: > [{quoted}](name=Jerry SeinfeId,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=88XWMN9F,comment-id=0006,timestamp=2019-07-21T17:04:22.902+0000) > > or maybe this allows them to actually buff the good parts of for example janna's kit instead of the shieldbot part. > > honestly you talk about support as if it should be limited to the enchanters, as if they're the only REAL supports. In truth support isn't a class in this game, it's just a position on the map. Mages have gone there for ages, enchanters are literally just mages tbh. Both guardian and Vanguard subclasses of tanks have gone there for ages. > what gives you the right to call yourself a support when playing things like {{champion:16}} {{champion:43}} {{champion:40}} but not me because i like {{champion:111}} {{champion:99}} {{champion:89}} {{champion:555}}? > > > Then the drivel about edgy champs. So what do you want? riot to pander to your uwu class? do some of these really go over the top with edge? yes sure when i play {{champion:141}} i rush rhaast just to get rid of him, is {{champion:157}} as lame as a dubbed anime protag? yeah. but this is a pg 13 game, did you expect pyke to go full mortal kombat on someone's ass? > There's plenty of other champs that can go support that cater to a pletora of archetypes wether they be edgy or cutsie or anything aside from those. > honestly kinda funny how you bitch about edgelords while sounding like one multiple times. > > > stating this is purely to please riven mains is silly too. If her counters get buffed that's still a nerf to riven. Riot also talked about exploring shieldbreaking more quite a while ago, noone liked the shieldbot meta. What buffs? {{champion:40}} Passive only works if allies are behind her, W mana costs increased and damage decreased, shield decays over time. {{champion:117}} Q damage normalized, only one target takes extra damage, shield duration reduced to 2.5 seconds, W Cooldowns increased early, scaling nerfed numerous times {{champion:16}} W and E damage gutted. THEY DID BUFF HER W, huzzah! Now let’s add more buffs to grievous wounds! {{champion:350}} Passive gutted, Q damage nerfed, W scaling nerfed, R damage nerfed. VERY minor buff to her E. She’s literally got no reason to detach from her ally now. {{champion:44}} Q healing nerfed repeatedly {{champion:37}} I’ve lost count of the number of nerfs she has received. {{champion:25}} Q damage nerfed, W damage repeatedly nerfed, E shield strength nerfed. 5% MS WHEN CHANNELING R! Christmas has come early! {{champion:223}} Where do i even start... See a pattern? Support champs aren’t allowed to do damage, have had their identities nerfed repeatedly or stripped entirely, while “edgelord” champs have their damage buffed when they don’t need it, compensation buffs where they aren’t warranted, and the general feeling that the game is turning into “go big damage or go home” By the way, Lux just had her W gutted but not her damage. She hasn’t changed at all except that now her W is the last thing to max. Lux has and always will be a mage first and support second, hence why her support aspect just got nerfed.
> [{quoted}](name=Boltonator,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=88XWMN9F,comment-id=00060000,timestamp=2019-07-21T17:56:08.711+0000) > {{champion:350}} Passive gutted, Q damage nerfed, W scaling nerfed, R damage nerfed. VERY minor buff to her E. She’s literally got no reason to detach from her ally now. I get flamed for picking Yuumi now {{sticker:sg-soraka}}
Xuanin (NA)
: same problem and i have done everything, nothing works
Riot Support claimed it was because I'm playing on wifi but this literally hasn't happened until the new loading screen came out
Rioter Comments
: Pyke Bandanna tweak on PBE
Shit there goes my meme{{sticker:sg-janna}}
Rioter Comments
: ezreal has 63% winrate in under 25 minute games
: > [{quoted}](name=Newtspark,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=36naXVBf,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2017-11-29T04:08:59.348+0000) > > Please send me the results Here were the results: https://puu.sh/yvCW2/d9fe650301.png I am so glad that after 4 dodges I finally get into a game and...
> [{quoted}](name=ChickenWrap,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=36naXVBf,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2017-11-29T04:12:27.507+0000) > > Here were the results: > > https://puu.sh/yvCW2/d9fe650301.png > > I am so glad that after 4 dodges I finally get into a game and... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2NmUcdptXsE
: I'm all set for maximum Speed Racer Quinn.
: Wait, isn't the PBE known for being a balance mess all the time because player skill is so varied there? [Also, quick search doesn't show it.](https://matchhistory.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-history/NA/35356788)
That account is on NA, not the PBE server I believe Riot said something about them matching PBE matches with players of equal skill together (Haven't had anyone above gold on their mains in my games, so I'd assume that's how it goes)
: [So a quick background check shows the last time you played Vayne was in an ARAM game about 8 months ago](https://matchhistory.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-history/NA1/230860660?champion=67). Perhaps you should follow the advice of, if it seems broken as hell, play them first and then form an opinion?
I've played two or three Vayne games on my PBE account just recently and gathered my thoughts on this. (Lusus Naturae on PBE)
Rioter Comments
: Rito employee 1 - "People are complaining about gaining BE through the level system feeling terrible
: Edited the Lol logo to better match Riot's current business practices
I do love me a quality shitpost {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
arbernix (NA)
: When will you let bewitched Morgana back in store?
Like every year, they bring back most/all the Harrowing-themed skins (Slayer line, Reaper Soraka, and last year's bewitching!) Hopefully you'll like the Death Sworn skins that are just finishing up testing!
: Facing premades rant
I can queue up solo in flex and face a premade, it doesn't matter. Matchmaking is completely random by elo. And it's flex, and no one gives a shit about flex.
: Hey, is Twitch down for anyone else?
Really thought it was the champ lmao Yeah, Twitch died for me too.
: When you carry the game as an off-meta pick in ranked
: Bus driver Bard and Janitor Jax #skinsweneed{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
This is the type of person we need working in Riot's skin section.
: A Bug with the Good Orb, read this before opening them!
You only receive one of the items that it says you have the possibility to recieve.
Rioter Comments
ZeeWolfZ (NA)
: Tip to Low elos: If you want to rank, STOP.....
Eh, Lux support is braindead, press e. I know from experience playing Lux support that if you play her properly it's a free win. And guess what? I build support items. *distant screaming* Though, I am still low silver, because I am absolute trash at the game, not gonna fuckin lie man.
Rioter Comments
: fire your devs
I have this problem too, maybe I can help. Go into task manager Press more details Go to details category Scroll down to the LeagueClient.exe Right click and click set priority, put it to above normal/high Doesn't make it show up right away, but it reduces the time.
: Exposing who Dawnbringer Riven really is...
Took me a few minutes to realize what had been done. *clap clap*
Gehco (NA)
: SKT Skins Question
If I remember correctly, the skins team interviewed SKT to see which champs they wanted a skin for, though I may me wrong.
: League of Toxic Players
~~My dude you lost this is the NA boards? <3~~ Eh, riot will get to them eventually. Eventually.
: I’m sick of seeing Riven in silver Elo
~~Cause that seems to be the skill cap of a shit ton of Riven players~~ Then ban her? lmao
Hikarri (NA)
: LF flex 3 or 5 bronze-silver
Hey, feel free to add me! I'm Bronze in flex but Silver in Solo/Duo, I play every role :3
: Annie, Janna, Morgana, Nami, Sona, and Soraka AA Animation Changes: Can We Get Clarification?
This was probably just to notify the regular players of these champions that there wasn't anything actually wrong with them, probably to avoid questions about this. Personally, I think it was a good idea to alter the attack animations. Playing Nashor's Tooth Soraka looked so wrong with the same, boring animation repeating itself rapidly, it kinda looked ugly in my opinion.
snb3285 (NA)
: The Dark Star Thresh announcer sounds great!
I really enjoy the idea of having the ability to choose which announcer you can use for your future games to come after this event ends. However, I personally don't believe Riot will pursue this idea, unfortunately. At the current moment you can switch back to the classic announcer in the settings though, so this could possibly be an option! I wouldn't mind hearing Dark Star Thresh's voice in every game I play without needing to play Thresh/Dark Star Thresh all the time.
Mummy plz (EUW)
: WTH is "Low Specs Mode" For?
I understand where you're coming from as well. I had quite the difficult time with the client even with low spec mode enabled. Our toasters can't really handle the new client. At this point, I've gotten used to the lag, and overall I think it's improved a bit. I haven't encountered any problems in champ select asides from a few lag spikes here and there (and this is saying something because my pc is the definition of a toaster.) Best of luck!
: Why are 40 items being tested on the PBE this patch?
This is most likely due to the mid season update is right around the corner. Riot's probably setting everything up right now, which is why there are so many items in testing this cycle.
: http://i.imgur.com/x1Xsc.gif?nodirect
Napoleon Dynamite completes me.
Dokkaebi (EUNE)
: No way. That would make jungle Taric unviable and Ohmwrecker would become a core item for ADC Leblanc.
A wild EU player roams into the NA boards... ...Outrage and chaos approaches.
: I know I'm going to get downvoted by Urgot mains but
: Legacy Client Officially Retires April 24
Riot, I'm really disappointed. I was looking forward to seeing great things from the Beta Client. I was there in alpha testing and was not satisfied with it due to all the lag I got. When the Beta was released, I noticed no change in the lag. Once low-spec mode was released, I turned it on and found absolutely no difference. What's worse is that so many players will be unable to use the new client due to all the lag. It takes 3-5 minutes for the client to load onto the after game screen, which is seriously inconvenient. Don't force a client that is barely functional for thousands of players onto us, please.
: This looks like Mario Kart Balloon Battle-level fun.
: 9:1 placements got b5 :), space communism for the win
Had a friend who went 10/0 in his placements and still got B5 :3
Yara0 (NA)
: 60% of your matches are determined by riot deciding if you deserve a balanced match or not.
: In the old days "If you can't play every role at least decently, you're not ready for ranked"but now
cluvie (NA)
: PSA: Scams making the rounds again!
Temporarily loss access to my account because of one of these...Thank god I was logged into the boards at the time. Jesus I was gullible{{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}} .
Doozku (NA)
: I put in a request to join a whole year and a half ago... and still nothing {{sticker:zombie-nunu-tears}}
Been waiting for a while too bud, almost a year. No hope for a silver support main unfortunately
: > [{quoted}](name=Newtspark,realm=NA,application-id=Ir7ZrJjF,discussion-id=vLiEI3KP,comment-id=0006,timestamp=2017-02-27T01:24:20.877+0000) > > I feel like if riot brought back the Tribunal league would be a slightly better place then it is now. Him just wondering if they will ever bring back the tribunal :(
They honestly should, the community is usually honest and can tell if the report is from a toxic salty player
: Let's bring back the good old days
I feel like if riot brought back the Tribunal league would be a slightly better place then it is now.
N3mO06 (EUW)
: You Know Towers are weak when you see this
: 14 day ban because playing Nunu Support with Smite is "stealing other people's roles"...?
Sounds like what happened with the Singed support main, Riot seems to just not want ridiculously "off-meta" supports
Rioter Comments
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Rioter Comments
McFatal (NA)
: Its the year 3025, Ryze has just been reworked for the 75th time
Maybe rito just wants us to suffer, haven't you noticed yet?
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