nexus left and no hope.
Im actually around lvl 100 in HOTS. Most of these levels are coming from beta long time ago. And i play it sometimes, like once in a month or so. The thing is i always played it to have some fun, but never cared about trying competitive side of it. Now i'm much more interested in it.
: What's your top 3 hated abilities?
{{champion:64}} Q, W, R Fuck leesin, cancer champion.
Rexxiee (NA)
: I guess the live design team truly doesnt play the game.
You know waht really bothers me? Where the fuck is Guinsoo? You know, that guy which made original Dota, which made original LoL. Both of these games are loved to the day. Why the fuck he is not a lead game designer? Last time i heard about him is when there was info about upcoming Fiora rework. And on the point of Ghostcrawler being the lead game designer. You know, i just randomly read a game design post of HOTS yesterday. They were talking about balance of supports in the current meta... And you know, i actually felt like they designing a game as a whole. I think i might try ranked hots one day, just because there seems to be people who actually look after a game as a whole? What we have been having since Ghostcrawler joined? Class updates? Rune update? Jungle updates? Haven't seen a single patch trying to balance game as a whole, and i think ghostcrawler just can't do it. He can't see game as a whole, he can just continue to rework small things step by step, constatly throwing game into trashier state. Yes, i think he might be good as designer, maybe chmpion designer or rune designer, but he just can't take big projects.
Rioter Comments
: They made it so the turrets can no longer run out of ammo which should make the laning phase a bit more involved. They also changed the way the health globes which drop from the spellcaster minion works. So before the globes were always tied to one team who could get it. Now its tied to the same team as before for the first 3 seconds but then becomes neutral and able to be collected by either side. This should make winning a lane more useful as you can deny them their globes AND take the globe for yourself. On a side note, I find the most interesting change with HotS is they are introducing performance based ranking where while its still mostly win/lose for gaining/losing MMR, now it actually takes into account how you performed personally for how much you might gain or lose. Assuming it works pretty well it could be a huge step in the right direction for how it feels to play super well in a loss and in general could help solid players climb a little faster by mitigating their losses a bit from their own good play.
These changes surely sound cool! Thanks for sharing, definitely gonna try HOTS again.
: They want the game to be hots. Speaking of hots, blizzard is changing the game around to give hots an actual laning phase and better camera visibility. It actually feels like a moba now instead of a 5 man brawl death ball slug fest. If Riot doesn't fix their shit, then I'll probably be investing my time into hots, it has better heroes anyway
Can you go more into details about hots laning change? or give me a link to the change? For a whole patch of league i've been playing almost nothing but ARAM and Ascension, and in those small number of normal games i felt like shit. So, i think about moving on to HOTS, Overwatch or Battlerite.
Kelg (NA)
: Timeless classic league memes thread
: Real talk: Which one would win in a fight?
The answer is always fucking cancer {{champion:64}}
XDaelin1 (NA)
: Do people really still use Opera?
I use Opera right now. I reinstalled my Windows recently, and it seems like i somehow screwed my perfomance even more, so i can't have Firefox and League opened at the same time. Opera is better for perfomance, and after i googled a bit i found all the extensions i needed.
: Let's play a game : Choose only 1 champion of each.
1 - {{champion:1}} 2 - {{champion:63}} 3 - {{champion:432}} 4 - {{champion:64}} . I also hate playing against him, hate his mains, hate everything related to him. 5 - hardest one, but i think playing {{champion:44}} without his fabulous skin is pointless anyway.
: Let's discuss AP itemization
Best point in this thread is about more core rush items. I agree 100% on that. All that gametime shrinking by Rito caused a lot of trouble for mages, so such overloaded item like Morello is only way to be relevant at early stages.
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