Finking4 (EUW)
: I think its stupid there isn't multi day tickets for this event, i was ok with it for Group Stage as that's two weeks long this is only four days. It makes it very difficult for groups of friends to attend together, more so when traveling long distances to get there.
This was worse in practice. My friend and I both jumped in the virtual waiting room to buy for different days. His bank declined the transaction thinking it was fraud. I had to buy for all four days. The system doesn't let you select multiple days or even buy tickets on separate days sequentially. After each purchase, had to requeue in the virtual waiting room and wait again. Makes it devilish hard to get tickets for all four days.
: How old do you have to be to attend this? Me and my friend are 15 and were wondering.
I went to quarters in S. Korea last year and there seemed no age restriction. I think it depends on the venue itself.
Brazul (NA)
: If a team is interested in a player they have to approach the organization instead of the player themselves. It's pretty simple and not that hard to follow.
This needs more upvotes. The rules let players talk about their futures with other organizations, as long as their current organization is aware/part of the talks. So basically, you can't go behind your current employer's back.


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