: > [{quoted}](name=TheBrothersGrymm,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=nPKsXcyR,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-07-18T15:13:28.962+0000) > > The issue is tanks need time to scale, the game is so early focused that they dont get that time, or get put behind so then it takes much longer. its and early game meta atm, scaling comps rarely work Tanks need time to scale and yet also they get out scaled if they get to late game. I don't think needing to get to late game is the problem.
tanks are great from 10 to a ~30 minute mark, if they go even. The problem is that tanks rarely gain large advantages in lane which put them ahead, which is for good reason. If a tank went 1v1 top and stomped their opponent, tanks would be OP. But since they almost always go even, with no chance of getting ahead, they rely on the rest of the map to go even. Which in Fiesta soloQ, doesnt happen. So if you went even as a tank and then you go against their 5/1 draven, he is still going to hurt, even if you built some armor, the draven is a couple thousand gold ahead. Which is what I think makes tanks bad. They are forced to rely on no one else feeding in order to remain reasonably tanky. Meanwhile DPS champs have been getting DPS/safety items for years, allowing them to self-peel
: Silver 1 + Platinum 1 players in the same solo Q ranked games
Matchmaking is pretty bad. But IMO, what makes this more frustrating for most people is that your mmr is hidden, while your rank doesnt really mean anything outside of season rewards So you could have a P1 player with p3/4 mmr, and S1 player with G2 mmr, and the rest of the match is ~G2 mmr. So the spread isnt as far as ranks would have you believe, but its hidden so it just makes the game seem unfair. Which is one of the dumbest things that Riot has ever done IMO. Why not just leave elo (mmr) as a number, bracket ranks to corresponding elos, and get rid of the LP system which doesnt make any sense and only serves to infuriate people with things like 99LP and 12 LP gains compared to 23 LP loses
: i know right, tired of getting one single piece of gold, looking at other peoples screen and they have items, like, why cant everyone start on equal grounds?
the worst is when you go through minion rounds and you get 1 item (for a total of 2) and some gold, but you are stuck with all 1 star champs, meanwhile here comes mr 2 completed items on his 2 star...
: Try a 3 star Shyvanna With Warmogs, Tmail and either Gunblade or Frozen heart. Asol gives the magic immune. Also works with gnar The shapeshift synergy easily pits them at over 5k health and it can be almost impossible for some teams to kill her since would heal up so much from warmogs while tmail would kill them first, even when permastunned against a glacial comp. Only risk is that they must transform first, I was literally on 7 hp for atleast 20 rounds. Omly lost when shyvana got cursed out of my 9 units
that is strong, but you can kill that and it also requires multiple tier 3+ units (asol is a 5 if i recall) so it only comes online late. Kass is a t1 unit, and with his shield passive he is unkillable unless permastunned
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Swarovsko (EUW)
: Genuine question: what's a funnel comp?
A way were you run all of your gold through 1 champ. Its incredibly easy to do in 3v3 since the jungle is in between the lanes, and its also very compact. You run 2 support type champs who can provide utility (ie heals/shields/buffs/cc) and a hypercarry in the jungle. The two laners try to poke the enemy laner and "stack" their own wave by not csing or pushing and holding wave outside of tower range. The jungler then runs back in forth between the two lanes, taking both stacked up waves and maybe a camp or two in between as they go back and forth. (that bit depends on the champ) They get a huge XP and gold lead, and since their two allies are only their for ultility, they arent as bad when behind in XP and gold. At level 7-8, the funneled carry just runs it down with there two supports, and its nigh impossible to stop them without doing to same thing. Its cancer, but Riot doesnt care because they have put more effort into TFT in the past month than they have put into 3v3 in a decade
: Thanks to spear of shojin completely breaking him he might need it since every Jax gets it now. As someone who plays Jax sometimes I stopped playing him often because it felt dumb to buy spear and suddenly 1v5.
SoS is a busted item, but IMO jax is above average in strength even without it. since typically he gets SoS late, after {{item:3078}} and {{item:3053}} along with completed boots and possibly a tiamat, so he is strong for most of the game without that item
Moody P (NA)
: Buff tank items
As someone who plays tanks, I disagree. Adding more stats wont benefit tanks, as top tier tanks will spike in WR, causing Riot to nerf them. I think that the problem is that tanks, on average, do not ever come out of lane with a lead. By comparison you can have games where fiestas are happening all across the bot side of the map, which means a fed ADC/mage/assassin. So by simply going even, the tank is set behind.
usul1202 (NA)
: What's your 'it happened in a dream' skin?
Thor Poppy Cape Mjolnir hops on a Valkyries Pegasus when recalling
Rioter Comments
: Any Rioters want to pop over to the EU boards and actually reply to one of the server threads?
Rioters dont respond to things on the boards Unless it is a light hearted thing about lore/art/etc If it is an actual pressing matter or gameplay related, they do not. They go to either twitter or Reddit. This has been there policy for nearly 3 years now, which sucks because boards are THEIR site. I miss the days of the old boards where you could find Riot posts on the daily, but that was when they were smaller and actually had interaction with the community
: First off jayce needs to be turned into a sustained damage fighter, his disengage is fine if they reduce his burst and move it into a more sustained dps and bruiser style. Because it would give more time for a darius or someone to actually get in and fight, but would still allow him to have that duelist capacity. He needs a new mechanic and lower burst Teemo... needs lower power in his E and W at lower levels, a loss to his Q power and a slightly higher range, it would put him as a bot laner I wont begin to speculate on kennen because I'm not qualified, though it seems that he is coming up on the list of "Old ass champs that need some tweaks" Gnar... well I'll admit that gnar is an issue, Again I've not played him enough Urgot: I think he's alright, i've seen lots of urgots in all elos win and lose against melee matchups quinn: Idunno, make her a jungler at this point. Vayne: Swap her %hp damage to physical to at least allow some armor building Itemization: Protobelt for tanky champs, more anti-poke/anti-burst juggernaut/diver items. has to be unappealing for those who would abuse them.
With Gnar you could make him stay in mega gnar form longer. Gnar wins lane because he abuses you with a fucking boomerang, and then gets periodic heals from his transform. If he had to lane for more time as mega, it would allow for melees to actually fight him. I also dont see why transforming allows him to regain health going out of mega, He should gain X health and then lose X health upon transforming back to mini. Urgot is fine atm, when he was first released his numbers were high. Quinn: Unpopular opinion but I think most of the top lane lineup if played correctly beat her. The thing is though that if the quinn player actually has a brain they will hard shove and then roam because they are 50 times faster then you. Vayne: I would rather face 50 teemos then 1 Vayne. Fuck this champ. A well played Vayne in solo lane is cancer to anyone who isnt a ranged laner with CC. It will never happen but IMO this champ needs a full gameplay update because of how much self peel she has.
: I wholeheartedly agree; I don't mind the RNG of the Champions, you get the same Champs rolled for free each round, and good money management/planning can help against bad Champ RNG. But there's nothing you can do about items. Some people get two or more completed items by the end of the first 3 rounds of creeps and some will get only their starting item. There's nothing you can do about this, no amount of planning or tactics can help.
I've gotten 4 items from the third creep wave (the 2 melee/2 caster) I've also gotten 0 items before the second carousel Which leads to OPs point; item RNG is beyond bullshit and that they are even thinking of adding a "ranked" system to what is essentially RNG simulator 2K19 is infuriating
RaQqa (EUNE)
: Don't u think Draven is too strong right now ?
This is how draven has always been. He has insane damage and dominates the lane, but mid to late game he needs to be very far ahead because he has short range and puts himself in dangerous positions in order to access his great damage
: Shock Blast (Cannon Q) damage changed from [70/115/160/205/250/295 (+100% bAD)] to [55/110/165/220/275/330 (+120%bAD)]
: > [{quoted}](name=PopcornBunni,realm=NA,application-id=Ir7ZrJjF,discussion-id=TEz2XRfV,comment-id=000100010000,timestamp=2019-07-03T00:31:36.951+0000) > > But not {{champion:59}} Q still because spaghetti code. Probably because his Q-E interaction is coded as a pull, not a dash. Like a Blitz Q. if blitz hooks you, its not you dashing, its you being pulled. Probably wrong, but it's my most logical take on it.
same goes for {{champion:32}} {{champion:111}} if they q prior to being grounded {{champion:59}} can q even if grounded because his Q isnt a mobility skill at all (it just is part of the E-Q combo that creates a "pull" on his champ)
Ralanr (NA)
: I’m fine with this. I really do want Riven players to suffer.
Cetri (NA)
: Forget the RNG, this is what really makes TFT unplayable
He's voiced by Matt Mercer, so he is best boy
Destaice (NA)
: Irelia was nerfed because of how oppressive she was. You couldn't play traditional mid laners against her. There were very few champions you could pick that could hold their own in lane against her. Jungle Twitch is obnoxious but I wouldn't argue he's oppressive.
{{champion:223}} top means you cannot play traditional top laners same goes for {{champion:85}} {{champion:67}} {{champion:150}} {{champion:126}} etc
: Make frozen gauntlet melee only please?
{{champion:81}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} O wait {{champion:81}} {{item:3070}}
: Nubrac and NB3 are both wrong and right
*NB3 was toxic and afk'd, nubrac trolled someone he knew was streaming, and had shown a past history of using toll strategies when in games that a streamer was on his team they are both wrong and broke Riots PB rules they both deserve to be punished Riot needs to start handling these high elo cases with harsher penalties, that area of play is far more toxic than any other (yes even bronze/Iron) and has a wider effect on the player base because it houses the most streamers/influencers #bringbackTheTribunal
: Honestly hard cc shouldnt do damage, that should be its trade off for it being HARD cc
{{champion:111}} Lost and Forgotten
: The thing is that he isn't actually broken. His play pattern is just so fucking unbelievably toxic that it tilts people off the face of the earth. His one of the worst examples of "win lane, lose game". For a lot of top laners the matchup is realistically unwinnable, but Tahm Kench has an atrociously bad late game and it doesn't get better no mater how hard he snowballs early. His whole purpose as a top laner seems to be to turn the game into a 4v4, where you can't carry because you're playing against Tahm Kench top, and he can't carry because he's playing Tahm Kench top.
Tahm wins lane, but after that he doesnt become as useful as a Jax/Irelia/etc, but imo hes more useful then someone like Jayce who is known for being picked to win the lane. Tahm is still incredibly tanky for teamfights, has god tier peel, and at higher levels he can use his ult to move around the map quickly. So its more like "win lane, then be in a great position to cement your teams lead"
Moody P (NA)
: Replace Aftershock with Courage of the Colossus
I'd rather them make it so more keystones have different ratios/uses to encourage those that the rune was meant for and discourage those who abuse it but it was not meant for. So for aftershock it would start off giving 50 armor/MR + (50% bonus armor/MR ratio) but then after you have 70 bonus armor or 60 MR from items, OR have {{item:3097}} procing aftershock will give 80 armor/MR + ratio. This way it stays similar to how it is now, but is less useful across the board for everyone (ie {{champion:127}} {{champion:99}} ) but once they complete one armor/mr item + boots, aftershock really increases in power, thus effectively closing it off to everyone who isnt a tank
: Are all the plotlines going anywhere?
Video game storylines are a lot like old school comic book ones. A lot of build up, but it never actually goes anywhere. When a fight happens, both parties come out the exact same as they went in. Because you cannot have champion growth if their kits remain the same, unless you get Riot to separate the lore from the gameplay, which I don't see them doing. The best lore we ever got was when GP "died" and was removed from the servers for a week or more until his rework came out. That and the lore barrage that we got at the time was awesome
GankLord (NA)
: Honestly Idc there aren't any really good tanks out right now. That used to be Maokai but they took that away from him. I'd like them to bring back the sucking up damage to dish it out mechanic to come back. I just want a really good tank. I don't really care if it makes it so you pick him or her over others. There are a lot of champs that you would pick over another because they do it better anyway.
they are never going to give a % damage reduction aura. Riot is moving away from auras, and have been doing so for years Taric has what remains of it with his aoe ult that makes you temporarily invulnerable
Haziv (EUW)
: If Voliber will look like this after his rework ...
I could definitely go for some celtic/nordic thunder bear with plaits in his fur
: His Kit DOES belong in top lane as that's where he was originally intended to go
He was always envisioned as a support he was sold as a support he was played for years as a support He could always go top lane, but until his latest changes, he was underwhelming because he lacked damage and consistent CC. Post changes to his kit (especially his Q) mean that he wins against all melee matchups, even if he brings TP and they bring a combat summoner. He doesnt lose vs ranged champs, but he cant really engage on them. His kit just invalidates melee champs, and wasnt meant to be a top laner at all, at this point he should get a minor rework to bring him back to support or become a top laner that doesnt invalidate 80% of the top lane lineup
: So it’s okay for another champion to do the exact same thing botlane. But not in toplane. Mkay.
Bot lane is a 2v2 matchup, involving ranged champs in 90+% of games. Ranged champs that can poke Tahm out, especially since he isnt going to level as fast because of split XP. He is also getting way less gold because he is on a support eco, so less health/resists from items because he cannot afford them. Meanwhile in top lane Tahm into melee matchups as a counterpick is hell. He has kill pressure on you for most of the early to mid game because he has really high base damages and health scaling. His Q hits like a truck, and is either a 2 second slow (70% at rank 5, so level 9) or a 1.5 second stun. And it gets to a 4 second CD, so 2.4 second CD with 40% cdr (which is pretty easy to get to in the mid game as Tahm) So a spammable 70% slow makes it nearly impossible to get away once you are fighting him, and he can eat you to wait for renewed Q CD. People complain about Nasus slow, but that only gets to 70% at rank 3, which Nasus would only get at level 10, or more likely 15, because he doesnt level it first (or second). Even then Nasus W only slows for 70% for 1 second at rank 3 (2 seconds for ranks 4/5) because the slow scales over a duration. Champions do different things in different lanes. Panth/Renek are bullies in top lane matchups, but are garbage in bot lane 2v2s. Vayne has a weak 2v2 in bot lane, but bullies the hell out of most melee champs in top lane.
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: So can Jarvan get a new ult now?
J4 still brings AoE and created terrain that other champs can use ({{champion:78}} {{champion:67}} {{champion:34}} {{champion:48}} {{champion:516}} so it still has its place, sure they can get out with a dash/flash, but J4 with ult is still a prime engage tool
: They should keep this Yasuo "bug"
Yasuo windwall should only block when fully formed, and should only block projectiles from the direction that it is facing.
: this man really used riven and long cds in the same sentence
And yasuo. His only cooldown is W, which is one of the greatest get out of jail free card abilities in the game
: I think yuumi is being severely underestimated.
She just came out. She is very different from the average support. People dont know how to play her yet. And yet, as always, people will say that it is weak. People only sit on their ADC, they never poke with autos, they ward less because then they have to leave the adc, they dont block tank skill shots and then hop back in, etc. give it 2-3 weeks and someone will show how strong she is in LCS/LEC/etc and the masses who cry "27% WR" will be talking about how OP she is, how she can never be targetted, etc.
: Supposed to play melee tanks toplane? What? Toplane is for divers, juggernauts and skirmishers, you know, the fellows who are good at 1v1. Tanks? You cram those into matchups where you know the enemy cant punish them then you have them go be good in teamfights, where the damage specialists fall off in comparison. A {{champion:122}} will spank{{champion:57}} in lane but then come teamfights.....as long as maokai isnt too far behind and his team is alright then Darius is virtually useless because he cant get past or kill maokai fast enough before he himself dies. Ranged champs beat melee by default? {{champion:39}} {{champion:122}} {{champion:24}} {{champion:92}} among others all have two or several ranged matchups that they win. Map impact? Herald hello? Smash your lane then just as botlane then gets dragon with the jungler, get the herald.....then take one or even several towers thus opening the map for your team- Heck many pro´s even like roaming midlane or even invading enemy jungle depending on the situation. Then the reason many ranged exist toplane is because multiple melee´s have their only weakness being exactly ranged matchups, i recall viktor toplane starting out as a counterpick to aatrox or something before people realized he was good into other stuff too. Picking a tank is like picking say {{champion:30}} mid or {{champion:96}} botlane, your entire goal is just surviving and getting to the teamfight phase safely unless you get a massive amount of help to make your opponent fall behind extremely hard.
Darius actually has no real kill pressure on a good mao'kai Darius cannot hit Q, you w into when he winds up. Q knock-back and slow mean that you can walk away. Mao cannot fight him, but Mao has decent base damage and waveclear, and good sustain. Darius by nature pushes the lane if he tries to fight you, and if he doesnt then you go even on CS. If Darius pushes lane, a competant jungler will show up because Mao brings a ton of lock down and Darius doesnt have an escape. BuT muh Darius Doublekill - If the mao and the jungler dont int themselves during the gank, Darius dies before he can get the dunk
: Yuumi proves how utterly clueless this forum is.
A lot of players that I have seen on Yuumi spend wayyyyyyy to much time attached to someone. So she is an absolute non-presence in lane and even after laning ends It would like comparing a Janna that ONLY shields and ults to a god - tier Janna that pokes with autos and W, and has great reactions with Q and using ult to push people in certain directions.
: No, diminishing returns would be getting only .5% EHP against that damage type after a certain point. There are no diminishing returns with armor. The perceived "diminishing returns" come from how the math works. I don't know the specific numbers, so I'll make some simple ones up for the example. Lets say you want to reduce incoming damage by 50%. You'll need 100 armor to do that. Now in order for you to reduce incoming damage by another 50% (so 75% total), you'll need 100 more armor (200 total). Now if you want to reduce incoming damage by another 50% (so 87.5% total), you'll need 100 more armor (300 total). The amount of incoming damage reduction never actually changes. 100 armor will always reduce incoming damage by 50%. That's how the math works, the numbers are more complex, but in essence that's what is going on.
Ive gotten into an argument on this forum about this topic before. You aren't wrong, but you are only looking at half of the situation. If I have 0 armor, and get hit by 100 physical damage, I take 100 damage. In 1 hit. At 100 armor, I take 50 damage. So its a 50% damage decrease and a 100% effective hp increase. It takes 2 hits to deal 100 damage. At 200 armor, I take 33 damage, for 66% damage reduction and 200% EHP. It takes 2 hits to deal 100 damage. So in a pure math standpoint you are right. And if league was played out on an excel spreadsheet, you would again be right. But this isnt a Paradox game. There is also item slots, gold efficiency of items, and other types of damage. Effective HP isnt actually HP, its just a way to convey the % damage reduction at armor/mr provide. Its easy between base armor, armor per level, and 1 armor item to get to 100 armor. To get to that 50% damage reduction. After that it takes more item slots and a bunch of gold to get to 200 armor, which keeps you safe from lethality and most armor pen/shred. Beyond that though, armor really does become less gold efficient. You are losing item slots that you give you flat HP (which becomes EHP vs physical damage) or MR if the other team has a mage.
: > [{quoted}](name=Hayaishi2,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=lI1uNeyA,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-05-16T20:32:10.323+0000) > > We have ROA. > > Diana's problem is her design. She either one shots or she can't and is useless. > > Doesn't mean we cant use more items but it wouldn't fix her. The problem with a lot of these AP health items is that they don't scale well into the late game. 300-400 health from {{item:3027}} doesn't make much of a difference when Diana has to go in range of champs like {{champion:11}} {{champion:24}} . Not to mention ADCs. You are better off buying full burst to try to kill them first. {{item:3812}} is a great example of an bruiser item that scales well, but it's for AD
Diana could be a melee AP bruiser if Riot shifted how her W shield worked and shifted all of her AP ratios. Something like +0.3 AP ratio to her shield, and have the CD reset on a takedown. Reduce the AP ratio on Q/R Now she can survive going in but doesnt 1 shot everything The reason that AP bruisers dont really exist and AD ones do is that AD can be used in autos to trade. AP generally cannot. And if AP/health items exist, then it just makes metatank mages, not bruisers.
: https://i.gyazo.com/d5f6d9a6adc99dbe70a873515fc463c9.png
yes/no in ranked, you can only queue with at most one other person, unless its flex, which no one really cares about unless they are trying to 5 man Also, when you queue with another player, they have to be near your skill level; aka gold can queue with plat/silver, but not diamond/bronze In norms, you can queue with anyone. So a team can have 2 2 mans that are 1 plat, one silver and 2 bronze buddies. You yourself are gold. You get matched against 4 diamond players that almost never play normal games, and as such have low normal mmr So norms will always have a far wider array of possibilities when it comes to matchmaking, as it doesnt have the stricter requirements that ranked does
: It's more of an issue that top tanks don't actually have a first item like every other class. No options that give 20% CDR along with other stats they need. Unlike other classes you have to actually sacrifice a stat if you want that (going Gauntlet or Heart instead of Sunfire or Deadman's), then you're essentially screwing yourself because every top laner is bringing true damage and if they see you going into gauntlet they can even build Cleaver instead of their go-to Triforce. I've tried coming up with an item that simultaneously works for tanks but also can't be abused by fighters/juggernauts, but people tend to just look at the components and completely ignore the explanation. A lot of people don't seem to understand the mechanic of total effective health.
{{item:3068}} vs AD threats {{item:3211}} + {{item:3111}} or {{item:3111}} + {{item:1057}} -> {{item:3001}} vs magic damage threats
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: {{summoner:6}} Phase rush plus {{item:3044}}
Singed is a juggernaut he takes ghost goes 1 million mph no one complains
: Either gotta be a support looking concerned Or the typical yasuo/riven champion but rolling their eyes or looking smug
> [{quoted}](name=Jimmy Rustles,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=g1vuNdBY,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-05-07T19:04:12.654+0000) > > Either gotta be a support looking concerned > > Or the typical yasuo/riven champion but rolling their eyes or looking smug or just make it say play safe in some weird font to get the point across
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: Can we do something about creep block
In regards to minion block, a lot of getting "blocked" is due to people constantly clicking a move order and then having said new move order recalculate to the other side of the minions, causing your champ to spaz out. Its happened to me, its happened to just about everyone. You can reduce this by only clicking one move order when near or inside of a wave, something that I have to consciously think about, as myself and everyone I know who plays this game clicks several thousand times more then they really need to during the course of a match. What really bugs me about creep block and creep behavior is creep block overwhelmingly hurting melee champs compared to ranged ones. A ranged champ pokes a melee champ when they are near/in a wave, they take a sliver of health in return from creep autos. A melee champ attacks an enemy champ in/near a wave and the wave thrashes them for the gall to attack someone near them. The other thing is creeps autoing an opposing creep, you waiting for it to be in range for an auto to cs, and then at the last second a minion either stops targetting that minion, or a new one targets it in addition to the ones who already were. Which can lead to sometimes missing CS. For no reason other than the minions abstractly deciding to target something other than what they were currently targeting
: Watching new Aatrox ult and instantly die is fucking hilarious
People keep trying to wait to pop ult until they are almost dead, ala old aatrox. Instead of popping it at the start of the fight to get the massive stat and heal buffs that it gives, and then using those buffs to get the kill.
: Why are we compensating a nerf for Riven?
Riven needs a nerf, and she didnt need any sort of compensation buff, but that E nerf is Riot trying to target Rivens amazing sustain/damage mitigation atm. Riven is supposed to be a squishy champ, but she builds CDR, get heals from Deaths dance and conq, and generally in the mid game becomes impossible to kill. Having E have 4 more seconds of CD attached to it means that it wont always be up, and it hurts even more since Riven will always go 40% CDR. That said, this change does nothing to Riven doing tons of damage in her laning phase and then reaching that 2-3 item point where no one can touch her. In fact, it buffs her laning phase since she Q maxes and will have less CD on Q from the start of the game, hitting 3 less seconds on it at level 9. This "nerf" is Riot attempting to address the problem by not actually addressing it, but instead make it look like they are
: What the f### That was too much dmg for an assassin against a Tank that counters AD champions and has 4 Armor items with an HP item I know you played it too well but how is that fair
zed did a really good job of kiting and using item actives rammus chased way ahead of his team, so no follow up damage/CC but most importantly, Zed has a completed {{item:3036}} + {{item:3071}} in addition to all his lethality, meaning that he can hurt tanks in addition to killing squishies. He also did most of the damage to rammus while rammus didnt have W active, meaning that rammus would be missing out on 30 flat armor + 100% total armor, so about 329.1 additional armor that the rammus is missing from not having W active while being hit by Zed.
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