: that's not how it works the autoattack AP ratio on towers is 50%
Think he's talking about his passive
Rioter Comments
Kartagia (EUNE)
: But it is against Riot and Riot fanboy dogma that people behave like that. IF they do, it is your fault you lost. They cannot believe someone does lose games intentionally. IT is not something which happens as it is not according to their dogma. IF you have flaming player in your team, RIot and Riot fanboys say it is your fault they flame. IF you would be skilled (like platinum in bronze) you would climb fast. If it requires being 3 divisions higher than your actual placement to climb, the ranking system is totally flawed and does not work. I suggest all fanboys of Riot goes to learn how REAL and WORKING elo system is implemented in Kiseido Go Server.
*citation needed* Seriously, this just seems like a huge strawman to me. Do you have any examples of people saying these things?
: Well written troll post, I enjoyed the read, but I would recommend separating long stuff like this into paragraphs. Makes for easier reading.
Nonono, the troll post has to have no structure whatsoever.
: But wait, but how do you move without the right mouse button? I know you can ult from the fountain, but it won't help much if you can't go to lane first to farm and level up.
: What makes you salty af?
*pings MIA on enemy lux* (top lane) "yeah now is a good time to tower dive" People ask why I ping so much when I literally SAW the enemy headed to them. </saltyrant>
Reav3 (NA)
: Well it's technically "Them" rather then "She." The Maiden is the culmination of thousands of undead souls that makes up the black mist cape on his back. "They" have there own VO and talk to Yorick quite frequently. His ultimate causes them to manifest into the Maiden which is just the personification of the Black Mist which clings to him.
Quick question, did the King's attempt to revive his wife work? Because if it didn't, and she turned into one of the spirits that Yorick carries, it does sound like she could be a dominating personality. Or I'm just straight wrong, but worth a shot.
: Crybaby pansie ass everyone deserves a trophy retards ruining this world
Delete this thread and take a couple of days to calm down. The Boards won't do you any good.
: It'd still be nice to quickly point them to a link and say "nope, you're wrong"
Yeah, that's kinda the point of this :3 thanks
Rioter Comments
Wuks (NA)
: Let's talk toxicity - An open discussion about Player Behavior [1/2]
Yknow, I've always tried to keep an open mind about things in general. It only occurred to me recently how hard it actually is to do so. I used to have a weird viewpoint on humanity in general (partly due to this game), where I questioned general morality of human beings. Like, how can people think this is okay? Even after 3 warnings, people continue to say these awful things, and I didn't really get it. I was thinking about this one day, and I came to a thought that changed my entire perspective- people's actions are almost always based on what they have done and have had done to them throughout their lives. While it didn't necessarily justify the use of "kys" or other things of that nature, it does make you think a bit about the nature of this thing we call "toxicity". Basically, my viewpoint is that toxicity isn't something Riot can solve- it's a much deeper problem than a video game. The rest is open to interpretation, I guess.
FormationX (EUNE)
: Metabreakers
Seriously, white chocolate is winning? What's wrong with y'all? (Kappa) You gotta go the ROA/Iceborn/SFC/Mercs/'Nomicon/Abyssal build with top Alistar. One of the first things I ever did in League.
: Lets have a real talk about the LOL community
I remember I saw a post once, where a guy's grand idea for perfect balance was making every champ able to 1v1 every champ. Like... That's... Not how that works...
: > I shouldnt get banned if i spent money on this game You paid for Riot's merchandise, not a "Ban-Immunity" account status.
Please be careful. This is where the "I'll sue" posts come from. You don't pay for merchandise- you pay for the right to use something that is still Riot's property. Other part's correct, though :)
: Something I've noticed from the big wave of newer players.
Some people don't understand how teamwork works.
Rioter Comments
: ***
Given the references to "Shroom juice"...
Rioter Comments
LoudOne (OCE)
: @ Riot - A note about my egregious Permanent Ban
Two things. 1. Have you submitted a ticket? Do so if you haven't, and be patient. 2. Unless you're willing to open yourself to criticism, leave your chat logs off of the boards. We can do nothing but provide some insight as to why you might have been banned. Otherwise, not much will come of it.
Asudurga (NA)
: Addressing Miss Fortune's lore vs her personality.
What if she acted like she does right now, and then switches to ruthless killer in combat?
Jerahmi (NA)
: Should there REALLY be punishments for being "toxic"?
If you're going to get butthurt over the way someone plays a game, you shouldn't be on the internet anyways, **ESPECIALLY** a MOBA.
: What is the punishment for sharing accounts?
The punishment is permanent ban as far as I know. Submit a ticket if it concerns you a lot with any proof you have, and they will look into the matter.
: Why didn't ekko just go back in time to prevent it from happening
Gameplay, he can only go back four seconds. Lore, he has to have set a time to go back to- probably not before the whole procedure.
MigYalle (NA)
: Anyone else really shallow on their champions?
Play who you want- if you like visiby appealing champions, go for it.
: > [{quoted}](name=Kei143,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=8KeAEPhb,comment-id=000300000000,timestamp=2016-07-03T01:10:08.221+0000) > > I&#x27;d rather get rid of you first than a crappy twitch that didn&#x27;t practice his first jungle clear in a custom game. and I rather get rid of your soft weak minded riot following troll loving ...etc :D
What's a soft weak, or a minded riot, or a following troll? Not sure what you wanted to say here.
: Hmm, I want to play more roles but I'm not sure how to play tanks well or top lane in general. I always get creamed xD
If you want to pursue top, try forgoing TP for Ignite and focus on laning instead of the whole map.
: This has worked out some. I'm getting better slowly.
Hey! Sorry about the 8-day wait. I haven't been around. It's good to hear the advice has been working! If you need any more help, just let me know.
: > [{quoted}](name=Troll Armada,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=GyIYBZ1Q,comment-id=000b0000,timestamp=2016-06-17T03:26:13.495+0000) > > well, technically, they have not waived their right to sue, they&#x27;ve simply agreed to resolve disputes through arbitration. > > > ....which will almost always side with the company. Welcome to the New Bu$$$h America! Incorrect. Your actions should be as follows: 1) Contact Riot support. If they reinstate your account then the issue is resolved. 2) If step 1 fails and they do not reinstate your account, contact your credit card company/bank and have the charges reversed. If you have any sort of decent standing with your bank they will do this without incident. 3) If step 2 fails then you may file a small claims action against Riot games. There are no lawyers in small claims court, it is simply plaintiff, defendant and judge. Unlike criminal cases that require proof beyond a reasonable doubt to assess a verdict, civil cases only require a burden of proof that is "more likely than not" or based upon a preponderance of evidence. You simply show that you spent the money, your account was banned and didn't get to use your digital property and a judge would almost certainly rule in your favor. Online "contracts" are hardly legally binding as has been determined numerous times through the years. No contract may ever allow you to waive your constitutional rights, for example. I mean, it can ask you to do so, but it is not at all binding. Now, small claims cases usually have a fee attached of around $15-$50 or so depending upon the location, also most cases take several months, if not a year or more, to be heard and resolved. Even then, a company can simply chose not to pay the judgement and then it's up to the plaintiff to get the funds themselves via collections, wage garnishment, property leans, etc. So, the bottom line here is... Just contact Riot support. :)
Just felt I should point out something. You're not buying digital property- you're buying the right to use Riot's property. If you get banned, they're TECHNICALLY not taking anything from you.
: See, I'm sure it wouldn't bother nearly as many people nearly as much if it wasn't for the fact that Riot either blatantly lies (SoloQ will be back in a couple of weeks / months etc) or flat out refuses to communicate with the boards and reddit if those statements begin to alter trajectory. Riot flat out refuses to communicate in a meaningful fashion in a reasonable time frame for almost all things that are important to non-pro players. It has been going this way for so long that I sincerely doubt almost anything out of riots mouths, because they are easily the most two faced and least transparent company since at least 3 years ago.
Didn't someone come in and say that the claim of solo q returning was a knee-jerk response and it probably wouldn't return?
: Agree with OP. Except I would go a lot farther and say that I am tired of all the whiners :)
Br4ndon (NA)
: Happy people dont feel compelled to go on boards and tell everyone how happy they are. Frustrated people want to vent on the boards. It seems like a large majority want DQ gone because they are all venting together. Not many people are pointing out all the great things they've experienced with DQ.
> [{quoted}](name=Br4ndon,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=Ub7rNjEO,comment-id=000d,timestamp=2016-06-02T03:26:21.388+0000) > > Happy people dont feel compelled to go on boards and tell everyone how happy they are. Frustrated people want to vent on the boards. It seems like a large majority want DQ gone because they are all venting together. Not many people are pointing out all the great things they&#x27;ve experienced with DQ. Yeah. Vocal minority, I guess.
Navarune (NA)
: The problem I have is that Dynamic Queue has helped resolve something I myself, as well as so many of you, believed extremely difficult or nigh impossible: actually reduced toxicity. I think the discussion as to "how" that happened is extremely relevant in the midst of all this, because I for one do NOT want to go back to the "mid or feed" days. I firmly believe that the biggest part of it is that people are generally more focused on their own play and their own improvement when they actually get a role they wanted. Of course, I agree that getting to play with friends has also helped dampen some of the harassment issues within the community, but the problem we have is that Riot introduced two variables into the scientific experiment that was Team Builder: 1) queue with as many friends as you like, and 2) Select your role. The problem here is that we can only speculate which of these is more important to the community at large in terms of reducing toxicity. Now, I also have to say that the long wait timers is not an issue for me at my rank (incur the "Silvers are Trash" flameboats). However, I agree that higher ranks having to wait longer than 10 minutes for a match is really quite absurd. So to mirror the question within the answer found at the roundtable discussion posted last night, that group (Diamond +) should be given an opportunity to have their voices heard in terms of what they want out of Dynamic Queue: faster queue times with less focus on getting your primary role selection, faster times with reduced team partner options (only up to trios), or more focus on one of these two alternatives while incurring longer queue times. The fact is, the pool of Bronze to Gold that is pulled when I queue is massive, probably close to if not in excess of 1 million times larger than the pool from which Scarra's queues pull. The numbers simply aren't there, so the available roles are far rarer than in my situation. The reality is that the cost of being among those ranks is having to make this decision between queue times and quality of matches.
Agreed. I've always focused on the teamwork aspect in a team game (inagine that) so I like the fact that premades are possible, even if I'm not usually in one.
: The only people who enjoy dynamic queue are people who frequently play in premades. That's an irrefutable fact.
Rioter Comments
Rioter Comments
Teemo Q (NA)
: @Riot, I've always complained about all the changes and always said bad things about Riot
Look, I appreciate that you took the time to make it, and I agree with everything that you said. It's very nice, actually. But.. This isn't Gameplay, it's Player Behavior and Moderation. You might want to fix that before your post gets removed.
Sahn Uzal (EUW)
: http://img.memecdn.com/is-this-heavy-metal_o_703190.jpg I declare this fork relevant
> [{quoted}](name=SwHc Fenris,realm=EUW,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=o94woopz,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2016-05-22T10:24:57.732+0000) > > http://img.memecdn.com/is-this-heavy-metal_o_703190.jpg > > I declare this fork *revenant*
Vistha Kai (EUNE)
: http://elohell.net/public/comments/original/04397d4a24a373c116ab4b329b7c9ee8.jpg?noredirect
It keeps happeniiiiiiiing
: How much would you pay for a weapon of your favorite champion?
WARFRAME?! Hell, if I had the money I'd pay a good 2k for a Scindo Prime. I'm broke, though. Hello darkness, my old friend...
Sniper 0 (NA)
: Though I think some people need to be reminded to report an afk... You're not really harassing someone if they're not there. =.= Only instance you should call for a report imo. Some people want a reaction out of you and they're getting it if you tell others to report them. Pretty simple concept. https://encrypted-tbn2.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTGEUEowwvXwMBzn2E2-XyQzttQj0uCiDn0LSb0VDyGGRHfbqLQ
The system for AFK's is much harsher than the Instant Response (or whatever it's called, I think that's it though). If they have a history, they will be punished without any reports needed.
: Deep Terror Nami is an Arbiter. Their name shows up in blue, regardless of whether you're using FEK or not. The OP's name does not show up any different with FEK, though... kinda hoping Tundra Fizz gets around to including that.
He made a troll thread a while ago saying that the world is unfair, and brought up DTN'a name color as an example. That exact line he just used, actually. He's not being serious :P
: behind the shaco figure
Surge06 (EUW)
: Behind the Rengar plushie...
Kuzja1 (NA)
: You last played Champion is your alarm clock
Rioter Comments
: Why would you intentionally lose a game?
Some people lack basic respect for other human beings.
Denavai (NA)
: For the same reason you'd tell a friend when they've shit on their face. Why would you foster weakness? Tell me that? Good job! You made a crap play work. Lets do that every game.... Being a good person isn't always, "saying what someone wants to hear." But go ahead, keep pretending...
I agree, being a good person isn't always saying what someone wants to hear. One can offer advice in a respectful manner. For example: There's a large difference in tone between, "I can't believe you got that kill, that was terribly played out. Do..." and, "Good job, but next time you could try..." I know I would much rather have someone say the second example to me instead of the first- it's more encouraging and provides advice. You've now HOPEFULLY helped that person to improve, you don't get reported (and if you do, that wording shouldn't get you banned), maybe you even get honored, and everyone is happier. I don't see that as fostering weakness.
Denavai (NA)
: Yep, but this isn't bar pool. Sadly. They want to treat every aspect of their casual gaming experience as tournament ready. You have to act like you're playing for team USA 24/7 and be Mr. good Samaritan.
Is there somethig wrong with being a good person? Why wouldn't you be a good person whenever you can?
: different account, i took a long, hard look in the mirror after receiving that perma ban but i am reformed now and i only have riot's tribunal and punishment system to thank for that. but its nice to know ive got the video game police on my case lmao have fun with your self esteem issues champ, maybe spend less money on skins and go see a therapist
You claim to be reformed, but this is a fairly good example of not reformed. Maybe if you showed it in the way you spoke to other people we would be more receptive.
: Why do some Champs use Mana, while others use Energy or nothing? Maybe any Rioter?
They want champions to be gated in different ways. Energy champs have significantly less bus regen quickly, for example.
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