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Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: July 5
Will the grievous wounds on Kled Q and Kat R stack with {{item:3165}} {{item:3123}} ? I love the idea of having some champions that can deal with vlad or mundos crazy healing, but as a Kled main i dont think {{item:3123}} grievous wounds should stack with Kleds new grievous wounds. Im very curious as im sure other kled and kat mains are as well
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: Since bans got removed from ARAM, might as well add the option to surrender at the loading screen
Step 1: Add bans back to ARAM Step 2: Make it so every champion is available in ARAM Step 3: ARAM is a lot better off
: Why are bans gone on aram?
I banned Lux or Xerath because i hate getting poked across the entire map. Literally just played a aram and the enemy team had Lux and Xerath, i was at half health before i could even walk into range to use any abilities or auto anything. BRING BACK BANS! Was the best change about this past bilgewater and Riot scrapped the idea that most people loved.
GoryRage (NA)
: Rageblade has never been a healthy item.
Phantom hit used to be the passive for the attack speed jungle item, and Riot removed it from that item because some adcs were taking smite into lane just to buy the the jungle item just to get the phantom hit. Vayne is balanced around having to get 3 autos to proc her max hp % true damage, decrease that to 2 autos and she becomes stupidly strong, same thing with other champions that can abuse phantom hit. I strongly believe phantom hit should just be completely removed from the game forever, because it makes certain champions near impossible to balance. with phantom hit in the game, you either balance a champion around assuming they buy that item every game (removing the ability to make more unique builds) or buff the champion assuming they dont buy the item every game and they become way to strong when they do buy the item. I just dont see any possible way to balance phantom hit, so just remove it from the game forever please
: Sylas should not be casting Swain's ult with maximum Soul Fragments for free
i would say you get swain ult with how ever many fragments swain has at the time when sylas stole swain ult. if swain has 2 fragments then sylas gets 2 fragments with swain ult
Scrai (EUW)
: why does grasp not show permanent health gained on the rune
its simple math, but when im in a game i dont want to do math, i want to focus my attention on playing my best, not math. i feel like it be really easy to show how much permanent health you have gained
: Death Recap update is overdue.
Yes death recap needs a rework / improvements. I personally would love it if the death recap clearly told me what the final ability or whatever killed me like: Killing blow Corki Q. The game has had so many changes the past few years that it baffles me that the death recap hasnt had ANY noticeable improvements. Not to mention i personally think that being able to clearly see what killed you, from who, how much damage it did would, can help players improve slightly at the game. Like in your example, yasuo clearly didnt do 2000 damage from a single Q, but if the death recap showed Yasuo Q 4 times for a total of 2000 damage, people could understand how much damage a single yasuo Q does, and hey if you have 1000 hp maybe you should heal first before trying to fight yasuo again because you clearly now know he does around 500 damage a Q. All in all, i think death recaps is something riot should work on improving, like i said the game has changed a lot the past few years, but death recaps remain largely the same, and i cant forget about all the bugs death recaps have. Like not showing what abilities the enemies hit you with you just see damage numbers and no champion name either, or sometimes it even says my teammates hurt me, yeah Riot my Vi jungle on my team totally did 300 damage to me because that makes sense. Death recaps NEED bug fixes and improvements
Stratixx (NA)
: Petition to bring all Rotating Game Modes to custom!
Even if they just gave use Hexakill, Nexus seige, Poro king, dominion, ascension, one for all, and doom bots, i would be extremely happy. Ive been playing since season 3, and i couldnt care less about playing ranked. Just give me the mini games so i can have fun with this terribly balanced game (balance team has just gotten worse and worse since season 6 imo)
: Vayne's tumble buff actually made it out of PBE into the game
she was already one of the few adcs doing good before the buff. her win rate has jumped up to something like 54%, but she is getting a skin next patch so it will probably be a few patches before riot removes that brain dead buff to her.
: Does Riot just want to see Nasus in Pro player or what?
I feel like if they buffed Nasus from 6 to 8 for champions etc. would have been a good buff, but 12 was just way to much. But we already know riots balance team doesnt even know what the word balance means. If for some chance a balance team member sees this, here i will help you out. Balance means: a condition in which different elements are equal or in the correct proportions. an even distribution of weight enabling someone or something to remain upright and steady.
: Vayne's winratio skyrocketed to 54% in the span of one day.
Not like Vayne was one of the few adcs that was actually doing okay before her insane buff. Doesnt surprise me though, riots balance team doesnt have a clue about League, let alone actually balancing the game
: Riot needs another SR game mode
Team builder. I honestly never minded the waits (usually tooks like 5-6 minutes in TB instead of 3-4 minutes in draft pick), and i always got my champion and role. Was the perfect place to practice, and i found there was usually a lot less trolls (probably due to the slightly longer wait time)
: Remember when True Damage used to be a luxury damage type?
Maybe if true damaged got nerfed, i could actually play tanks again and not get melted like butter on a hot summer day
wolf jade (EUNE)
: {{item:3047}}
Dont forget its Tryn so he is taking Conqueror and build IE so he is doing 30% true damage, can also get armor pen items to make whatever armor you get even more useless.
: Can we revert the kha zix 90% slow? I don't even know why he needs it. Might as well make it a stun.
Kha got his W buffed to sell more Championship Kha skins. Riot has been doing this for many years now, over buff a champion when they really want to sell a nice new skin
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: The most frustrating part of this game is that all the high burst champions ARE SO GOD DAMN SAFE
Dont forget Rengar, you step near a bush you are dead in 0.25 seconds. And even if you catch him out he can heal back 75% of all the damage you did with his W, and can remove any cc with his empowered W.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: December 5
Howdy Meddler, been a lot of discussion, and complaints about damage being to high, and i would agree. I enjoy playing tanks, but it feels like only tank supports (and some tank junglers) are good right now. This could just be because damage is to high currently. Is there any talk about damage being to high, or how tanks have been preforming (mostly in top lane im wondering about)?
: What is a meta? Apparently its 1 rune that is so op, it practically wins you the game no matter what
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: League of Legends Freezes While in Game
I never experienced this issue until this preseason, and now it keeps happening to me like every 4 or 5 games, and its pissing me off. Riot please fix you game, this bug is making the game tilting and keeps putting me behind because i have to log out of my computer, relog in, then reload into the game all because LoL cant work properly.
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: League of Dark harvest
Just played a game where 8 out of the 10 players took DH... Even with the mini hot fix nerf the vast majority of people are taking it on any champion.
: The health shard is a complete joke.
I think if Riot change the health rune shard so that you get the max stats from it at level 10 and increase the health it gives a bit would make it slightly less flaming garbage. Like if it gave 140 hp at level 10 (ends scaling at level 10), thats 14 hp per level
: Is anyone else noticing dark harvest is really strong right now?
Riot had to hot fix nerf DH just half a day after preseason came out. Im not sure if its possible for Riot to balance DH so that its not overpowered or so weak its utterly useless
: Reduce Turret armor segment gold reward.
I think tower plating gold should scale 100 gold the first plate and the last plate is worth 160 gold. Possible plating gold scaling 100/115/130/145/160 gold
: As a Jungler main, I am thankful for these new fucking Turret plating
I love the turret plating, but i think the gold should start off lower with the first plate and scale up to 160 for the last plate such as 100/115/130/145/160 gold. Just a suggestion, overall though i love the tower changes this preseaon, been waiting for this kind of tower buff for several seasons now
: The CDR and HP per lvl Rune stats should really cap out at level 10, 18 is way too far to be useful
getting 90 hp at level 10 would make this rune shard not 100% flaming garbage, it would still be a pretty awful rune shard but at least in certain situations i could see it being a decent choice. The CDR maxing at level 10 would be great also, even like level 12 or level 14 would be alright. Overall these 2 rune shards need buffs or changes to make them actually viable, because currently (and basically all of season 8) games very rarely go on long enough that people hit level 18.
: I dont think banning would solve much. however... unlocking every champion to every one would kill the Aram accounts. And I do like the sounds of that.
YESSSSSSSS. This is what i've been wanting for basically 5 years now. Riot doubled the amount of free champions in aram this year, but it did next to nothing. Also it be great that if i random Elise in aram, if its impossible for me to random Elise the next 5 freaking arams in a row, really kills the "all random" feeling of aram, I would totally be fine with that, if i get Velkoz one aram, its impossible for me to random Velkoz the very next aram game.
Dahnto (NA)
: Time for ARAM Bans.
I played against a {{champion:45}} {{champion:161}} {{champion:101}} {{champion:37}} {{champion:22}} in aram a few days ago. Was the most cancerous team comps i have ever had to play against in Aram
iDarkWind (EUW)
: In my opinion they should change how her kit works in general. Her W is her main source of damage, mobility and waveclear, there's no point in maxing anything else, wich means that her W will have low cooldown since the early game, because she'll max it first for the reasons I meantioned. So in my opinion, Riot should look for a way to make LB players decide if they want more single target burst or mobility and waveclear, and by saying this I mean finding a way to make maxing Q a good idea, wich would help a lot LB enemies to deal with her, since she wouldn't get so much CD on her mobility spell until the mid game. Just my opinion, and I am not even sure if that would fix her at all, but it's a start.
When Leblanc got reworked, and got some major W dmg nerfs, Leblanc players started maxing Q first, which ended up being much much worse. Leblanc would just save W to jump away and could safely burst people with a QRQ combo, or if you tried to run away after Leblanc used her first Q Leblanc would then use W to just jump in range for a RQ. So no forcing Leblanc players to max Q first would be a terrible idea, Riot already tried that and it was an awful idea (grant it was reworked Leblanc but her Q worked basically the exact same). The safest thing to do would just increase Leblanc's W cooldown more. When Leblanc uses W to jump on your face thats when you have an opportunity to do damage back to her with most champions, because Leblanc is in range to get hit with almost every attack or spell. When Leblanc maxed Q, she would always stay very far back just barely in range to QRQ (700 range to be exact). Also i find champions with point and click stuns or roots to be extremely effective when trading with Leblanc, Leblanc jumps are your face Pantheon WQE Ryze WEQ, Annie Q stun W auto or R stun QW (if your taking electrocute) bam you win most trades because Leblanc cant jump back instantly and gives you time to unload your burst on to Leblanc. I do agree Leblanc being able to jump around so far and fast is very annoying, but forcing Leblanc players to max Q first wouldnt help at all, it would honestly make things worse (as history has shown us).
Tomoe Gozen (EUNE)
: >I will never stop banning Akali until her W obscured is removed Then Akali will have to get her skill ranges increased so that she can fuck you up from a LeBlanc range because you can drop a ward and still get her. What is the point of her W if she can't hide in it and a ward reveals her? Don't propose changes like these and think you're making it better. This would be the same as if Zed had to choose only one shadow to port to, cutting his mobility in half and not having a way out or in, after an engage.
I never said let control wards reveal Akali. I strongly believe control wards and red trinket SHOULD'NT reveal Akali, but i also strongly believe towers SHOULD reveal Akali. Being able to tower dive and assassinate someone under their tower all the while being invisible about 99% of the time is next level stupid, and whoever thought that was a good idea should be fired or at least removed from the balance/champion design team
: @Riot, funny how you had the time to work on Ornn's passive, but not Wukong's
Still waiting on Rito to give {{champion:82}} his long deserved VGU
Quáx (NA)
: Hey remember refunds
I say you get 1 refund every year or every other year. 2 refunds in a lifetime is as stupid as it gets imo
Sakura Tree (EUNE)
: As an Akali main...
I will never stop banning Akali until her W obscured is removed, then i would be fine. Also the ult being a micro-root instead of a micro-stun would be great. It just feels so bad when my channeling ability gets completely canceled by the smallest stun in LoL
Seenan (NA)
: I think phantom hit needs to go
Yeah when Devourer was a thing, you would see Adcs (like Kogmaw and Vayne) take smite bot lane just so they could buy Devourer and get the phantom hit
: This game has been dumbed down so hard it's disgusting
Dont forget about the inting Sions that literally do nothing but throw themselves at towers and basically 2 shot every tower, and what did Riot do to nerf Sion? They nerfed his base health regain, that does literally nothing when Sion is KILLING himself to destroy towers
Jaspers (EUW)
: Ban Rate shows something is unhealthy for the game/champ, not how powerful they are.
Riot just freaking admit you messed up big time on Akali's new shroud, and get rid of the true stealth under towers. I dont mind if i cant see her with control wards, or red trinket, but NO stealth under towers, was horrible when i first saw the rework, and its even more horrible to play against, even when i have an Akali on my team and she bursts the enemy mage under their tower its disgusting. I will not stop banning Akali till her true stealth is fixed, i dont care if she gets a billion and 1 nerfs, true stealth under towers is NEVER okay, and whichever Rioter thought it was a good idea should be fired
While you are at it Rito, can you please nerf Akali W, its quite the exact opposite of fun dying under my tower unable to do anything to Akali
Vartius (EUNE)
: About Mordekaiser's power... [In Veigar's Backstory]
Maybe Mord lore will get updated whenever he finally gets his much needed rework
: The pros are getting cheated
Any pro player DOES get an unlocked account, with a like a million RP, so they can buy any skin, emote, icon, or champ they want. Pro players also get another unlocked account whenever they play at international events outside there country
: Can we talk about Kai'Sa?
I feel like her passive max hp % dmg should scale, like from 10% early game to 15% after 35 (or with level could work too) mins. Then she cant win just about every auto trade early game, have to actually play her tactically
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DeusVult (NA)
: Patch 8.21
A Sol is strong because in the very early game he can quickly shove out his lane with W. Nerfing his base hp doesnt change anything about how he can shove lanes faster. What Riot should have done was nerf A Sol base W dmg a tiny bit instead, so he cant shove the lane super fast in the early game
: Are we not getting a patch today/new skins? .....
Patches happen on Wednesdays. You are probably confused with the fact that the PBE gets it major patches on Tuesday
: 3 Champs that NEED to be addressed come 8.22
While you are at it Riot, could you please make it so Sion can't proc demolish while in his passive ghost form. TY
: Does Retired SKINS NEVER COMEBACK??!!!
Legacy skins can come back during special sales. To answer your question, Yes there is a decent chance you can buy these skins whenever the Legacy Skin vault is opened again (no clue when that will be though). Also you can get any legacy skin from hextech chests, so there is also the chance you could get one of the skins for free from a chest
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