: Either the XP for leveling up needs to be lowered or BE needs to start being given for wins.
I would say its not too bad so far. Ive played 10 games, won 8/2. And leveled up to lv 31. I got a champ capsule with a braum champion shard in it. it sold it for 1260 blue ess. As for the runes system, my only complaint is that the changes have really made squishy champs even easier to kill, as you have no way to get even a little resistance outside the one tree that grants +8 A/MR at 10 mins with a +5% bonus to both. Otherwise you can pick up a bonus of 5 A or MR immediately, with a respective +5% bonus when you get healing. So the meta right now is hard favoring assassin champs, and later in the game tanks come online and their base damages are getting in.
: NA LCS: Format update for 2018
Seems like I will be going back to only watching the vods of TSM/CLG and mabey some IMT/C9. If I even feel like it anymore.


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