: > [{quoted}](name=King Braum,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=QfkmG0M1,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2019-09-12T22:46:37.199+0000) > > Ngl, I appreciate the Blitzcrank and Veigar buffs but the others do look very questionable. Especially Tahm Kench getting 100% Gray Health regen at level 18. He's losing like 45% grey hp regen lvl 1 for it. That's not a buff
^this. Hes losing 45% at rank one, and only gets back to the old 75% at rank 12. Given that most games end before or around supports hitting 12, its a hard nerf. Even if this wasnt the case, the grey health to health ratio really only helps him early game against poke or a bad trade. Past the 15 minute mark, Tahm generally has to pop the shield to survive, so the healing becomes 0% anyway
puśsý (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Ralanr,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=f3AzspMA,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2019-09-10T23:21:33.288+0000) > > A big strength to tanks is that they don't have a powerspike item that need to rush in lane. Do you know how fucking awful it feels when you're behind on someone like Darius, and you're still stuck building your core while your laner has two items on you? > > Tanks don't need to get fucked harder. Why would tanks get fucked harder if they spent 3k+ gold on a non-rush item that actually made them tanky? Spend more gold for a better item, be rewarded.
but the thing about those "better items" are that (other than tri force) they don't provide much other than raw stats until they are completed. And having most items in the 2k6 to 3k area is better for tanks IMO. it allows you to vary your build more to address whoever is the major damage threat on the other team. If I have to build armor for lane, but then the enemy control mage is rolling in the dough, I'd rather not have to wait to complete a 3.6K+ item in order to decrease their damage
Áery (NA)
: Hi Riot, has your fetish for damage made your forget about exhaust?
Exhaust in now a niche summoner, compared to earlier seasons when it was taken all the time The reasons for this; bot laners want pressure in the 2v2, and ignite from the support gives way more pressure early game than exhaust does. Games now end earlier, so late game damage deny from exhaust isnt worth as much any more. I will still take exhaust if Im playing support, if certain criteria is met. For example, if the enemy team has 2 or more assassins, exhaust can really shut them down during their all in. If I know that we are going to lose the 2v2 lane, but scale harder, I will take exhaust. There isnt a point in taking ignite if you have no kill pressure early. Its a niche spell, but most people dont play scaling champs anymore, or don't align their pick with their teammate to make both picks work.
Bârd (NA)
: Banshee's needs a buff. It's designed for a different game than what we're playing today.
How to make Banshees viable with minimal changes: take the current passive, and replace it with the Unique Nights Veil passive, which is the unique passive on {{item:3814}} Now you can create your spell shield when you are looking for a decisive fight instead of having it popped by one ez Q, it has a 40 second CD, which current banshees has, but it comes back in 40 seconds after activation regardless of what happens, while taking damage during banshees down time resets the counter So for those who dont know, here is {{item:3102}} current passive UNIQUE: Grants a Spell Shield spell shield that blocks the next enemy ability. This shield refreshes after no damage is taken from enemy champions for 40 seconds and here is {{item:3814}} unique passive that Banshees should have UNIQUE – NIGHT'S VEIL: Channels for 1 second to gain a Spell Shield spell shield that blocks the next enemy ability within the next 7 seconds (40 second cooldown). Damage will interrupt the channel. You can move while channeling. If the channel is interrupted, the item is put on a reduced 5 second cooldown.
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: Why the fuck does Pyke have more gold than Yasuo? Yasuo has the most cs in game and a few more kills. Riot. You fucking r%%%%%s. inb4 snowflake mods remove this comment
Becuase Pyke gets sooooooo much gold from his ult now. They did this to compensate for him being nerfed in a solo lane. Except that the last solo lane pyke I faced ended the game with 50 farm at 35 minutes, while having the most gold in the game. Despite them only getting one turret, and 0 neutral objectives. Great job Rito
: Let's be honest, in most cases, Jax isn't landing five man stuns. He's jumping on one person and taking a lot of aggro for it, and he relies entirely on his kit to be able to survive that. Galio and Rammus don't rely entirely on their W to survive their jump-in's. They're inherently tanky and build tanky. They can afford to take the aggro. That's why they have a downside.
Galio and Rammus also dont have even close to the level of damage, either sustained or burst, that Jax has its comparing a bruiser(or a fighter) to a tank. Jax E isnt OP IMO, but what the post is saying is that Jax E has 0 downsides, while rammus W and Galio W have major downsides. Taking away Jax being able to Q or flash while in E would ruin him, but a self slow or a self AS slow for the duration would line the abilities up. Not saying that Jax needs those changes, but its hard to see the justification for Galio nerfs when Jax E exists
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: "So we can focus on our larger game modes"
Also Riot: We have decided to make TFT permanent. As if you hadn't already made that decision before you even released it, what with all the talk about it on LCS/LEC streams, its own dedicated event, skins, a ranked queue while its still in Beta, etc. Meanwhile other game modes that had plently of people excited about them and playing them get 0 resources
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JPlayah (NA)
: New featured game mode idea: Yordle Kombat
Jokes on you, I pretty much only play yordles as it is
Rioter Comments
They cant balance all of us
Teh Song (NA)
: Pyke has one of the most easily dodgeable kits in the game. Q, easily dodged. E, easily dodged. R, easily dodged. Q is as any line attack with non-instant movement speed is. E has a delay, a clear indicator, and requires himself to be in risky positioning. R is an X. It's size isn't that impressive, and it's an X. You don't even half to get out if range, just between the lines. His ult is an execute. Especially since the new patch, it deals minimal damage. He can barely hurt you with it. Below threshold is death by execution, above threshold it just tickles you. You can heal after his animation starts and get back above threshold. It happens all the time, even just from lifesteal. Pyke can't get more hp. Most defensive items are trash on him because without the HP they lose so much gold efficiency, and without HP gains armor/Mr is only so effective anyway. Plus the 14 to 1 hp to ad conversion is so minuscule that getting ad from hp isn't a thought people have when building him. The sustain from Pyke's W is his only real defensive option. Without it he'd be nothing; unplayable. Pyke isn't going to get your hp low enough for execution by himself. His kit outside ult is utility; 2 CC's and his sustain, with minimal damage. His execute will kill you, sure, but only if his team did the rest of the damage first. In short, he's not really an assassin, because he can't assassinate. He's just an executor. He even has voice lines when he dies in a 1v1 to remind the player that he's not supposed to be able to 1v1. "I work better with a crew." "Needed more hands." Etc. Pyke is hands down the most gold reliant support in the game. Without the ability to raise your hp if you need extra defense you have to be able to buy more armor/mr than other supports. Because of his lethality scaling you want to get all 3 lethality items. He doesn't have any defensive skills for use on allies so if you want/need something like that you have to get an item for it. On top of all that, picking Pyke into a team is a composition choice to have a support with less support utility as a trade off for increasing your team's gold advantage, but Pyke needs his own gold to pull that off. As a support, he's not getting much cs, so he needs his ult gold to compensate. Now, personally, I'd prefer he had less gold gain for the team on his ult and a more effective kit, but I also want him to be more or less cemented as a support instead of being able to solo lane. At any rate if you're having trouble against Pyke supports here's 3 tips for you: 1. Since he's so dodge-able, take something that can dodge easy. You could be Ezreal and just never get hit by any of Pyke's abilities, for example. 2. In early/laning phase, hurt his adc, not him. He can't do anything without them, and he can't defend them (in the sense of defensive things like heals and shields). If you make them back or die, you are now 2v1 and that 1 is useless while alone. 3. As I said before, he's no tank. He's as squishy as they come. "He has high base stats." Yea, and that's it, since he can't build any more hp and the effectiveness of building armor and MR is limited by that. Squishy AF. So once your far enough into the game that you can do more than just a little poke, just kill him. You can kill him before he can escape and heal so easily. And once he's dead, he can't ult you.
you copy pasted this from my thread on pyke Pyke isnt OP But Pyke is strong because of how safe he is and that he simply out-earns you if you go even with him
Nyandere (NA)
: It's almost as if he's designed around gaining bonus gold, and the power level of the rest of his kit is numbered appropriately around this! O: You should probably complain about TF and GP too right? :)
Riot bringing pirate passive to SR?!?!?!?!?
: Riot has stated before they keep certain champs weak to keep pro play fair. Teemo and tryndamere and a few others are great examples. Teemos power budget is actually put in his Shrooms free vision that it gives. Hints why he is called the scout. Riot stated if he was ever good, he would always be pick or van just because of the free global vision and objective control. He invalidates sneaking and can instagib enchanters supports that step on a Shrooms or two. I don't like this design decision but it's why kennen the diving mage is allowed to be stronger than teemo the Swift scout.
Hi im 12 (EUNE)
: probably because teetos base stats are so fucking insane eh? well the answer to this issue is that we remove both from the game :)
teemo and kennen base stats are almost identical, with Kennen having 50 more range, 5 more MS, and slightly more armor, while Teemo has more AS and early AD (kennen ends with higher base AD) They have identical base damages, but Kennen has 4 skills that do damage while Teemo has 2 1/2, with his ult being unreliable and easily countered
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Dynikus (NA)
: I agree that it's stupid. Just want to preface with that. But is it possible some of that gold advantage came from shutdown bonuses?
He only got 3 shutdowns, 1 on me for 800 and 2 on {{champion:246}} that would account for maybe the difference generated by turrets taken, plates taken, and maybe neutral objectives. Not for being down 100+ CS and still having a gold advantage
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: Have you ever been afk in-game because of real life emergency?
Having to use the toilet urgently TommyK plays league confirmed
: What's your favorite champion artistically/design-wise?
{{champion:106}} Hoping they dont mess him up too much in his VGU
: His ridiculous sustain is what broke him in solo lanes. It's his crutch to keep him viable as support but it's obnoxious as hell
IMO, his healing is the most OP part of his kit. Here is a champ that cannot actually gain any bonus health, and you generally have an idea of when you can ignite someone or hit a DoT and it will kill a champ, but with Pyke the ignite/DoT doesnt do anything. In the latest patch they buffed Fizz/Leona vs DoT damage, but Pyke is still the number 1 counter vs it because he actually doesnt take DoT damage
: Is it really worlds time already?
The patch that they use for worlds is locked in months in advance so teams can practice what champs and comps they are going to use without having to adjust to further patches. So the "worlds" patch should be 2 patches from now, or 9.16 meanwhile when Worlds is actually happening, the rest of us will be on 9.19 or 9.20 I cant really see a reason to buff lee (who is a good champ in pro play atm) or Kha (who has a large number of high elo OTPs) other then trying to move them more into the spotlight of pro play. ATM the pro tier junglers are {{champion:113}} (very conistent, High CC, high tankiness) {{champion:59}} (lots of engage+ early damage) and {{champion:517}} (although he just got nerfed) {{champion:64}} {{champion:2}} {{champion:72}} {{champion:79}} {{champion:421}} are all honorable mentions, but not top tier atm. Kha doesnt get attention because he brings 0 utility (W evolve is ok, but its not why you pick him) and pro junglers dont get as much gold as soloQ heroes, which means Kha cant hop his way to victory
: LS's newest vodcast really made me think
I disagree with LS's premise. He says that Riot to often nerfs champs instead of letting champs that counter said champ emerge into the meta. IMO, pro teams and high level players only have so much time to play X amount of champs, and have the practice put in to play those champs at a high level. So they tend to play what is already established in the meta. But how many times has a champ suddenly re-emerged into the meta with no changes simply because someone played them, did well, and suddenly many other players picked that champ up because they saw how good they are. Or a champ receives buffs for 1 patch, becomes P/B, then next patch all buffs are reverted, but they remain P/B. Far more champs are viable at high level/pro play, but dont see play because teams dont value them at the time, and dont want to put practice on something when they already know a champ that does pretty much the same thing.
: remove item effects from drakes
Watched my buddy get smacked by a {{item:3072}} dragon, that healed for 20% max health every attack Also, while we are at it, could drag + elder no longer drop items that make champs into a certain class. The more generic items are always useful, but if you are running a ranger comp and Drag drops an item that turns someone into a sorcerer, it is actually useless for you, besides the 20 AP At that point in the game it is generally too late to comp shift, whereas getting a more "generic" item could actually help you
ShadWooo (EUNE)
: Nobles and Yordles are weakest comps by far fyi.
Yordles is very strong vs auto attackers (ie glacial) 6 Noble, while nearly impossible to get, kills just about everything
: Cursed blade is insanely OP and should be gutted/remove like today.
a question about cursed blade. If it procs and de-stars someone, but then the enemy team wins the game, does that unit deal damage to health based on its # of stars that it has, or does it deal the reduced damage from being de-stared?
: Please don't nerf Kled around having GW on Q. Nobody who plays Kled wanted that shit.
whenver Riot nerfs a popular champ, its always some minor nerf of numbers, 3 ad, 5 ms, etc whenever they change a champ that doesnt have a ton of players, its some major change with minimal testing, its always some wacky change like "applies 60% GW for 5 seconds" "grounds champs for 2 seconds" "champ cannot flash while charging ability" That champ is then seen as OP, they get stat nerfed, later on the ability change that was made was reverted, the stat change isnt, and boom, bad champ is still bad
: > [{quoted}](name=TheBrothersGrymm,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=nPKsXcyR,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-07-18T15:13:28.962+0000) > > The issue is tanks need time to scale, the game is so early focused that they dont get that time, or get put behind so then it takes much longer. its and early game meta atm, scaling comps rarely work Tanks need time to scale and yet also they get out scaled if they get to late game. I don't think needing to get to late game is the problem.
tanks are great from 10 to a ~30 minute mark, if they go even. The problem is that tanks rarely gain large advantages in lane which put them ahead, which is for good reason. If a tank went 1v1 top and stomped their opponent, tanks would be OP. But since they almost always go even, with no chance of getting ahead, they rely on the rest of the map to go even. Which in Fiesta soloQ, doesnt happen. So if you went even as a tank and then you go against their 5/1 draven, he is still going to hurt, even if you built some armor, the draven is a couple thousand gold ahead. Which is what I think makes tanks bad. They are forced to rely on no one else feeding in order to remain reasonably tanky. Meanwhile DPS champs have been getting DPS/safety items for years, allowing them to self-peel
: Silver 1 + Platinum 1 players in the same solo Q ranked games
Matchmaking is pretty bad. But IMO, what makes this more frustrating for most people is that your mmr is hidden, while your rank doesnt really mean anything outside of season rewards So you could have a P1 player with p3/4 mmr, and S1 player with G2 mmr, and the rest of the match is ~G2 mmr. So the spread isnt as far as ranks would have you believe, but its hidden so it just makes the game seem unfair. Which is one of the dumbest things that Riot has ever done IMO. Why not just leave elo (mmr) as a number, bracket ranks to corresponding elos, and get rid of the LP system which doesnt make any sense and only serves to infuriate people with things like 99LP and 12 LP gains compared to 23 LP loses
: i know right, tired of getting one single piece of gold, looking at other peoples screen and they have items, like, why cant everyone start on equal grounds?
the worst is when you go through minion rounds and you get 1 item (for a total of 2) and some gold, but you are stuck with all 1 star champs, meanwhile here comes mr 2 completed items on his 2 star...
: Try a 3 star Shyvanna With Warmogs, Tmail and either Gunblade or Frozen heart. Asol gives the magic immune. Also works with gnar The shapeshift synergy easily pits them at over 5k health and it can be almost impossible for some teams to kill her since would heal up so much from warmogs while tmail would kill them first, even when permastunned against a glacial comp. Only risk is that they must transform first, I was literally on 7 hp for atleast 20 rounds. Omly lost when shyvana got cursed out of my 9 units
that is strong, but you can kill that and it also requires multiple tier 3+ units (asol is a 5 if i recall) so it only comes online late. Kass is a t1 unit, and with his shield passive he is unkillable unless permastunned
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Swarovsko (EUW)
: Genuine question: what's a funnel comp?
A way were you run all of your gold through 1 champ. Its incredibly easy to do in 3v3 since the jungle is in between the lanes, and its also very compact. You run 2 support type champs who can provide utility (ie heals/shields/buffs/cc) and a hypercarry in the jungle. The two laners try to poke the enemy laner and "stack" their own wave by not csing or pushing and holding wave outside of tower range. The jungler then runs back in forth between the two lanes, taking both stacked up waves and maybe a camp or two in between as they go back and forth. (that bit depends on the champ) They get a huge XP and gold lead, and since their two allies are only their for ultility, they arent as bad when behind in XP and gold. At level 7-8, the funneled carry just runs it down with there two supports, and its nigh impossible to stop them without doing to same thing. Its cancer, but Riot doesnt care because they have put more effort into TFT in the past month than they have put into 3v3 in a decade
: Thanks to spear of shojin completely breaking him he might need it since every Jax gets it now. As someone who plays Jax sometimes I stopped playing him often because it felt dumb to buy spear and suddenly 1v5.
SoS is a busted item, but IMO jax is above average in strength even without it. since typically he gets SoS late, after {{item:3078}} and {{item:3053}} along with completed boots and possibly a tiamat, so he is strong for most of the game without that item
Moody P (NA)
: Buff tank items
As someone who plays tanks, I disagree. Adding more stats wont benefit tanks, as top tier tanks will spike in WR, causing Riot to nerf them. I think that the problem is that tanks, on average, do not ever come out of lane with a lead. By comparison you can have games where fiestas are happening all across the bot side of the map, which means a fed ADC/mage/assassin. So by simply going even, the tank is set behind.
usul1202 (NA)
: What's your 'it happened in a dream' skin?
Thor Poppy Cape Mjolnir hops on a Valkyries Pegasus when recalling
Rioter Comments
: Any Rioters want to pop over to the EU boards and actually reply to one of the server threads?
Rioters dont respond to things on the boards Unless it is a light hearted thing about lore/art/etc If it is an actual pressing matter or gameplay related, they do not. They go to either twitter or Reddit. This has been there policy for nearly 3 years now, which sucks because boards are THEIR site. I miss the days of the old boards where you could find Riot posts on the daily, but that was when they were smaller and actually had interaction with the community
: First off jayce needs to be turned into a sustained damage fighter, his disengage is fine if they reduce his burst and move it into a more sustained dps and bruiser style. Because it would give more time for a darius or someone to actually get in and fight, but would still allow him to have that duelist capacity. He needs a new mechanic and lower burst Teemo... needs lower power in his E and W at lower levels, a loss to his Q power and a slightly higher range, it would put him as a bot laner I wont begin to speculate on kennen because I'm not qualified, though it seems that he is coming up on the list of "Old ass champs that need some tweaks" Gnar... well I'll admit that gnar is an issue, Again I've not played him enough Urgot: I think he's alright, i've seen lots of urgots in all elos win and lose against melee matchups quinn: Idunno, make her a jungler at this point. Vayne: Swap her %hp damage to physical to at least allow some armor building Itemization: Protobelt for tanky champs, more anti-poke/anti-burst juggernaut/diver items. has to be unappealing for those who would abuse them.
With Gnar you could make him stay in mega gnar form longer. Gnar wins lane because he abuses you with a fucking boomerang, and then gets periodic heals from his transform. If he had to lane for more time as mega, it would allow for melees to actually fight him. I also dont see why transforming allows him to regain health going out of mega, He should gain X health and then lose X health upon transforming back to mini. Urgot is fine atm, when he was first released his numbers were high. Quinn: Unpopular opinion but I think most of the top lane lineup if played correctly beat her. The thing is though that if the quinn player actually has a brain they will hard shove and then roam because they are 50 times faster then you. Vayne: I would rather face 50 teemos then 1 Vayne. Fuck this champ. A well played Vayne in solo lane is cancer to anyone who isnt a ranged laner with CC. It will never happen but IMO this champ needs a full gameplay update because of how much self peel she has.
: I wholeheartedly agree; I don't mind the RNG of the Champions, you get the same Champs rolled for free each round, and good money management/planning can help against bad Champ RNG. But there's nothing you can do about items. Some people get two or more completed items by the end of the first 3 rounds of creeps and some will get only their starting item. There's nothing you can do about this, no amount of planning or tactics can help.
I've gotten 4 items from the third creep wave (the 2 melee/2 caster) I've also gotten 0 items before the second carousel Which leads to OPs point; item RNG is beyond bullshit and that they are even thinking of adding a "ranked" system to what is essentially RNG simulator 2K19 is infuriating
RaQqa (EUNE)
: Don't u think Draven is too strong right now ?
This is how draven has always been. He has insane damage and dominates the lane, but mid to late game he needs to be very far ahead because he has short range and puts himself in dangerous positions in order to access his great damage
: Shock Blast (Cannon Q) damage changed from [70/115/160/205/250/295 (+100% bAD)] to [55/110/165/220/275/330 (+120%bAD)]
: > [{quoted}](name=PopcornBunni,realm=NA,application-id=Ir7ZrJjF,discussion-id=TEz2XRfV,comment-id=000100010000,timestamp=2019-07-03T00:31:36.951+0000) > > But not {{champion:59}} Q still because spaghetti code. Probably because his Q-E interaction is coded as a pull, not a dash. Like a Blitz Q. if blitz hooks you, its not you dashing, its you being pulled. Probably wrong, but it's my most logical take on it.
same goes for {{champion:32}} {{champion:111}} if they q prior to being grounded {{champion:59}} can q even if grounded because his Q isnt a mobility skill at all (it just is part of the E-Q combo that creates a "pull" on his champ)
Ralanr (NA)
: I’m fine with this. I really do want Riven players to suffer.
Cetri (NA)
: Forget the RNG, this is what really makes TFT unplayable
He's voiced by Matt Mercer, so he is best boy
Destaice (NA)
: Irelia was nerfed because of how oppressive she was. You couldn't play traditional mid laners against her. There were very few champions you could pick that could hold their own in lane against her. Jungle Twitch is obnoxious but I wouldn't argue he's oppressive.
{{champion:223}} top means you cannot play traditional top laners same goes for {{champion:85}} {{champion:67}} {{champion:150}} {{champion:126}} etc
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