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Ralanr (NA)
: Fizz should have a shield (Yes I'm insane, but there's a method to my madness)
Nah, according to the yasuo weeb meme if you want Fizz to be a squishy AP as intended he should have 2x free crit.
: Fizz doesn't even need to build AP wtf?
Remember when {{item:3078}} didn't give 20% CDR.
: Makes me wonder how this game came to be then. Like, did the founder find a disc one day and go, "Holy shit, there's a game on this?"
they made a dota clone that was so shit it had to be f2p, turns out, that's way better than charging 20 dollars
: Virtually every game I've won or lost has been dictated by how effective my jungler was.
: Can cdr become a rarer stat
But then you'd have to think before you throw out an ability. Riot deems thinking as anti fun toxic unhealthy.
AmazoX (EUW)
: Another dumb statement getting up votes by sheeps. If you remove his x2 crit passive without ANY COMPENSATION, You'll create a monster, You know why? He has reduced 10% CRITCAL DAMAGE ON AA's and 10%+15% reduced CRITICAL DAMAGE on his Steel Tempest, By removing the x2 critical passive, You are removing his hidden penalties as well, He'll become a better Master Yi with the tradeoff #slower scaling.
The meme is alive and well. I really have no idea why you're capitalizing random parts of your post, but I guess when you don't have an actual point you've got to AT LEAST pretend what you're saying HAS real WEIGHT TO it.
AceBlack (NA)
: His shield which is a worse version of several other very similar passives is one of the best passives in the game... And people wonder why Riot rarely listens to the boards for balance, and when they do it usually comes out like dogshit.
You a rioter? Besides providing us with an example of said dogshit I don't see the relevance of your nonsensical comment.
: Maokai support damage is silly
Riot saw some stupid youtube video of some idiot stacking saplings in a bush and in their infinite genius thought to themselves, hey, that looks fun, lets just make maokai that. I wonder how riot devs get paid, because any amount really is too much.
: If you wanted an AD/Armor item, it would have been better if it was not GA
You guys remember atmas? That item was too broken according to Riot but not this new GA. Oh how far we've fallen down the retard hole.
Dormidon (EUW)
: Gargoyle's Stoneplate isn't much of a worth item
Riot wanted to give all tanks a {{champion:114}} parry but didn't want it to be as blatant as the old {{item:3147}} so here we are
: I feel like the LeBlanc rework wasn't bad. I feel like the balance was handled poorly. Thoughts?
If you've played the game at any level above the surface you'll know one of Leblanc's supposed greatest weaknesses was her lack of wave clear and it helped to balance her as a champion (even though Leblanc players had since long begun maxing W first to clear waves, at least she had to blow her gap closer/escape/puts her at risk). The fact that Riot thought giving her insane wave clear would be a good idea for a "rework" just shows you how deep their incompetence goes. They have no idea what they're doing, they don't care that they have no idea what they're doing, and talking to Riot about anything technical is just a pointless waste of time as they've failed again and again without showing a single sign of improvement. Really at this point it's like trying to explain calculus to a particularly stupid dog. Oh it's definitely listening occasionally but at the end of the day it'll always be just a stupid dog. I also love, was it rickless or some other fool? that they just decided the perfect fix for the leblanc rework was not to, you know, actually fix her, but just change her title. She's not an assassin now, she's a "kite mage". It's all good now, we're moving on.
: Since resistances have replaced health, can we reduce the armor pen on Yasuo's ult now?
Or they can cut it entirely and tie his free 2x crit onto his ult so this manaless champion doesn't just have 2 of the best passives in the game (yeah, 2, most champs have 1) for no reason other than certainlyT is a special snowflake and his snowflake champions just have to break the mold. I know yasuo weebs love the meme that if you don't give yasuo 2x free crit then he might just build tank and somehow ruin the game even more than he already does, so there you go.
: In Platinum being put with Silver players in ranked!?!?
happens once in a while it's what happens when you refuse to accept that having rank and mmr being separate is a retarded idea
: So like what are the actual plans for leblanc?
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: Riot really needs to learn to avoid these reworks with all the power in one skill
Riot doesn't know how to do anything. Things happen and Riot comes up with an excuse for why it happened afterwards.
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: When did creep aggro become so erratic and random?
I've never seen a wave agro {{champion:157}} so working as intended
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: I miss Zyra Mid Lane
You can still play her mid, it's just mediocre
: Within days, Zac lowest winrate in jungle
Gimmicks =/= rework Capurro will never learn.
AhmCha (NA)
: After living through five of these, I think I can safely say that class updates don't work
Game health is just a red herring. The best champions in the game aren't healthy, it's precisely their unhealthiness that makes them better than the competition. Riot doesn't rework champions because they're unhealthy.
: ***
You kids have no idea what you're saying. Game design isn't a profession. Professions are regulated by the government. They require very specific education requirements and usually a license you get after professional exams. Anyone can be a game designer, cases and points, the guy who put plants into the jungle is in bronze. I know of at least one Riot staffer that use to be nothing but a mod on this forum. CertainlyT never worked on games prior to league. You know the guy in charge of hearthstone? He use to deliver pizzas before he got hired at blizzard.
: Should I just build spelltheif's on Janna now?
Why does it matter janna's gameplay is so one dimensional you can consider not building anything and you'd be doing the same thing.
: PSA: the old malzahar was cancer
The entire game is filled with cancerous champions. Singling Malz out as some specially cancerous champion simply because david capurro decided to spread his stds onto Malz is a joke, doubly hilarious considering old Malz's playrate was non existent. If old Malz can be considered uninteractive and hence deserving of a rework, 50% of the champs in the game should be deleted by the sheer fact that they live off of uninteraction, starting with most of the supports.
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: If tanks are worse, it could definitely be because their core items are numerically weaker. It could also be because they crutch heavily on Sunfire's damage effect (especially in pvp combat), and that effect undeniably took some hits. As we continue to get more information, if tanks are too weak, we're in a good position to just do follow up buffs to tanks specifically. If tank items have less Health on them, for example, we can buff up tank Health ratios to compensate, and because we're buffing the tanks and not the items, we're at less risk of balance issues due to poaching. Basically, it's very possible tanks are weaker than they should be at the moment, but I do think the ecosystem has been improved such that we can more reasonably adjust individual tanks.
Maybe it's because you're shit at your job.
: I love the risk Riot took with the Dark Star gamemode
You kids have no idea what risk is do you
: where did all of you people praising riot repertoir go? You know the ones that were flooding the boards a while back ?
hiding in the same hole repetoir is in after he failed rework after rework after rework and decided to just stop posting on the boards, out of sight out of mind right he'll occasionally post on reddit because they've turned dick sucking into an art form there
: Dude, I wonder, I FUCKING wonder, how there isn't a megathread yet. Maybe it has to do with the fact that all the people bitching about him because they don't want to learn his new playstyle just create millions of threads instead of sticking to one thread, effectively spamming the boards and making any other conversation impossible. I swear, they are more toxic than Vayne/Riven mains and more in denial than Ahri defenders.
"I'm so triggered guys stop posting about malz i'm so triggered omg" This is you right now. Grow a spine.
: Eh, another player who thinks he knows best, just because he knows meta. Meta is good to learn basics, but to play efficiently you need versatility and adaptability. You might think support should buy sightstone, but players rarely escort them. They might get jumped and won't even have time to place a ward. As such, less tanky supports should go for blue warding trinket and use it as often as possible, to ward places in advance from safe distance, You might think support should buy Redemption, but the core elements of this item are HP+mana regen and increased heal and shield power. Thus this item is best on 1) mana using tanks, to give them additional means of aiding allies on top of survivability (HP) and means to be helpful (mana) and 2) supports which excel at shielding and healing. You might think support should buy Locket of Iron Solari, but its focus on mr and armor makes it pretty bad choice for any support that doesn't already have lots of HP from other items. So you might now think: just play supports that can use them. Support is supposed to support and that means filling blanks in team composition. AD mid, top and jg with not much cc? Go for AP mage with CC like Veigar or Lux. Lack of tanky top and jg? Go for tank, like Braum. No AP and tank? Tank that can deal significant magic dmg then, like Vlad or Maokai. AP on every lane? Go for another AD carry, like AD MF or Ashe, so enemies need to split their focus between you and ADC.
: You sir are the type of people that give support mains aneurysms.
What? Facts? Yeah I know, supp players are too slow to get em. Haha "players". Who am I kidding, a bot can do what they do, press redemption and locket.
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: Riot Please Reconsider/Take an Objective Look at the Rengar Rework
{{champion:90}} get in line same rioter btw, he also reworked {{champion:154}} {{champion:113}}
: So ... who thought adding this new Rift Herald would be a good idea?
HoTS is an ass game. So lets try and copy it. This is Riot games atm, it'll be interesting to look back in 10 years and see where it all went wrong.
Eedat (NA)
: Every. Single. Time. they change a champion you can GUARANTEE....
You're getting more and more pathetic capurro.
: Ok let him say something to me, I'm Diamond. I agree with what you say. Fizz doesn't have early game power. Only power spikes at lvl 3-6-11. He is also an assassin whose job is to kill immobile squishy champions. He's the most abusable champion in mid lane with 0 ranged harass, farm or wave clear.
Besides spouting the same nonsense as the fool from below, hahahaha eune hahahahaha
: > [{quoted}](name=Derfel,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=4VGUKoof,comment-id=00030000,timestamp=2017-05-03T11:05:05.993+0000) > > This is what you said: Early game burst wasn't why Talon was nerfed, he was nerfed because his early burst was absurd. That's not really a correct interpretation of Pisykan's message, but ok.
Except it is. But I guess words shouldn't have to mean anything right, as long as your intent was to be a contrarian right. Ok kid.
Pisykan (EUW)
: no it is not why they nerfed Talon, he excels in melee match-ups and his Q was absurd, the ONLY nerf teyve made was an early-game Q nerf scales exactly the same into mid-late game, the other damage reduction for him came in from lethality scale-downs and that was accross the board not specifically aimed at Talon however he still has more than enough damage to assonate and is having no trouble at all he's just not as top-lane focused anymore though is still VERY powerful there. what is your definition of early game burst ? fizz doesn't really have it and you can position and wave manage so he Cannot Q to you without taking a turret shot + dodge his very slow W animation, the shark is also dodge-able unless he lands it point blank, which he shouldn't do anyway.
> [{quoted}](name=Pisykan,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=4VGUKoof,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2017-05-03T10:23:45.813+0000) > > **no it is not why they nerfed Talon, he excels in melee match-ups and his Q was absurd** Are you high? In case you're too slow to get it and respond with some nonsense. This is what you said: Early game burst wasn't why Talon was nerfed, he was nerfed because his early burst was absurd.
Joxcab (NA)
: Okay, congratulations on stating something completely irrelevant? Now would you like to type up an actual counter point?
: If you're talking about his W, it does take time. Time = counterplay
It's sort of like why the games balance is in such a mess, summed up in a single line.
Joxcab (NA)
: What earlygame burst? You AFKing like a scarecrow and letting him get his delayed W off for free?
Yeah and I'm still not bronze, so maybe you should reconsider your life choices.
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Eedat (NA)
: Why was Kassadin buffed again?
Riot wanted to nerf their assassin update but didn't want to admit they fucked it up
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