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WillYum (NA)
: Change back her hair! I miss the old hairstyle and the red streaks{{champion:114}}
To hell with the hair... LOOK AT THAT FACE. It is probably the ugliest face I've ever seen. And I look in the mirror every day...
: Champion Update: Fiora
First off, I like some of the ideas expressed, but this isn't going to work. She's going to be useless in team fights. She's still to squishy to fight tanks in a team fight. She'll immediately get blasted down by the back line. She cant really assassinate squishies anymore either though. She now has to go through so much more effort to get her damage off. This may be a buff to her laning phase(not that she needed it), but I'm confident she'll be completely useless in teamfights now. The counterplay is too high. On a separate, but more important note, why does she have the face of Cruela DeVille, now? Seriously... I do not want to main the ugliest champ in league. If I were at a party withall the LoL champs, I'd sooner take Cho'gath home than this monstrosity. What the fuck. Her visuals were JUST FINE.
: Champion Mastery coming to live soon!
So... When do we get champion mastery skins? As in, upon reaching the final level of champion mastery, a special (unpurchasable) skin for that champion is unlocked. When skin coloring came out, there was a bit of talk about this. It looks as though we're moving closer to it. I understand it takes a long time to make skins for champs and that there are a lot of champs now...
Trap Nap (NA)
: For the love of God Riot please put all debuffs and shit back to the middle of the screen!
: Srsly there are ppl this stupid in this universe. Kill me...
: Killer Wireless N 1202 network adapter causing disconnects
Thanks for all your support, guys. Flipping awesome.
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Graidon (NA)
: I f-ing hate this community.
The funniest part is that this player is queued with you because of your mmr. That said.. I feel like the community has gotten a lot better since I started playing ranked. I'm silver 3 now and, at least in normals.., I tend to get pretty good teams. Not necessarily skills-wise.. but a lot fewer trolls.
PureCancer (EUNE)
: Riot plz
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Domobobo (NA)
: Will the new Summoners Rift include Battle Toads?
I second this. We need battle toads, RIOT!
: will there be a second 5vs5 map? i think with this season there should be more then one 5vs5 map ...just having one 5vs5 map gets really old fast yes its good because you can get used to and be really good at it but just the same old map gets old fast!
Ypherion (NA)
: We're aware of the discrepancy and are exploring various options (yay!), but I don't have anything specific to announce on this (sorry!)
Why not? You've known this was an issue for a long, long time. Is it that difficult to allow 180 degree camera rotation? I read somewhere that this is not possible because the maps were designed in 2D, not 3D, but I'm not familiar with the challenges involved in changing that. Perhaps the entire map could simply be rotated 45 degrees clockwise. This might make the minimap uglier, but it is an easy solution to the problem. Perhaps there could be an option to simply move the UI to the top of the screen? Or even the side for that matter. It's not a perfect fix, but it is better than nothing. There are a lot of options here, and it's been a known issue for a long time. The number one upvoted issue for this Q&A, even. I feel like this shouldn't be so quickly written off as a 'Yeah we know. We might do something about it, idk.'
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: So can we get a solid, 100% certain, that Summoners, the Institute, and all of that is no longer canon? This is nice and all, but it's only vague hints about what a lot of people want to hear. If you guys do indeed just want to start the narrative over, I completely stand by your choice to do so, but this transition so far is being handled somewhat awkwardly, and it'd be nice to know what really counts as "old lore" and "new lore".
So, this shows in in the comments, but my 30 minute writings do not. I try to express a legitimate and unique opinion, and it simply doesn't show up. This is why I don't try hard.
DHNinja (NA)
: As someone whose been very invested with in the lore; I feel like a part of me just died.
I guess a lot of people feel the same way. Personally, I've always liked reading the lore of my favourite champs. Some of them are pretty cool. But I've never become in any way "invested" in it. Personally, I've always thought the overlying lore of the game to be rather vague and awkward. Basically, as I understand it: A bunch of countries went to war for long periods of time. Lots of people died and it was bad, so they all decided, fuck this.. lets just take a few volunteers from each nation and make them fight over our differences. Thus began the league of legends. Eventually, tons of champions came from all over for all different reasons from being queen of Demacia(Ashe), to being found in a broom closet(Fiddlesticks). They all fight on the most random-ass teams possible in a strange attempt at diplomacy? But nothing ever gets resolved and they all jsut keep on fighting (for their own odd reasons) forever and ever. Not only that, but they're completely controlled by people existing outside of their imaginary realm where their only conscious actions are not using R when I press R(fiora.. -.-). It all seems awkwardly thrown together as it went along. Certain champions have very neat lores, but I dont think these are really what Riot is trying to change. I think they want to change the underlying reason that the League of Legends actually exists, and even expand upon the lore that is already available. They dont want to take away all your lores... They want to rework the system so that they're all expandable. So that they all progress through life as time goes on. So that they *tell a story.* I think Riot has good intentions, not malicious ones, and currently, they're asking us for ideas because they're not sure how to go about it. Let's help Riot improve the story of league of legends, not simply "rework it."
: Dev Blog: Exploring Runeterra
Campaign mode: a challenging multiplayer story line where each champion reacts differently to different areas and people. Perhaps even MMO style, where people can come and go as they please without disrupting gameplay. But still with clear paths and goals specific to each champion (champions may have similar or even identical mechanics as in the MOBA). Eventually, upon progressive completion of the "goals" specific to your champion, you learn more about who they really are. This would of course be a massive undertaking; perhaps more so than maintaining the current game. But I think this could be the PERFECT solution to the current story telling problem. The MMO and MOBA could easily be tied together, as well. For example, summoners who have reached level 30 in the MOBA may be offered special "items" in the MMO and vice versa. Nothing game-breaking of course, but a distinct way to tell that League MOBA and League MMO and connected; two halves of a whole. Not only do you get full creative freedom, but you get a whole new game to bring in revenue(although how is beyond me), increased interest in league as a whole, and other great things and stuff, probably. It's a major win-win if you can pull it off.
: {{champion:17}} Size doesn't mean everything
Signed in just to upvote this. (Veigar)
: Haha, I LOVE these cinematics. Was a little disappointed in how useless Ahri was lol. But I thought everyone else was portrayed perfectly!! Keep em coming, guys!
: League of Legends Cinematic: A New Dawn
Haha, I LOVE these cinematics. Was a little disappointed in how useless Ahri was lol. But I thought everyone else was portrayed perfectly!! Keep em coming, guys!
: The Doom Bots of Doom have come
Ridiculous.. lol. I've won 2 of the 10 games I've played. Once on level 1 and once on level 2. I'm pretty sure level 5 is impossible to win. I'd like to see a team of challenger tier players try it for proof lol. Couple of suggestions: DON't be in a hurry to get kills. eventually, opportunities will present themselves. These are bots, afterall, and they still have bot "mentalities." Just notch away their health until you can FOR SURE get the kill. Don't be afraid to recall. You'll have to do it a lot. CS as much as possible, but never put yourself in any remote danger to do so. If you get hit once, chances are high it has some sort of crowd control attached to it and you'll get 100-0 in nothing flat. It's all too common to get perma-stunned and die. Do as much as possible pre-level 6. Once they have their ultis... Well, god help you.
: Dev Blog: SR’s gameplay updates
There's definately some neat ideas here... But I really wish they would've done more with the camera. The "barely noticable difference" probably ISN'T the answer to the oldest and worst problem with Summoner's Rift: the camera angle! The current camera angle puts purple team at a significant visual disadvantage, due to the, " viewing area is in the shape of an isosceles trapezoid, not a rectangle. This means players see more at the upper end of the screen than at the lower end." I'm sure we can all agree on this issue by now... Why not just allow for a rotating camera? Or simpler yet, just tilt the entire map 45 degrees clockwise? At least this would give both teams areas of advantage and disadvantage, as it's currently a full map issue.


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