: 2017 ranked season ends November 7
Excellent :-) Wish I could climb out of bronze. xD {{champion:37}}
: Patch 7.19 notes
Sounds good guys, thanks for the changes. New Sona skin please! xD {{champion:37}}
: Buy Championship Ashe and raise money for charity
Hmm, I might have to break the bank for this one. :-) Donating to charity is definitely speaking my language. :-)
: Patch 7.17 notes
Cannot wait for the new star guardians. :-) Please consider Star Guardian Sona! :-) {{champion:37}}
: Attack of the Demon Poros
{{champion:37}} Again, no Sona skins. :-(
: The RIP List of 2015
Oh good grief, yeah I recently got a taste of the bologna of Morde being able to bring the dragon back to bot with him and it was fighting as a three some with his team. -_- That is ridiculous. Certain critters should be cut from being brought back and used in battle. Give me a break. Is he showing up with the Baron Nashor next? xD {{champion:16}}
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: Champion Update: Maokai
Looks great! Love the new visual upgrade. :-D {{champion:37}}
: Patch 4.18 notes
{{champion:16}} *Gotta say, I'm not thrilled with the suggested players list. I keep inviting people I don't even know, and don't tend to stick around. *
: Superfans assemble!
Look, peeps. New SoNa skin, PLZ!! :-D
: Update to Summoner’s Rift headed to PBE
Just as a minor after thought, how about the option to rotate the map on our screens only by choice as being on the purple side bugs quite a few people and if we could adjust it for better view, and better plays I am sure many of us would be thrilled. :-) {{champion:37}}
: Update to Summoner’s Rift headed to PBE
Wow truly amazing. Just absolutely amazing!!! I can't wait for the release. :-D
: Atlantean Syndra rises from the depths
One of the very best things about this game is the truly amazing artwork. :-) Absolutely love it.
: May champion and skin sale schedule
*Thanks for the schedule, gives me a heads up as to what I am looking forward to! :-)*
: Trials of the Poro
*Awww, I want a Poro! :-D*
: Ultra Rapid Fire bows out
*It might not have been intended to live forever, however, if we the community that you are trying to provide an enjoyable game for realize that we are asking for a mode such as URF to stick around forever, why not? We help pay for the game to stay running so why not create a section where we can access URF, One For All, etc. anytime that we please? I think it would make a great addition to the game section. :-)*


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