: You really can't see where you were being unpleasant?
I can see where I seem to be unpleasant. What I can't see is the words said to me. And with that as a context, I can see where I'm incredibly patient and had restraint. I can see where I was banned for defending my intentions and I see where I'm banned for not muting my allies when they could have muted me, all the same.
: > [{quoted}](name=Descyphal,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=nvfzHABX,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2018-11-23T21:51:44.307+0000) > > EDIT: I checked again, it's for "abusive comms" even though none of my comms were abusive. Unsportsmanlike perhaps... Well, no one who is being abusive thinks they're being abusive. The objective of "trying to get the team to work together" is OK, but the end doesn't justify the means. Too many people think that because they "really care about the game and winning" they have the right to say anything to others. As you got frustrated you progressed to griefing, sarcasm, condescension, passive-aggressiveness, rude language, ELO shaming , etc. Yes, getting frustrated is also not an excuse. This just goes on online with people you'll never see again and can get into a physical altercation with. :-)
It's easy to say noone being abusive thinks they are being abusive. But, here's the question, am I? The person was bronze. To say they're bronze, is not abusive. Griefing? I was attacked, insulted and accused of feeding on purpose. I played the game and told them to relax. Sarcasm? I made a joke in the beginning. In champ select jokes were also made, not by me, mind. I followed my humor to it's natural direction with my allies. BASED ON CHAMP SELECT. Remember, they stole my role here. And after my joke, I accepted it. And proceeded to do more than my allies map wide. Condescension... Wow. So, I spoke as though I'm confident in my decisions and not theirs. I should be banned for defending myself? Passive-aggressiveness. This is literally the dumbest shit I've ever heard. You're suggesting that I was passive aggressive by saying "I'm pushing"..? Or maybe... when I told people calling me names to 're fucking lax'? You're being silly, now. That's about as passive aggressive as telling someone to calm down when they're throwing a tantrum. Rude language? ... Yeah, no. I was literally diffusing the situation by trying to reason with my teams dozens of insults. ELO shaming? ... By calling out a bronze insult as a bronze insult and moving forward to attempt to win the game... Yeah. I shamed a toxic player for toxicity? I guess I should lose hundreds of dollars of my investment for telling someone who is giving the opposing team the ball, that they've got the concept of the game, wrong. Getting frustrated is NOT a reason to ban someone. As much as it is not an excuse. Think about what you're saying. Imagine it was YOUR investment being taken from you, for simply defending yourself and playing the game. People I will never see again, is correct. Because league is dying, and I'm not interested in spending any more time, or my fucking money, on a community which punishes players for being attacked. Sidenote, riots response to my contest of this decision is "I went ham" and "I should mute players instead of taunt them". So, my ban was sustained because I apparently fucking taunted someone by not saying anything at all, accepting my role being taken from me, doing well and trying to win.
: > > Ipso facto. I did read your mangled version of English. And in that I found zero substance. You see, you are clueless. If you were in front of a judge looking to be found not guilty, like this thread sort of is, you would have just lost the case. You do not discuss things on merit trying to get to an agreement. When you don't get your way you go for a personal attack about something that has nothing to do with the discussion. There is no need to talk about the guy's English. That is an Ad Hominem (since you're a fan of Latin ); you're just trying to insult them. Notice the example given - there's really no need to mention your condescending use of Latin.
I didn't condescend latin, nor the use of it. More over I didn't attack him. So, you're saying to suggest the person butchered english(which is true) is insulting? Sorry, this person spent several minutes to make nonsensical points to which I object... Are you suggesting I should be banned because I countered their points with logic and reason? So, if someone speaks derpy, in my trial, I shouldn't counter with their credibility being in question? In your analogy, in a courtroom, professional witnesses are questions in terms of their credibility, every single time the cross examination begins. Sorry. If you find my annoying, you can mute me. But when I'm not attacking or creating the issue, to ban me is nonsensical. That's like saying if you're in a group of people, and someone breaks into a car, you're guilty for the several others blaming you, because you didn't get along with the person who committed the crime. In this case, the player on my team insulting me gave up and fed on purpose. His friend and he reported me. I was banned because I talked to my teammates? I was literally being insulted, attacked and berated and I simply said I'm not feeding I'm pushing. In this very same game I had the same deaths as the person who reported me, however I had more objectives. than they did. I was trying to win. Your point is moot. On a forum where I'm judged by a nincompoop I point out the nincompoopery unrelated to the game(s) in question and you're arguing that I'm wrong. Lol. Sorry. Real life has room for criticism. Without this, we wouldn't strive for greatness.
: > I defended myself, and was banned for it. How about you quit "defending yourself" (over text lol) and **actually** mute people instead, hmm?
I did mute them. This was a 30 minute game. I muted the people threatening me around 10-12 minutes I believe it was. Yeah though. I guess I should be banned cause I didn't mute them, and instead I simply spoke to them. Ban me for engaging in dialogue with people. SOunds like a good idea!
CommetxD (NA)
: Descyphal: read my dick Descyphal: be toxic bro, im excited for your ban Descyphal: enjoy your fucking ban. Descyphal: you sound pleasant. Descyphal: I shouldn't even play as if there's no such thing as bronze or iron *now your insulting bronze and iron players for being bad aye..* Descyphal: and nobody in the history of league Descyphal: has ever, ever been banned for being bad at the game. Honestly just click the mute button wont you?
I did. I muted the people threatening me and telling me im feeding on purpose(the same people with equal deaths and no towers taken) I didn't insult bronze and iron players for being bad. I was threatened for being bad, and I said sarcastically, I shouldn't even play because how dare I not be diamond. bronze and Iron(if it exists, I have yet to see) exist for a reason. I literally said I'm not good. The implication is that if I don't deserve to be here, so be it. I'll move down. Evidently, people are banned for being worse than their allies and opponents(more the latter). Because that's literally all that happened here. I wasn't able to defeat players who my entire team includign myself, died to. In a 4v5. And was reported because I was either autofilled and didn't notice, or made a few mistakes. Again, because I'm not perfect. But nowhere was I toxic. That is blatant and clear. I defended myself, and was banned for it. Just saying.
: >Descyphal: read my dick Honestly, that alone would probably warrant a chat restriction. But since you just had a 14 day ban, you got perma banned. You were warned that your next punishment would be a perma. And it doesn't need to be 'perma' worthy. Any valid report after just having a 14 day will result in a perma ban.
"it doesn't need to be 'perma' worthy."... If this sentence doesn't set the precedent that this should be lifted considering the evidence of zero toxicity is in this chat log.... I don't know what does. Defending myself, and saying players who are being toxic, are toxic, and being one of several players acknowledging this... not calling for reports, not attacking or insulting anyone... = justifiable ban. Sidenote, the 14 day ban was for asking allies to push and not dive. For discussing intentions and for saying we're in bronze. That, was also bannable apparently. The 24 game chat restriction before these two suspensions was for telling someone to fuck off, after they attacked me for 35 minutes. Banning people for not being toxic, but being berated by toxicity and arguing that they're trying to win and saying what they want to do, to win the game... Is stupid. In-Game Descyphal: wasn't I top? Descyphal: oh wtf Descyphal: read my dick Descyphal: hah kidding Descyphal: no but i thought i saw i was top my fault Descyphal: yeah Descyphal: oh well all good Descyphal: yeah I was told to 'read the champ select' and I said read my dick, like, read my ass... I did read it. I literally qualified this (perhaps bad?) joke, even directly saying I was kidding. if you take any sentence someone says out of context, they will absolutely sound like the bad guy. I was literally laughing and moved immediately to bottom lane to the role I'm positive i was forced into. This is not toxic. And I agree, I was warned about punishments. However this is a punishment given to me because a couple of players didn't like me. Not because I did anything wrong, here. I typed to my team. I defended my intentions and I did better than my allies, despite them giving up and threatening me.
: Basically, you get pretty hostile pretty fast. The mantra is: Mute, report. Move on
I wasn't hostile at all. In fact I cracked a joke, and took a lane I was certain I didn't get in champ select. I was accused of not trying and threatened for it and I explained I was trying. Some of those words, there, were to all-chat as my enemies were calling my teammates toxic also.
: I'd bet it picked up your constant calling for reports as harassment. You *might* be able to talk to support and have them overrule it, but I wouldn't hold my breath if I was you.
I didn't call for reports. They threatened to report me, and asked the enemy team to report me. I said they're toxic and I look forward to their punishment.
: 24 chat restriction. 14 day ban. Now perma banned?
I'll also add, that despite not being able to see it, even multiple enemy team members were calling my team out on their toxicity during and after the game. It's a shame you cannot see the entire chat log. Though I muted the two people who insulted me nonstop after the first 10 minutes... My other allies did the same. Really though... Permanently banned because I try to defend my intentions. Because I tell my team I'm pushing and taking towers. Because I used a swear word(as if the filter doesn't exist)... Because I type more than the average person... Because I'm slightly frustrated by a game that seems to punish me for being attacked and trying to win ANYWAYS. This game has gone to shit. Been playing since beta. Awesome shit, boys.
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: These things stood out: * thsi is a 4 way report here * you have to understand playuers like irelia are holding you back. * gg wp, report irelia for giving you win on purpose * im talkkng to bronze
The entire team(including the enemy team) noted her intentionally losing. It is/was/should be a 4 way(minimum) report when someone gives the game away on purpose. I'm not saying she made mistakes... I'm saying she literally pinged krugs, then took them while they had 1 inhib and our entire team was pinging and asking her to help. Players who give up, afk, feed on purpose by running it down lane and who refuse to teamwork are as a matter of fact an obstacle to climbing, especially when the win conditions are in front of your team but you cannot because they object to playing the game. Saying gg wp to an intentionally losing player, and requesting acknowledgement of this ACTUAL behavior(not make belief behavior like you're trying to say I had when I didn't) is constructive to the community. I don't ask for reports on players who make mistakes like 90% of this community does. I only seek out punishment for those who lose on purpose. I was talking to bronze players after the game was finished. After they insulted me, I pointed out that I'm arguing with people who do not understand the game to the extent they need to in order to have a constructive conversation about objectives.
: You say a lot of things that you really have no reason to say, and you focus way too much arguing with your teammates instead of playing the game You did send some insulting messages throughout the game Although, those messages alone aren't the reason you received a 14-day suspension You received a 14-day suspension because of past punishments, it usually goes like this; 10 game chat res > 25 game chat res > 14-day suspension > Permanent Suspension Friendly Advice; Don't say anything unless it's either a shotcall or general coms (eg. providing your team with information that can help you win the game)
So, you're either intentionally or not, insinuating that typing to your team = ban? I wasn't arguing with anyone. There was no argument. I do argue from time to time, but it's ALWAYS explaining how things like splitting works, or taking opposing lanes when is down. Those messages ARE the reason I recieved the 14-day ban. Along with OTHER messages of a similar nature. I don't call people bad. I don't insult them. And I don't attack people. The chat restriction(s) prior to this are of the exact same nature as this one. A few curse words. Being insulted all game and still trying to coordinate my team. Ofcourse I'm not here to argue the previous punishment(s). I'm here to discuss this one. Similarly, in court of law, you aren't there to determine is prior arrests are relevant. You're there(and here as it were) to determine guilt based on the charge before you. Where did I insult anyone? I said that they were bronze and I was plat, to 'follow me' as a result. They did and we were winning until she gave away the win. I said a CHAMPION was a bad pick, not the player. I mentioned TWICE that the player seems fine, and my opinion about a champion has nothing to do with the human behind the screen. I was playing the game. I was shot calling, paying attention to the entire map, and we were hard winning until she intentionally ignored the objectives, and her team. Which I DID NOT do. Your reasoning is nonsensical. And it sounds as though you're both saying I should stop focusing on arguing while others can punish me for it.... And that the chat mute option is not a solution to people who don't want to listen to others. Stating someone is bronze is not an insult, if they are bronze. Dismissing them is, and I did not dismiss them. I spent the entire game pinging objectives and saying good job. It's strange how I have to defend what's right there in the chat log. Yall seem to have to play the make belief game in order to incriminate me for something I didn't do.
: > [{quoted}](name=Descyphal,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=nvfzHABX,comment-id=0002000000000000,timestamp=2018-11-24T15:42:49.277+0000) > > How did I insult her? Are you kidding me. Do you even read what i write ? you called sombody bronz and asked to report her. Is it that so hard to understand. You broke the rules and got punisht for it. And dont come with i dint do anything no dude just no if that was true you dint had that 14 day ban. YOU broke the rules man period!{{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
There is no rule that says you cannot cite someones rank. A rank I did not create. In fact, there is a tip during the loading screen that encourages in-game banter. I asked to report someone who intentionally lost. If someone intentionally gives a game of basketball away by giving the opposing team the ball, that person deserves criticism by a tribunal. Ipso facto. I did read your mangled version of English. And in that I found zero substance.
: 14 day ban for... Trying to get my team to work together?
Honestly... This is just silly. If you read the chat with the intention to call is negative or insulting than ofcourse it's going to sound that way. but there was no insult in anything here. I spent the entire game trying to shotcall and it was working as it had been for the 9 wins prior until my teammate didn't like me gave them the win and then reported me. Look man... Imagine you're playing some ball. And you're winning a game. Then all of sudden your teammate, who was getting rebounds and some freethrow baskets... Decided to all of a sudden stand under your net while your team was 4 manning the key of the opponent. THEN... Because you as the team 'captain'(self appointed..) decided to take charge and tell this other player they're actively ruining the game because they're literally giving the other team the ball. On purpose. NOT as a lack of talent or skill, but literally handing them the ball and saying "I dont want to play anymore". That analogy is precisely what happened here. And in that I didn't insult this person. I simply was objective and stated that this behavior is what loses games for the players on this team. I see it every day, multiple times a day. Players intentionally giving up and losing because they're unhappy with one little thing. What ever that may be. 14 day suspension for typing more than most people do, is absolutely ridiculous. I admit I can be excessive... But it's NEVER... EVER... me calling someone BAD. I've been playing this game since closed Beta. I can't even remember the last time I called someone bad. And I certainly never falling the hype train to say someone's mistake is trash, or inting. I shot call. And there's a fucking mute button. I don't see how punishment of any kind, let alone a ban at it's extreme nature is justified.
: This is absolutely not deserving of a 14 day ban. Sorry but Irelia was an idiot and he was nice enough trying to tell her what to do.
I absolutely did call her out with sarcasm about her farming. I said on stream I'm not sure if I typed it as I'm tired of re-reading it over and over remembering the game... That I hope she got her krugs. Good thing that she(it was her and zac I believe at that moment, but otherwise zac didn't miss a beat to help his team) got the scuttle, and the buffs and stuff while they had 1 inhib left. I wasn't being mean. there were no insults. I was directing my team with pings and chat. Shot calling = ban? Honestly, if people would stop reading it as though there's an insulting tone and read it as though there's a frustrated tone, mixed in with despair for teamwork... It becomes obvious that this is at best... Over excitement and insisting on teamwork.
: You can still win games and not be sportmanslike. It's your attitude that doesn't appear that great. To me if you talk this way it's not going to bother me. To a lot of soft, bronze players they're going to take it personally and hit the report button. Like I said, frame what you say in a more positive way and also use smart pings over typing more often. Otherwise if you type this much you're going to get penalized. I've gotten a chat ban trying to defend myself from various false claims being typed in the chat before. I wasn't even negative it was just a lot of lines.
Yeah, that is exactly how I got my restriction just prior to the ban. I simply told someone to Fuck off and muted them after being insulted for 20 minutes straight. Yeah man. My attitude doesn't APPEAR that great. And yet I said good job multiple times, and the conversation abotu zac(the champion not the player) was a two way convo, not me flaming anyone.
: I appreciate that you stressed the fact that youre not insulting the player, just the champion. You made it loud and clear. But most of the other shit is a bit much. You should try relying on pings a little more. At leadst half of your calls could have been covered by pinging. Instead you show such frustration through chat and especially the caps lock chat. Kinda comes across as raging and egotistically trying to control people beyond just calls. You throw a lot of hyperbole and complaining in too. The complaints of being held hostage and get me out of here! As well as the singling out of irelia (regardless how true it is, I honestly hope she took it to heart and second guesses her own farming late game, in the future... really, i hope you helped her... i just learned a lot about Yi by getting flamed last night, didnt hurt my feelings, just literally helped me with facts and a few insults sprinkled in lol) ...probably pushed it into punishment territory. Chat restrict would have been more appropriate, but maybe youve gotten those before, so natural escalation is suspension. Oh and you should probably change the title to whatever reason they gave you for the ban. You cant be told why youre getting punished, and then just make up your own reason after. let alone a reason that doesnt even make sense. Coordinating your team is not a punishable offense, so your title just kinda looks dumb.
I was punished for abusive comms. The title directly reflects the chat log. Hyperbole is bannable now? You know what's ironic? JUST THAT AFTERNOON (here's the capslock, is this also offensive? Emphasis is offensive now?) I saw the pre-game tip that said "A little competetive banter is acceptable. But abuse isn't..." Paraphrasing there.. But really? So, as you can see... I made it clear that the player is doing fine but the champ pick doesn't help us... Raging? Bro, I'm absolutely frustrated when we're winning a game big time and our guy gives up. Like, super-extra-blatantly gives up. I pinged all game. Like... the ENTIRE game. I ALWAYS communicate intentions and objectives. I did infact recieve a chat restriction for 24 games, for the EXACT same thing. I'm insulted all game for taking objectives. I recieved a chat restriction from a DUO that reported me, because I was shotcalling and they didn't like that. So not only am I called racist shit and sexist shit all game, but I admittedly told them to fuck off before I muted them. That got em restricted(Even though there's a chat filter to cover the curse word and a mute button used to cover the insulting towards me)... even though i NEVER insulted them. I NEVER insult people. EVER. I make a GIGANTIC point of that. I might call something bronze. Because some things are indeed and infact bronze level. I also go out of my way to encourage people to add me, or check out my stream to learn things. As I EXPLAIN why when inhibitors are down we should do objectives. Look, just reading my responses here is the SAME EXACT method of approach I take in-game. I communicate and explain. Communicate and explain. I get flamed every game every day. But what matters to me is the teamwork. And to be banned because I type a lot is nonsensical.
: > [{quoted}](name=Descyphal,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=nvfzHABX,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2018-11-23T21:55:40.032+0000) > > I didn't shit talk anyone. So if you dint why you got a 14 day ban hu? You insulted her and you got punisht for it as a result.
How did I insult her? I literally just pointed out she's farming at full build. I never called her bad, or anything. Zero insults. She intentionally ignored her team and even pinged and said in chat that she was. I said to everyone that this is what holds us back. People farming at full build on the opposite side of the map, when we have 2 of their inhibs down and objectives to take. There are no insults.
: > [{quoted}](name=Descyphal,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=nvfzHABX,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2018-11-23T21:51:44.307+0000) > > Irelia said she was bronze. And she was spamming pings at everyone and getting nothing done. There is no rank shaming in saying facts. you are using her rank as an insult. Thats why it is rank shaming and considered toxic. It is very obvious to any reader that you wanted to insult her using her rank - so this "its just facts" is invalid. > > You cannot see the context of the chat, obviously, so your opinion is definitely based on one (out of context) side. But in this game my whole team outside of irelia was agreeing and asking for her help. I spent 30 minutes of the game directing and coordinating. We took inhibitors top and bot as a result. we were hard winning. She intentionally lost. She pinged krugs and gromps and wolves and her level while at full build. As you can clearly see in the text, I said top, bot, baron, push, we win, good job, etc etc etc over and over again. We all play the same game, we all tget the same players, we all get the same shit from time to time. Your situation is not special or unique in any way. Flaming makes the situation worse still, so you get banned if you keep it up long enough. > > The reasoning was for unsportsmanlike behavior, apparently. Despite literally being shotcaller. On a 9 game winstreak. I see very llittle shot calling and tons of flaming. The few lines in your chat taht might be constructive do nothing to negate your constant flame.
You can't see pings. And the entire chat is shot calling. And there is zero flaming what so ever. Where did I flame? You do know what flaming is, right? Using her rank as a statement of fact is not an insult. If being bronze is insulting, than I can't help that. And okay, lets grant that it's insulting. That's what the fuck chat mute is for. I didn't call anyone bad. I didn't attack anyone. If calling someone what THEY SAID THEY WERE is toxic, than I suppose i deserve the ban. Really... If you think 14 day ban is justified when all I did was... be annoying? This system is fucked. And this game is beyond repair.
: > [{quoted}](name=Descyphal,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=nvfzHABX,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-11-23T20:48:38.085+0000) > Descyphal: gg wp, report irelia for giving you win on purpose So you call that teamwork ?
... Yes. Because she lost on purpose. And i'd argue that shit should be banned, and we should work as a community(team) to do it. Yes. I would.
: > [{quoted}](name=Descyphal,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=nvfzHABX,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-11-23T20:48:38.085+0000) > > I insulted NOBODY > Descyphal: thats because zac sucks dude > Descyphal: super fun > Descyphal: zac does suck > Descyphal: he is absolutely worthless > Descyphal: irelia is bronze > Descyphal: i am platinum > Descyphal: well > Descyphal: im talkkng to bronze So calling sombody a bronz isnt a insult ? Also its not cause your plat you got the right to shit talk to people. That what we call ego. Im plat 2 but i dont tell people what to do or shame there ranks. Everybody is good at there own lvl. Its not cause they dont match what you whant that there bronz or anything. Also some of your chat was quit negatif there are bettter ways to guide a team.{{sticker:vlad-salute}}
I didn't shit talk anyone. She said she was bronze. So I quoted her. I spent minutes at a time trying to coordinate her and trying to get our team to push the right spots and not 3 man fight over a gromp kill. Everyone listened but her, and we took 2 inhibs as a result. We would have won had she not threw on purpose. The chat was negative? Telling people what to do? Are you joking? You do realize you can only see one side, right? Absolutely it is frustrated speak. but Negative? I said a CHAMPION sucks. I never said the player did. Infact, I even went as far as to compliment the zac player as a player, and said the champion pick is not useful. This is advice. Not negativity. The talking to bronze thing, at the end, was AFTER game, in post-game chat. And was in fact talking to a pair of once again, admitted bronze players. let alone what NA.OP.GG said they were for ranks last season. Honestly... Skim the chat, and look at it like excitement and shot calling direction giving, as opposed to negativity. And you will absolutely see different.
: What was the reasoning listed for the 14 day ban? There's a lot of negative text in here. There's some rank shaming. There's some insults. If you want to lead and not get punished I think you have to convey what you want the team to do in a more positive way.
Irelia said she was bronze. And she was spamming pings at everyone and getting nothing done. There is no rank shaming in saying facts. You cannot see the context of the chat, obviously, so your opinion is definitely based on one (out of context) side. But in this game my whole team outside of irelia was agreeing and asking for her help. I spent 30 minutes of the game directing and coordinating. We took inhibitors top and bot as a result. we were hard winning. She intentionally lost. She pinged krugs and gromps and wolves and her level while at full build. As you can clearly see in the text, I said top, bot, baron, push, we win, good job, etc etc etc over and over again. The reasoning was for unsportsmanlike behavior, apparently. Despite literally being shotcaller. On a 9 game winstreak. EDIT: I checked again, it's for "abusive comms" even though none of my comms were abusive. Unsportsmanlike perhaps... As I definitely was critical of Irelia's decisions. But that was not only me, my entire team found it frustrating and obvious as to why we lost. She was INTENTIONALLY throwing the game. I'm not saying this because I dislike her. She was doing JUST FINE until she decided she'd had enough of us winning.
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