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: Riot please revert the Rakan changes immediately the entire community of Rakan mains is begging you
Many supports need to try to skill shot land abilities to CC, you just want Rakan's to be guaranteed against certain ADCs? Like Ashe should just flat out lose because ????
: PSA: If you are sick and tired of "League of Burst DMG" and miss playing beefy bois...
: **disclaimer* - Zac skins are a hot topic and we are not able to answer any questions about -when- a skin is coming out or is in the works (or any other skins). I'm here to perhaps shed a little light and let you guys know Zac is not forgotten!* Definitely don't think you're being rude! What I can tell you is that Zac's champ and stretchy tech is very difficult to work with, and that alone increases work time on him a lot. So using a popular community skin suggestion for him, Gentleman Zac - his clothes especially around his arms would have some crazy weighting and stretching issues. And it would also be really weird to see cloth stretching and turning into globs of goo haha I'd love to hear any suggestions on workarounds you may have to mitigate this! I know "easy" recolored skins have been suggested for Mr. Blob, but then it would seem unfair if say we released a 750RP Bubblegum Zac and have him wait a while for another skin instead of taking the time to make sure we make a super awesome blow-your-mind quality skin for him.
Can go the arcade route and have him be 'pixely', would look neato when chunks of him flew off. That kind of idea is a bit more work than a one line sentence and probably up there in the legendary category of skins but uh, hey you're looking for suggestions lol.


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