: hmm how odd I didn't seem to have that problem at all
All I can say is that if you go through the report a bug discussions, there's at least 50 different ones reporting the issue.
Nefas (NA)
: "Blitz Rune Pages" keep overridding my actual rune pages
I'm pretty sure you download the application "". If you go into it's settings and disable "auto import runes", it shouldn't happen anymore. It's a pain because you can't edit the runes they input when that's active. If you do what I said, your problem should be solved.
: So if you have a really slow computer, I suggest disabling "allow client to run in background" , the effects/animations when you hover over icons and such. Also to get rid of any background apps running in the background. Not to mention if you play on a laptop and you keep it charged 24/7 then take it out for a bit as it will start to slow it down. Overcharging electronics can lead to slow performance. I remember having this phone back in 2009 fucking overcharged it and the battery fucking died...
Nah, there's an overall problem with people's games freezing for no apparent reason. My PC has all of the optimal specs needed to run league, based on their support page, and I run into the problem every game as of S9. I'm now in a 10 minute wait low priority queue and not one rioter has brought anything up.
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