: {{champion:202}} and {{champion:203}} Get it? because Jhin sees death as beauty?
{{champion:202}} <3{{champion:222}}
SinsBane (NA)
: Definitely a supportive feel to him, especially with the ultimate. Couldn't decide whether to give him additional abilities to empower the target or whether to just give stat boosts to the conjoined unit. I felt that it was a hybrid between singed ultimate and shen ultimate. It was difficult to give him abilities that dealt damage when not infesting something but the basis of his being is to infest jungle camps and manipulate them. Lots of tweaks need to be made but the general idea I think is solid.
I hope Riot takes a nice long look at this
SinsBane (NA)
: Wol'rag, the Void Parasite
great concept; seems like he is a support or highly weak jgl. meaning he would have low health but high shielding and armor
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youx10000 (EUNE)
: idk did league respond or stole my starting idea?! :P the reaper scyther or what ever it was ;/
well I created a scythe wielding champ based on shadows and :P nothing https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/skin-champion-concepts/HKO7WAab-champion-concept-please-review-riot
: Can you send ideas for characters? Thats friggin awesome xD
yes you can its in the concepts ands Creations page
Doomatie (NA)
i feel like it was only leaked because some one was fired, but i have to say i submitted a character design like this to riot so why? i feel like i should get credit? but who am i kidding im to ecstatic to care its a new darkin, about fucking time i say!
: Log in Elsewhere?
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dannykun (NA)
: just as an FYI, this forum is more for people to make complaints about bans or to discuss possibly behavior modifications that may need to be monitored in the future. If you are having an issue with something in the game always put in a ticket, you'll usually get help very quickly and often it will be in your favor as well, assuming you did nothing wrong. but congrats on it working now!
dannykun (NA)
: They deleted the post because this is something you send a ticket in for not post on the forums. though I'd do what Awkward Couch has suggested as reinstalling your client can often fix leaver buster from picking on you for things you haven't done (like que dodging for example.)
Thank you and Awkward Couch i reinstalled and everything is working fine now
: Were you playing draft mode and didn't lock in?
I did lock in its been happening more and more often, kicking me after i lock in
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: i agree with the Topic Writer
thank you,but there are people with different looks on shen's new ability's
Kinjishi (NA)
: One of my concerns is: Can the enemy team see the tether? If you don't always keep the sword near you, then it acts as a free ward to tell them where Shen is on the map. Hope Riot thought of this, but won't hold my breath.
I have wondered that to
: One thing you forgot to mention was his passive. Shen gains a shield based on HP when using an ability (10 sec CD), CD is reduced by 4 seconds every time an ability is used on an enemy champion. Now the quick burst from his previous passive was cool, but shield up time can become insane later in the game, not to mention %HP damage on each hit of his Q. I for one am going to be playing him Jungle/Support because he will be similar to poppy in regards to scaling and utility. I like the direction and thought process Riot has with tanks and fighters since that is the role i prefer to play.
Madra (NA)
: You can spam his Q in lane for easy last hits. I don't think you really should need the extra attack speed to secure CS. And if you play around with his new mechanics, you can get a whole bunch of extra attack speed back when you really need it. There are two changes I would consider. The sword should teleport to the target of the R at the onset of the channel so that it would look more visually impressive by adding a neat effect to the sword's arrival and make for some clutch saves by a wise Shen taking advantage of his W mechanics. I'd also change Q to be a double cast power, where the first cast of Q would function like his old ability and the second cast returns the sword back to his position, buffing his auto attacks. The way Q works right now, it could be a little fat Buddha statue, a jade dragon or a Torii gate. A floating sword just doesn't make that much sense since it's most dramatic effect is entirely defensive, with the W.
love the Q suggestion. and the R is brilliant. https://thepersnickityrapscallion.files.wordpress.com/2014/01/dreadpirate.gif
: I like the update
Thank you, I knew some would and some wont. I guess im one of them that liked when he was first released. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
: Can anyone buy RP?
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: Nasus Mains
: why am I always placed with Horrible players???
i play Alistar as Sup and most the time my team sits there and bitch's about the jger and the jg blames me and then the Adc blames me for cs'ing and iv only killed one minnion, and im like are you guys nucking dumb. {{champion:12}} {{item:2049}}
: Your ranked champion stats are as follows: _Alistar 1.00:1 KDA 40% 5 Played Nasus 0.94:1 KDA 50% 4 Played Kassadin 0.30:1 KDA 0.5 / 5.0 / 1.0 0% 2 Played Lucian 2.0 / 0.0 / 5.0 100% 1 Played Karthus 0.71:1 KDA 2.0 / 7.0 / 3.0 0% 1 Played Aatrox 0.20:1 KDA 0.0 / 5.0 / 1.0 0% 1 Played_ Statistically, this is poor performance across the board. Look at improving yourself before belittling other players.
actually its in game cooperation saying that teams should be based around leadership or teamwork i like team work and none of my teams show it.
: Guess The Champion!
funny i would buy this skin
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: Ranked Boarder?
Lost Hp (EUW)
: This going to far!
its not funny... people like that are a plague
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Alucrad (NA)
: {{champion:268}} hey guys I am cosplaying the prince of darkness for the next Harrowing. {{champion:30}} not funny Azir Ozzy looks nothing like that! {{champion:268}}... {{champion:30}} oh you mean the Lich King...yeah that's pretty good. {{champion:268}} thanks.
Hal20 (NA)
: Nasus "doge" skin
lol great work
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: RP Idea/Sign Up (The KOGS Festival.)
: RP Idea/Sign Up (The KOGS Festival.)
ok now its dead im gonna quit checking
Totalis (NA)
Its like Azir joined the Shadow Isles {{champion:268}}
: So what happens when a Veigar ults another Veigar who is ulting the first Veigar?
Complete annihilation and the game crashes {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: RP Idea/Sign Up (The KOGS Festival.)
I couldnt help but noticed how dead it is around here over the last three days... Shurima Every where {{champion:268}} {{champion:75}} {{champion:58}} {{champion:90}}
: I didn't checked LoL news for few days
lol, but wouldnt that mean that player who turret dive are only chasing cats that are playing? {{champion:75}} ---->{{champion:107}}
: RP Idea/Sign Up (The KOGS Festival.)
Axemag, would see no difference in the journey before. "Life is a stream that you ride and unfortunately, you can't stop In a moment; that you are happy so travel to place's and see if you can change them." I see Axemag making the most of this situation, and if where to die make a great addition to the Shadow Isles. (Axemag; Darkin Mist)
: RP Idea/Sign Up (The KOGS Festival.)
i love the thought of the shadow isles
: RP Idea/Sign Up (The KOGS Festival.)
God didnt , mean to offend you. jezz I know it take a while.
: RP Idea/Sign Up (The KOGS Festival.)
kinda tired of waiting, two days now
: RP Idea/Sign Up (The KOGS Festival.)
JUst kinda waiting here now....
: RP Idea/Sign Up (The KOGS Festival.)
Wow..... my head hurts maybe i need to read that again when im awake, lol
: RP Idea/Sign Up (The KOGS Festival.)
We gonna start this wonderful Adventure or What???
: RP Idea/Sign Up (The KOGS Festival.)
I think Brains are good but Brawlers are great too
: Looks like an interesting individual, can see how she might be promising. I'm inclined to accept this person, baddest. Gonna start this up very soon.
> [{quoted}](name=NS Hollow,realm=NA,application-id=jxzFAe03,discussion-id=ZbrkfXYQ,comment-id=002a,timestamp=2015-10-28T04:10:47.952+0000) > > Gonna start this up very soon. Looking forward to starting this adventure
: RP Idea/Sign Up (The KOGS Festival.)
OK, I added the passive if its too strong ill dumb it down [Axemag, The Dawning Blade](https://onedrive.live.com/redir?resid=2CCCA392688A9E90!1994&authkey=!ANPHEi3mg14MQBo&ithint=file%2cdocx)
: RP Idea/Sign Up (The KOGS Festival.)
(( another quick question, given that Axemag is a Darkin would he have the same passive as Aatrox; Blood Well?))
: Haha the rp has not begun, my friend. This is simply to give yOh a glance into who, or what, Gwyn is, as well as what to possibly expect.
> [{quoted}](name=NS Hollow,realm=NA,application-id=jxzFAe03,discussion-id=ZbrkfXYQ,comment-id=0020,timestamp=2015-10-26T04:30:03.086+0000) > > Haha the rp has not begun, my friend. This is simply to give yOh a glance into who, or what, Gwyn is, as well as what to possibly expect. I understand this but just felt like doing it
: RP Idea/Sign Up (The KOGS Festival.)
((question do we play as our made oc's????)) <Axemag> "Thank you for the wonderful talk good sir" *Axemag bows low then walks away slowly, keeping an eye over his shoulder* (thinking to him self) _His Sword is another living being, that see's every thing around it. If it where to come down to a fight there would be no element of surprise._ (( another quick question, given that Axemag is a Darkin would he have the same passive as Aatrox; Blood Well?))
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