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: This game is a mothercocking joke. Especially the banner systems. I got banned for asking for a leash and then inting the game down mid because my bot lane came late to leash. Well? we would lose the game anyways after the bad leash so what was the point of drawing the game out. I did the polite thing for both teams to end it faster. But I got punished and not the ziggs adc who wants to look at pornhub during the first 1:30 of the game. He even verified in chat he was busy with that kind of thing and then he said he was going to int cuz he wanted to go back to it. Well? why come to a game if u are busy with that website no? And to top it off, my team was spam pinging me and saying hate comments about me until after the post game ended and then they all try to add me as friend to say more racisit and homophobe comment to me. People need to grow the hell up. are saying one bad leash = game lost?...oh boy.. then you int'ed and thought you were being polite? then you thought all other people but you need to grow the hell up... now that's a thinker...
Retrauk (NA)
: The Worst Game Ever
To this day, the lol community still doesn't ask the people to admit their mistakes, but ask all of us (including the person making mistake) to be deaf to all things. Obviously fighting fire with fire isn't a good idea, but why is it no one wants to be a responsible person and own up to their mistake, and only mute when that doesn't work?
: That saying - "The best defense is a good offense" - really only applies to tactics of overwhelming your opponents with an overwhelming offensive. It doesn't apply to dealing with people acting like children.
i'm not saying whether it is the right thing to do or not, just taking a lighter view of things. I feel like people, nowadays, are way too black and white/polar with view. Sometimes things are that clear cut, but sometimes things aren't. There are also a lot of variances in the situations that may sound the same in the broader view but different when you drill down the detail. For example, if someone says "fuck you" when you accidentally bump into him, and you proceed to beat him unconscious. pretty sure in general people wouldn't think it is just "defending" himself. now, if someone tries to shot at you with an intent to kill, are you sure you are going to just try to passively defend? Even in self-defense cases, there are a lot of things to consider to justify whether it is right or not. but now online people seem to just use binary formula to judge for all the things happen seems silly to me...that's why I made the joke about "the best defense" As for acting like kids, I'm pretty sure op and the mid laner were both kind of immature, not just one to blame. I do feel bad for the op for the situation, unfortunately I think his temper made the situation much worse than it should be.
: >after that bro i had to defend my self if somebody flames you, then flaming back **is not "defending yourself"**. it's **"retaliating"** i mean unless in your mind defence and offence are the exact same thing...
what about the saying of "best defense is offense"? xD
: There is a difference between adapting to it and these players often TRYING to work with the team, and spending the ENTIRE GAME doing nothing but flaming, degrading, insulting, and repeatedly telling an off-meta player just how hard you are going to report them because they didnt build what you tell them they are 'supposed to build'. A difference between giving a new build a chance and spending more time making a player feel like complete and total shit, telling them over and over just how garbage they are because they didnt build a particular item or maybe has their own way that works for THEM. Your Comment comes off as the same "Fall in line" sort of attitude that I get alot. I have a different play style than others. I try and work with the team but I am not even given a chance, not even asked. I just get called a troll immediately and get told how I need to fall in line and build "proper" Items or else be reported. The whole "Know your Place! Build what I tell you to" attitude. (and dont try and tell me it doesnt happen, It happened in my last game) Yeah, Off meta doesnt work for everyone, But if someone has a way that works for them, it gets the job done. Why should the player be made to feel like shit because they arent playing and building "properly" according to someone with a subjective view of the meta. The meta is always changing, metas come and go. Builds change with each patch, Items change, characters change. There are still people in season 8 who have a Season 2 idea of support's role. That they arent part of the team. that they arent worth any effort. That they should ward, heal, and otherwise STFU. That anything they say should be immediately laughed off and dismissed because...its support!.
....the question you have to ask yourself is "are you really getting the job done" or you are just building whatever you want. I'm all for playing to your style and would actually make fun of people for simply following the standard like a must, but I don't agree with building an off build and doesn't perform well and simply saying "idgaf" which seems to be what you believe in. you try to blame everyone else for them flaming you, but have you looked at yourself and really think about if this is working? or continue to believe "if this is done right"? XD
: Why did I come back...
: Gold - Plat Dragon Trainer Lulu main lookin for Dragon Trainer Trist main!
: The State of Gangplank: From Friend to Imposter
I loved a lot of old champions as well. GP also was one of my old favor as well before he gets changed. Riot changed a lot of the champions that I used to love to play but not so much anymore, ie, sion, soraka, gp. Like you, i'm not saying the rework is bad, but it just doesn't feel like who they were. I would much rather they creating a new champion.
: I got a 14 day suspension for feeding.
Jakra (EUW)
: What was your derpiest moment in LoL, when you were starting out?
at level 2 or 5, played against lv30. Picked tristina, used smite as summoner (i think at that time, smite has no level restriction) cause i thought getting 15 more gold from smite is good. Enemy had a lux, the first time i saw her ult i walked toward it to see what it is and died.
Lwnt (NA)
: Need help understanding Champion Mastery for Support class
i don't know how they calculate the grading, but essentially if you do more good things, you get higher grade. (doesn't matter what role you are) it is then compared to the average score of that particular champion (probably at the division you are in as well) if you get better score than average you get a better grade. that means kills, assists, cs, money, participation in kills, amount of ward drop and buy/cleared, objective that you help to get (drag, turret, baron, etc)
Baunjo (NA)
: The real reason toxicity exists in this game
you know there are a few reasons why the games are toxic. I believe, in my own opinion, is that people (or people in general) don't like to admit or own up to their mistakes and bad plays, when they make a bad play, according to the popular opinion of the community, is to ignore those cause everyone can have a bad game and the all-time favorite line of "your toxicity won't help him, it will just tilt him more." I have rarely see a post urging people to say sorry for things they have done wrong or things they didn't do but could have (such as using exhaust, heal, cc). it's very hard to imagine a team where everyone is polite and apologetic and everyone still flaming each other. Granted, there will be people, no matter how apologetic you are, they will still hate on you, but i believe that the general population isn't. However the community has taken the stance as to keep silent and let things go is a better/mature way to solve things than people actually realizing and admit their mistakes. That's the real reason. The game can be as short as 20 minutes, even for a bad game. Hey guys, sorry a bad game. Nah, i didn't do so well either. don't blame yourself for it. I should have ganked more. I was outplayed by their top, sorry team. Shall we move on and try to fight them. *come to a team conclusion* nope, that's not how lol works. this is what usually goes down. wtf why didn't you save me? useless jg. you can't even smite? jg i needs ganks mid or i will feed. top stop farming and join team fight. then someone, without talking about it, started a FF vote 2 yes 3 no. why didn't you guys surrender. this game is so done.... 10 more death another silent ff vote 3 yes 1 no 15 more death another silent ff vote 4 yes 1 no game ended at 54 minutes post game These noobs won't surrender, says the mid laner who is 0/12/3 adc: if you didn't feed that much maybe we wouldn't have to surrender. sup: report my team, toxic af jg *reports all and left without a word* top jg never ganks and mid doesn't follow his lane XD
: Random Perma bans
while some people may deserve punishment, i think you should also reflect on how you behaved. Even as a bystander, i found you to be immature and kind of annoying. You wanted an opinion so here it is. Sorry if it's too harsh for your ears.
Ajflay27 (NA)
: Gold 3 Sup Main LF, ADC duo (Gold+)
add me to play some normal's first.
Grashnim (NA)
: Be responsible.
I actually do agree with what you are saying here. I think a lot of toxicity are the results of that. We all know that people have bad games, but at the current popular view of the community seems to be banning all of the talks cause it's toxic, counter-productive, and not going to help win the game, which honestly, is baby'ing people and allowing them to act whatever they want in games. everyone must not say anything. I have used an analogy of someone hitting you with a car, and drive off. While we don't know if it's an accident or deliberate act, but shouldn't they feel at least a bit sorry for that? By lol's current logic, you get hit by the car, as they drive off without a word, you have to remember not to get angry about what they did, or the person driving the car may hit even more people with the car, and it will be your fault for speaking out in the first place. I do feel like if everyone can own up to their mistake, toxicity level will drop by a lot, however it most likely will not happen.
Lywoe (NA)
: Yet again.... and a tip new players
The point is to improve yourself. The team that you can is going to be, on the average, similar to what you got. The only way to really climb is to improve yourself a lot that you can carry you (and your teammates) to a higher tier. And if you happen to find a good player to duo (ie you have good synergy during the game you play together, you can always add that person so you get a better chance as well. I, for one, don't like surrendering. I use that as a chance to better myself. When people are that much more fed, the only way to win against them is by outplaying them, which requires higher skill, which takes practices to achieve. In an easy game, where you are fed, you can make mistakes and still be okay cause of the items that you bought. The true test of skill is when all odds are against you. At this point, you will just lose, but if you can't see any point in playing in a losing game, you probably won't improve quickly
I208iN (EUW)
: Can I haz this, please ?
: League Themed Wedding, LF Reds to reply!
Upvoted. Good luck, and hope you have a great wedding!
: looking for adc/team to help me become a better support
it is hard to carry out of bronze as support, but if you are good enough, you just need to find a good adc near your elo and duo with him/her if you guys have chemistry
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Atreix (NA)
: g2 Supp lookin for a duo or a dynamic que!
: LFG or Ppl who wanna dynamic que ranked together. I'm silver 1 support main
if you are really good with sup, then you are exactly what i am looking for
Junkyard (NA)
: have you ever played adc with a dominating support? It is so easy to farm, you could do it blindfolded. Adc's do not win botlane, supports do. If your adc is behind in cs (assuming similar skill as other adc) I would be looking at the quality of support instead.
> [{quoted}](name=Junkyard,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=0QY88a6c,comment-id=000100000001,timestamp=2016-03-31T02:07:20.867+0000) > > have you ever played adc with a dominating support? It is so easy to farm, you could do it blindfolded. Adc's do not win botlane, supports do. If your adc is behind in cs (assuming similar skill as other adc) I would be looking at the quality of support instead. This is true
: Reason for playing support
I do believe that playing support does resemble a lot about raising a (foster) kid. you always start up having high hope for the kid. Sometime kids will complain about the parents and wish they were born(adopted) into a different and better families. When you tell them not to do something stupid, they will say, "you don't tell me what to do. i do what i want to do." Sometimes you get a really good kid who does well and appreciate you raising them with little money that you do. The list goes on...XD anyway, for me, it is the best satisfaction when your kid(adc) does well, and also acknowledge that they got there not only because their own effort/ talent but also your help.
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: if my jungler takes my kill i take their jungle
you might also be a selfish player to think that too.
: Why can't I get out of silver 5
First of all, where you are at, is a tricky place to be in. A lot of silver don't know how to work with the team or don't know what to do exactly especially toward mid/late game. Worst of all, they don't listen much either. Some of them may be mechanically sufficient, but they don't have enough experience in term of bigger pictures yet. First of all, it will be easier to raise up if you know all of the roles. Second, this is an old tip. If you are winning your lane, go help other lane win too. I mean it doesn't always work out that way, because, like u said, some lane may be even more fed than you are, but to be a good carry, your job is to "carry", even if it's the entire team. If you play adc very well, sometimes you can play sup to win. Because you have a kiting/harrass skill of adc on a sup, that means it will make it 10x easier for your adc to win lane, and hopefully snowball. I have sup'ed many adc who are literally extremely bad (can't cs, can't harass, and runs away if he senses any type of danger only to get killed afterward without doing any dmg) once he is fed, his items will make up for the lack of skills that he has, and you would have an easier time to win. Or find a good partner when u are playing. If you do solo que, and you happen to find a good chap with good team concept, etc, play with him/her. So at least you will only have 3/5 chance of getting a troll. I think not talking and simply using ping doesn't work that well, especially on the low elo. For the higher elo or people with more experience, the ping will mean a lot than a person who isn't experienced or isn't conceptually knowledgeable. So sometimes typing will help, even though it's a very slim chance, cause once again people don't listen in general on lol, but if you really want to make your chance of winning higher, you have to be able to do more than just pings, at least in elo that you are at now so if you are lucky enough one or two start listening and you guys start working as a team, you just might win. For example, i was duo'ing with my brother this morning on another account, and i was playing jg amumu. From early game to mid game, our team was losing really badly. We lost 4 turret, took down 0 turret. and the kill is about 4-12, so obviously people start complaining about jg, and 1 of them even started the surrendering. I think one of them started arguing with me, and my brother simply told him, "amumu is good, trust him. Being a tank, it's easier to lead people, and when they start following me and we work as a group, even though individually we weren't doing well at the time. We started getting dragon, turret, winning team fight or picking off enemy team, (i guess they got cocky cause they were ahead a lot so they started roaming in pair rather in teams) We ended up with 45 kills (us) to 29 (them). Though the saddest part is that i was playing tank, i have the highest dmg while my brother who is a sup, had the second highest dmg.... good luck!
: this is why KDA doesn't matter as much as kill participation
For me, I usually look at what role he/she plays first. Many things matter. Sometimes kill participation doesn't tell the whole picture either. One person split pushing and enable for the team to push another lane with ease, etc. KDA does count. For Carry, or carry-like champion, take a look at their dmg dealt to champion. If they are in the team fight enough. That usually won't be low. With a good dmg dealt + good kda, this carry probably is doing his/her job For support/tank, look at their assists, dmg taken, etc. Although this one is tricky, because a lot of time, especially for tanks, they may have contributed to all the kills (by absorbing all the dmg and also initializing the fight) but they may not get assists for all of them. Bottom line is the stats is a good reference of how they do, but it doesn't tell you everything. You have to judge for yourself.
Morello (NA)
: I think there's a misconception that this Soraka is not about healing, and is about doing damage. This is very far from the truth. Historically, Soraka has been very problematic in how she effects the game and what she does - problems with the old model of healing and its overlap with saving people and sustaining them. We wanted to deliver on the healer (and that comes with a lot of change, and a new way of viewing a healer) to make work. Maybe we missed this in the context-setting here, but this whole Soraka overhaul is to solve "how do you make Soraka into a successful healer above all else?" The answer is to make it so her healing into an ally is unassailable when she's doing it and give her vulnerabilities or costs that are meaningful for doing it (the counterplay is "kill the healer," which changes how you typically approach a fight or lane in LoL). Some key points: * Starcall is there primarily for Soraka to get some HP back after sacrificing it to heal (the damage wasn't and still isn't great). * The reason to pick Soraka is because she heals. It's her key contribution to the team. * E is there because the heal is great at sustain, but mediocre at big saves. The E allows some peel ability too. * Giving people mana was a previous identity of Soraka because she couldn't actually sustain super well. Over years we've gotten feedback that people wanted Soraka to be strong at healing. We agree! So we did that! * This does differ from the blue priest of just "click and heal" and heal yourself and be hard to kill. You want to support? Like REALLY support? There's little more pure than new Soraka at doing that. Soraka can't kill or damage much anything. To wit, if you try to do trades or attack a character Soraka is healing, she will just heal them through it. if you ignore her and focus her friends, she will undo it. If you try to wear them down, Soraka will sustain it. This has been true in a lot of playtests and the numbers are tuned as such. I'm sorry if that message is lost here somehow, but Soraka's one and only goal was to "be League's real dedicated healer."
in order to get back the hp she supposedly will lose due to her healing to her ally, she now must play it aggressively for a potential "hp" back, or she may get some hp back, but with a good adc, she gets counter-attacked and lose more hp while trying to get that hp back. Everyone loves a champion for a reason. People who want to play a passive sup would more likely to choose soraka. Being able to play against all kinds of sup is what makes this game interesting. If you make every single sup goes the same "dmg is fun, healing is not" The game will become plain and boring. If you are to make such a big rework on her, my suggestion is simply remove soraka, and make a new champion, which may be the same result, but at least a little bit easier to bear than, changing this unique trait of soraka and still calls her by that name there are many reasons people pick soraka for, her Q that "used to" shreds magic resistance, that silence on their sup or adc so they can't use skill on your adc, that global heals that could potentially save a dying teammate (with a good soraka, map awareness sold separately). To simplify the reason for playing her is one of the biggest flaws in making this rework. (by general opinion) Heal was a big save, in my opinion. +armor to your ally (OR You!) +hp gives them a chance to escape or even fight back. You can buy a legion and share some MR with your adc or other squishy carry, but last time i checked, sharing armor isn't a thing. a well targeted e (the old one) can cancel an ult (such as kat's) or prevent them from using one. now it's an area, that means, it's dodge-able, thus in one way provides more peel, in another provides less peel and becomes less effective. Giving people mana (or hp)is her trademark. We have already adopted to one change when e was modified, but the change was acceptable and reasonable (that you must give up mana to give mana) now is....Over the year soraka has been in the summoner's rift, she has become impure and forgets her way to "give". Now it's about her making a name for herself! She must now go ham, if she is ever going to get that WW! I want a sup with cc and peels i would have gone for nami, leona, sona, janna, or morgana. Her name doesn't even have "na" in it, why making her the same as other sup. why must she have a better cc? people who played soraka play her while knowing that she doesn't have CC, but she has other tool to offer. and if a lot of playtests have shown soraka will just outstain and it is hard to counter that, why do I not see one single soraka in world's game? Bursting through the heal is one thing. With a good catch by leona, the bot lane can potentially kill or severely dmg either adc or soraka. Soraka definitely wasn't op at bot lane. I feel that the new soraka reminds me of the modekaiser with vamp, to do things, hurt yourself first, want some hp back for urself? np! just march to that enemy right there, chase them as if you are thirsty for some hp, play with them, interact with them!! show them "pain", i mean "fun"!
: ...Riot, I love Soraka to death, but you just got rid of the only reason a lot of people played her. Soraka was the ONLY support, no, only CHAMPION in the game that could give allies mana, which is a huge thing that made her unique. But it's not only just that. Starcall for instance-- I like that you made it so it won't as easily just cs steal or whatever, but *Soraka is not made to do damage.* That's just not her. She is the "support." She doesn't want to hurt people. And especially considering that you now made it so that she cannot heal herself with Astral Blessing-- what's she going to do if there are no champions nearby? She has no way of healing herself now unless champions are nearby, and I doubt that a Kha'zix will let her smack him with a meteor to get back a little heath before he chops off her head. Another thing now is that Soraka's New E (also known as Swain's W+Silence), aside from it being no longer original whatsoever, is COMPLETELY useless against non-caster ADC's. Lucian (mid-late), Vayne, Ashe, Caitlyn, Draven, Jinx, Miss Fortune, Quinn, Teemo, Tristana, and Twitch will not be affected by the silence at all, and all of them except Ashe have the mobility to easily get out of the stun spot. So you pretty much just got rid of Soraka's E in laning phase against most Marksmen/ADC's. The only other thing I have to complain about now is the New version of Astral Blessing. Yes; The lower cooldown is great, even with the range reduction. BUT, Soraka lost her passive that made Wish and Astral Blessing so helpful-- that targets with lower health get healed more. This gets rid of those clutch heal saves, as that tiny bit of health won't help if Kha'zix/Shaco/Rengar/Any Assassin jumps on you. This really gets rid of Soraka's effectiveness against.... ~78% of the champion pool. She has a really weak heal now (except her ult, but that's a really long cd), no mana restore, an easily avoidable by every ADC or mobile champion root, and no way to heal herself without enemy champions nearby. That's another thing; this new rework will get rid of Soraka's entire lane sustain. Considering that Astral Blessing takes both health AND mana, she'll be using her health and mana to heal her teammates. Okay, now she needs to heal? Try hitting the enemy a few times with starcall. Oh look, Soraka's mana pool is now entirely gone and she can't do... anything but throw bananas. I don't want to sound mean Riot, but you always say that you try to keep a champion close to their theme and adapt them to the current meta. This is entirely breaking Soraka's theme, and while it may adapt to the new meta, I honestly feel that you didn't really think this through too much, especially considering how you've been borrowing abilities from other champions for a while now, including Soraka's new Equinox. (Which was taken from Swain's Nevermove. Some other borrowed things lately are such as Gnar Taking Vayne's Silver Bolts and Sivir's Boomerang Blade, Xerath's ENTIRE new kit (Q is Varus's Arrow, W is Leona's Ult, E is shorter range Ashe ult), and Skarner's New Passive. (Which is just a slightly different version of Braum's)) I really wish that you would keep to Soraka's true theme, Riot. And I know that you probably won't read this, unfortunately, as you don't have time to browse every single comment on here. But truly, as a person who loves to play Soraka, please... if you're going to rework her, try to stay closer to her theme. Because Rooting, having a truly damaging Q, etc... is not Soraka. Soraka tells you how she should be when she's walking, "To Heal and Protect." To harm and to hurt is not Soraka. Soraka is the truly purest support there is right now, and you're reworking a lot of these supports to be Zyra/Annie copies who have CC and fair damage. I don't want that for Soraka, and I'm sure many others don't either. Please, please.... Try to think this through more before you release it. Please.


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