: The House Triumphant
Ayyy we did it Faceless!
: honestly couldn't be prouder. top lane lulu forever
I also play top lane lulu lmao. With Electrocute!
: The Final Week Begins
As Faceless Singed main I hope we stay in dead last lmao. Just keep fucking around and spam your emotes!
: Once again, people somehow seem to miss this (apparently not actually) obvious fact: **You are not the only one waiting for a game.** There are 9 other people waiting at any moment that you are queuing up. It is impossible to introduce any kind of "opt-in" autofill because of this.
> [{quoted}](name=Wilk Łucznik,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=jhF2ciqA,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2019-05-25T22:34:54.015+0000) > > Once again, people somehow seem to miss this (apparently not actually) obvious fact: > > **You are not the only one waiting for a game.** > > There are 9 other people waiting at any moment that you are queuing up. It is impossible to introduce any kind of "opt-in" autofill because of this. I feel like you could have found a less condescending way to say this
Kuponya (NA)
: In which season did it shift from "I want to get better" to "I want to climb and show off my rank"?
Naqel (EUW)
: Singed rework idea
I can tell you put a lot of time and thought into this rework and I respect that but as a 350k mastery Singed I think this is a very bad idea. Ill go over your "feels bad" points since Bonipherus already commented on your rework. > Let's start with his most iconic feature, the noxious farts from his backpack: > -They aren't fun to deal with when used defensively (aka "don't chase Singed") I'm sorry it isn't fun to deal with but thats the point right? Thats what makes Singed strong. He can control zones for himself and his allies. Its just how Malphite's Ult isnt fun to deal with but it his main power point. > -They offer him way too much in the way of farming (he can leave just enough of his farts behind to kill minions, and if he's ahead he'll go between turrets to do it to the next wave) While he can farm quickly, in the early game he has to get right into the wave and near the enemy where he can be punished. If you shove fast but not fast enough you push the lane to where the enemy can freeze it under tower and you can't farm at all without risking tower damage. As for proxying, while it is strong, it comes with the risk of being behind enemy lines. > -They have limited use offensively (you need to be cutting off the escape route, or the enemy decides to stand in it hoping to kill you before they suffocate) I think the ability to put them in your poison (via fling), keep them there (via mega adhesive) , and limit their movement (via Rylais) gives you a lot of opportunity to use it offensively. > Next, his ultimate: > -It's a boring stat boost. > -A lot of Singed's early-game power is tied to it. I agree with this. His ultimate is boring AF. > Fling: > -Very old point'n'click functionality. > -Until Singed becomes too fast to outrun, using this is brutally punishing for him. > -Unreliable due to enemies being able to move as you approach, requiring very precise movement to "aim" the landing spot. With Mega Adhesive giving you an AOE 60% slow with Grounding it makes it a lot easier to land flings. Also you can be tricky with your flings, when they chase you into a bush you can use the lack of vision as they approach to turn and fling them and then start running the other way. > Passive: > -You're either fast enough you don't need it or too slow for it to matter, with little middle ground. I mostly agree with this. I mostly use slipstream to get a MS boost when I flip and change directions. I sometimes stack it off my allies for an engage. I think theres room for improvement/changes here.
: Because people are idiots. As you get 'further' in the game there will be less of an obsession with ks'ing. Play what you want and ignore them. As far as the report, it doesn't matter. It's not going to count for anything since you didn't do anything wrong. Lastly, keep in mind there is only one report needed to have the system review a game. Getting 9 reports does the same as 1. You're better off never asking for a report because if you do it excessively in a game, it can be viewed as 'negative attitude' and get you punished.
> Because people are idiots. As you get 'further' in the game there will be less of an obsession with ks'ing. Play what you want and ignore them. I agree with this, I joined a bronze group of friends and my support stole a kill and she apologized profusely. I felt bad for her because the that group had put so much emphasis on the evil of KSing. I told her "IDGAF, the enemy is dead." I think as you get "further" people will understand that a dead enemy means free farm, lane priority, and objectives so they don't care who gets the kill.
: 14 Days Suspension?
Annie gets mana back if she gets a CS with her Q > StaySaltyBaby: annie > StaySaltyBaby: hold onto ur fucking mana > StaySaltyBaby: and dont use it to farm
: I honestly feel bad for the Rioters who are trying to do right.
Don't forget the Localization team! they have to deal with things like regional homophobia for the Varus music video.
: What Should i do When im in promo and my teammate in champ select says "IM TROLL HAHA"
He's probably saying it so that you will dodge because he got auto-filled or something. I would dodge but just wait until the last minute just in case he dodges first
: Toxicity stopping new players
I think a good idea would be to have those 6 people all play together (5 at a time of course) . It will greatly limit toxicity bc you guys are all already friends. Thats how I started League of Legends. Noob player with Noob friends. I don't think a total noob queue would work because when I was a noob I was also a toxic asshole fresh out of Call of Duty.
: I can't open LoL with 8.21 on Mac
I GOT LEAGUE TO WORK. After spending a few hours with customer service we couldn’t not figure out what was wrong. The work around: he sent me a copy of his fully patched League of Legends 12 GB folder. I Unzipped it and ran the client application as an administrator and it worked. TL:DR Get a patched League of Legends folder from a friend
: Cant open on PC for me
> [{quoted}](name=SynthpopPrincess,realm=NA,application-id=LqLKtMpN,discussion-id=zg3Nndt5,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2018-10-24T12:20:00.835+0000) > > Cant open on PC for me reinstall doesnt work, repair tool runs and fails
: I can't open LoL with 8.21 on Mac
: i'm already bored of this mode after 4-5 games.
: ARURF Weekend Begins
I honestly wasn't upset about Clash being canceled due to your bugs, but why released a bugged version of AURF as a bandaid? It just highlights your failure to be honest.
: The problem with the Singed change is that his passive allowed his players to dip into damage items like Archangels without becoming too squishy, he didn't need this change to have a variable build path. The reason people always built the same exact shit was because he's a newb champ like Garren and so you aren't going to see many of those newbs buying outside of the recommended items list, and if you aren't a newb then you're already going to be flamed for choosing him so it's best to just build pure tank so you don't get reported at the end of game, even if AP Singed ~~is~~ was better.
If you aren't prepared to be flamed and reported you aren't ready to play Singed
: Meddler These Two Champions are very bad now , 1 is even unplayable. DR Mundo and Volibear. Any Plans about them? The tank update weakend them even further, whats the Situation about both classes
I think mundo is slightly underpowered but I would definitely not say he's unplayable. The new doran's shield helps his weak early game and the new sunfire helps him split push even faster! You can perfectly CS under tower with his Q and E. I DO think he's too easily countered by an 800 gold executioner's calling.
: they should remove 10 CDR from {{item:3174}} and increase the other stats
I agree with this! There's so much CD-R in the AP support item pool
: Can someone gift me xayah? ill make a funny joke: What is green and has wheels? Grass. I lied about the Wheels. What did Rakan say to ahri when she charmed him? You are very charming..{{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
: I asked for it. I funded this project, and I demand it be included.
starved yourself? im both concerned and impressed
: ?
he's saying they didnt get nerfed despite their strength
Arthurr (NA)
: {{champion:67}} : The coast is clear. Come on out boys {{champion:427}} {{champion:120}} {{champion:134}} {{item:3109}} {{item:3107}} : Oh, thank god
i love this hahaha
: Unveiling the future of League of Legends
Rioter Comments
bssenobz (NA)
: STILL no pre-6 buff for {{champion:84}} "We want to add diversity to the ranked games" So lets buff out champs that are already being used in EVERY ranked match, instead of opening up the viability of other champs being able to be used. Grats Riot, You have managed to wedge your heads even further.
The worst way to get something changed is to alienate the people in charge of enacting that change.
: As cool as that would be its not gonna happen. People would never chose watching others play a video game over football.
I've watched more LCS than NFL and I am people.
Preeti (NA)
: One for All’s top community plays
I think a fun game mode would be where you could replace your champion's ult with any other champion's ult. Like a {{champion:412}} Petrifying Gaze with or a {{champion:35}} with Noxious Trap :p
: Double IP Weekend
I'd say that I am canceling all my plans for the weekend, but lets be serious: League was my plans.

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