Copic (NA)
: TFT requires no skill to win, prove me wrong.
ARAM has high Rng too. Can we unite to solve it there too? I’m all for helping this game in all modes be skill>luck.
: Remider: We still want bans in ARAM back
Could we offer, as an extra mode, A draft version of all mid so we can really balance all the champs and have a competitive meta. The battle mode people are crying about their mode being too luck based so why can’t we?
Dessim8 (NA)
: Competetive All Mid
Any high elo Aramers wanna chime in?
Dessim8 (NA)
: Competetive All Mid
Let’s make a movement for a competitive All Draft All Mid
Dessim8 (NA)
: Competetive All Mid
I’ll never get my wish will I?
: It will turn into a mirror match with 10 best poke champions split in 2 teams
Not really. Maybe at low ELO. But in higher skill play the poker has a window to win before tanks champions just shrug off their entire combo and kill them. Snowball and all the poke nerfs are significant. Trust me please.
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: what you seek isnt competition, its a sense of achievement. so a game that gives you 50% chance to get that isnt for you. try either games like pubg/fortnite the loss doesnt affect as much since its 1/100 chance of winning. if you want a game where you will have higher than 60% winrate, it wont be possible in any competitive game
I dont understand what you're saying? I guess I do want to achieve high ELO and bring glory to All Mid but everyone's too casual. Pokemon has Smogon. All Mid needs its Smogon too.
iiGazeii (NA)
: Counterpoint: Competition can be fun, even if you lose. The fun is in the struggle, the opportunity to best your peers at a game you all enjoy. The competitive spirit is not the desire to win. It's the desire to go into a game and play your best.
How can losing be fun? Gamblers wont agree with you... nobody here agrees with me anyway. I hate being hated.
: It's like it's a recreational videogame or something.
but why play to lose? Nobody wants a loser in their life. Im scared.
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Zraebiel (NA)
: Bring Bans Back To ARAM (Poll)
Maybe we could have a draft/ban version of all mid for those of us who like bans but still want some control in our lives. It's a great way to test balance too.
: Bans in ARAM
Maybe we could have a draft/ban version of all mid for those of us who like bans but still want some control in our lives.
: I, personally, think it's ok to lose. (I actually expect a 50% win ratio in ARAM) I also feel it's ok for players to learn or underperform. I also ONLY play ARAM. I feel it's the very best mode for a long list of reasons. I've only played it since inception. That said, I think the players using the phrase "lol it's just ARAM" are almost knowingly doing things to troll... perfect example is a player who moved away from a team engage at enemy tower.. 3 players at 40% life... solo takes the health pack with players obviously moving towards it to try to get in on the health. "bro - next time could you ping or wait for us?" "lol it's only ARAM" This is just the latest example... I see the phrase every 5th game I play on average. I just can't wrap my head around you deliberately playing poorly or trolling or even if you make a legitimate mistake instead of "my bad" instead it's "lol it's just ARAM" I just don't get it.
How is okay to lose!?! Wouldnt that mean I'm a loser/feeder/low elo/worth hating forever?
Minarde (NA)
: I think Competitive ARAM (i.e. Ranked) would work better than ADAM. There simply aren't enough changes to regularly shake up the Draft meta. It'd just devolve into "Pick/Ban these 20-30 champs every game" indefinitely. Additionally, there's significant overlap with Summoner's Rift in terms of skills tested. In contrast, the randomness in ARAM promotes a greater variety of champs. Furthermore, the randomness also tests generalist skills, something that none of the existing ranked options test. Rather than encouraging specialization (e.g. Mid main or Riven OTP), ARAM encourages developing a wide set of skills. By requiring a different skillset, ranks earned are more meaningful. As for addressing the "It'S jUsT rAnDoM cOiNfLiPs" argument, there's several ways to address that. The recent balance changes have apparently already started narrowing the disparity between relative champion strength. Bans would further aid in removing any (perceived) outliers. Going even further, ARAM could draw from card games, another competitive random game, and use a Random Draft in champ select. As with the existing Draft queues, players would take turns picking their champ. However, rather than picking from the entire champ pool, each player would be limited to a handful (say, 3) of random champs. This change would add yet another skill test by including drafting while still respecting the spirit (and benefits) of ARAM.
Draft could be a testing ground for balance changes. You'll see more bans on bulky fighters like Darius and Garen and some day even Udyr as poke continues to get nerfed perhaps needlessly.
: ew
Would you be opposed to Draft/ban all mid? If not why are so Many against me?
: No, there's nothing competitive about ARAM, even if they made it so everyone has all champs unlocked it would be a coinflp anyway
Then give us a draft mode to remove the coin flip. You won’t see everyone going poke at the higher Elos trust me
Saevum (NA)
: There is nothing competitive in running it down in ARAM. it's just a fun game mode.
As I replied to Others a draft mode can alleviate this issue.
Naono (NA)
: When I could have played, I played to win. I don't want to used the word seriously, as league is not life or death, it doesn't bring me an income. lol
Draft then? That way the random factor that ruins the hardcore feel some All Midders want is gone opening up a mode rife for balance patches and data collection.
jurrrr (NA)
: ranked aram exclusively to people who own every champion. That would be soooo hype
It doesn't have to be ARAM, it could be ADAM (All Draft All Mid) they really don't utilize the draft feature enough, ya know.
: Riot recently made the best addition ARAM ever got just to remove it mere days later...
Just make a draft/ban version of all mid for those of us who like bans, I like bans. This draft mode will really give an idea about what champions get played, dont get played and their winrates.
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: Some Feedback on the Experimental ARAM Changes
If they want to do a balanced All Mid, introduce a draft/ban version. Leave ARAM alone and balance from this likely more competitive mode. Isn't balance supposed to be from the point of the top players in the world?
Dessim8 (NA)
: ARAM strategy Guide
More talk of competetive strat. All Mid should NOT be a joke mode.
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Lovelle (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Dessim8,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=EbgYlo9e,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2019-04-11T02:36:30.969+0000) > > Snowball is scary. After about 15-20 mins, Darius and Garen can get tanky enough to not care about your bursty poke. You think they're bad on ARAM, you should see them on 3v3.
No, I think they're really good at ARAM, and were before the patch too. They had sustain, damage and durability. Now all the 'poke' is overnerfed. If Riot wanted to make a balanced All Mid they'd open the option (while still leaving random as an option) to play draft all mid to see where the meta goes and balance around the higher tier. Remember, balance in games is done from the best player's perspective.
Dessim8 (NA)
: Losing Makes me Feel... Awful
I'm still looking for more attention and cheering up. Fix me plz.
: ARAM Balance Update Thread
Any explanations? I mean if you want to really balance, enable a Draft Mid mode option (OPTION, not in place of random) to really gauge balance.
Lovelle (NA)
: More like the bruisers actually get a fighting chance not having to deal with this bullshit every other game. {{champion:161}} {{champion:99}} {{champion:37}} {{champion:115}} {{champion:45}} {{champion:63}} {{champion:21}} {{champion:202}}
Snowball is scary. After about 15-20 mins, Darius and Garen can get tanky enough to not care about your bursty poke.
Dessim8 (NA)
: Will to Live Goes Down with Each Game. I need a reason to gop on playing.
Well, am I gonna be as ignored here as I am in life? Why would I expect anyone to care?
: if you don't like the game and if it is mentally breaking you down **QUIT** don't put yourself through something that is meant to be entertaing yet you find it boring/infuriating
But really, QUIT?! Quit my job while I'm at it as that's boring too. How about taxes?! Think carefully man, my future could suffer.
: if you don't like the game and if it is mentally breaking you down **QUIT** don't put yourself through something that is meant to be entertaing yet you find it boring/infuriating
Is this where my ARAM career ends. It feels... strange. After every game no enemy cares how much pain rage and sadness I feel when they MAKE ME LOSE! MAKE THIS STOP!!!!!
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: Roulette is an awful example. There is nothing you can do to change the outcome of the wheel. There are statistics that tell you what the possible outcomes are and expected return on investments. Roulette is actually one of the worst games to play in a casino anyways, losing about 5 cents per dollar per spin. Anyways... league is not a fixed game with only fixed scenarios. There is an infinite number of combinations, plays, sequence of events that can take place in a game of League. To not be able to learn anything simply means you aren't looking far enough. Why did you lose? Did you not ward enough? Did you not check mini map enough? Take advantage of your power spikes or respect your opponents? Etc.
Well my winrate is awful. It makes me feel awful. Am I an awful person wasting oxygen cuz my ARAM winrate is trash?
: You can still have fun when you lose. Also you can learn a ton from your losses and grow from them. If you view your time as "stolen" than you haven't learned anything.
But I still lost. If I play roulette and lose, did I learn anything?
: The Moe effect
Moe means cute in Japanese. How does it apply to my depression/anxiety/whatever excuse I'll use to try (and fail) to make my enemies hate themselves for wasting my time?
TekihcaN (NA)
: This game makes me my worst self
I agree, I sometimes just lose my temper when I lose.
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Dessim8 (NA)
: Is it right for enemies to ignore you?
I still think not being a loser is a vital thing to do, I feel so... bad when I lose. Why does nobody else get that way? Why can't I be less useless?! It's not fair man.
Jo0o (NA)
: If you're honestly depressed and fixated this strongly on your interactions with strangers in League, I sincerely suggest that nobody on these boards is qualified to answer your questions. Please look into getting help on your end.
Cant really sink the extra cash into a shrink. How do you just 'play for fun'? What's next? Do your job for fun? Pay taxes for fun? Get root canal for fun? WHEN DOES IT END?!
Dessim8 (NA)
: Is it right for enemies to ignore you?
Look all I want is good ELO so I can fight my "depression." Just like most people who want to not be losers at all costs. People want to win everywhere, in all competitions. Should I just give up on... everything?
Prandine (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Dessim8,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=g0FIsbby,comment-id=00070000,timestamp=2019-02-14T22:50:09.313+0000) > > I care about winning. If I have to guilt trip the enemy, it'd be rude of them to ignore it. If you truly care about winning then you shouldn't need to try to annoy or tick people off to do so.
What cost is winning not worth it? How can we let it be "just a game?" I need to play to escape mundane life, how can I feel good being a valueless loser who cant win?
: People have the right to ignore you weather you want to say something or not. You’re reasoning for wanting to talk to them isn’t really even a factor here weather for polite reasons or otherwise. I usually don’t mute peps unless they deserve it for whatever reason, but that doesn’t mean I won’t go into a game with mute all just to focus harder. You, just like everyone else aren’t entitled to anyone’s attention.
I care about winning. If I have to guilt trip the enemy, it'd be rude of them to ignore it.
: We're not sure what you're saying, because it seems you're saying you're upset your opponents are ignoring requests to throw so you can win. If so, than either you are trolling, or DUH, of course they're going to ignore you. They want to win, too. If you want low-effort wins, stick to bot games. If you want get better and beat other players, prove it by getting better at the game.
I dunno, most don't care about ELO. So why would they care?
: ARAM Team Balancing
Have a version with draft mode.
Dessim8 (NA)
: Is it right for enemies to ignore you?
Maybe I should quit League? I hope that's not what the downvotes are implying. Apathy seems in full force today.
Dessim8 (NA)
: Is it right for enemies to ignore you?
Didn't think I said anything so bad? Am I maybe the problem for caring too much?
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Dessim8 (NA)
: ARAM strategy Guide
Nothing? Am I truly deserving of being ignored when I beg for help on forums like I do in game?
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